Edward to John Howe
Generations of My Ancestors

Edward How of Lynn, Massachusetts
Jacob Howe of Poultney, Vermont

First Generation

Edward How with his wife and five children, embarked on the "Truelove" for New England on the 19th of September 1635. On reaching this country, they settled at what is now known as Lynn, Massachusetts. Edward was admitted freeman 8 Dec 1636. He was chosen deputy to the General Court in 1638, and in the same year, his name appeared on the list of landowners in Lynn. He died very suddenly in April 1639, and his widow, Elizabeth How, was appointed by the General Court to administer his estate on 22 May 1639. His death is mentioned in Winthrop's History of New England, as follows: "One Mr. Howe of Lynn, a godly man, and a deputy of the last general court, after the court was ended, and he had dined, being in health as he used to be, went to pass over to Charlestown, and being alone, he was presently after found upon the strand, being there (as it seemed) waiting for the boat, which came soon after."
Children of Edward and Elizabeth How, all born in England:

  • Jeremiah Howe b. 1614
  • Joseph Howe
  • Sarah Howe b. ~1623
  • Ephraim Howe b~1626 = Ann Hough
  • Isaac Howe b ~1628
  • William Howe b~1629
Second Generation

William Howe was born in England, about 1629, came to this country with his father in 1635; as he was only 10 years of age when his father died, he probably lived with his mother in Lynn until he was married. William and his wife, Mary appeared in Concord as early as 1657, and perhaps earlier. Is has been supposed that he came with his wife Mary from Chelmsford to Concord. His oldest son was born in 1654. William How appears to have been a farmer, and died in Concord. An inventory of his estate was taken 26 Apr 1676, amounting to 35-01-10, and his wife was granted letters of administration 20 Jun 1676. She probably married second, 10 Apr 1677, Christopher Woolie of Concord, as his second wife. She died 26 Dec 1695.
Children of William and Mary Howe:

  • Samuel Howe b. 1654
  • Daniel Howe d. 1657
  • Sarah Howe 1658-1659
  • Hannah Howe 1660-1683
  • William Howe b/d1663
  • Mary Howe 1665-1666

Third Generation

Samuel Howe was born 14 Oct 1654; married 27 Mar 1673, Mary Woolie of Concord, MA, probably the daughter of Christopher Woolie. She died 19 Dec 1677. Samuel married second, 26 Mar 1678, Mary Nutting, daughter of John and Sarah (Eggleston) Nutting, born in Chelmsford, MA, 16 Jan 1656. Samuel Howe lived in Concord until soon after 1700, when he moved to Plainfield, CT, and his name appears as one of the signers to an agreement of that date, relating to the town organization. Later he was allotted lands there. In 1704 he was a sergeant of the train band there, and in the same year he was named as one of the church committee. He died in Plainfield in the latter part of 1724. The probate records of Willimantic, CT , show the probate there on 11 Jan 1724-5 of the will of Samuel How of Plainfield, carpenter, dated 30 Oct 1724, and that John How was named as executor.
Children of Samuel and Mary (Woolie) Howe:

  • Mary Howe, b. 17 Jan 1674 = George Farrar
  • Sarah Howe 1677-1678-9
Children of Samuel and Mary (Nutting) Howe:
  • Samuel Howe b. 1679 = Sarah
  • Sarah Howe b 1680 = Isaac Wheeler
  • Mary Howe b. 1682 = James Russell
  • Hannah Howe b. 1683-4
  • Deborah Howe b. 1685 = David Munroe
  • John Howe b. 1687 = Phebe Butterfield
  • Josiah Howe b. 1689
  • Abigail Howe b. 1692 = John Parkhurst
  • Elizabeth Howe b. 1694 = John Stevens
  • Sarah Howe [possibly granddaughter] = Isaac Corey.
Fourth Generation

John Howe was born in Concord, MA about 1687. He married 13 Apr 1709, Phebe Butterfield, daughter of Samuel Butterfield of Chelmsford, Mass. They lived in Plainfield, where he died in 1727. The records of Plainfield show that an inventory was taken in Sept. 1727, and a distribution of the estate was made on 1 Mar 1732-3, mentioning his widow Phebe, and their children. She died in Plainfield, 3 Dec 1758.
Children of John and Phebe (Butterfield) Howe:

  • Josiah Howe b. 1710 = Patience Day.
  • John Howe b. 1712 = Mary Wheeler
  • Samuel Howe b. 1716 = (1) Martha Spaulding; (2) Mary unknown
  • Louise/Lucy Howe b. 1714 = Thomas Wheeler
  • James Howe b. 1718 = Joanna Spalding.
  • Jonathan Howe b/d
  • Jonas Howe b. 1726 = Sarah Wheeler
Fifth Generation

Samuel Howe was born in Plainfield, CT, 24 Jun 1716. He married in Plainfield, 30 Oct 1740, Martha Spaulding, daughter of Josiah and Sarah (Warren) Spaulding of Plainfield, CT. She died about 1757, and he married second Mary. He lived in Plainfield, CT until about 1747, when he moved to Canaan, CT.
Children of Samuel and Martha (Spaulding) Howe:

