Ballymodan Haggertys of County Cork

These records were compiled from Ballymodan (Bandon) parish registers and from the website. They include all instances of the many spelling variants of the name. I have not attempted to use the spelling from the original records as it varied from time to time, even for a single individual--it appears that it was the recorder who determined how he thought it should be spelled, rather than an individual maintaining a consistent spelling for his or her surname. The people listed in this record as children of "Ballymodan Haggertys" were not all sisters and brothers. However, they all lived in Ballymodan Parish, County Cork Ireland in the 17 and 1800s. Ballymodan includes the portion of the town of Bandon and surrounding area that is south of the Bandon River. It is presumed that these Haggertys of Ballymodan Parish were all related and this artificial "father" was created solely to connect the Ballymodan Haggertys to one another. In cases where only a marriage date is known, the birthdate was estimated from the marriage date--for women approximately 20 to 25 years earlier; for men 25 to 30 years. It is likely that many of those for whom we have a marriage date were also baptised here. However, as the parents of marriage partners are not named until 1847, and the ages of the marriage partners were not given, we cannot unequivocally connect most of these people across more than two generations. Possible connections are sometimes suggested in the individual notes.

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