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St. Ninian's Old Churchyard

Monumental Inscriptions

St Ninian`s Old Churchyard,Whithorn,Wigtownshire,Scotland

** As Numbered in Transcription **

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Agnew 73..Airdrie 236..Addison 207..Aitken 6b..Alexander 107:169..Alison 94:95.. Allan 39:78:110:265..Anderson 6A..Andrews 317..Auld 255..


Bair 209..Baillie 81:111:121:124..Ballantyne 322:5B..Balmer 149..Barker 262.. Beck 239..Bennet 259..Bell 28:230:87:187:297:309:312:342:371..Bie 340.. Blain 154:301:364..Black 90:125:126:127:128:202:307:315..Boyce 30..Boyle 382:7A.. Bradley 189..Broadfoot 3:10:17:22:48:51:53:61:62:66:67:68:69:123:160:214:250:262:264: Broadfoot 265:266:291:331:339:350:352:6B..Brodie 67:154:278:7A..Brown 70:101:152:191.. Bryce 319..Bryde 18..Buchanan 42..Burns..


Cain 185..Callie 107..Campbell 50:113:125:237:272:296:308:313:318..Camlin 241.. Cameron 319..Candlish 66..Cannon 273..Carle/Carrol 171..Carfan 107..Carlyle 66:68.. Carnochan 363..Carson 49:73:167:168..Cassidy 380..Carter 356..Christie 271.. Chalmers 252..Chesney..15:64:103:132:133..Chisolm 76..Clokie 75:82..Clelland 370..Conning 22:23:32:47:137:178:179:304:1B:2B..Cooh 6..Corrins 153..Coulter 186.. Craig 14:309:339..Cronie 343..Creighton 283..Crawford 214:347..Cumberland 377.. Cumming 115:179:214:215:227:340..Cunningham 54..Culton 294..Curran 287..Currie 20.. Clark 346..


Dalrymple 3A..Dalziel 232:302:353..Davidson 185..Davis 93..Dempster 5B.. Denniston 41:42:43..Devin 118..Dickie/Dickey 20:211:358..Dickson 7:8:19:62:90:173.. Dinnell 40:112:128:236:237:278:308..Dinsmore 48..Dinwoodie 21..Dolly 178..Dodds 185.. Donnan 8:33:34:35:36:37:62:64:113:305:345:348:362..Donaldson 115:285:7B..Dougan 166.. Douglas 12:62:93:98:144:238:239:240:304..Dowall 306..Drape 339..Drew 159..Drynan 82.. Drysdale 303..Duff 319:320..Dunbar 66:67..Dunlop/Dunlope 194:331.. Dunce/Dunse 70:81:155:198:215:255..


Edgar 145:173..Elliot 246..


Fairlies 248:251..Fargrieve 93..Fenwick 270..Ferguison 349..Findlay 64:247:343.. Finley 47:245..Fleming 55:6B..Fletcher 12..Foot 152..Fraser 2:74:245..Fullerton 120.. Fulton 157:272:357..


Galloway 108:274..Gardiner 193:237..Garrick 183..Garroch 358..Gardner 268:308:318:376. Gelston 327..Gerron 235:281..Gibb 54..Gibson 123:290:1B..Gilchrist 115:263.. Gilmour 89:251:287:323..Glencorse 277..Gordon 25:131:134:135:136:277:279:317:337.. Gourlay 21:22:23:50:142:199:367..Graham 46:269..Gretney 195..Grieg 246..Griffins 283..


Hadden 364..Halliday 235..Hanna 268..Hannah 2:4:9:10:14:16:19:100:145:180:349:354.. Hannay 16:65:99:116:131:141:182:195:213:231:291:338:361:362..Hamilton 1:20:252:381.. Hathorn 4:98:180:181:182:183:184:8B:10B..Hawthorn 137:279:380..Hawkins 58.. Harrison 329..Herd 205..Heron 91:276..Henderson 185:277:278:281:331..Hogg 133.. Hood 351..Horner 25:123..Hope 60..Howall 105..Houston 87:365..Hughan 327..Higgins 285. Hughes 284..Hunter 13:56:311:346..


Irvine 276:346


Jardine 21:189:238:344..Jess 349..Jenkins/Jinkins 282:283..Jibb 133..Jolly 284:330.. Jorie 77:78:84..Johnston 164:195:340:344:355..


Keachie 373..Kelly..220..Keith..309:375..Kassie 114..Kenyo 7B.. Kerr 132:151:212:335:336..Kevan 156..Kennedy 30:149..Kewley 352..Kingan 84.. Kinnear 144:169..Kinner 74:220:320:341:377..Kilshaw 106..Kilpatrick 8B..Kithcart 248.. Kellerson 102..Knox 293..Kirdale 287..Kyle 246..


Laing 209..Lang 179..Lawrie 10:11:137:139:178:203:2B..Laurie 175:261:262:288.. Laverie 254:306..Layburn 118..Leitch 164..Limond 2..Lindsay 150.. Livingston 125:162:164..Little 188:208:345..Lockhart 88:92:118:233:249:250:260:263.. Logan 242:243:337..Love 101..


Macadam 261..Macdonald 143..Manuel 165..Main 129:205..Mallon 45..Marquis 96.. Martin 1:20:25:62:65:164:186:199:211..Marshall 75..Mathews 12:180:233:299.. Maxwell 81:86:91:87..Melvin 143..Miller 81:141:204:211..Miln 81..Mills 286.. Milhench 12:176..Milduff 35..Milroy 55:200:326:334:335:336:337:338:1B..Milby 40.. Milwain 60:224:225..Minnoch 61:151:155:263:368:245..Moore 38..Monnies 143.. Montgomery 118..Morgan 264..Morrison 56:242:244:249..Muir 5:108:109:114:138:310:244.. Murphy 171..Murray 12:43:106:162:181:235:330:5A..

McAdam 13.. McBryde 63:206..McCaig 340.. McCall 366.. McCallie 381.. McCandlish 76:85:126:139:240..McCallister 5A.. McCarlie 293.. McCartney59.. McCaul 105:121:124.. McClachan 208.McClelland 31:52:55:73:252:271:279:294:379.. McClure 58:192:227:228:230:335:357:370.. McClurg 141:148..McClumpha63:117:198.. McClymont 24.. McCoid 64:72..McConnell 27:36:116:141:157:317:336..McCormick 316.. McCourt 275.. McCourtnay 26.. McCrackan 197.. McCrae 269..McCrie 233.. McCredie 1:2:17:18:36:58:148:149:152:156:170:210:238:289:357.. McCubbin 300.. McCulloch 80:98:104:163:175:183:189:191:198:209:257:288:289:328:369:6A.. McCutcheon 177:225:302:355:382..McDonald 150.. McDoull 259.. McDougall 150.. McDowall 82:87:91:152:162:163:164:170:281:314:315:321:332:7B.. McEwen 76:142:195:257:310:353..McFarlane 170..McGaa 16:160:301..McGill 314.. McGinn 30..McGibbney 375..McGowan 3:4.. McGuffie 10:48:54:76:80:220:222:355.. McGuffog 81:82.. McHaffie 125.. McInnes 153.. McIntyre 165.. McKeand 5:14:112:131:196.. McKean 29:348.. McKeachie 202.. McKechnie 106.. McKenna 176.. McKelvie 60:96:103:196:200:201:203:204:205:218:219:220:222.. McKerlie 99.. McKie 76:83:100:115:122:168:202:220:223:253:254:256:273:319:326:327:6A.. McKinnel 72:73:305.. McKenzie 280:378.. McLarran 258.. McLean 214:11B.. McLeod 162.. McMachan 275.. McMaster 235:127.. McMeckan 320:335:366.. McMickan 135:341:360.. McMeekan 41:42:44:258:340.. McMillan 27:35:55:177:184261:262:288:2B.. McMonnies 57:362:365:367.. McMurray 282.. McMurtrie 383.. McKnaught 303:320.. McNaught 83.. McNeil 68:88:139:148:159:241.. McNish 366.. McQueen 15:18:28:29:67:74:239:319:360.. McShane 299.. McTaggart 142:312:319.. McVea 16:91:191:192:193.. McWilliam 83:146:163:173:295:332:333..


Nairn 317..Neil 363:376..Nichol 46..Nicholson 45:230:8B..Nibloe/Niblock 190:372.. Nielson 234..Nish 24..Nisbet 317..


Paterson/Patterson 32:226:229:230:250:297..Parker 114:256:316..Patrick 374.. Pender 9B..Pettigrew 353..Pollock 111:233..Potts 25..Powell 329..


Raleigh 174..Ramsay 209..Ransley 267..Reid 247:282..Rennie 4:12:94:95:143:215.. Riggs 33..Robertson 223:308..Robison 187..Rodie 100:223..Robb 81:104:107:117:224:5A.. Rodger 97..Rowan 174..Rowatt 167:383..


Sandford 52..Seaton 1..Senda 147..Scamble 136:236..Scott 109:298:369:244.. Shennan 206:228..Shant 216..Shaw 172..Simpson 176:363..Sinclair 324..Skimming 215:216. Skilling 374..Sloane 2:49:63:201:210:223..Smith 60:73:113:117:268:322:371.. Snoddan 254:347..Southcoat 154..Spedding 57.. Stewart 7:8:10:37:51:53:60:77:84:86:95:116:143:144:150:158:159:167:184:
194:199:212:281:292: 318:358:365:368:376:2B:12B..Stevenson 15:71:140:122:167:168:221:222:327:254.


Taylor 186:227..Templeton 311..Thomson 14:146:250:255:350..Townsley 286..True 59.. Turner 38:241..


Vance 208..Vickar 108


Wales 270..Wallace 161:173:215:318..Walker 4:93:232..Watson 366..Waugh 333:339:364.. Webster 39:217:277..Weir 260:323:380..Welsh 311..Whannell 73:123:190:213:258.. White 147:298:256..Whiteford 359..Whitelaw 379..Whitten 263..Williams 79.. Wilson 39:112:269..Wood 243:244..


Young 217:253


This monument by order of the deceased Mrs JEAN MARTIN her mother erected to the memory of Mrs MARGt SEATON relict of Mr JAMES HAMILTON late merchant in Edinburgh and daughter to the relict and at Roland Seaton Minister of the Gospel late of Glasserton she died 29th October 1762 in the 59th year of her age . This is the burying place of Baillie ALEXANDER MCCRADY Burgess of Whithorn


Erected by William McCREDIE in memory of his father Peter McCREDIE lately tenant in BARMEAL who died 25th June 1836 age 62 years. Also his brother John McCREDIE who died July 1808 aged 13 months Also his Spouse Margaret HANNAH died 12th February 1844 aged 27 years Also his mother Margaret FRASER died 29th March 1845 aged 74 years Also William R McCREDIE his grandson and infant son of Capt. Patrick McCREDIE who died 2nd September 1867 aged 4 months Also Margaret SLOANE BROWN wife of Capt. Patrick McCREDIE died 23rd June 1876 age 35 years Also the said Wm McCREDIE went to CANADA with his family in the year 1872 and returned to visit his native country died at BROON PARK old place on the 15th May 1880 in the 75th year of his age and was interred here on the 19th May 1880. Also Patrick William McCREDIE died at BALSMITH 19th April 1881 aged 7 years son of the above Patrick McCredie Also Margaret LIMOND 1821 - 1908 Also Jane McCREDIE 1855 - 1926


In Bad Condition........ Erected by Alexander BROADFOOT Mariner Isle of Whithorn to the memory of ............McGOWAN died .... July 1839 aged 48 years. Margaret his daughter who died ..... November 1820 age ..... months James his son who was drowned off the coast of SYRIA 6th September 1841 aged 27yrs And of his son Elliot who died at sea 30th November 1847 aged 29 years Also the said Alexander BROADFOOT died 30th August 1858 aged 70 years


In memory of Andrew WALKER and his wife Agnes McGOWAN who died at High Skeog in advanced years also their sons Andy who d.6 Aug 1860 aged 60 and Henry who died at Higk Skeog 8 Feb 1973 aged 75yrs.Also Mary RENNIE wife of the above Henry WALKER d.22 Mar 1883 aged 70yrs.Also their daughter Margaret d.18 Mar 1844 age 18mths.Also their son Jeffry d.15 Aug 1849 aged 4mths and Hugh HATHORN d.16 Apr 1854 aged 4yrs.Also their daughter Janet Hannah d.1 Oct 1866 aged 19yrs.Also infant daughter of Andrew H WALKER farmer High Skeog Isabella d.1 Sep 1878 and Janet d.24 May 1885.


