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Origin of the Seitz Name

According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, Seitz is a surname of German origin. Seitz is a variant of those names beginning with "Sig" such as Sigisbald, Sigismund, etc. Sig is derived from the word Segu or Sigu, meaning "might, power, authority, dominion or victory" It is often translated as "Glorious Conqueror".

Seitz Heraldry

The heraldic arms shown above are from Rietstap's "Illustrations to the Armorial General." Because these were printed in black and white, a color code is necessary: Horizontal lines are blue; Vertical lines are red; Dotted areas are gold; Checkered areas are sable brown; White areas are silver; Slanted lines are green; Black areas are of course, black. 

Below each, is the location it was issued. These are in French. Weissenhorn is a town in Bavaria, Allem is Allemand, meaning Germany, Augsbourg is Augsburg, a city in Bavaria, Seitzenburg a town in Bavaria also, and Vienne is Vienna.

A Johann Michael Seyz von Seyzenburg (Seitz von Seitzenburg) of an Austrian Seitz family received the patent of nobility in the year 1757.

I have no further information on the origin, history, or the specific Seitz families these were issued to. There may be other Arms aside from these. If anyone can shed some light on any of these please let me know.

Below is another  crest, of a family that may be connected with the Seitz family.

Bois le Duc is "the Duke's Forest" The location of this place is unknown. Possibly France, the region of  Alsace-Lorraine, or perhaps even Belgium.

As you know heraldic arms were issued to specific families, rather than to all individuals sharing that surname. The right to bear or display these arms was exclusive only to those whom the arms were granted and their descendants.

I have seen a few in recent years offered by companies that claim to have family arms and crests available for you at a cost, but these do not appear to be actual ones, rather ones that have been designed for you. Many of them have the same theme of a knight's helmet with a few variations. If you have any others you feel are legitimate, please share.