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RCBL Register #P776-011: 1811 - 1835


This register is very difficult to read.

otp = of this parish

B = banns; L = license




DATE            HUSBAND                              WIFE                                  OTHER

3 Oct 1811      Benjamin Cleare, otp               Mary Splane                        B

8 Sep 1813      Robert Clarke of Bandon         Elizabeth Clear                    present: Daniel Green, L

15 Feb 1814    Steaphen Parret                        Ann Damery, Corran?

18 Oct 1814    John Sweeny                            Anne Wolfe                         B

25 Jun 1815    James Good of Ballineen         Elizabeth Tanner, otp

3 Jun 1817      David Stanley of Ballymoney  Elizabeth Tanner, otp          B

10 Apr 1822   William Good                          Nelly Shanch/Shanuch?       B

10 Apr 1822   William Good                          Ellen Shuvel                        B [repeat of above?]

25 Apr 1822   Michael Shanuck otp               Mary Sealy, otp                   B

13 Jun 1823    Frances [sic] Sealy of               Margaret Henigan of           L

                        Kilcolman otp                          Hanlmaragy? otp

23 Feb 1824    Antony Lannan of Rathclaren  Constance Sealy otp            B

14 Dec 1824   John Roberts of Marraugh       Jean Spallane otp                 B

4 Dec 1830     Richard Bateman, WoodVile   Joan McCarthy Cashol        L, both otp

3 Mar 1829     John Bennett of Reen?             Catherine Neagle of             L

                                                                         Nucknanore? otp

28 Sep 1830    Thomas Ellis of Drinah            Elizabeth Tiner otp              B

20 Mar 1831   Denis Donoclift otp                  Elizabeth Wolfe, Kinneigh  B

6 Mar 1832     Robert Good, Dromdalage?     Jean Johns otp                     B

6 Mar 1832     William Parrett                        Joan Ford otp                       B

6 Mar 1832     John Parrett of AbbeyMahon   Elizabeth More otp              L

11 Nov 1835   William Jenings, Ballymoney  not named                            L