RCBL Register #P0233-011: Baptisms 1827 - 1873

This register is a photocopy taken from microfilm of a copy of the original register. The quality of the reproduction is not good, nor was the handwriting!





DATE BAP.    SURNAME     CHILD         PARENT/S                           ABODE               OTHER 


1 Jul 1827        PERROTT       William         David, Elizabeth                    Ardgehane

14 Oct 1827     PERROTT       Elizabeth       Richard, Abigail                    Ardgehane

9 Jul 1831        PERROTT       John              Matthew, Mary Anne             Ardgehane

24 Apr 1831     PERROTT       Nathaniel       Robert, Elizabeth                   Ardgehane

3 Feb 1833       PERROTT       Mary             Thomas, Jane                         Ardgehane

5 May 1833      PERROTT       John              John, Eliza                             Ardgehane

3 Nov 1833      PERROTT       Matthew        Matthew, Mary Anne             Ardgehane

8 Dec 1833       PERROTT       Richard         Robert, Eliza                          Ardgehane

21 Dec 1834     PERROTT       Eliza              John, Elizabeth                      Ardgehane

5 Feb 1835       PERROTT       Thomas         Thomas, Jane                         Ardgehane

18 Apr 1836     SMITH             Eliza              William, Anne                       Lislee

25 Oct 1840     MORLEY        Martha           James, Mary                           Donoughmore                Waterguard [i.e., coastguard?]

17 Feb 1847     BATEMAN     John              Walter, Margaret                    Lissicunear?*

6 Aug 1848      BATEMAN     Joseph           Walter, Margaret                    Lissiciunen?*

11 Nov 1849    JENNINGS      William         William, Ellen                        Templequinlan

2 Jun 1850       BATEMAN     Thomas         Walter, Margaret                    Lissicuinan

11 Apr 1852     JENNINGS      Edward          William, Ellen                        Templequinlan

1 Aug 1852      DAUNT           Lydia             Nicholas, Eliza                       Curriherren [Currahevern]

26 Aug 1855    JENNINGS      David            William, Ellen                        Tmplequinlan

5 Apr 1863       JAGO               Richard         Richard George, Emma Tiddy, his wife Barryscove Coastguard

20 Oct 1864     JAGO               William         Richard George, Emma Tiddy

23 Aug 1864    PAYNE            William Henry   John, Hester Anne             Officer of Barryscove Coastguard

9 May 1869      BATEMAN     Eliza Ann      Thomas, Anne                       Rocksavage?

31 Mar 1872    BATEMAN     Mary Jane     Thomas, Anne                       Rocksavage?


There are vastly more Perrotts listed, but I have not recorded any more of them at this time. Other couples for whom I have not recorded details include: John and Ellen SUTTON of Templequinlan Parish, Joseph and Mary SHANNON of Lislee, and James and Mary KEMP of Templequinlan. There are a number of others named SHANNON and DEANS, as well as some BEAMISH and HAYES.


* There is townland called Lissycrimeen in Lislee Parish (the next parish to the east), so I suspect this is where these Batemans lived.