Erected by James MUIR shoemaker Whithorn in memory of his daughter Elizabeth MUIR d.16 Aug 1862baged 13yrs.Also his son James McKEAND MUIR d.28 May 1870 aged 23 yrs.Also his Grandson John MUIR d.14 Dec 1892 aged 10yrs.Also the erector James MUIR who died at Broompark Whithorn 18 Apr 1903 aged 85yrs.Also his wife Marion McKEAND died at Broompark 8 Mar 1903 aged 85yrs.


Erected by Henrietta COOK in memory of her .....Lent Elizabeth COOK who departed this life 19 Apr 1830 aged 19yrs. Nb. LENT ...The ENT is very plain looks like L,but can`t understand LENT???.


Sacred to the memory of John STEWART late tennant of Cutloy d.28 Jun 1822 aged 73yrs. And of Elizabeth DICKSON his wife d.22 Oct 1837 aged 68yrs.Mary their daughter d.20 Jul 1835 aged 36yrs.Margaret daughter of Alexander STEWART Claymoddie who d.12 Jan 1836 aged 1yr 11mth.Peter STEWART late tenant in Cutloy son of the above mentioned John STEWART & Elizabeth DICKSON d.12 Feb 1841 aged 50yrs.And Elizabeth STEWART their daughter who died at Balsmith d.16 Dec 1865 aged 72yrs.Isabella DICKSON wife of the above Alexander STEWART d.23 Mar 1871 aged 78 yrs.The Rev. Archibald STEWART D.D. Minister of Glasserton 1849-1880 youngest son of the aforesaid John STEWART & Elizabeth DICKSON died in Edinburgh 4 Jul 1888/90 aged 74yrs and is buried there.


In memory of Alexander STEWART who died Isle of Wkithorn 21 Jun 1879 aged 89yrs.and Isabella DICKSON his wife d.23 Mar 1971 aged 78yrs.Also Elizabeth DONNAN wife of Alexander STEWART their son who died at Prestrie 3 Dec 1884 aged 85yrs.Also Elizabeth daughter of Alexander STEWART Isle of Whithorn d.19 Mar 1887 aged 68yrs.Also their other daughters of the said Alexander STEWART who both died at Harrowgate Mary d.20 Aug 1893 aged 60yrs & Isabella d.6 Sep 1893 aged 71yrs.Also his son Alexander STEWART who died at Isle of Whithorn on 29 Nov 1905 aged 65yrs.


A small slab of Whinstone..1783 Alexr HANNA agd 55


Erected by the children in memory of Hugh HANNAH late farmer in Catyans their father d.27 Feb 1831 aged 73yrs.Agnes McGUFFIE their mother d.12 Jul 1831 aged 72yrs.STEWART their sister d.20 May 1832 aged 36yrs.Also Agnes their sister d.29 Jul 1848 aged 61yrs.Also Janet their sister d.28 Jul 1850 aged 62yrs.Also Helen their sister d.20 Feb 1853 aged 56yrs.Also Margaret their sister d.11 Oct 1859 aged 63yrs.Also of Robina their sister d.11 Nov 1869 aged 36yrs.And of Anthony their brother d.24 Dec 1882 aged 83yrs.And Grace BROADFOOT his wife d.28 Nov 1906 aged 82yrs.Also Margaret HANNAH daughter of the said Anthony HANNAH and wife of W C LAWRIE town clerk Whithorn born 23 Dec 1862 & d.23 Jul 1914.And the above W C LAWRIE b.15 Dec 1851 & d.18 Nov 1943 aged 92yrs Town clerk of WHITHORN 44yrs 6mths............ Nb. This would be the LAST burial in the OLD KIRKYARD.


A small flat piece of Iron............ In memory of A H LAWRIE b.18 Aug 1884 d.22 Mar 1885


Erected by John FLETCHER groom at Castlewigg to the memory of Mary MALLHENCH his wife departed this life 11 Mar 1859 aged 55yrs.Also John & James their sons who died young.Also William RENNIE nephew of the above d.7 Aug 1866 aged 18yrs.Also Grace MURRAY wife of the late Hans MATHEWS d.16 Apr 1882 aged 86yrs.Also Mary MATTEWS wife of John RENNIE d.25 Apr 1882 aged 61yrs.Also Isabella RENNIE wife of James DOUGLAS d.22 Mar 1924 aged 68yrs.*Castlewigg was an Estate*


Erected by William McADAM in memory of his son John d.9 Sep 1838 aged 14yrs.Also William his son d.18 Aug 1819 aged 13yrs.Also of Elizabeth his daughter d.1 Mar 1858 aged 4yrs.Also Agnes HUNTER his wife d.17 Nov 1887 aged 80yrs.Also his son John d19 Sep 1888 aged 42yrs.Also the said William McADAM d.11 Mar 1889 aged 82yrs.


Erected by James McKEAND in memory of his wife Elizabeth HANNAH d.16 Nov 1893 aged 75yrs.Also his mother Mary CRAIG d.18 Dec 1838 age 47yrs.Also his father Adam McKEAND d.3 Jul 1871 aged 74yrs.Also the above James McKEAND d.1 Jul 1896 age 70yrs.Also Sergeant Adam McKEAND grand-son of above killed at ZONNE-BEKE 26 Sep 1917 aged 37 yrs.Also his daughter in law Charlotte THOMSON wife of his son John d.17 Jan 1926 aged 76yrs.Also said John McKEAND who died at Whithorn 11 Mar 1927 aged 79yrs.


Erected by Mary CHESNEY in memory of her husband James McQUEEN d.16 Apr 1848 aged 37yrs.Also James McQUEEN her son d.14 Mar 1863 aged 20yrs.Also William Alexander McK STEVENSON her son who was drowned at sea 12 Jun 1871 aged 18yrs.Also John McQUEEN son of the above who died at Liverpool 12 Apr 1885 and was interred in St James cemetery..The Mount.


Erected by Anthony McVEA shipwright Isle of Whithorn in memory of his daughter Annabella d.12 Nov 1851 aged 26yrs.Also his wife Grace HANNAY d.15 Mar 1864 aged 72yrs.Also the said Anthony McVEA d.23 Feb 1870 aged 71yrs.Janet McVEA d12 Dec 1895 aged 67yrs.George HANNAH d.18 Mar 1896 aged 78yrs.Also John McVEA Innkeeper Isle of Whithorn son of the above Anthony McVEA d.13 Jan 1907 aged 75yrs.Also Mary Ann McGAA wife of the said John McVEA d.28 Mar 1915 aged 78yrs.


Erected by David McCREADIE. Thomas McCREADIE late farmer in RISPAIN who died 25 Dec 1811 aged 63yrs.Also the said Erector who died in Whithorn 15 Apr 1858 aged 42yrs.Also of Helen BROADFOOT his mother d.15 Jan 1860 aged 81yrs.


Erected by Thomas BRYDE to the memory of William McCREDIE his brother in law who died upon the 27 Jan 1815 aged 47yrs.And Elizabeth BRYDE his sister spouse of William McCREDIE d.13 Oct 1829 aged 63yrs.Also their children Margaret McCREDIE who died upon 19 Nov 1818 aged 19yrs.Grizell McCREDIE d.9 Mar 1825 aged 28yrs.Sarah McCREDIE d.10 Jun 1831 aged 27yrs.Janet McCREDIE d.10 Sep 1847 aged 55yrs.


Erected by Peter McQUEEN Bishopton in memory of his father James McQUEEN who died 30 Dec 1844 aged 86yrs.Also his mother Janet HANNAH d.11 Sep 1862 aged 85yrs.Also his wife Isabella DICKSON d.18 May 1875 aged 62yrs.Also Grace DICKSON McQUEEN his daughter d.29 Nov 1883 aged 27yrs.Also William McQUEEN his son d.30 Apr 1886 aged 37yrs.Also Peter McQUEEN the Erector d.4 May 1890 aged 85yrs.


Erected by Adam DICKEY Whithorn to the memory of George DICKEY his son d.10 Apr 1839 aged 1yr 10mths.Also his daughter Agnes d.14 Apr 1863 aged 29yrs.Also his wife Agnes HAMELTON d.17 Apr 1866 aged 53yrs.Also his daughter Margaret d.13 Jan 1900 aged 71yrs.Also Adam son of Joseph MARTIN d.11 Mar 1922 advanced in yrs.Also Elizabeth CURRIE wife of the above Adam MARTIN d.2 Sep 1923 advanced in yrs.


A Marble stone...In affectionate remembrance of the Rev. Mathew JARDINE Minister of Whithorn who was born 4 Apr 1828 Ordained 1 Dec 1864 died 21 Nov 1878.And of Mary DINWOODIE his daughter born 24 Nov 1873 died 12 Jan 1909.And of his Eldest son David JARDINE born 9 Mar 1871 died 15 Dec 1924.And of his Widow Mary GOURLAY or JARDINE born 6 Feb 1849 died at Breconside,Newton Stewart 11 Jun 1930.


In loving memory of Robert GOULAY farmer in ARBRACH born at BALNAB 1 Apr 1808 and died at Arbrack 18 Feb 1891.And of Grace BROADFOOT his wife who died at Arbrach 27 Jun 1895 in her 81st year.And of Robert CONNING GOURLAY their son born Arbrach 6 Jan 1851 died in Glasgow 9 Jan 1919.


Erected by Andrew GOURLAY tenant in Balnab in memory of Andrew his son who died on the 10 Feb 1825 aged 18yrs.Elizabeth his daughter d.17 Nov 1826 aged 14yrs.Here also interred the Above Andrew GOURLAY d.18 Nov 1839 aged 68yrs.Also of Mary CONNING his wife d.12 May 1856 aged 83yrs.


Lying against South Dyke....Here lies the corpse of Margaret McCLYMONT spouse of John NISH tennant in CUTREOCH departed this life 13 Mar 1795 aged 69yrs.Also here lies the corpse of the above mentioned John NISH who departed this life 5 Apr 1805 aged 76yrs.


Erected by William HORNER in memory of his father John HORNER d.6 Oct 1881 aged 49yrs.Also his brother John d. in infancy.Also his sister Margaret d.11 May 1881 age 7mth Also his brother Thomas died at Whithorn 6 Oct 1917 aged 53yrs.Also his mother Lettitia POTTS died at Whithorn 28 Aug 1928 aged 86yrs.Also William Gordon MARTIN HORNER d.27 Dec 1907 aged 1yr 9mths.


Erected by John McCOURTNAY in memory of his daughter Isabella died in infancy.Also his son Thomas McCOURTNAY who died in Bailliewhirr 28 Dec 1892 aged 7yrs 6mths.Also his daughter Letetia H McCOURTNAY who died at Ravenstong 27 Jun 1897 aged 3yrs 6mths.Also the Erector John McCOURTNAY who died at Auchness 9 Jun 1920 aged 62yrs.


In memory of Thos McMILLAN McCONNELL who died at Whithorn 15 Nov 1880 aged 3yrs Also Robert Anthony his brother who died at NEW YORK 10 Jun 1914.


Erected by Hugh McQUEEN mariner Isle of Whithorn in memory of his son James McQUEEN who departed this life the 8 Feb in the year of our Lord 1803 aged 7yrs.Also Margaret BELL his spouse who departed this life 28 Jan in the year of our Lord 1820 aged 64yrs.Also Alexander McQUEEN his grandson who departed this life the 20 Jan 1835 aged 73yrs.Also Alexander McQUEEN their son who departed this life 14 Jun 1838 aged 49yrs.Also Hugh McQUEEN grandson of the above d.10 May 1887 aged 62yrs.


