Purple Heart Stories
Purple Heart Stories

John W. Paisley's Story

Army Air Force, He was killed flying over Munster Germany in a B-17 (flying fortress) bomber while on a bombing mission to Muenbster. His plane exploded after hit by antiaircraft fire.

George Paiva's Story

George was killed in action in the Italian conflict I believe it was around casino. I've been trying to find out where he is buried, it is in Italy some where.

Albert R. Panebianco's Story

Army, January 20, 1945, five rifle companies and one heavy weapons company were captured. All the forward artillery observers were MIA and never found.

Richard David Parent's Story

Army, was also awarded: LOM, BSM, PH, MSM, JSCM, ARCOM (4 AWDS). Wounded during Rocket / Mortar Attack. Currently residing in Rockwell, Texas as of Feb., 2004

Frank Parise's Story

Army, Frank was in the 885th Medical Collecting Company, 56th Medical Battalion. Was missing in action after running over a land mine with his jeep. I believe that was in Messina Italy. Other medals and citations; Three Bronze Battle Stars, Purple Heart, European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, and the Good Conduct Medal. Battles and Campaines; Rome-Arno GO 33 wd 45, Southern France GO 33 wd 45, Central Europe GO 33 wd 45.

John Thomas Parker, Sr.'s Story

Participated in the assault and capture of Roi and Namur Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands Jan 31, 1944 to Feb. 7th 1944, in the assult and capture of Saipan and Tinian, Marianas Islands, June 15, 1944 to Aug. 1, 1944, in assult and capture of Iwo Jima, Valcano Islands, Feb. 19 to March 16, 1945.

Remarks Service honest and faithful, Issued honorable service lapel button, Awarded Good Conduct Medal March 30, 1945. First Good Conduct Medal Bar Period commences March 31, 1945.

Weapons qualifications-Rifle Marksman July 23, 1943

Pistol Expert May 2, 1942

Field Radio Operator and Radio Chief Services Central Pacific Area Jan. 31, 1944 - Oct. 12, 1945

Robert Eugene Parker's Story

Marines, 1966, I served with the Special Land Forces 3rd Bn 5th Marines(W-2-12)OP Hastings. Operations were OP Deckhouse 1,2,3,4,Hastings,Praire. Final was HUE Phu Bai. 1969, I served with 1st Marines (C-1-11) near DaNang Cau Do Prov. and Hill 55.

Johnny Bill Parkey's Story

Army, was also awarded; National Defense Medal, Sharpshooter {M14}, Marksman {Pistol 45}, Expert {M16}, Vietnam Service Medal w/ 2 Bronze Stars, Vietnam Campaign Medal w/ Device, Air Medal & Bronze Star Medal.

Robert Dale Parrish's Story

Army Infantry, Wounded during 1968 Tet Offensive. Also awarded the Siliver Star in that action, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorius Service Medal, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Combat Infantry Badge, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Senior Parachute Badge, Ranger Tab, Legion of Merit, Overseas Service Ribbon, 3 Overseas Service Bars & Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation with Palm.

Robert Parsells' Story

I was only 5 when my cousin came home in 1945 in his Navy uniform and showed us his medal. I believe he had been shot in the left arm. Soon after, he married and moved to California.

Arthur Patrickus' Story

U.S.M.C., Radioman Gunner, MIA Assumed Killed in Action. My Uncle, Arthur J. Patrickus was in WWII for the Marine Corp. He belonged to the Marine Torpedo Bombing Group 233, Marine Aircraft Group 11, Marine Aircraft South Pacific. He was a Radioman Gunner, piloted by 1st Lieutenant James W. Boyden. Their plane had failed to return after a successful mission of mine-laying in enemy harbors. They were placed on the MIA rolls. He had joined this group in October 1943.

James Carl Paulk's Story

CO E 119TH INF, Rifleman 745, N. France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe Decorations: ATO MED, EAMETO MED, GOOD CONDUCT MED., WORLD WAR II VICTORY MED, PURPLE HEART, AG&SF RSM B FL 22 AUG 45 P.O.W. 16 APR 45 - 29 APR 45.

James A. Peacock, Jr.'s Story

Army, Fought in battles and campaigns in Rome-Arno, Southern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe. Recieved Good Conduct Medal Bronze Arrowhead, EAMETO Medal, ATO Medal, WWII Victory Medal. Cpl Peacock was wounded in Belgium on 3 Jan 45, Joigny France on 23 May 45 France 3 Nov 44. He was with Company F 517th Parachute Infantry.

