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Cedar Springs records from Abbeville part1 - Stephen M. Brown
Subject: Cedar Springs records from Abbeville part1
From: Stephen M. Brown
Date: April 21, 1998

I wanted to share these as they were published in SC Magazine Ancestral
Research, I have scanned them as a result there are some errors.

I will post all of these records over several messages just bear with me.


Morrow, Greenwood, S. C.)

The following record is a transcript made from the original session book of
Cedar Springs Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Abbeville District) by
Dr. Nora Davis in 1958. The location of the original is not presently known,
but the editor and the contributor would be most interested in locating it.
Information in brackets has boen added by the editor.


1 Cor. 14:40 Let ail things be done decently and in order.
Mai. 3:16 And a book of remembrance was written,
"The rod of God and the pall of mourning are hung up in the house of
affliction." The Call of C[edar] Springs and L[ong] Cane Congregations.
We the under subscribers elders heads of families and other members of the
united congregations of Long Cane and Cedar Springs being of a long time
destitute of the Gospel and Gospel ordinances in a stated way and manner
amongst us and being fully convinced bv our own experience of the Piety
Prudence Literature and other ministerial gifts and qualifications of you
Mr. Alex. Porter probationer under the inspection of the Associate Reformed
Presbytery of the Carolinas and Georgia and the suitableness of your gifts
bestowed on you by the great Lord and Head of the Church to our edification.
We do hereby call and entreat you Mr. Alex. Porter to come unto us and take
the charge and oversight of our souls and we do also engage and promise all
due submission in the Lord and also for your subsistance we promise the sum
of one Hundred pounds sterling annually and we do hereby entreat the Rev.
Associate Reformed Presbytery before whom we present this our call to grant
this our desire and to take the ordinary steps to expedite his trials in
order to our being soon comfortably supplied in testimony of which we
subscribe our names this 22 day of March 1797.

Cedar Springs March 22 1797
Pursuant to an appointment given me some time ago to moderate in a call at D.
Springs and L. Cane for any object they might in providence pitch upon this day
I have at their request met to preside in a moderation of a call for Mr. Alex.
Porter Prob and attest in concert with the other witnesses the unanimity of the
under subscribers for sd Mr. A. Porter to be their fix Pastor--and we refer
the Presbytery to the original subscription Paper.           Peter McMillan
V. D. M.

	The names prefixed to the call and moderation are as follows:

	1	William Hill	56	Nat. Weed Sr.	111	Hugh McCullough
	2	Adam Gill	57	Saml McClinton	112	Alex Patterson
	3	Simon Beard	58	George Con	113	Wm McBride
	4	Hugh Beard	59	John Hearst	114	John Robertson
	5	Robert Smith	60	Jno Devlin	115	John McBride
	6	Pat Quin	61	Thos Mealey	116	Thos McBride
	7	John Campbell	62	David Cochran	117	James McCormick