Erected by William McKEAN mariner of Isle of Whithorn and Agnes McQUEEN his wife in memory of Jane McKEAN their daughter d.10 Jul 1841 aged 7yrs.Also the above mentioned William McKEAN who departed this life 21 Aug 1857 aged 67yrs.Also the above Agnes McQUEEN who died 4 Mar 1881 aged 90yrs.


Erected by William McGINN in memory of his mother Agnes KENNEDY d.1 Sep 1862 aged 52yrs.Also his daughter Mary d.15 Aug 1868 aged 3mths.Also his son William d.23 May 1872 aged 9mths.Also his sister Agne McGINN who died in America.Also his son John d.11 Jul 1881 aged 8yrs.Also William McGINN the erector d.23 Feb 1926 aged 85yrs Also his wife Margaret BOYCE d.19 Aug 1929 aged 86yrs.


In memory of John KILPATRICK late tenant in North Croft of CASTLEWIGG d. 15 Jul 1836 aged 91yrs.Also his wife Janet McCLELLAND d. 19 April 1841 aged 91yrs. Also their son John KILPATRICK d. 25 Jul 1854 aged 77yrs.Also their daughter Hannah KILPATRICK d. 2 May 1858 aged 72yrs. Also their son Hugh KILPATRICK died in Whithorn 17 Nov 1874 in the 85th year of his age.


Erected by Elizabeth PATERSON in memory of her father & mother & brother.William PATERSON her father whose remains lie in AYR churchyard d.19 Mar 1853 aged 72yrs.James PATERSON her brother whose remains lie in PLYMOUTH burying ground died 28 Oct 1860 aged 58yrs.And Agnes CONNING her mother whose remains lie here died the 10 Jan 1863 aged 85yrs.In memory also of the above Elizabeth PATERSON died at Whithorn on the 31 Oct 1880 aged 74yrs.


In memory of Margaret DONNAN late spouse to Alexr RIGGS sailor at the Isle of Whithorn d.29 Mar 1814 aged 49yrs.Also the said Alexander RIGGS d.1 Sep 1835 aged 69 yrs.


Erected by Jane DONNAN in memory of her husband John DONNAN tenant in CULSCADDEN d.8 Nov 1829 in 63rd year of life.John her son who died at PITSBURGH AMERICA d.28 Jun 1858 aged 28yrs.Scrolls & Carvings at top of Stone.


TABLE STONE...Erected by James & ALEXr DONNAN in memory of their parents ALEXr DONNAN and Elizabeth MILDUFF late in H or K-evango the latter died 18 Oct 1810 aged 74yrs the former d.13 Jun 1811 aged 76yrs.Also of the said James DONNAN late tenant in BOYACH d.20 Feb 1890 aged 83yrs.Also Jane McMILLAN wife of the said James DONNAN who d.3 Feb 1873 aged 83yrs.Also James McMILLAN DONNAN son of the above James DONNAN d.2 Feb 1890 aged 59yrs.Also Elizabeth DONNAN died at BOYACH 26 Feb 1901 aged 78yrs.Also Alexander DONNAN tennant in BOYACH son of the said James DONNAN who died inBoyach 25 Sep 1911 aged 91yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Alexander DONNAN farmer in High ERSOCK d.19 Nov 1838 aged 61yrs.Annie DONNAN his daughter who died at BALLAVODDAN,ANDREAS Isle of Man d.16 Aug 1863 aged 34yrs and interred there.Janet McCONNELL his wife who died at Whithorn 9 Jan 1864 aged 76yrs.Also Alexander DONNAN son of the above named Alexander DONNAN & Janet McCONNELL who died at High Ersock 7 Apr 1873 aged 51yrs.Also Helen McCREADIE wife of the above Alexander DONNAN who died ay High Ersock 3 Mar 1891 aged 64yrs.And Alexander William DONNAN his son who died at KOKSTAD South Africa d.23 May 1917 aged 52yrs.


By Alexr DONNAN in memory of his father John DONNAN late mason in Whithorn d.6 Nov 1796 aged 68yrs.Also here lies the copse of Agnes STEWART his mother d.5 Mar 1823 aged 91yrs.Also here lies the corpse of the above mentioned Alexander DONNAN late mason Whithorn who died 16 Dec 1817 aged 49yrs.


This erected by James TURNER in memory of his brother David TURNER who died 28 Aug 1856 aged 18yrs.Also his father James TURNER d.28 Jan 1864 aged 57yrs.Also his mother Margaret MOORE d.6 Apr 1891 aged 84yrs.


Erected by Alexander ALLAN in memory of his son Robert ALLAN d.8 Jan 1857 aged 6yrs &6mths.Also the above Alexander ALLAN d.9 June 1869 aged 67yrs.Also his son James ALLAN aged 37yrs who lost his life in a gallant attempt to save a young woman from burning in CHICAGO d.27 Nov 1876.Also Samuel C ALLAN his grandson d.27 June 1885 aged 7yrs.Also Isabella WEBSTER his grand-daughter d.17 Jun 1885 aged 26yrs.Also of Janet WILSON wife of the erector d.24 Nov 1892 aged 86yrs.Also Margaret ALLAN daughter of the above and widow of Alexander WEBSTER d.18 Nov 1923 aged 91yrs.


Erected by John MILBY in memory of his children.Isabella d.13 Sep 1850 aged 18yrs.Jane d.24 Feb 1854 aged 14yrs.Isabella Jane d.22 Aug 1854 in infancy.Also Isabell DINNEL his wife d.7 May 1874 aged 1yr & 8mth.Also the above John MILBY d.17 Oct 1878 aged 82yrs.also his grandaughter Bella DINNEL d.17 Oct 1882 aged 5yrs 10mth.Also his daughter Margaret d.24 Sep 1910 aged 77yrs.Also his daughter Christina d.21 Dec 1916 aged 66yrs.Also his daughter Janet d.14 Jun 1921 aged 88yrs.


Erected by Peter McMEEKAN Jeweller Whithorn in memory of his wife Maggie C AGNEW d.5 Oct 1874 aged 31yrs.Also his daughter Jane d.1 Oct 1872 aged 6mth.Also his daughter Elizabeth d.15 June 1880 aged 8yrs.Also his daughter Jessie DENNISTON wife of James Paterson STIRLING d.25 Dec 1909 aged 40yrs.Also of the said Peter McMEEKAN d.28 Oct 1922 aged 83yrs.Also his daughter Agnes d.14 May 1928 aged 57yrs.Also his daughter Margaret d28 Oct 1930 aged 65yrs.


Erected by Andrew McMEEKAN Capetown in loving memory of his mother Janet DENNISTON spouse of Andrew McMEEKAN d.20 Feb 1874 aged 68yrs.Also of his father Andrew McMEEKAN d.7 Oct 1904 aged 70yrs.Also his sister Agnes widow of the late Anthony LOGAN d.4 Jun 1909 aged 68yrs.Also Isabella BUCHANAN wife of the above Andrew McMEEKAN d.16 Apr 1966.


Erected by Andrew DENNISTON Whithorn in memory of his mother Agnes McCREDIE spouse of Robert DENNISTON d.18 Aug 1841 aged 56yrs.Also his Nephew Robert Denniston MURRAY infant son of James MURRAY Glasnick Penningham d.15 Jan 1851 aged 2yrs 4mths.Also Robert Denniston MURRAY nephew of the erector who died at Glasnick d.7 Feb 1872 aged 18yrs 11 mths..a student of Edinburgh University possessing considerable talent eminent piety and giving great promise.Also his sister Janet DENNISTON spouse of Andrew McMEEKAN Bladnoch d.20 Feb 1874 aged 68yrs.Also his Father Robert DENNISTON d.12 Dec 1871 aged 85yrs.Also his sister Jane DENNISTON who d.27 Nov 1883 aged 76yrs.Also John DENNISTON brother of the erector who died 24 Jan 1888 aged 76yrs.Also Andrew Denniston MURRAY who died at CAPETOWN South Africa d.28 Aug 1881 aged 25yrs.Also Nicholar DENNISTON wife of the above J MURRAY d.18 Dec 1888 aged 75yrs.Also Robert DENNISTON born 7 Aug 1816 and died TORONTO Canada d.7 Mar 1853 aged 37yrs.Also James MURRAY died at Bladnoch 29 Sep 1902 aged 82yrs.


Erected by Andrew McMEEKAN as a token of respect for the memory of his uncle Andrew DENNISTON Teacher of music who..though Blind from his boyhood and not withstanding unpropitious circumstances by his industry talent and indomitable force of character achieved an honourable independance and who long enjoyed an unique reputation throughout Galloway for his skill as a muscian his eloquence as a lecturer and his uncompromising advocacy of the abstinence movement Born at Whithorn 29 Sep 1822 and died there 17 Oct 1897 aged 75yrs...A granite Obelisk.


A Broken stump only..found 1A & 2A lying against the North Dyke are the parts 0f

45..1A & 2A are the two pieces..................Erected by Mary MALLON in memory of her son James MALLON d.3 Feb 1851 aged 10yrs.Also her son William MALLON d.20 Jun 1867 aged 22yrs.Also Michael MALLON her husband d.13 Apr 1879 aged 63yrs.Also her daughter Ellen MALLON d.31 Dec 1882 aged 44yrs.Also the above Mary MALLON who departed this life 27 Aug 1897 aged 79yrs and was interred at Immanuel Church New lane Oswald Twistle on the 31......... .Also her Son in law John NICHOLSON who died at Drummoral d.27 Feb 1903 aged 55yrs.Also Mary NICHOLSON wife of the above who died at Galston Ayrshire d27 May 1927 aged 77yrs.


Erected by John NICHOL in memory of his uncle Stuart NICHOL d.15 Jan 1851 aged 24yrs.Also his Grandfather Alexander NICHOL who was drowned at the Isle of Whithorn d.13 June 1869 aged 78yrs.Also his grandmother Agnes GRAHAM d.25 Nov 1871 aged 79yrs.


Erected by William FINLEY Isle of Whirhorn in memory of his children..Mary d.Jun 1855 aged 5yrs.James d.Aug 1851 aged 7yrs.James d.Feb 1852 aged 5wks.Also 2 who died in infancy.Also John FINDLAY his son who died at sea d.7 Jan 1871 aged 25yrs.Also the above William FINDLAY d.8 Sep 1878 aged 70yrs.Also his wife Christina CONNING who died 5 Feb 1880 aged 67yrs.


Erected by John BROADFOOT in memory of his father John BROADFOOT Banker Whithorn d.26 Oct 1831 aged 77yrs And who while he lived was greatly endeared to his family and highly esteemed in public for his upright character good abilities and abundant usefulness for a long period he presided over the civic affairs of this Burgh and to many other duties which he cheerfully discharged He added those of an Elder of the Church of Christ.William his brother who was lost at sea 1829 aged 21yrs.Also Agnes McGUFFIE his mother d.19 Apr 1859 aged 78yrs.Also his sister Mary Ann DINSMORE whi died at Glasgow d.3 May 1863 aged 35yrs.Also the erector John BROADFOOT d.15 Sep 1867 aged 58yrs.Also his sister Agnes BROADFOOT d.9 Feb 1881 aged 62yrs.Also his sister Jane BROADFOOT d.16 Feb 1888 aged 77yrs.


This stone is built in the west gable of the Old priory and is weather worn red sandstone.Sacred to the memory of Robert S CARSON b.30 Jun 1800 d.20 Feb 1856.Also of his children Anthony S CARSON b.27 May 1834 d.14 May 1836.Elizabeth Ann CARSON b.24 Sep 1832 d.15 Jan 1851.Alexander S CARSON b.10 Jan 1830 was drowned n Hobsons Lagoon Australia d.24 Jan 1851.Also of Jane SLOANE relict of Robert S CARSON b.26 Sep 1779 d.20 Oct 1865.Also their son John CARSON b.18 Apr 18** d.25 Oct 1878.Also their daughter Margaret CARSON b.5 Oct 1828 d.14 Apr 1898.


This stone against the SW corner of the Gable of the Priory....In memory of Thomas CAMPBELL late tenant in BAILLIEWHIRR d.16 Aug 1865 aged 58yrs.And also his wife Mary GOURLAY who died Whithorn d.31 Aug 1880 aged 70yrs.