Marvin L. Pearce's Story

Army, I was awarded the Bronze Star for service on Okinawa but never received it. We had an Aid Station set up in a cave in the side of a moutain that had two entrances. The Japanese dropped a bomb right on top of the station and caused a collapse, trapping 29 men. There were falling rocks everywhere, several others and I ran to dig out whoever we could. 19 of the 29 we got out alive. I was awarded the Purple Heart when I was engaged in a one-on-one grenade fight with a Japanese in the dark of night. He would throw a grenade, I would throw a grenade. I was behind a 37mm anti-tank gun, and I was pretty sure I knew where he was. We kept throwing back and forth until I tossed one, and he never answered back. In the middle of this one-on-one, I suffered a shrapnel wound directly to the throat. As soon as it hit, I coughed and a piece came up into my mouth. At that time, I could hold my nose and close my mouth and still breath through the hole it created. To this day I still have a piece of metal in my throat to remind me of that night.

David A. Pearsall's Story

Army, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Vietnamese Cross of Galantry, Air Medal with 22 olc.

John Thomas Pearsall's Story

Co. I 2nd Inf. 5th Div. European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon One Bronze Campaign Star. Wounds received resulted in lost of leg.

Larry L. Pedersbeck's Story

Army, Sgt Pedersbeck received a through and through gunshot wound to the left chest as he was riding in a jeep on the main roadway near LZ Charlie Brown. As a result of the wound, Sgt Pedersbeck was returned to the land of the Big PX. He is now retired and living in Oregon.

Arthur W. Pedersen's Story

My Dad was a Forward Observer in Patton's Third Army, an Artillery Unit. From the ribbons he had, I have discovered that in the six short months he was in action in WWII, he was in four campaigns.

Edward Alexander Pegram's Story

Was also awarded: Combat Infantryman Badge, EAMET Campaign Medal w/3 bronze stars, Good Conduct Medal, European Victory Medal

Jophn Silas Sheffield Peirson's Story

Killed in the Battle of the Bulge, Dad was a Yale graduate, and had been on the Editorial staff of Fortune Magazine before the war came that ended his life.

Alphonse Albert Pelosi's Story

Hit by shrapnel during Battle of Iwo Jima while serving under the 3rd Marine Division.

Christopher L. Pendleton's Story

Received 3 gunshot wounds and 1 shrapnel fragment wound during the 3 day battle to secure Dai Do Village on the Cua Viet River.

Harold Samuel Pendley, Sr.'s Story

While driving his Jeep he ran over a land mine. A total of three personnel were in the vehicle. The person in the back seat was killed instantly. The passenger in the front, lost a leg (name believed to be, "Peter Sedato"). My father received shrapnel wounds to the Chin, Legs, Abdomen. Hemorrhaging from the wound to his abdomen he attempted to retrieve the Leg of front seat passenger. walking thru mine fields, he retrieved what was left of the leg. Upon observation of his leg, Peter, told Dad to, "through it away" because it was useless to him. After helping to put Peter in the field ambulance Dad was order to get in the ambulance. Dad refused not knowing the severity of his wounds. Other Medals Bronze Arrowhead (for being among the first 12 hours of Normandy) World War ll Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal Ar 600-68 Purple Heart Go 3 hq 238 Engr Bn European African Middle Eastern Service Medal and 1 SILVER STAR. Battles and Campaigns, Ardennes Rhineland Go 40 WD 45---Normandy Go 33 WD 45 Norther France Centeral Europe Go 46 Wd 45.

John J. Penta's Story

Army, My uncle Johnny jumped into Normandy on 06 June 1944 with F 2/501. He was on the ground by 0130 and was separated from the rest of his stick. He and his platoon Sgt. fought their way back to the battalion by 09-10 June 1944. Surviving veterans who remember Johnny attest to the fact that he fought well and did his job. Johnny was killed outside of Carentan, France. He was on the left flank of his company's position when soldiers of the 17th SS Panzer Grenadiers approached. The Germans came near Johnny's position with their hands in the air; it appeared that they were surrenduring. Johnny showed himself to accept the surrender and was killed instantly when the "surrenduring" Germans drew their weapons and shot him dead. Johnny died on 12 June, 3 weeks and 1 day from his 20th birthday.

Emon Columbus Perdue's Story

Dad passed away on December 27, 2002. Dad saved a soldier buried by a bomb in the Aleutian Islands. He had a piece of the bomb until he died.

