Date: January 30, 1998

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To: Dennis Smith 
Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 9:11 AM

Yes, you are right.  I was writing from memory and have not
>looked at my Hearst/Frazier/Gibson info for several years.
>It was George Hearst who married Hester Frazier in Franklin
>Co., MO. and was ancestor to William Randolph.
>I have info on the Missouri Hearsts which I can send you if you wish.
>Hester Frazier was much younger than George Hearst
>who is ususally called George Hearst Sr. in the Missouri records.  They had
>one child Evelina Hearst who married James R. Hance.  They had one child
>Jimmy Hance who ran
>an electrical supply shop in St. Louis int he 1920s.
>When George Hearst Sr. died Elias Gibson was one of the
>persons mentioned in his estate papers and many researchers
>have through that the Hearsts and Gibsons could have been
>related.  I have not seen any proof however that they were.
>Also Joseph Hearst married Ann Frazier, daughter of Alexander
>Frazier.  I have info on their descendants also.
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>From: Dennis Smith 
>Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 1:25 AM
>Yes, and Donald Frazier could have been related to mine.
Very possible, however, he was in Boonesborough and from the additional
>info you gave, it is clear that yours were in New Belfast.

On the same ship from Ireland with my Frazier was William Gibson and
>Hearst who also settled near Long Canes.

Now you really have my attention!  John Hearst was my 5th great
John Hearst m Elizabeth Knox
John Hearst Jr. m Martha Carson
Sarah Hearst m John Gallaugher
William D. Gallaugher m Mary A. (?)
Martha Caroline Gallaugher m Daniel Smith
John Lewis Smith m Martha "Sudie" Harbin
William Andrew Smith m Annie Irene Middleton
Harold Dennis Smith <-- Me

John Hearse (Hearst) and John Hearse, Jr. were both immigrants.  Both were
>granted lands near the Long Canes.  John got 400 acres and John, Jr. got
>acres.  Jr. would have been over 16 years to get a grant and Sr. had
>children so he got a larger tract.

 Two generations later members of all three families had gone
> to Missouri settling in Frankin and Washington Counties.

According to "Greenwood County Sketches" by Margaret Watson, Attic Press,
>Greenwood, SC, 1982.  John Hearst's will named 11 children.  Of these, it
>was son George's son William G. Hearst who moved first to TN and then to MO
>and was the grandfather of William Randolph Hearst.  William G. Hearst's
>brother, Joseph, married first Anna (or Annie) Frazier and second (?)

 John Hearst was ancestor to the William Randolph Hearst and
> his descendants.  John Hearst II, son of John, the immigrant,
> moved to Franklin County between 1810 and 1820.  His second wife was
> Frazier, daugher of Alexander Frazier,
> son or grandson of the Frazier immigrant.  The Fraziers were
> related to the Lewis family of Abbeville District.

John Hearst, Jr., Son of John Hearst, married first Martha Carson, 10
>children; married second Phoebe Stark, no children.  He died in 1806
>a will and the estate was administered in Abbeville District,

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