Erected by William BROADFOOT to the memory of his spouse Mary Ann STEWART who d.16 Mar 1854 aged 42yrs.Also his son Hugh d.15 Mar 1844 aged 17mths.Also his daughter Agnes d.10 Oct 1846 aged 5yrs.Also his son Peter who died in infancy.Also of the said William BROADFOOT late commander of the steam vessel Countess of Galloway who died in Liverpool d.25 Sep 1864 aged 56yrs and is interred here.


Died at Whithorn 9 Feb 1807 Janet SANDFORD relict of the late James McCLELLAND mariner Port William.


The burying place of David BROADFOOT tenant in CUTLOY d.11 May 1730 aged 55yrs.Here lies the corpse of Grisel STEWART his spouse d.10 May 1759 aged 67yrs.And also lies here the corpse of Katherine & Mary BROADFOOT their children.This stone is erected to the memory of their children..................On West side of Stone....on the other side of this stone lies the corpse of George BROADFOOT tenant late in BARLAUCHIN who d.21 Nov 1790 aged 65yrs.


Erected by Wm GIBB Whithorn in memory of Wm CUNNINGHAM his father in law who d.23 Aug 1825 aged 70yrs.George GIBB his son who died in infancy.Grace McGUFFIE his mother in law d.1 Jan 1833 aged 78yrs.Jane GIBB his daughter d.12 May 1835 aged 12yrs.Margt GIBB his daughter d.30 May 1835 aged 9yrs.Grace GIBB his daughter d.13 June 1844 aged 12yrs.Also Helen CUNNINGHAM his wife d.7 Aug 1864 aged 67yrs.


Table Stone.... Sacred to the memory of John MILROY town clerk of Whithorn d. 19 Aug 1823 aged 73yrs.of William MILROY his father d. 30 Sep 1775 aged 73yrs.And of Mary McCLELLAND his mother d. 20 Jun 1801 aged 84yrs.and of William MILROY his son who died on the Island of DOMINICA 3 Jun 1804 aged 20yrs.Of William MILROY his brother who died 20 Jun 1818 aged 72yrs. Anfd of William MILROY FLEEMING his grandson d. 7 Mar 1820 aged 5yrs 6mths.And Janet McMILLAN his spouse d. 5 Jan 1832 aged 69yrs.


Erected by James HUNTER miller in PORTYERROCK in memory of his father Thomas HUNTER d.10 Dec 1868 aged 69yrs.Also his sister Jane HUNTER at Wigtown d.8 Feb 1857 aged 31yrs.Also his brother John HUNTER who was drowned at Port William d.1 Nov 1863 aged 35yrs.Also his brother Alexander HUNTER who died at CALCUTTA d.17 Mar 1865 aged 25yrs.Also his mother Elizabeth MORRISON died at Portyerrock d.2 Dec 1877 aged 75yrs.Also Annie daughter of above died at Portyerrock d.16 Jul 1896 aged 23yrs.Also his daughter Jeannie d.1 May 1898 aged 19yrs at Portyerrock.


An Iron tombstone lying against the south dyke..........In memory of Robert SPEDDING infant son of Thomas SPEDDING and Jane McMONNIES d.6 Feb 1869 aged10days.Also Walter S SPEDDING d.19 Jan 1872 aged 11days.Also the above named Thomas SPEDDING Master mariner who died at Isle of Whithorn d.2 Apr 1898 aged 84yrs.Also his daughter Elizabeth McMONNIES SPEDDING who died at Newcastle upon tyne d.8 Mar 1901 aged 45yrs.And the above Jane McMONNIES d.22 Aug 1908 aged 76yrs at Stranraer


Erected by Alex HAWKINS in memory of his father Daniel HAWKINS d.27 Nov 1851 aged 91yrs.Also his mother Helen McCREDIE d.1 Jan 1860 aged 88yrs.Also the above Alexander HAWKINS d.26 Oct 1889 aged 75yrs.Also Helen CRAIG wife of the above Alexander HAWKINS died at Glasserton d.27 Jan 1903 aged 78yrs.Glasserton village.


Erected by John TRUE in memory of his beloved wife Janet McCARTNEY d.23 Oct 1885 aged 60yrs.Also his daughter Sarah TRUE d.29 Jun 1857 aged 5yrs.Also of the above John TRUE who died at Garlieston d.20 Jun 1892 aged 71yrs.


Erected by James SMITH Station master Whithorn in affectionate remembrance of his beloved wife Catherine STEWART HOPE d.14 Nov 1879 aged 52yrs.A good and instructive mother her children shall arise and call her blessed.Also his daughter Bessie MELVILLE d.23 Dec 1879 aged 5yrs 9mths.Also his mother in law M A HOPE d.8 Aug 1878 aged 70yrs.Also his mother Elizabeth MILWAIN d.28 Dec 1895 aged 67yrs.A mother indeed.Also his daughter Maggie Waite SMITH d.4 Aug 1905 aged 27yrs.


Here lies the corpse of David BROADFOOT late tenant in CLAYMODDIE d.7 Oct 1764 aged 42yrs.This stone is erected by Jannet MINNOCH his spouse.


Table stone............In memory of Peter BROADFOOT farmer in WHITEHILLS d.8 Feb 1827 aged 77yrs.And of Margaret DOUGLAS his wife d.11 Oct 1799 aged 39yrs.Also of Charles BROADFOOT his father farmer in ROUCHAN d.27 Feb 1816 aged 97yrs.And Margaret DICKSON his mother d.31 Mar 1787 aged 66yrs.Also of his daughter Mary Martin BROADFOOT who died at CRUGGLETON d.19 Aug 1831 aged 59yrs.Also his son Andrew BROADFOOT farmer in Cruggleton d.25 Feb 1869 aged 72 yrs.Also his daughter Elizabeth BROADFOOT died at Cruggleton d.25 Nov 1870 aged 76yrs.


In memory of Mrs Margaret DONNAN who was 1st married to Mr John McBRYDE farmer in Little Tongue and afterwards to Alexr McCLUMPHA mason Whithorn.Thei sons Msrs Jas & John merchants in GEORGIA caused this stone to be erected in honour of her memory.Also Alexr DONNAN her brother d.28 Jan 1852 aged 77yrs.Also his wife Janet SLOAN d.27 Mar 1865 aged 77yrs.Also his son John who died Stranraer .Also his daughter Helen who died *** 1852 aged 6 of stone Undecipherable.


Erected by Jessie McCOID in memory of her husband John CHESNEY d.25 Jun 1859 aded 40yrs.Also of the said Jessie McCOID d.3 Jul 1867 aged 54yrs.Also his daughter Janet d.27 May 1876 aged 35yrs.Also Jessie Agnes daughter of John & Maggie FINDLAY grandaughter of the above who died at CHICAGO d.29 Oct 1882 aded 1yr 5mths.These saith he are mine in the day that I make up my Jewels.Also Margaret R CHESNEY wife of John S FINDLAY and daughter of the above erector who died at CHICAGO USA d.8 Dec 1910 aged 61yrs.


MEMENTO TO MORI..........This is the burying place of Baille George HANNAY Burgess of Whithorn & Grissel MARTIN spouses.Here lies William HANNAY their son d.14 Mar 1753 aged 3yrs.Here also lies Robert HANNAY their son d.9 Dec 1757 gaed 8mths.As also lies here the above mentioned Grissel MARTIN d.22 Sep 1786 aged 73yrs.


This stone was erected by George BROADFOOT merchant in Isle of Whithorn in memory of his wife Jean CARLYLE who departed this life d.10 Dec 1795 aged 46yrs.Also Helen BROADFOOT d.27 Aug 1811 aged 18yrs 11mths.Also Dunbar CANDLISH d.5 Jan 1826 aged 60yrs.Jane BROADFOOT her daughter d.2 Nov 1839 aged 45yrs.


Hugh McQUEEN junior mariner in the Isle of Whithorn in memory of his son Hugh McQUEEN who departed this life d.3 Dec 1821 aged 3yrs.Also his daughter Margaret McQUEEN d.13 Nov 1825 aged 2yrs 6mth.And of the said Hugh McQUEEN who died at sea on the Irish coast d.5 Feb 1840 aged 44yrs.Also of Dunbar BROADFOOT relict of the said Hugh McQUEEN d.1 Feb 1880 aged 43yrs.Also Francis McQUEEN son of the above who d.10 Aug 1902 aged 85yrs.Also Janet younger daughter of the above and wife of William BRODIE d.28 Dec 1917 aged 71yrs.


Granite Obelisk..... Erected by Francis CARLYLE BROADFOOT in memory of Jane McNEIL his wife d.9 Nov 1842 aged 26yrs.....On North side of Stone.... Sacred also to the memory of the said Francis Carlyle BROADFOOT d.18 Sep 1874 aged 77yrs.


Table Stone.....In memory of Anthony BROADFOOT late Baillie in Whithorn d.3 Feb 1804 aged 70yrs.Also daughter Elizabeth d.17Jun 1805 aged 19yrs.Also his daughter Jane d.28 Jul 1805 aged21yrs.Likewise his spouse Agnes DONNAN d15 Feb 1820 aged 74yrs.


Lettering on West side of stone....Covenanter....Memento Mori.....Here lies Janet BROWN spouse to Hew DUNCE Burgess of Whithorn.He endured persecution in the Reign of King Charles the Second but kept steady in the Faith and a good conscience.Here also lies Hew & ??? DUNCE their children.The dust of friends mingled here in final sincere thought with hand heart and mind Liberty Honour Freedom..............????????????...?=undecipherable.


By Alexander STEVENSON in memory of Elizabeth KILPATRICK his spouse d.20 Apr 1808 aged 26yrs.Margaret their daughter d.18 Nov 1808.George their sond.8 Mar 1813 aged ??yrs.


Erected by John McCOID in memory of his son Robert McCOID d.10 Apr 1828 aged 17yrs.Also Janet McKINNEL his wife d.27 Sep 1857 aged 51yrs.Also the Erector of this stone John McCOID d.11 Aug 1858 aged 75yrs.


John and Robert McKINNEL in memory of Robert McKINNEL their father d. 17 Aug 1819 aged 82yrs.Also Margaret WHANNEL their mother d. 20 Jul 1817 aged 73yrs.Also Margaret CARSON wife to Robert d. 25 Jun 1819 aged 58yrs.And of Robert son of the said Robert who d. 2 Mar 1852 aged 24yrs.Also Andrew son of Robert d. 19 Mar 1852 aged 14yrs.Also Margaret daughter of Robert d. 19 Jun 1852 aged 26yrs.Also of John son of Robert d. 23 May 1857 aged 34yrs.Also of the said Robert McKINNEL d. 8 May 1869 aged 83yrs. James McKINNEL third son of Robert McKINNEL who died Glasgow 24 Feb 1900 in his 72 year was interred here.Also Isabella AGNEW daughter of James McKINNEL d in infancy 8 Nov 1884.Mary McCLELLAND widow of the above James McKINNEL who died in Glasgow 4 Mar 1911 in her 71st year and interred here.George SMITH eldest son of James McKINNEL d. 10 May 1927 at Kensington in his 57th year and interred in BRIXTON cemetery, JOHANNESBURG.And Margaret CARSON daughter of James McKINNEL died at Glasgow 12 Mar 1942 interred at CATHCART cemetery.


Erected bt Stewart FRAZER in Portyerrock in memory of his spouse Barbara KINNER d.31 Jan 1825 aged 42 yrs.Also John FRAZER his son d.10 Dec 1834 aged 12yrs.Likewise the son Frederick d.27 Aug 1845 aged 7yrs.Also Alexander FRAZER his son died at Portyerrock d.20 May 1880 aged 67yrs.Also his daughter Grace FRAZER wife of Francis McQUEEN who died at Isle of Whithorn d.27 Aug 1907 aged 85yrs grandaughter of the above.


Erected by Robert CLOKIE in memory of his father Robert CLOKIE d.27 Nov 1865 aged 82yrs.Also his mother Janet MARSHALL d.6 Apr 1860 aged 82yrs.Also Elizabeth their daughter d.16 Oct 1881 aged 16yrs.Also their three children who died in infancy.


