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1860 Clarendon Co Mortality Schedule - Marshall Britt
Subject: 1860 Clarendon Co Mortality Schedule
From: Marshall Britt
Date: May 04, 2000

I went to the Archives again today and copied some more Mortality
Schedules for Clarendon and Sumter Counties.
This is the one for Clarendon Co. I have already posted the one for
Sumter Dist
Persons Who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1860 in Clarendon in
the State of SC
Again I will only list the adults.
Name,  age, sex, married or widowed, place of birth, month died,
occupation, cause of

John Dorrity, 16, m, 3/1860, Cold
Wise Statio, 20, m, 5/1860, unknown
Lizie McLeod, 75, f 10/1859,  pneumonia
James Mack, 46, m, w, Ireland, 5/1860, school teacher, consumption
Harriett Wise, 21, f,m, 5/1860, apoplexy
Sarah Thames, 21, f 6/1859, Dropsy
R. W. Francis, 38, m, m, 4/1860, farmer, dropsy
Wheodore Weeks, 21, m, 12/1859, farm laborer, fitts
Isaac Tucker, 18, m, 7/1859, dropsy
Rebecca L Jones, 14, f, 8/1859, burn
Margaret C Walker, 15, f, 7/1859, consumption
Mary A. Clark, 60, f, w, 7/1859, farmer, conjestive fever
Mary M Lesesne, 60, f, w, 11/1859, inflammation
Mary E. Brunson, 21, f, m, 2/1860, apoplexy
Mary E. Olliver, 37, f, m, 12/1859, apoplexy
Joel Weaver, 65, m, m, 1/1860, farmer, palsy
Hannah White, 23, f, m, 11/1859, dropsy
J. Flerosswell (?), 289, m, m, 8/1859, M.D., unknown
Eliza Floyd, 44, f, m, 5/1860, cold
Elizabeth Thomas, 62, f, m, 11/1850, cancer
Margaret Knowlton, 62, f, m, 4/1860 consumption
Barwel Evans, 53, m, m, 3/1860, farmer, ulcer
William Coker, to, m. m. 5/1860, farmer, graveb(?)
Catharine Welsh, 52, f, m, 6/1859, unknown
E. B. Davis, 39, m, m. 1/1860, farmer, billious chollick
W. J/I Sheriff, 30, m, MD, consumption
D Mch DuBose, 29, m, m 3/1860, farmer, Meandirco (?)

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