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Baptism record for Johann Heinrich Seitz, from the Kirchenbuch, Evangelist Church Buedingen, Calbach, Hesse

Marriage Proclamation for Johann Heinrich Seitz and Dorothea Elizabeth Felsinger (Voltzinger), Kirchenbuch, Evangelist Church, Beudingen, Calbach, Hesse


Dekalb Co.

Bill of Sale of Items sold from the estate of Andrew Sitz (Seitz)  1851

Probate record to dispose of estate of Andrew Sitz (Seitz)  1851

1850 Dekalb Co. census - Andrew Sites

1850 Dekalb Co. census - Andrew Sitz Jr. and Jonathan Sitz

Marriage bond for Andrew Sitz Jr., and Susan Wilson 1836


North Carolina

Cumberland Co., NC

Power of Attorney on behalf of Sides heirs in the estate of Andreas Felsinger

Lincoln Co.

Marriage bond of Jacob Rinck and Mary "Polly" Seitz  1813

Land purchase from Eve Weaver by Andrew Seitz  1794

Land purchase from Andrew Seitz by Godfrey Bolick  1800

Land purchase from estate of Jacob Miller by Andrew Seitz  1808

Land purchase from Andrew Seitz by Jacob Lutes  1817

Last Will and Testament of George Adam Seitz 18 Feb 1742-1813

Last Will and Testament of Jacob Seitz 18 Sept 1739-20 Jan 1816

Last Will and Testament of John Seitz

Tryon Co., NC

Land Purchase by Peter Sides from Lawrence Kaizer



"Queen Elizabeth" Ship's list on which Johan Heinrich Seitz and Andreas Felsinger appear.

Northampton Co., PA

Last Will and Testament of Andreas Filtzinger (Felsinger) 

His daughter Dorothea was the wife of Henry Sides of Anson Co., NC.





Two photographs of the Andrew Seitz home Dekalb Co. (now Etowah Co., AL) circa 1890 and 1900

Jonathan Sitz 1816-1892 (Son of Andrew Seitz) with wife Nancy M. Wilson

Andrew Hezekiah Sitz (Grandson of Andrew Seitz) and family

Jeremiah M. Sitz (Grandson of Andrew Seitz) and family

Henry Elisha Sitz (Grandson of Andrew Seitz) and family



William Russell Sitz 1833-1879, Son of John Sitz, grandson of Andrew Seitz

James Montgomery Sitz 1861-1944, son of William Russell Sitz, great grandson of Andrew Seitz


North Carolina

David M. Seitz 1841-1862 Son of Darius David and Rebecca Link Seitz



Albert Eberhenna Sitz and Family (GGrandson of Andrew Seitz)

William A, Peter Turney, and James Washington Sitz, sons of Andrew Seitz Jr.