In memory of Anthony McGUFFOCK & Mary ROBB and their children 1711 - 1793. James McGUFFOCK & Margt MAXWELL MILN of Ersock and their children John & Jean. William McGUFFOG & Agnes McDUFF Ersock and Anthony McGUFFOG and his wifr Grizel BAILLIE.Thomas McGUFFIE Whithorn & Agnes DUNS Broadwigg and Elizabeth McGUFFIE their daughter with her husband John MILLER and their children Agnes & Mary.Christ`s death over peace insures through the grave where he was laid and calm descent to yours.


Erected by John CLOCKIE in memory of John CLOKIE his grandfather d.8 Aug 1820 aged 72yrs.Also at Janet GUFFOG his grandmother d.13 Jan 1827 aged 73yrs.Also Mary daughter of the erector d.8 Apr 1844 aged 3yrs 6mths.And of Jessie Ann his daughter d.13 Aug 1849 aged 10yrs.Also his son John who died at ANDERSONVILLE GA USA d.5 Sep 1864 aged 28yrs.Also of his only surviving daughter Elizabeth aged 27 wife of Jamed DRYAN Glasgow died at Whithorn d.13 Jul 1869 in the faith and hope of the Gospel.Of her infant daughter Elizabeth McDOWALL who died in Glasgow d.9 Dec 1866 aged 5mths.And of Hugh his son died at Whithorn d.13 Sep 1869 aged 8mths.Also of the Rev. Andrew CLOKIE son of the erector who died at CASTLEFORD d.31 Dec 1874 aged 68yrs and was interred in the Cemetery Castleford.John CLOKIE who died at Castleford d.15 Apr 1875 aged 72yrs and was interred in the cemetery Castleford.I am the resurrection and the life Johnx1 25.


Erected by Agnes McWILLIAM to the memory of her mother Margaret McKIE d.16 Jun 1810 aged 72yrs.Also her father James McWILLIAM d.26 Jun 1820 aged 89yrs.And Alexander McNAUGHT her husband d.9 Nov 1816 aged 58yrs.Also Alexander McWILLIAM her brother d.15 Dec 1851 aged 27yrs.


Slate tombstone broken only one part remaining...........corps and here interred all in this church yard viz..John McJORE & Janet KINGAN his spouse.Anthony STEWART & Jean KINGAN his spouse.This burying place is the erectors equal property.Also Elizabeth JORIE who died George Street Whithorn d.9 Jan 1904 aged 74yrs.


Erected by Mrs McCANDLISH in memory of John McCANDLISH provost of Whithorn her husband who d.5 Mar 1787 aged 74yrs.The said Mrs McCANDLISH d/28 Mar 1808 aged 83yrs.


Stone lying against the south poor condition...Erected by Barbara SHARI in Whithorn in memory of George McKERLIE her Uncle who died in 1841 aged 82yrs.


Lying against south dyke......Erected by Alexander BELL Schoolmaster Whithorn in memory of his son Andrew McDOWALL HOUSTON who died at Whithorn d.28 Sep 1875 aged 3yrs 10mths.But he shall not return to me.Also of his son Alexander Augustas and his daughter Amelia McDOWALL who died in infancy are interred in Coldingham Churchyard Berwickshire.Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Margaret HOUSTON who died 10 Sep 1908.Until the day break.


Sacred to the memory of Andrew McNEIL d.10 Feb 1863 aged 64yrs.Also his son Anthony d.26 Jul 1839 aged 22yrs.Also Jane LOCKHART wife of the above d.5 Sep 1885 aged 92yrs.Also Isabella McNEIL his daughter d.22 Dec 1887 aged 50yrs.


Erected by John GILMOUR in memory of his son Thomas d.10 Dec 1864 age 14yrs.Also his son William d.11 Jan 1853 aged 12yrs.Also his daughter Annie d.8 May 1873 aged 25yrs.Also the above John GILMOUR d.27 Dec 1883 aged 73yrs.Also his wife Agnes GILMOUR d.30 May 1885 aged 74yrs.Also Elizabeth GILMOUR his daughter d.22 Dec 1887 aged 50yrs.


Erected by William BLACK in memory of his son James BLACK d.9 Aug 1878 aged 7yrs.Also Elizabeth his daughter who died in infancy.Also his father in law William MAXWELL d.21 May 1853 aged 81yrs.Also Elizabeth DICKSON his mother in law d.25 Dec 1859 aged 69yrs.Also Elizabeth MAXWELL his wife d.2 Nov 1888 aged 60yrs.Also his daughter Mary BLACK d.3 Oct 1892 aged 25yrs.Also his grandaughter Elizabeth F BLACK d.25 Oct 1895 aged 10yrs.Also the said William BLACK d.23 Jan 1895 aged 68yrs.Also his grandchildren Samuel aged 2yrs & John aged 8yrs.


Erected by William MAXWELL in memory of his wife Mary McVEA d.9 Feb 1888 aged 48yrs.Also his mother Agnes McDOWALL d.30 Aug 1866 aged 45yrs.Also his two children who died in infancy.Also his father William MAXWELL who died at Stranraer d.2 Jan 1895 aged 73yrs.Also the above William MAXWELL d.14 Feb 1903 aged 60yrs.Also his son Peter LC 2nd KOSB Killed in action France d.2 Sep 1917 aged 27yrs.Also his wife Elizabeth HERON d.17 Nov 1938 aged 82yrs.


Erected by Catherine LOCKHART to the memory of her husband George LOCKHART d.3 Mar 1865 aged 61yrs.Also the above Catherine LOCKHART d.11 Apr 1890 aged 82yrs.


Erected by John FAIRGRIEVE gardener Castlewigg in memory of Elizabeth WALKER his wife who departed this life in the 57th year of her age d.17 Mar 1865.In the hope of the Blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ she was an affectionate wife and a good instructive mother.Also of James FAIRGRIEVE his son d.20 Apr 1868 aged 17yrs.Also William S FAIRGRIEVE his son d.23 Jul 1869 aged 28yrs.Also Henry S FAIRGRIEVE his son d.16 Nov 1872 aged 63yrs.Also George William FAIRGRIEVE his grandson born 28 Jun 1875 d.28 Sep 1880.Also the above John FAIRGRIEVE who died at Castlewigg d.5 Apr 1877 aged 63yrs.Also his daughter in law Sarah DAVIS d.13 Jul 1906 aged 62yrs.Also Jane DOUGLAS wife of the above who died at Wigtown d.17 Feb 1908 aged 31yrs.Also his son John FAIRGRIEVE d.2 Jul 1926 aged 80yrs.Andrew Henry Walker FAIRGRIEVE born 15 Sep 1881 d.31 Jan 1965.


In memory of John ALISON d.6 Jul 1881 aged 80yrs.And Agnes RENNIE his wife d.29 Feb 1868 aged 64yrs.Also their son William d.22 Oct 1875 aged 48yrs.Also two grandsons died in infancy.Also James & Frederick ALISON grandson of the above who were drowned d.17 Sep 1886 aged 13yrs & 10yrs.


Thy Will be done....In memory of Robert ALISON son os Robert ALISON d.7 Oct 1898 aged 35yrs.Also his son George d.26 Jul 1897 aged 31yrs.Also his son James d.25 May 1878 aged 6mths.Also Sarah ALISON wife of Peter RENNIE who died in London d.25 Oct 1909 aged 41yrs.Also Robert ALISON father of the above d.26 Sep 1924 aged 90yrs.Also his wife Ann STEWART d.10 Nov 1930 in her 94th year.Also their daughter Annie d.24 Feb 1945 aged 69yrs.


In the memory of Peter MARQUIS who died at Isle of Whithorn d.15 Jul 1821 aged 66yrs.Also Margaret McKELVIE his spouse d.23 Dec 1825 aged 70yrs.


Erected by David ROGER farmer in Drummoral in memory of his daughter Janet ROGER d.9 Jul 1866 aged 5yrs.Also his daughter Jessie Jane ROGER d.2 Apr 1870 aged 21mths.


Erected by James McCULLOCH in memory of his daughter Bessie b.24 Sep 1872 and d.7 Dec 1875.Also his son John HATHORN b.24 Aug 1874 & d.10 Dec 1875.Also his daughter Jane who died in infancy.Also his son James d.10 Jul 1880 aged 9mths.Also the Erector James McCULLOCH d.28 Mar 1893 aged 51yrs.Also Douglas HATHORN McCULLOCH son of the Erector d.16 Jan 1895 aged 17yrs.Also David son of the above d.27 Dec 1907 aged 36yrs.Also Jane HATHORN wife of the above d.14 Oct 1910 aged 65yrs.


Sacred to the memory of William HANNAY in Whithorn d.16 April 1806 aged 74yrs.Also Grace McKERLIE his spouse d.11 Jan 1825 aged 84yrs.Also their son William HANNAY late Baillie in Whithorn d.6 Jul 1842 aged 74yrs.Also their daughter Agnes HANNAY d.27 Aug 1848 aged 70yrs.


Erected by Alexander HANNAY Mercht Whithorn In memory of his two sons John & Alexander the former d.14 Apr 1825 aged 4yrs 6mths the latter d.13 Apr 1825 aged 8mths.Also the above mentioned Alexander HANNAY late farmer in Broadwigg d.2 Feb 1846 aged 61yrs.Also Margaret McKIE spouse of the said Alexander HANNAY d.8 Sep 1850 aged 56yrs.Also Margaret Rodie HANNAY his daughter d.26 Apr 1868 aged 42yrs.Also of Agnes his daughter d.8 May 1873 aged 44yrs.


Erected by William BROWN in memory of his father William BROWN d.23 Jul 1860 aged 68yrs.Also his mother Robina LOVE d.3 Jul 1864 aged 63yrs.Also his sister Agnes BROWN d.15 Feb 1848 aged 11yrs.Also his sister Janet BROWN d.9 Jul 1878 aged 50yrs.Also the erector William BROWN d.10 May 1916 aged 78yrs.


Erected in memory of George McCULLOCH who died at Clevehill Castlewigg d.5 Feb 1855 aged 62yrs.Also Janet KELLERSON his wife who died at Bladnoch d.22 Dec 1877 aged 72yrs.


Erected by John McKELVIE Whitehaven in memory of his mother Margaret CHESNEY d.3 Mar 1879 aged 68yrs.Also the above John McKELVIE late Solicitor Whitehaven who d.12 Apr 1881 aged 49yrs.


In affectionate remembrance of Janet McCULLOCH wife of John ROBB d.27 May 1891 aged 48yrs.Also her son William who died in infancy.Also Sarah ROBB daughter of the above d.15 May 1906 aged 30yrs.Also the above John ROBB d.17 Aug 1907 aged 76yrs.Also Alexander ROBB son of the above John ROBB who died at CHRICTON Mental Institution Dumfries d.28 Feb 1914 aged 37yrs.


Erected by Henry McCAUL in memory of his mother Isabella HOWALL d.5 Nov 1827 aged 65yrs.


Erected by Frederick KILSHAW ? in memory of his father in law John McMURRAY who d.13 Jan 1829 aged 5yrs.Also his sister in law Martha McMURRAY d.12 May 1818 aged 3yrs.Also his Brother in law George McMURRAY d.15 Feb 1837 aged 26yrs.Also his brother in law Archibald McKECHNIE d.28 Nov 1857 aged 38yrs.Also his nephew John McKECHNIE who was drowned at sea 11 Nov 1862 aged 18yrs.John McMURRAY d.13 Feb 1865 aged 38yrs.Frederick McKECHNIE d.10 Aug 1886 aged 55yrs.


Memento MORI...2 Skulls,Crossbones,hourglass,carved on rear of Stone.The burying place of Alexander ROB in Palmallet d.29 Apr 1725 aged 64yrs.Here lies Mary ALEXANDER his spouse d.6 Apr 1741 aged 60yrs.Here also lies Janet CARFAN spouse to William ROB their son d.19 Jan 1761 aged 45yrs.This is erected by said William ROB late Baillie of Whitehorn d.5 Oct 1790 aged 77yrs.Here lies the corpse of Janet CALLIE spouse to the above William ROB d.3 Dec 1804 aged 75yrs.


