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1870 Mortality Schedule Sumter Co - Marshall Britt
Subject: 1870 Mortality Schedule Sumter Co
From: Marshall Britt
Date: May 04, 2000

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870, Sumter Co

William Rogers, 60, m, m, Connecticut, 5/1870, merchant, paralysis
Nancy Burkett, 70, f, m, 41870, cancer on neck
M. S. Andrews, 54, f, m, NC, 1/1870, ovarian tumor
M. M. English, 17, f, 3/1870, congestion
Mary McCoy, 72, f, 2/1870, dropsy of chest
Sarah A. Knox, 38, f, m, 11/1869, dysentary
Abbey James, 60, f, 10/1869, dropsy
Daniel M. Young, 25, m, 8/189, farmer, liver complaint
Jane Kolb, 21, f, 7/10/1869, fever
Susan Brown, 25, f, 10/10/1869, farm laborer, dropsy
W/N. H. Brown, 72, m, 5/4/1870, dentist, pneumonia
M. E. Brown, 18, f, 5/1870, typhoid fever
Samuel Bradley, 65, m. m, 11/1869, farmer, liver disease
Jane Thompson, 62, f, 5/1870, paralysis
Susin L Chandler, 37, f, m, 11/1869, childbirth
Sarah Graham, 56, f, w, 1/1870, acute rheumatism
Mary E. Durant, 61, f, 2, 10/1869, consumption
Fanny Malone, 68, f, w, Ireland, 11/1869, dysentary
Mary A. O'Dowd, 35, f, Ireland, 6/28/1869, acute dysentary
Timothy Norton, 68, m. m, 6/1869, wheelwright, pneumonia
Catherine Reardon, 25, f, m, 7/1869, childbirth
Harriet M. Dennis, f, m, 10/1869, consumption
Judith G. Mason, 41, f. m. 4/1870, paralysis
Hannah P. Delomie, 25, f, m, 1/1870, childbirth
Mary A. Swinton, 28, f, w., 2/1870, paralysis
Garbart W. Wienges, 44, m, m, 5/1870, grocer, can't read
Nathaniel F. Spann, 40, m, m, 5/1870, farmer, meningitis

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