Robert L. Perkins' Story

Bronze Star-- 9th Infantry Company C 2nd Divison Unasgd. After a two day offensive on hill 192 the Division held to it's lines once more along the St. Lo - Bayeux Highway from July 13 through July 25. Just before reaching St. Lo he was wounded by machine gun fire, hitting him in his backpack, helment,and face. My brother Robert L. Perkins died 12 Nov. 1996 at the age of 80.

Randy E. Pernod's Story

Army, 7 months with the 1st Battallion, 27th Infantry Wolfhounds, 25th Infantry, 10 months with the 335th Cowboys of the 1st Aviation Brigade. Also was awarded: Air Medal, Air Medal for Valor, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star for Valor with Cluster, National Defense Service Medal, Combat Crewmember Flight Badge, Vietnam Campaign medal, Vietnam Service medal, Presidential Unit Citation (25th Infantry Wolfhounds).

William E. Perry's Story

Enlisted April 25, 1916 at Columbus Barracks, Ohio. Tuneville Sector 10/21/1917 to 11/20/1917 Meuse-Argonne 10/1/1918 to 12/1/1918; German Occupation. Toul Sector 1/16/1918 to 4/1918. Cantigny 5/28/1918 to 5/30/1918. Saijerais Sector 8/7/1918 to 8/24/1918. Montdidied-Noyon 4/25/1918 to 7/7/1918. Aisue-Marue 7/1/1918 to 7/25/1918. St. Mihiel 9/12/1918 to 9/13/1918. Honorably discharged from the Regular Army Reserve August 24, 1920. Awarded; Purple Heart; Silver Star; and World War I Victory Medal with Battle Clasps for Montdider-Noyon, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and Defensive Sector.

Dale David Peters' Story

Army, Wounded twice at Okinawa, also recieved Bronze Star was in 7th Inf. Division in Aleutians, Marshall Islands(Kwajalein), Philippines(Leyte) and Okinawa. Died 1975.

Edward Peters' Story

My father was killed while leading a patrol against a German Machine Gun. He received a purple heart and a silver star for the action in which he was killed.

Lawrence David Peters' Story

One of the most bravest men I have ever come to know in my lifetime. Saved my life and many others that day. He was a squad leader, 2nd Platoon, of the 3rd Bn., 5th Marine Reg., M Co. May God still keep him in his heart and his family.

Arthur Henry Peterson's Story

Joined the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). They were joined by American trainees and fought together as a unit in Europe. They were nicknamed the Devils Brigade by the Germans. Their shoulder patch read PPCLI on top with U.S.A. underneath. With respect to decorations both Can. and Amer. soldiers wore the same uniform, fought as a unit under a central command.

Edward W. Phelan's Story

Army, 32nd Infantry *Red Arrows*, Injured in the line of duty with a Japanese granade attack while engaging the enemy. The Phelan and Greiner Familys are very proud of Ed. Soldier, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Father-in-law. Like a Timex, Ed takes a lickin', and keep on tickin'!

Raymond O. Phillips, Jr.'s Story

Our family says Junior (my uncle) was killed in France, but I have been unable to verify where his unit was at the time of his death. He served with the 141st Infantry, 36th Division of the US Army. He was three weeks short of this 24th birthday.

William R. Phillips' Story

Army, While serving as a door gunner on a UH-1C Helicopter with the 282nd Assault Helicopter Company's 3rd gun platoon "Alleycats", we were supporting an outpost of South Vietnamese Rangers who were in danger of being overrun by the enemy. Enemy fire was intense, during the battle our ship received numerous hits and the Aircraft Commander was subsequently wounded in both legs, a 51 caliber anti-aircraft round passed up through the floor of the ship and exploded inside the cabin wounding myself and the crew chief, the pilot managed to fly the aircraft to a hospital landing pad close by and we were all taken in to the hospital for treatment. The Aircraft Commander was medevaced home while myself and my crew chief were treated for our wounds and sent back to our company assignment. The battle for Dien Ban was eventually won due to a large part in participation of U.S Army Aviation.

Joseph Piasecki's Story

Air Force; was wounded by glass shrapnel during the terrorist bombing at Khobar Towers.

James R. Picard's Story

Two American planes collided near Inglemunster, Belgium on their way to Koblenz marshalling yards through which the enemy was rushing reinforcements to counter the Allies'Market Garden deployment to the North. The plane my uncle was in was a B-24 Liberator. They Collided with the Naughty Nan while entering clouds. My Uncle was in the 330th bomb sq 93rd bomb grp/h. All of these men are buried at Henri-Chapelle American Belgium-Near Luxembourg (Hardwick).