Erected by Andrew MUIR in memory of his father James MUIR d.26 Sep 1860 aged 78yrs.Also his Mother Sarah VICKAR d.9 Nov 1857 aged 75yrs.Also his brother William MUIR d.26 Mar 1837 aged 24yrs.And his brother James MUIR d.16 Jun 1812 aged 32yrs.Also the above Andrew MUIR who died at Glenvallagh,Sorbie d.20 Feb 1895 aged 79yrs.And of his wife Janet GALLOWAY or MUIR d.10 Mar 1904 in her 90th year.


A small narrow pedestal.type stone......Erected by Arch`d MUIR Whithorn in memory of his daughter Elizabeth d.10 Nov 1819 aged 7yrs 5mths.Also of his son Andrew d.26 Jul 1863 aged 23yrs.Passed away on the 23 Jan 1900 Agnes SCOTT wife of Archibald MUIR Whithorn aged 81yrs.Also the erector d.28 Mar 1901 advanced in years.


Erected by Alexander C. ALLAN clothier Whithorn im memory of his daughters Mary who died at Larkhall,Lanarkshire d.Oct 1870 aged 8yrs.Also Annie d.Nov 1870 aged 8mths.Also Milli d.8 Mar 1871 aged 13 yrs at Whithorn.


TABLE STONE.......This stone was erected by Anthony McLURG to the memory of John BAILLIE merchant in Whithorn hid father in law d.28 Nov 1758 aged 67yrs.And Janet POLLOCK his spouse d.19 Apr 1771 aged 86yrs.Here also lies John & Mary McLURG children of the above Anthony McLURG & Jean BAILLIE spouse.Also Robert and the 2nd Mary McLURG their children who died at Liverpool d.17 Apr 1783 aged 20yrs.The 2nd John son of above Anthony McLURG & Jean BAILLIE.And Anthony McLURG himself who died at the Isle of Whithorn d.18 Jul 1794 aged 69yrs.Here lies the corpse of Jean BAILLIE spouse to the above mentioned Anthony McLURG d.20 Jan 1806 in the 60th year of her age.


Erected by Samuel WILSON in memory of his daughter Jane WILSON d.23 Dec 1857 aged 6mths.Also his daughter Janet WILSON d.17 Feb 1863 aged 4yrs.Also the above Samuel WILSON d.6 Mar 1884 aged 64yrs.Also his wife Janet McKEAND d.23 Mar 1886 aged 66yrs.Also Joanna DINNEL wife of John WILSON son of above died at Glasserton d.11 May 1922 aged 73yrs.Also the above John WILSON died at Drumneil,Port William d.13 Sep 1924 aged 73yrs.


Erected by John CAMPBELL in memory of his wife Grace SMITH who died at Baldoon d.31 Oct 1875 aged 67yrs.Also the above John CAMPBELL d.5 May 1903 aged 86yrs.Also Margaret DONNAN wife of the above who died at Whithorn d.17 Mar 1927 aged 80yrs.


Erected by Robert PARKER in memory of his son William PARKER d.28 Feb 1855 aged 8mths.Also his wife Barbara MUIR d.11 Jun 1860 aged 48yrs.Also his daughter Sarah PARKER d.21 Dec 1860 aged 9yrs.Also the above Robert PARKER d.30 Jan 1889 aged 81yrs.Also Margaret KASSIE wife of the above Robert PARKER d.21 Feb 1904 aged 84yrs.


Erected by Isabella CUMMING in memory of her father Peter CUMMING who died at Whithorn aged 27 years. Also her Grand Aunt Isabella DONALDSON died 1837 age 85yrs Also her Mother Janet GILCHRIST died 16th December 1860 aged 75yrs Also her sister Grace McKIE who died in CURAR,FIFE 11th December 1863 Also the Erector Isabella DONALDSON CUMMING died 20th January 1891 aged 82 years.


Erected by John McCONNELL farmer in Chapelharan in memory of John his father d.6 Dec 1810 aged 56yrs.Jane his sister d.8 Nov 1812 aged 2yrs.Charles his brother who died on his return from Batavia in 1815 aged 16yrs.William his son d.5 Jul 1846 aged 3yrs.Also his mother Margaret STEWART d.28 Jul 1852 aged 86yrs.Also his son Stair STEWART McCONNELL d.30 Jan 1863 aged 23yrs.Also the above John McCONNELL d.4 Feb 1875 aged 85yrs.Also his wife Janet HANNAY d.12 Nov 1878 aged 79yrs.


A small obelisk........Erected by Agnes McCLUMPHA in memory of her mother Janet ROBB d.30 Oct 1879 aged 65yrs.Also her son Peter SMITH died at Port Sea Island,Portsmouth d.15 Jan 1896 aged 24yrs....Gone but not Forgotten.


Erected by Robert MONTGOMERY in memory of his mother Jacobina LOCKHART d.21 May 1868 aged 63yrs.Also his father Alexander LOCKHART d.19 May 1872 aged 66yrs.Also his Grandfather John LOCKHART d.18 Aug 1808 aged 48yrs.Also his Grandmother Jane LAYBURN d.16 Mar 1846 aged 87yrs.Also his daughter Jacobina MONTGOMERY d.23 Apr 1874 aged 3yrs 6mths.Also Elizabeth MONTGOMERY wife of James DEVIN d.29 Aug 1922 aged 82yrs.


A narrow slab of rough Whinstone aginst the south dyke ........1686 GR ID size.. 1.60ht x0.10 x 0.25 metres..Letters to North.


MEMENTO MORI ..... This stone is erected by Margaret FULLERTON to the memory of William McMILLAN late merchant in Whitehorn her husband d.12 Jul 1780 aged 54yrs.Here also lies the the above mentioned Margaret FULLERTON d.28 Jun 1823 aged 84yrs.


MEMENTO MORI .... This stone was erected by Mrs Elizabeth BAILLIE to the memory of Mr William McCAUL Burgess of Glasgow and late surgeon in Whitehorn her husband d.15 Apr 1780 aged 49yrs.Here lies the corpse of Agnes McCAUL their daughter d.20 Oct 1778 aged 6yrs.Also the above Mrs Elizabeth BAILLIE d.3 Jun 1795 aged 49yrs.Also Janet McCAUL third daughter of the above William McCAUL & Elizabeth BAILLIE who died at Kirkudbright d.28 Dec 1846.


Erected by John STEVENSON Isle of Whithorn to the memory of his spouse Agnes McKIE d.27 Nov 1807 aged 50yrs.Also 6 of their children.Also his son John STEVENSON who was lost at sea the 31 Jan 1855 aged 56yrs.And of the said John STEVENSON who d.22 Dec 1819 aged 92yrs.


Erected by Alexander GIBSON in memory of his wife Isabel BROADFOOT who died in Barwinnock d.22 Apr 1862 aged 62yrs.Also the erector Alexander GIBSON who died at Barwinnock d.29 Apr 1875 aged 87yrs.Also his Grandson Robert GIBSON d.1 Jun 1874 aged 3mths.Also his son Alexander GIBSON d.15 Aug 1880 aged 55yrs.Also his daughter in law Janet HORNER wife of Alexander GIBSON d.30 Jul 1883 aged 55yrs.Also his son David GIBSON died at Newton Stewart d.13 Jul 1888 aged 60yrs.Also his son George GIBSON who died at Bailliewhirr d.18 Oct 1900 aged 75yrs.Also Margaret WHANNEL wife of George GIBSON died at Broughton Sueg d.4 Apr 1914 aged 79yrs.


Mement Mori .... The burying place of Robert BAILLIE in Owton and Grissel McCAUL spouse.Here also lys Mary BAILIE their daughter d.17 Oct 1757 in the 3rd year of her age.Here also lys John BAILLIE their son d.23 Feb 1760 aged 3yrs.Here also lies the above mentioned Robert BAILLIE d.6 Sep 1783 aged 71yrs.


In memory of Janet CAMPBELL wife of James BLACK tenant in High Barness who died d.3 Jan 1856 aged 80yrs.Also Elizabeth C. LIVINGSTON wife of John BLACK their son who died at Newton Stewart d.3 Apr 1863 aged 43yrs.Also of the said James BLACK who died at Kirkinner d.2 Dec 1863 aged 82yrs.Also Margaret BLACK their daughter wife of Alexander MacHAFFIE Newton Stewart who died at Port William d.6 Apr 1901 aged 85yrs.


Erected by Helen McCANDLISH Isle of Whithorn in affectionate Remembrance of her son John BLACK d. 4 Jan 1844 aged 3yrs 9mths.Also Margaret BLACK her daughter died in Liverpool 9 Jul 1865 aged 19yrs and is interred in the Necropolis,Law Hill.Also James McCANDLISH BLACK her son d.11 Jun 1866 aged 9yrs.Also Peter BLACK her husband d.24 Sep 1875 aged 64yrs.Also Peter BLACK her son who was lost overboard from the Prince Patrick of Liverpool off the Cape of Good Hope d.22 Jul 1876 aged 22yrs.Helen McCANDLISH relict of Peter BALCK died Isle of Whithorn 5 Dec 1893 aged 76yrs.


OBELISK...........Erected by Captain John BLACK Isle of Whithorn in memory of his wife Mary McMASTER WALKER d.2 Mar 1877 aged 74yrs.Also his Grandfather James DINNEL d.16 Feb 1890 aged 79yrs.


Erected by James DINNEL in memory of his Grandfather Agnes BLACK d.2 Mar 1877 aged 74yrs.Also his Grandfather James DINNEL d.16 Feb 1890 aged 79yrs.


Marble CROSS,Small................Erected by G.A. MAIN Whithorn in memory of his Infant Daughter Grizelle B. MAIN b.12 May 1864 d.27 Jan 1865.He shall gather the Lambs with his arm and carry them to his Bosom.


Memento Mori,much worn and lots obliterated,sandstone...........On West side of stone....The burying place of William CUNNINGHAM in Wigg d.27 Jul 1785 aged 69yrs.Here lies the body of ....... his spouse..who d. age the above William d.1 Jun 1830 aged On East side of Stone..........the forementioned John CUNNINGHAM d.2 Mar 1831 aged 77yrs.


Erected to the memory of Marion GORDON spouse to John McKEAND d.28 May 1866 aged 64yrs.Also the above John McKEAND d.7 Jul 1876 aged 79yrs.Also William McKEAND father of the above John McKEAND d.1728.Also Grizel HANNAY his wife d.1824.Also Helen McKEAND their daughter d.1853.Also of Adair McKEAND Paymaster Sergeant of the Rifle Brigade son of the above William McKEAND named for the Rev Andrew ADAIR Parish minister at Whitherne died at Lancaster 1816 aged 46yrs.Also John son of the above John McKEAND who died at Bolton d.19 Apr 1904 aged 67yrs.Janet a daughter who died at Whithorn d.23 Feb 1909 aged 77trs.William McKEAND a son sometime a Provost at Whithorn d.1 Oct 1912 aged 82yrs.Also Mary daughter of the above d.13 Mar 1923 aged 75yrs.Also Samuel son of the above d.31 Dec 1923 aged 85yrs.


Erected by Charlotte KERR in memory of her husband John CHESNEY d.1 Jan 1829 aged 44yrs.Also two of their infant children.Also of James CHESNEY her son who died in Australia d.30 Dec 1858 aged 35yrs.Also of George CHESNEY her grandson d.26 Oct 1859 aged 8yrs.Also the sais Charlotte KERR d.1 Mar 1870 aged 79yrs.Also of Agnes CHESNEY her daughter d.27 Oct 1881 aged 61yrs.


In memory of Sarah CHESNEY wife of Joseph JIBB d.18 Nov 1867 aged 51yrs.Sarah C. HOGG d.25 April 1874 aged 5yrs.Also the above Joseph JIBB watchmaker,Born at Market Deeping..Lincolnshire b.15 Feb 1807 died at Whithorn d.7 Aug 1888.Also Mary CHESNEY JIBB daughter of the above d.13 Sep 1918 aged 72yrs.Also Joseph JIBB son of the above d.4 May 1918 aged 74yrs.Also John JIBB son of the above d.22 Aug 1927 aged 76yrs.Also Agnes Elizabeth daughter of the above d.4 Jan 1933 aged 84yrs.