  • Phebe Howe b. 1741 = John Stephens
  • John Howe b. 1744 = Chloe Rowlson.
  • Silas Howe b. 1747 = Susannah Franklin
  • Stephen Howe b. 748 = Lois Barden
  • Jacob Howe b. 1750 = Polly Woodford
  • James Howe b.1752 = Abigail
  • Keziah Howe 1755 - 1779, um
  • Martha Howe b.1757
Children of Samuel and Mary How:
  • Philip Howe, b. 1759
  • Mary Howe b.1762
  • Josiah Howe b.1763
  • Samuel Howe b. 1766 = (1) Ruth Clark; (2) Abigail Hewett
  • Billa Howe
Sixth Generation

John Howe was born in Plainfield, CT, 27 Oct 1744. He married Chloe Rowlson, who was born 10 May 1752, and died 10 Nov 1808. He moved from Canaan, CT to Hampton, NY before 1790, where he is listed along with his son, Ira, in the 1790 census. Between 1790 and 1792, he moved to Plattsburgh, NY. John married second in 1809, Lydia (Rice) Greeno, widow of Daniel Greeno of Rutland, VT. John Howe died in Plattsburgh, NY on 6 Jan 1813; his will was written on 3 Jan 1813, and proved 11 Jan 1813. Lydia Rice Greeno Howe returned to Rutland, VT, where she married third, 1 Jan 1815, Nathan Fay of Jericho, VT. She died 8 Jun 1835 in Rutland.
Children of John and Chloe (Rowlson) Howe:

  • Ira Howe b. 1768 = (1) Abigail Hubbard; (2) Lucy Lathrop; (3) Betsey
  • Duelana Howe b. 1772 = James Norton
  • Eri Howe b. prior to 1774 = 10 May 1794 Olleona Hubbard
  • Samuel Howe b. prior to 1774 = (1) Esther
  • Chloe Howe b. 1776 = Thomas Douglass
  • John Howe b. 1781 = Rachel Merriman
  • Martha Howe b. 1781 = Charles Marsh
  • Althea Howe
  • Keziah Howe = James Douglas
Seventh Generation

Eri How was born before 1774 in Canaan, CT. He married on 10 May 1794, Olleona Hubbard, daughter of Ezekiel T. Hubbard and Mary Guildersleeve, who had moved from Long Island, New York to Clinton County, NY circa 1793. Eri How enlisted as a Private on 6 Mar 1813, for the duration of the war, in Captain H. Hale's Company of the 11th Regiment of Regulars, Infantry. He was listed on the rolls until 31 Aug 1813, when he was reported sick. He died on the 5th day of January 1814, at Fort Covington, then called French Mills, consequences of sickness contracted while in the way of his duty in the service of the United States. Olleona Howe stated in her 3 May 1853 widow's application for pension for soldiers of the War of 1812, that she was age 75 (b.~1778), living in Chazy, Clinton Co. NY, and now a widow, certified by proofs submitted with the application. She signs her mark to the paper, with a notation that "she makes her mark on account of infirmity of age." Two other documents were submitted with the application. The first was a certification from Charity (Hubbard) Dominy, age 70 (b.~1783), a resident of Beekmantown, Clinton Co. NY, that she was present at the marriage of Eri and Olleona Howe in 1794; that Olleona Howe was a widow and remained one since his death. (note: Charity Hubbard Dominy was sister to Olleona Hubbard Howe) The second certification was from John Howe, age 72 (b.~1781) certifying that Eri and Olleona Howe lived together and cohabitated as husband and wife. John Howe is listed as brother of Eri Howe. All these documents certify that Olleona Howe was his widow and continued his widow until the time of certification in 1853. She would not have been eligible for his pension if she had remarried following his death. The widow's pensions for the War of 1812 were not available to widows until 1853. Her name is inscribed on the pay pension list roll of the United States at $3.50 per month for 5 years from the 3rd of May 1853.
Children of Eri and Olleona (Hubbard) How:

  • Jacob How b. ca 1796 = Hannah Prindle.
Eighth Generation

Jacob How was the only son of Eri How. According to the Fairhaven, Rutland County, Vermont, Probate Court records, "I Erastus Higley, Esq. Judge of the Court of Probate the district of Fairhaven, hereby certify that is has been made satisfactorily to appear to me that Jacob How of the town of Poultney, County of Rutland and State of Vermont is the only legitimate heir at law of Eri Howe, deceased, late a Private in Capt. H. Hales Company 11th Regiment, U.S. Infantry. Given under my hand and seal of office at Castleton this 16 day of September 1817." On 26 Nov 1818, Jacob How, only heir at law of Eri How, deceased, deposited in the General Land Office in Illinois, a Warrant in his favor, numbered 17034, which was granted unto the said Jacob How only heir at law of Eri How, dec. late a Private in Hale's Co, Infantry 11th Regiment of Infantry. This Warrant was for a certain tract of land containing one hundred and sixty acres in the north west portion of the Illinois Military Bounty Tracts of Land, now located in Warren Co. IL. Jacob sold the land 19 May 1819 to Sheldon Curtis et al.

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