Henry W. Pieper's Story

There is a marker for Henry in New Holstein City Cemetery stating 1910-1944 and that he is buried in Florence, Italy.

James Pierson's Story

Army; The men (probably 8 to 10) were quartered together in a tent and were awakened by incoming rockets. The tents were in situated on a rubber-tree plantation and the rockets were hitting in the tops of the trees. Shrapnel was showering down on the tents. The men were heading for the sand-bag bunker when I was hit in the left shoulder blade by a piece of hot metal shrapnel about the size of a quarter.

Kent L. Pietsch's Story

Army; Paralyzed lower left leg due to severed sciatic nerve from AK47 gunshot; also received a Bronze Star.

Richard James Pineau's Story

Air Force, TET offensive Motar and rocket attack up the flightline. I was standing by my plane when all hell broke loose. The plane took a direct hit spraying me with schrapnel from the rocket and exploding plane.

Hobart E. Pitts' Story

Served WWII US Army Company "E" 41st. Armd. Inf. Regt. 2nd. Armd. Div. Graduated Manlius High School/Morrisville Ag. College (Rome N.Y.Area).

Raymond Lee Plake's Story

Army, Rifleman 745, Raymond received The Purple Heart Medal, Victory Medal, Bronze Arrowhead Arrow, APT Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon With 2 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal. One of Raymonds fellow comrads was wounded in action. Raymond stayed with the comrad overnight and helped him find shelter in a fox hole. While helping the wounded soldier Raymond himself got injured.

Fred C. Planty's Story

1St Infantry Division, 26th Regt. Silver Star for gallantry in action 26 April 1943 in Tunisia. Bronze Star for heroic achievement & Purple Heart 7 June 1944. Was in 4 major invasions: North Africa, Tunisia, Sicily and France.

Loyal J. Plekenpol's Story

Air Corps.; also awarded Gunner's wings, 3 oak clusters to air medal, 1 oak cluster to Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal & Distinguished Unit Badge.

Phillip J. Ponthieux's Story

Phillip J. Ponthieux is my grandfather he was presented the combat infantryman's badge on January 2, 1945, and the "purple heart," after having been wounded on February 9th. On May 9th he was awarded the bronze star medal, by direction of the President. Citation reading as follows: "Phillip J. Ponthieux, 38651105, private first class, infantry, company K. 255th infantry regiment, for heroic achievment in action on March 15th 1945, in the vicinity of Ommersheim, Germany. As machine gunner, private first class Ponthieux was responsible for giving his company excellent fire. He placed his machine gun in exposed positions on the forward slopes of hills facing the Siegfried line in order to deliver supporting fire to his company and allow it to continue forward toward its objective. The bravery and outstanding devotion to duty of private first class Ponthieux, under hazardous conditions, reflect the armed forces of the United States. In loving memory of Phillip J. Ponthieux.

LeRoy Barnett Pope's Story

Philippine Liberation Ribbon, 1 Bronze Star, Asiatia Pacific Service Medal, American Theater Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal.

Raymond Earl Potts' Story

My father Raymonrd Earl Potts was a Sgt, in the infantry. He served in the Asiatic - Pacific Theater. Besides the Purple Heart, he recieved the Phillippine Liberation Ribbon with one Bronze Star.

Cecil V. Potter's Story

Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon w/2 Bronze Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal and Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/1 Bronze Battle Star.

George Emory Powell's Story

Army Air Corps, was wounded 300 Miles off of Ne Fiji Islands while at sea.

Other medals awarded were:

Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theater Service Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, American Theater Service Ribbon, World War 2 Victory Ribbon

Donald Richard Preeschl's Story

Army, Staff Sergeant Donald Richard Preeschl, enlisted in Company A, 124th Infantry Division of the Florida National Guard, November 23, 1940. He was inducted into Federal service November 25, 1940. Later he was assigned to the 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. He was killed in action during door to door action by a mined door step.

Sam Press' Story

Army, Sam earned the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star, European-Middle East-African Medal, Good Conduct Medal and more!

Charles Mitchell Price's Story

Army, Although I never knew him from the stories I've heard he was a very brave man. His first tour began 11/17/70 as a gunner on a chopper. He was injured and sent home but he took such pride in fighting for his country that he volunteered to go back. From what I've heard he was leading a platoon when they came under small arms fire and he was shot and killed instantly. Although I never got a chance to know him I am at peace with this because he died doing what he wanted to do and this country was built around brave soldiers like him. I am very proud to have the privelage of having the same middle name as him. Rest in Peace Uncle Mickey 1/7/71.