Erected by William GORDON,Shipmaster,Isle of Whithorn in memory of his father George GORDON d.18 Nov 1835 aged 59 yrs.Also of his son William GORDON d.7 Oct 1849 age 3yrs.


A Red granite Tombstone............Erected by William & Gabriel GORDON in loving memory of their Father William GORDON ,Shipmaster,Isle of Whithorn who d.4 Sep 1889 aged 71yrs.Also of their brother William d. 4Sep 1849 aged 3yrs.Also of the above Gabriel C. A. GORDON Master of the S.S. Ferrara of Leith who was drowned off Gothland d.15 Oct 1897 aged 35yrs.Also there beloved mother Barbara McMICKAN d.21 Mar 1899 aged 81yrs.Also Barbara their sister d.4 Feb 1910 aged 60yrs.Also William their brother d.11 Jul 1918 aged 64yrs.Also Jane their sister d.30 Sep 1930 aged 78yrs.A Husband kind,a Father dear,Faithful friend lies buried here.


Erected by Alexander GORDON ,Isle of Whithorn in memory of his mother Sarah SCAMPBLE d.20 Jun 1876 aged 81yrs.Also his brother John GORDON who was lost at sea d.20 Oct 1881 aged 51yrs.Also his father Alexander GORDON d.12 Jun 1889 aged 88yrs.Also his sister Jane GORDON d.29 Jul 1905 aged 71yrs.Also the erector Alexander GORDON who died at Boyach,Isle of Whithorn d.22 Nov 1907 aged 68yrs.


In memory of Robert CONNING LAWRIE for 31 yrs Town Clerk of this Burgh d.15 May 1899 aged 60yrs.And Janet TURNER HAWTHORN his wife d.4 Jan 1935 aged 81yrs.


Erected by William MUER in memory of his brother John MUER died in infancy Mar 1831.Also his brother John MUER who was drowned at Portyerrock d.25 Aug 1845 aged 10yrs.Also his father Robert MUER d.25 Nov 1862 aged 83yrs.Also his mother Susan MUIR d.29 Nov 1865 aged 76yrs,Also the erector William MUIR died at Dandenong,Victoria, Australia d.28 Jan 1892 aged 71yrs.


Erected by James LAWRIE in memory of Janet McNEEL his spouse d.25 Jan 1809 aged 33yrs.Helen LAWRIE their daughter d.7 Nov 1812 aged 7yrs.Also Samuel LAWRIE their son who was drowned in the Clyde while bathing d.22 May 1818 aged 14yrs.Also Helen LAWRIE their daughter d.16 Oct 1816 aged 2yrs.Here also lies the remains of the said Samuel LAWRIE d.11 Jun 1811 aged 65yrs.Also Catherine McCANDLISH his spouse d.11 Nov 1851 aged 63yrs.


A flat rough-stone lying against the dyke..........William STEVENSON 1792


Erected by George HANNAY,farmer in Drumaston..In memory of his daughter GRACE who d.14 Jul 1847 aged 16yrs.Also his son-in-law Charles MILLER Stranraer,who d.5 Oct 1852 aged 33yrs.Also Robert B HANNAY his son d.15 May 1860 aged 22yrs.Also of Isabella MmillcConnell his wife d.5 Feb 1864 aged 68yrs.Also of Peter HANNAY his son d. 9 Mar 1864 aged 38yrs.Also of the said George HANNAY d. 11 Nov 1867 aged 76yrs.Also his grandaughter Isabella Ellen MILLER d. 18 Dec 1875 aged 24 yrs.Also Elizabeth HANNAY his daughter d. 3 Mar 1922 aged 87yrs.Also Margaret MILLAR his daughter widow of the said Charles MILLAR d. 17 May 1922 aged 96yrs.



(Stone built into the east gable of the Priory on the south side)

John McTAGGART formerley a magistrate of Whithorn d. 19 Dec 1807 aged 76yrs. Also Mary McEWEN his spouse d. Apr 1817...Likewise their daughter Jane McTAGGART d. 1806..and Grace L. Gourlay McTAGGART d. 1 Mar 1811 aged 76yrs.And her husband Peter GOURLAY d. 1827 aged 55yrs.Also their son Thomas McTAGGART who died in London..William McTAGGART who died in Madras..John McTAGGART and Peter McTAGGART who died in Jamaka..(Stone well worn with the weather..sandstone).



Erected by Ronald MACDONALD merchant inWhithorn in memory of his mother Catherine MONNIES d. 3 Jan 1834 aged 71yrs.Also his sister Margaret MACDONALD d. 2 Jun 1852 aged 46yrs.Also of the said Ronald MACDONALD d. 21 Jun 1860 aged 54yrs.Also of his niece Elizabeth Stewart MELVIN d. 5 Nov 1868 aged 22yrs.Blessed are the dead wh died in the Lord.

Re-erected by John MELVIN nephew to Ronald MACDONALD 1863.

Ronald MACDONALD 1868.



Erected by James DOUGLAS flesher in memory of his mother Margaret KINNEAR d. 17 Jul 1889 aged 63yrs.Also his brother Alexander DOUGLAS who died at Kirkudbright d. 28 Aug 1892 aged 35yrs.Also his two sons William & Andrew who died in infancy.Also his son David Stewart DOUGLAS d. 30 Mar 1922 aged 34yrs.Also his youngest son Alfred George DOUGLAS who died at Glasgow d. 17 May 1967 aged 69yrs.



By Thomas EDGAR in memory of his daughter Agnes d. 13 Aug 1841 aged 16yrs.Also Elizabeth HANNAH his wife d. 21 May 1847 aged 55yrs.Also his son Hugh EDGAR d. 24 May 1854 aged 16yrs....This lovely bud so young and fair called hence by early doom Just came to show how sweet of In paradise may bloom...And of the said Thomas EDGAR d. 4 Jan 1850 aged 68yrs.


Erected by Jane D THOMSON in memory of her husband Thomas THOMSON formerly of JAMAICA d.Aug 1849 aged 58yrs.Also Ann McWILLIAM her sister d.17 Oct 1877 aged 72yrs.


Erected by Mary SZERID(SENDA crossed out) in memory of John WHITE her husband d. 22 Mar 1806 aged 57yrs.Also H/Keathren WHITE their daughter who died in infancy.



Memento Mori...This is the burying place place of William McCREDY tenant in Kevans d. 7 Feb 1768 aged 49yrs.Also Jean McCLURG his spouse d. 24 Nov 1790 aged 74yrs.



Erected by William McCREDIE to the memory of his father Alexander McCREDIE d. 23 May 1806 aged 61yrs.And his mother Margaret KENNEDY who d. 24 Jul 1828 aged 82yrs.Also his children Samuel McCREDIE d. 24 Feb 1827 aged 3yrs.Wiliam McCREDIE d. 26 Dec 1827 aged 8mths.And Helen McNEIL his spouse d. 21 Aug 1815 aged 52yrs.Alexander McCREDIE his son who died at Challoch d. 8 May 1860 aged 12yrs.And of Helen McCreadie BALMER his grandaughter who died at Laigh Ersock d. 13 Dec 1860 aged 15yrs.

Also the Erector William McCREDIE who died at Laigh Ersock d. 12 Feb 1880 aged 89yrs.



Erected by Margaret STEWART in memory of her husband William McDONALD who died at Isle of Whithorn d. 27 Nov 1866 aged 80yrs.Also her grandson James Lindsay McDOUGALL d. 17 Aug 1866 aged 5mths.Also Mary McDONALD her daughter who died at Liverpool d.22 Apr and was interred here 24 Apr 1874 aged 38yrs.Also the Erector who died at Isle of Whithorn

d. 21 Mar 1893 aged 83yrs.Also in memory of William son of the above named

Margaret STEWART and William McDONALD d. 16 Oct 1918 aged 77yrs and was interred at Everton Cemetery..Liverpool.



Memento Mori...The Burying place of George MINNOCH tenant in Morroch and freeholder in Isle of Whitorn d. 23 Dec 1764 aged 62yrs.Also the corpse of Elizabeth McCREADY his spouse d. May 1773 aged 73yrs. & two Agnes`s their children.Also the corpse of James MINNOCH their son d. Apr 1785 aged yrs.

Here lies the corpse of William MINNOCH their son d. Nov 1788 aged 55yrs.Also the corpse of Agnes KERR his spouse d. 24 Jul 1788 aged 50yrs.



Erected by Samuel BROWN in memory of his four childrennwho died in infancy.Also of Samuel his son d. 28 Jan 1860 aged 21yrs.Also to the memory of his daughter Mary Anne the beloved wife of Mr Edward Henry FOOT who

d. 17 Jun 1859 aged 27yrs.Also James his son late Cr Sergt.H.M.24th Rs. after 18yrs service in the E.Indies d. 16 Apr 1863 aged 37yrs and is interred here.Also of the said Samuel BROWN d. 27 Oct 1871 aged 68yrs.Also of Nathan his son d. 13 Jul 1874 aged 46yrs.Also of William his son d. 31 Mar 1878 aged 33yrs.Also of Mary McDOWALL his wife who d. 29 Feb 1880 aged 79yrs.Also his son thomas who died at Bow..Glasserton d. 28 Apr 1911 aged 70yrs.



In memory of Mary McINNES wife of Francis CORRINS d. 25 Jan 1858 aged 63yrs.Also the above Francis CORRINS d. 17 Apr 1863 aged 72yrs.Also Margaret CORRINS daughter of the above who d. 1 Aug 1860 aged 34yrs.



In memory of James BLAIN son of John BLAIN .Margaret BRODIE d. 14 Sep 1872 aged 19yrs 7mths.Also the above John BLAIN d. 15 Jan 1889 aged 62yrs interred at West Derby.Also his son Robert BLAIN d. 31 Oct 1893 aged 38yrs interred at West DerbyAlso his grandaughter Margaret Brodie SOUTHCOAT d. 15 May 1895 aged 21yrs interred at West Derby.Also Margaret BRODIE wife of the above John BLAIN d. 14 Aug 1906 aged 84yrs interred at West Derby.



Margaret and Agnes DUNCES in memory of Alexr DUNCE his father d. 6 Mar 1803 aged 68yrs.Also Sarah MINNOCH there mother d. 9 Jun 1806 aged 63yrs.



Erected by Jean KEVAN in memory of her husband John McCREDIE d. 19 Mar 1823 aged 43yrs.



Erected by Douglas FULTON in memory of his daughter Mary d. 14 Sep 1874 aged 13yrs.Also the Erector Douglas FULTON who died at Solway View Isle of Whithorn d. 17 Feb 1919 aged 80yrs.Also his wife Margaret McCONNELL Solway View Isle of Whithorn d. 20 Oct 1927 aged 87yrs.



Erected by James STEWART mariner Isle of Whithorn in memory of his father William STEWART d. 22 Nov 1872 aged 75yrs.Also his mother Agnes McCLURE d. 17 Sep 1874 aged 79yrs.Also his sisters Ellen & Agnes who died in infancy.Also the erector James STEWART who died at sea in Mar 1875 aged 39yrs.



(Slab on a Caithness slab)

Andrew STEWART in Bailliewhirr to the memory of his fatther & mother.The former d. 28 Feb 1751 aged 87yrs..the latter d. 8 Nov 1757 aged 80yrs.Here also lies the above mentioned Andrew STEWART d. 9 Oct 1813 aged 69yrs.Also Jane STEWART his daughter d. Oct 1815 aged 17yrs.Alexander STEWART his son d. 10 Mar 1821 aged 28yrs.Also Janet DREW his spouse d. 21 Dec 1831 aged 81yrs.Also Mary STEWART his daughter d. 20 Jul 1872 aged 71yrs.Also Stewart McNEEL grandson of the above d. 28 sep 1900 aged 68yrs.



Erected by Grace BROADFOOT in memory of her husband william McGAA shipmaster Isle of Whithorn d. 22 Jul 1836 aged 41yrs.Also the above Grace BROADFOOT d. 7 Sep 1875 aged 76yrs.



