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What's new with this site...             

All things are not equal. 

All of us know that there are as many different design formats as there are sites themselves. We have all visited websites that took forever to download, or had terrible contrasts between page backgrounds and text, or high resolution graphics that took forever to load, or various animations, javascripting or other active content that interfered with your browser. What about the cute but annoying background music?

Each of our computers, internet connections, monitors, graphic resolution and color settings are not the same. There may even be a few of you out there who refuse to drag yourselves into the new millennium and are still using a text only browser.

While I could present a website with all of that neat stuff, I figure the average genealogist is far more interested in content rather than a killer website. I wanted to put this information in a format that loaded quickly, was easy to view and navigate, and was printer friendly.

So while this site will not be flashy, hopefully it will be useful nevertheless.

Dead ancestors, not dead links

I had links that were no longer valid because webpages come and go. Many of the resources available to genealogists have changed. Some of the major surname query boards have been reorganized. Genconnect is now at Rootsweb, GenForum and Family Tree Maker are now part of Genealogy.com and FamilyHistory.com message boards are now at Ancestry.com.

Many links to other researchers' family pages are no longer valid since their websites are not online.

How to tell what is new?

I am including an update page that will show updates to you can see what is new rather than searching many pages to see if anything has changed.

Duplicated Material:

Some material I had has subsequently been posted online, or was similar to info that was already available elsewhere online, so there's no point having it here right?

Other additional features:

I plan on adding a guestbook, feedback form, and a site search engine.