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Alexander BEATY was born 12 May 1772 in NY and died 13 Nov 1832 in Mannington, Marion Co, WV.

Alexander BEATY bought 470 acres on Teverbaugh Creek from Jacob Jacobs in Harrison Co. on 10 April 1797. He bought 400 acres on Buffalo Creek and more acreage on Pyles Fork and Dents Run beginning in 1806. In 1829 he bought 106 acres on Buffalo Creek one mile from Mannington, where, with the help of two slaves and his older sons, he built a red brick house close to the road. That house is still standing, and is owned by Michael Beaty, a g-g-g- grandson.

He farmed and raised cattle for market. On a cattle drive to Baltimore, he became ill with a high fever and died shortly after arriving home.

Alexander married Mary S. "Molly" CARTER, 27 Jul 1797 Monongalia Co, WV (Minister John Willey). She was born 16 Nov 1779 in DE and died 16 May 1843. They had the following children:

1. Elizabeth BEATY. Born 3 Jun 1798 in Harrison Co, WV. Died 7 Jan 1884 in Madison Co, IN.

She married Joseph SHUMAN, son of John SHUMAN and Elizabeth SMITH, 13 Nov 1817 Harrison Co, VA (WV). Born ca 1789 Union Town, Fayette Co PA or Minister's Run, WV. Died 11 Aug 1847 Henry Co, IN. They had the following children:
1.1 John B. SHUMAN
1.2 Alexander SHUMAN
1.3 Joseph C. SHUMAN
1.4 Jehu SHUMAN
1.5 William Dexter SHUMAN
1.6 James A. SHUMAN
1.7 Malinda SHUMAN
1.8 Henry SHUMAN

2. Priscilla BEATY. Born 9 Jun 1800. Died 7 Jan 1801.

3. John C. BEATY. Born ca 1802. He is listed as being "of Tyler Co., WV" according to the deed from John C. Beaty and others to Jeremiah Beaty in 1833.
He married Susannah FARREL, 15 Sep 1825. Born ca 1803. They had the following children:
3.1 Eli BEATY
3.2 Rebecca BEATY
3.3 Mary Virginia BEATY
3.4 Indiana BEATY
3.5 James F BEATY
3.6 Ashberry BEATY
3.7 Susan (Samantha) BEATY
3.8 John A BEATY

4. Jeremiah BEATY. Born 10 May 1805 in Teverbaugh, Harrison Co., VA. Died 5 Jul 1875 in Marion Co. WV.
He married Sarah Elizabeth FURBEE, daughter of George FURBEE and Elizabeth PRICHARD, 25 Mar 1828. Born 1802. Died 25 Nov 1857. They had the following children:
4.1 George Washington BEATY
4.2 Felix BEATY
4.3 Austin BEATY
4.4 Mary BEATY
4.5 Elizabeth BEATY
4.6 Cornelius BEATY
4.7 Sarah A BEATY
4.8 Maria Jane BEATY

5. William M BEATY. Born 6 Oct 1807 in Harrison Co., VA. Died 16 Apr 1880 in Marion Co. WV.
He first married Julianne SNODGRASS, daughter of Elisha SNODGRASS, 8 Nov 1829 in Monongalia Co., VA. Died 9 Mar 1839. (Some data lists her father as Moses COX.) They had the following children:
5a.1 Mary E BEATY
5a.2 Emeline BEATY (Twin)
5a.3 Elisha A BEATY (Twin)

He second married Malinda MORGAN, daughter of Zaquill MORGAN and Lisa Sina WEST, 4 Mar 1851 in Marion Co. WV. Born 22 Feb 1805. They had the following children:
5b.1 Annora BEATY
5b.2 Miller BEATY

6. Alexander BEATY. (twin) Born 18 Mar 1812 in Harrison Co., VA. Died 11 Aug 1862 in Wirt Co., WV.
He married Elizabeth METZ, daughter of Jacob METZ and Catherine MIKE, 15 Feb 1835 in Monongalia Co., VA. (license date at Monongalia Co. is Dec 15 1835). Born 1817. Died 12 Feb 1871 in Wirt Co., WV. They had the following children:
6.1 Emaline BEATY
6.2 Melissa J BEATY
6.3 Cyrus BEATY
6.4 Elishma BEATY
6.5 Aaron Griffith BEATY
6.6 Mary Catherine BEATY
6.7 Irene BEATY
6.8 James Benson BEATY
6.9 Sarah Elizabeth BEATY
6.10 Alexander Elliott BEATY
6.11 Tennesee BEATY
6.12 Beverly Waugh BEATY

7. Mary E. BEATY. (twin) Born 18 Mar 1812 in Marion Co., WV. Died 19 May 1885 in Tyler Co., WV.
She married Vincent SANDY, son of V. SANDY and Mila ?, 1 Jan 1828. Born about 1800 in Tyler Co., WV. Died 9 Aug 1853 in Tyler Co, WV. They had the following children:
7.1 Jane SANDY
7.2 William SANDY
7.3 Mary SANDY
7.4 James SANDY
7.5 Sarah SANDY
7.6 Matilda SANDY
7.7 John SANDY
7.8 Susan SANDY

8. James Carter BEATY. Born 6 Jun 1814. Died 22 Jan 1863.
He married Maria Berkshire DENT, daughter of Dudley E DENT and Mahala BERKSHIRE, 28 Feb 1837. They had the following children:
8.1 Newton S. BEATY
8.2 William D. BEATY
8.3 Alexander E. BEATY
8.4 Alpheus Dudley BEATY
8.5 Marshal W. BEATY
8.6 Mahalia BEATY
8.7 Mary Jane BEATY
8.8 Sarah BEATY
8.9 James C. BEATY Jr.

9. Sarah M BEATY. Born 14 Jan 1817. She married George DENT, son of Dudley E DENT and Mahala BERKSHIRE, 27 Aug 1835.

10. Jane Bell BEATY. Born 14 Feb 1820. She married James DENT, son of Dudley E DENT and Mahala BERKSHIRE, 17 May 1841.


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