James Robert Price's Story

Army, Uncle Jim's flight occured just before the bomb was dropped to end the war. Jim's plane went down and he was captured by the Japanese. They sent home what they said were his remains and they were buried in a military cemetery in Danville, Kentucky, not far from where his parents were raised.

Robert L. Pries' Story

Army, It was 16 Sept. 69, a beautiful sunny day, when I took a ride a one of those nice Army helicopters. I was thoroughly enjoying the ride when someone with more brains than me (?) decided to set me down along side a nasty looking wood line in the middle of a rice paddy. As we moved along the wood line I noticed a trail that looked like it was recently traveled. In fact it looked like someone had dragged something down the trail fairly recently. As I was pointing this out to Walt Rakaczewski, the 2nd Platoon Sgt., the point element started receiving fire as they were entering the wood line. Given that I was young and foolish enough to really believe it was my responsibility to save the world (translated as everyone in Bravo Co.) I proceeded from the rear of the platoon to the front to check on my troops. We didn't know the status of everyone in the point element, so I crashed the party and joined then in the wood line. At this time there was myself and 3 others in the point element; Rupnick, Dave Lull and Be, a Tiger Scout. We could see a couple VC crawling away so we threw a few frags at them and stared moving towards them, Lull and Be to the right and Rupnick and me to the left. As Rup and I moved forward a VC popped up on our my left rear and let loose with a magazine of AK rounds. Thankfully he was scared and a terrible shot because he was only six feet away and only hit me and then only once. I was knocked to the ground by the force and landed in a nest of red ants. They were my primary concern! Hurt worst than the damn bullet. I was covered with them...even in my mouth and nose!!! Well to make a long story short, a few frags were thrown at the unfortunate VC who shot me and he joined his ancestors on an eternal journey. I was then picked up by the C&C Bird and flown to Binh Phouc and warmly greeted by my good friend Harold, who for some strange reason couldn't stop laughing. In fact I didn't see Harold for thirty years and when I finally did he was still laughing. Go figure. {A special note was sent to me to be added by Harold "Doc" Peterson, it reads as follows: What Bob doesn't say was that I and Earl Coursan (another medic) were laughing so hard that we dropped the stretcher Bob was on 3 times trying to load him into the F. L. A. (Front line ambulance). He finally took the litter, put it into the F. L. A. and climbed in. I was so blinded with tears from laughter that I hit the gatepost driving in the rear gate, we dropped him again while unloading him at the aidstation. I think we did more damage than that VC did. Bob has taken a lot of ribbing over that picture and handled it very well. That is good, because we intend to continue it at the next reunion. Doc Peterson}.

Davis Floyd Privette's Story

Davis Floyd Privette was inducted into the Army, Apr 5, 1944 and killed in Germany, Dec 11 1944. He was going through a field and over a stone wall when he was gunned down. He was a private with Co. B, 377th Infantry Regt. He was born Oct 26, 1910 in Franklin Co, N. C.

Olin Pryor's Story

Army, Olin was wounded in the leg while fighting as part of Company F, 24th Division, 2nd Batallion, 19th Regiment trying to hold a road and keep Japanese troops from advancing. His group was known as the "lost batallion" in newspaper accounts.

A. T. Pumphrey's Story

Army, Silver Star, Legion of Merit w/olc, DFC w/ 2olc, Air Medal w/57 olc and 1 "v" device ARCO, Purple Heart, WWII Vic., EAME Medal, AOM (Japan & Germany), UNSM, KSM, NDSM w/1 olc, AFRM, Master Army Aviator, ROK, PUC, VSM, VCM. Served in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. Elected to the Aviation Hall of Fame at Ft. Rucker Alabama. Retired as full Colonel with over thirty years of service in March 1973.

Lonnie Dee Pyland's Story

Army, Serving with 181st Field Artillary, Lonnie's duties were to guard an Ammo. Dump on Luzon, when the Ammo. Dump was bombed by Jap planes. The resulting explosions inflicted wounds that would prove fatal 4 days later on February 20, 1945. Lonnie was the middle of eleven children of Robert L. & Grace V. Pyland of Clarksville, Tennessee, both of whom also died within 3 years. At this writing (10-12-1999) 4 of his sisters and no brothers are still alive.

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