Veteran Burials in Wayne County, Ohio

Grave Sites of Veterans Buried in Wayne County, Ohio

In late 1996, Marvin R. Oswald of Wooster, Ohio, published a book called

In Memoriam
A compilation of the locations of the grave sites
of Veterans buried in Wayne County, Ohio.

In this book, he lists the wars fought and the final resting place of over 6100 veterans in Wayne County. This labor of love was the result of over three years of painstaking research, which involved digging into local archives as well as visiting over 100 cemeteries, including some hard-to-find family sites with as little as two plots.

I came across this book at the Orrville branch of the American Legion and contacted Mr. Oswald with the idea of going on-line. He was good enough to give me his original data disks from which I was able to create these web pages. I added an alphabetical list and a war-sorted list, and of course, added some hot-links, but everything else you see here is exactly what Marvin put in his book.

Mr. Oswald did not start this endeavor for profit, but was charging $12.00 per copy of his book to cover publishing charges. If you find this information useful in your genealogical, military, or other studies, you might just send him a check of whatever you deem appropriate. His address is:

Marvin R. Oswald
679 Skylark Drive
Wooster, OH 44691

If you have corrections, additions, service data, photos, or questions regarding this list, you can contain me at [email protected], or can write me at:
Barney Kaufman
7408 Lake Drive
Manassas, VA 20111-1960

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A special thanks to Betty Thompson Leonard for identifying innumerable typographic errors.

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