	8	Nat Weed	63	Archd Thompson	118	John Gilmer
	9	Ruben Weed	64	Jane Vickery	119	John Deal
	10	Wm Dale Jnr.	65	Bart Weems Sr.	120	Wm Etward
	11	James Nelson	66	Jas Foster Sr.	121     Saml Leard
	12	Wm McDonald Jr.	67	Mary Black	122     Abraham Little
	13	Peter Totten	68	Robt Crawford	123     Thos Hearst
	14	Wm Deal Sr.	69	Andw Paul	124	Timothy Russell
	15	Andw White Jr.	70	Jno Lesley	125	John Miller
	16	Matthew Shanks	71	Saml Young	126	John Gooey
	17	Adam Beard	72	Robt Margey	127	Jas Conn
	18	Samuel Patterson	73Wm Black	128	Agnes Irvine [Irwin]
	19	Jno Wilson	74	Andw Jones	129	Eliz Boggs
	20	Jn0 Beard	75	Jno Morrow Sr.	130	Elias Gibson
	21	Jno Kown	76	Jas Mcbride	131	John Pressly
	22	David Wiley	77	Jane Patten	132	John McGaw
	23	Thos Wiley	78	Jno White	133	James Bonnet
	24	Jno Leany	79	Wm Cochran	134	John Leard
	25	Robert Jones	80	George McBeath	135	John Thompson
	26	David Presley	81	Robt Mc}lien]	136	Andrew McCorzic
	27	Bart Weems Jr.	82	Saml Leard	137	Robt Taylor
	28	Wm Jones	83	Jas Foster	138	Michael MaGi/rains.
	29	James Hawthorne	84	Jno Waddle	139	Mary Glasgow
	30	Wm Pres!ey	85	Andrew English Jr.140	Andrew Ewart
	31	Saul Spence	86	Saint Foster Sr.141	John Campbell
	32	Thos Jordan	87	Jas Cochran	143	Saint heard [numbered thus]
	33	Agnus Massey	88	Archib Thompson Jr.  144	Pat Bradley
	34	Henerv Weems
	89	Sam] McClinton Sr.	                145	Jas McMillan
	35	Thomas Mcbride	90	Sam! }lc:Clinton Jr.146	George McFarlin
	36	George Hearst	91	Robt Bradford	147	Ann Lessly
	37	James mcBride	92	Mary Ann Hannawav148	Arthur Morrow Sr.						
	38	Hugh Mcbride	93	John McCullah	149	Arthur Morrow Jr.
	39	Thomas McMillan	94	John Patterson	150	Jas Morrow
	40	Gilbert Wilson	95	Pat Gibson Jr.	151	John Morrow Jr.
	41	Wm Stewert	96	Jas Shanks	152	John Black
	42	Jno Foster	97	Wm Buck	        153     Joseph Hearst
	43	Rosanah McKinney98	John Beaty Sr.	154	John Anderson
	44	Marget Riley	99	Francis Hunter	155	David Anderson
	45	Jane Hannah	100	Jas Gray Sr.	156	Alexr Gaston
	46	Edward Wailes	101	Margot Meaben	157	Martha Downey
	47	Mary Boggs	102	Jas Hawthorn	158	Eliz Chalmers
	48	Crisel Findley	103	Jas Gray ,Ir.	159	Andw Paul
	49	Jas Smith	104	Jas Patterson	160	Saml Foster Jr.
	50	Jno Kown	105	Charles Beaty	161	Saml McClinton
	51	Wm Fife 	106	Jno Beaty Jr	162	Jas McClinton
	52	Jas Young	107	Andw Cochran	163	Robt Gibson
	53	Jno Young	108	Thompson, James	164	John Gibson
	54	Jas Foster Jr.	109	John McClinton	165	Joseph Couey
	55	David Kenady	110	Archbd Morrison	166	Hugh McCormic


        167 Gennit Quin	        183	Collen Forbis	198	Wm Henderson
        168	Alexr Spence	184	Jas Forbis	199	Wm Robinson
	169	Arthur McCrery	185	Frederick Heart	200	Jane Patten
	170	Alexr Clark	186	Malcom Kays	201	John Kewn
	171	John Tygart	187	Robt Gorley	202	John Beard
	172	Robt Hearst	188	Wm Foster	203	John Wilson
	173	John Diffur	189	Enos Crawford Jr.204	Jas McBride
	174	John Duglas	190	Wm Norris	205	John Morrow
	175	Jas Foster Jr.	191	Wm Clarke	206	Thos Lindsey
	176	John Gaston	192	Wm White	207	Jas or Jos. Lindsey
	177	Wm Nelson	193	Wm White	208	Robt McDonald
	178	Jas Young	194	Rowland Kewn	209	John Pinkerton
	179	Robt Kewn	195	Anthony Tittle	210	Simon Beard
	180	Robt Foster	196	John McBride	211	Saml Stewert
	181	Jas Lesley	197	Wm McDonald	212	Jas Anderson
	182	Agness Rogers		                213	Saml Presley

Stephen M. Brown

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