Erected by Ann WALLACE Whithorn in memory of her husband John WALLACE Sergeant 2nd R.N.B.Dragoons d. 3 Aug 1846 aged 64yrs.And of the said Ann WALLACE d. 4 Jan 1856 aged 66yrs.



(near NW wall..of priory)

Erected by John McDOWALL in memory of his father Robert McDOWALL who died at the Isle of Whithorn d. 20 Sep 1862 aged 82yrs.Also his spouse Agnes McMURRAY d. 9 Jan 1865 aged 81yrs.Also Robert McDOWALL son of Archd McDOWALL & grandson of the erector d. 6 Feb 1880 aged 1yr 8mths.

also Helen LIVINGSTON wife of John McDOWALL the erector d. 4 Aug 1882 aged 74yrs.Also Helen LIVINGSTON daughter of Archd McDOWALL d. 15 Feb 1886 aged 3yrs 3mths.Also the erector John McDOWALL d. 29 Mar 1888 aged 77yrs.Also John McDOWALL son of Archd McDOWALL d. 2 Mar 1889 aged 14yrs 7mths.Also Archd LIVINGSTON son of Archd McDOWALL d. 27 Jul 1889 aged 11mths.Also Archd McDOWALL son of the erector who died at the Isle of Whithorn d. 29 Mar 1915 aged 79yrs.Also Margaret McLEOD wife of the above A.D.McDOWALL who died at Burnside..Isle of Whithorn d. 16 Aug 1906 aged 81yrs.



Erected by Jane McCULLOUGH in memory of her husband Andrew McDOWALL d. 26 Oct 1832 aged 30yrs.Also their son John McDOWALL d. 1 Nov 1841 aged 12yrs.Also the above Jane McCULLOUGH who died at the Isle of Whithorn d. 16 Jan 1882 aged 80yrs.Also Sarah McDOWALL wife of Captn Archd McWILLIAM who died at Isle of Whithorn d. 16 Aug 1906 aged 81yrs.



Erected by Archibald LIVINGSTON coast watcher at Isle of Whithorn in memory of Margaret LEITCH his wife d. Aug 1839 aged 55yrs.Also his son John d. 1 Feb 1839 aged 21yrs.Also his daughter Sarah d. 15 Feb 1839 aged 26yrs.Likewise Charles his youngest son d. 29 Jul 1846 aged 19yrs.At Isle of Whithorn Archibald LIVINGSTON d. 29 Dec 1857 in the 76yrs of his age.

Margaret Livingston McDOWALL grand-daughter of the above and wife of Thomas MARTIN merchant Whithorn d. 24 Jun 1869 aged 29yrs.

A.C.LIVINGSTON son of the erector died at Jacksonville Florida USA aged 68yrs.John McDOWALL & Helen LIVINGSTON are interred here.Also William JOHNSTON husband of Helen Ann McDOWALL who died at Isle of Whithorn d. 12 Jan 1905 aged 51yrs.Also Jessie JOHNSTON who died at Isle of Whithorn d. 9 Feb 1910 aged 23yrs.Also Robert JOHNSTON Cpl. K.O.S.B. son of the above William JOHNSTONE Killed in action on the Marne d. 23 Jul 1918.



Erected by Adam MANUEL in memory of his father Robert MANUEL d. 31 Aug 1871 aged 53yrs.Also his mother Marion McINTYRE whose remains lie in Ayr churchyard d. 21 Dec 1854 aged 34yrs.Also his brother Robert whose remains lie in Ayr churchyard d. 8 Nov 1851 aged 4mths.Also his sister Janet

d. 12 Aug 1865 aged 7mths.Also his sister Marion d. 4 Jun 1868 aged 18yrs.Also his brother William d. 4 Jun 1872 aged 10mths.Also his son Ernest Foulks

d. 28 Jan 1887 aged 4yrs.Also his daughter Margaret Marion d. 4 Mar 1887 aged 19mths.Also Janet LAW wife of the above Robert MANUEL who died at Whithorn d. 1 Jan 1907 aged 80yrs.Also Elizabeth MANUEL daughter of the above Janet LAW died at 17 George Stbd. 16 Nov 1921 aged 25yrs.



Erected by David DOUGAN in memory of his mother Janet DOUGAN d. 2 May 1858 aged 70yrs.



(Polished Granite stone)

Erected by Gavin B CARSON in loving memory of his wife Agnes STEWART who died at Stranraer d. 27 Nov 1896 aged 64yrs.Also of their children Agnes

d. 20 Nov 1875 aged 2yrs & Margaret d. 9 Feb 1883 aged 13yrs.Also of the above Gavin Rowatt CARSON who died at Stranraer d. 6 Mar 1899 aged 66yrs.

Also their son Peter Stewart CARSON who died at Waterside Newton Stewart

d. 3 Aug 1903 aged 42yrs.And William Gavin Rowatt died at Vancouver d. 29 Dec 1934 aged 67yrs.Jeannie Stephenson CARSON died in Glasgow d. 29 Mar 1948 aged 84yrs.



Erected by John CARSON & Grizel McKIE Isle of Whithorn to the memory of his parents and three of their children..Here also lies the corpse of the above named John CARSON d. 15 Dec 1811 aged 62yrs.The above Grizel McKIE d. 17 Apr 1849 aged 87yrs.James Reid CARSON their son d. 4 Jun 1863 aged 60yrs.John CARSON their son d. 18 May 1862 aged 68yrs.Peter CARSON their son d. 24 Jan 1854 62yrs.And Jean STEVENSON wife of the above Peter CARSON d. Aug 1872 aged 73yrs.Also their children James d. 1848 aged 17yrs.

Anne d. 1866 aged 32yrs.John died at Glasgow d. 1878 aged 49yrs.



Erected A.D. 1867....William KINNEAR shipmaster Isle of Whithorn in affectionate remembrance of his wife Margaret ALEXANDER who departed this life d. 5 May 1865 aged 67yrs.The above William KINNEAR d. 29 Sep 1876 aged 78yrs.



Erected by John McFARLANE in memory of his father Alexr McFARLANE who d. 18 Nov 1858 aged 57yrs.Also his mother Janet McCREDIE d. 1 Apr 1885 aged 82yrs.Also his sister Mary d. 11 Oct 1837 aged 3yrs.Also his sister Anna wife of John McDOWALL who died in Glasgow d. 23 May 1891 aged 58yrs interred in Craigton Cemetery.Also the above John McFARLANE d. 20 Oct 1927 aged 93yrs...sadly missed.



Erected by Peter CARLE in memory of mother-in-law Mary MURPHY d. 14 Mar 1838 aged 66yrs.Also his son Peter CARLE d. 8 Jan 1848 aged 3yrs.Also Peter CARROL grandson of the above who was drowned at Bombay d. 11 Jul 1872 aged 18yrs.



(a broken pedestal type a lectern in stone)

A woman of upright demeanour Born in Edinbburgh 8 Jul 1801 d. 22 Jul 1871.His father Andrew SHAW d. 2 Nov 1889 aged ? And the said James SHAW d. 6 Oct 1880 aged 63yrs.



Erected by Elizabeth DICKSON in memory of Archibald McWILLIAM her husband d. 12 Nov 1832 aged 77yrs.The said Elizabeth DICKSON d. 27 Aug 1839 aged 80yrs.In memory of James EDGAR d. 20 Mar 1845 aged 61yrs.Also Agnes HAINING his spouse d. 28 Jan 1872 aged 79yrs.Also infant son of Jessie WALLACE d. May 1856 aged 4mths.Also Isabella WALLACE his daughter

d. 29 jan 1879 aged 26yrs.



In loving memory of jane RALEIGH wife of John ROWAN baker who died at Whithorn d. 17 Feb 1863 aged 33yrs.And the said John ROWAN who died at Edinburgh d. 19 Jun 1888 aged 67yrs.Both are interred here.



Erected by Peter G LAURIE,Manchester,In memory of his mother Margeret McCULLOCH who departed this life 13 Mar 1879 aged 78yrs.



Erected by William SIMPSON in memory of his Father in Law William McKENNA who d. 2 Dec 1838 aged 72yrs.Also of his Mother in law Susan MILHENCH d.24 Mar 1858 aged 88yrs.Also of the said Willaim SIMPSON,late provost of Whithorn who died in Port William d. 24 Dec 1865 aged 56yrs.Also his daughter Jane SIMPSON hwo d. at Boston,USA d.18 Sep 1876 aged 33yrs.Also his Son John SIMPSON,chief Engineer SS ERIN,which went missing at sea in january 1890 aged 43yrs.



Erected by Mary McCUTCHEON in memory of her husband John McMILLAN

d. 20 Jul 1863 aged 54yrs.Also her daughter Agnes McMILLAN d. 20 Jul 1854 aged 13yrs.Also her son Alexander McMILLAN d. 25 dec 1855 aged 13yrs.Also her son John McMILLAN d.4 Apr 1867 aged 27yrs.Also her son Peter McMILLAN d.25 Jul 1867 aged 22yrs.Also her son James McMILLAN d. 16 Oct 1876 aged 40yrs.Also the above Mary McCUTCHEON d. 3 Jan 1878 aged 74yrs.Also Jessie McMILLAN her sister in law d. 7 Mar 1878 aged 73yrs.Also her daughter Jessie McMILLAN d. 4 Jun 1884 aged 49yrs.Also Jane McMILLAN who died on Jul 1886.Also her daughter Maria McMILLAN d. 24 Jun 1905 aged 62yrs.


To the memory of Jane DOLLY d. 8 Mar 1836 aged 58yrs.And Robert CONNING her husband d. 24 Dec 1838 aged 68yrs.And James LAWRIE son of the erector d. 8 Apr 1841 aged 8mths.Alexander LAWRIE his son d.. 24 Nov 1845 aged 13mths.Also Margaret CONNING his wife d. 26 May 1873 aged 47yrs.Also Peter LAWRIE his youngest son who died at Ayr d. 23 Nov 1889 aged 35yrs.Also Peter LAWRIE the erector d. 9 May 1907 in his 95th year.

Erected by Peter LAWRIE their son in law.


Sacred to the memories of John CONNING & Isabella CUMMING his wife who with SIX of there infant children are buried here,The parents died respectively on the 21st October 1834 aged 83 yrs and on the 27th January 1828 aged 65yrs Also their eldest son William who perished at sea 1820 in the 38th year of his age Also the Rev Robert CONNING their son late Schoolmaster in Whithorn died 29th February 1852 aged 66yrs MULTIS ILLE FLEBILIS OCCIDIT Also Janet their daughter wife of James McCREDIE died 26th February 1853 aged <B>yrs Also Helen their daughter widow of the Rev James LANG D.D.Minister of Glasserton Died 27th May 1867 aged 73yrs LIBERI SUPERSTITES HOC REVERENTIA ET LUCTU CARIS ET BONIS PARENTIBUS POS MDCCCXL / Note:left blank..must have forgot to put age in


Erected by John HATHORN in memory of his son George d. 20 Jun 1853 aged 11yrs.Also of George his son d. 7 Feb 1855 aged 6mths.Also his wife Elizabeth HANNAH d. 24 Feb 1881 aged 68yrs.Also his son John who died at Langside

d. 23 Apr 1885 aged 37yrs.Also his son George who died at Hobart d. 15 Aug 1889 aged 32yrs.Also of his daughter Grace d. 14 Aug 1892 aged 48yrs.Also of the above John HATHORN d. 27 Jun 1893 aged 81yrs.Also of his son William Hannah HATHORN d. 1 Feb 1910 aged 69yrs.Also his daughter Jane d. 14 Oct 1910 aged 65yrs.Also his son Douglas d. 13 Nov 1923 aged 71yrs.Also his daughter Elizabeth d. 16 Nov 1931 aged 73yrs.Also his daughter Margaret d. 22 February 1949 aged 98yrs...Interred here.


Erected by Jannet MURRAY in memory of her husband Charles HATHORN d. 4 May 1819 aged 32yrs.Also their daughter Margaret d. Nov 1818 aged 5mths.Also of the said Janet MURRAY d. 13 May 1861 aged 74yrs.Also Jane daughter of the above d. 28 May 1878 aged 65yrs.


..Writing on the West side,to the back of the stone...183...

Erected by John HATHORN and Spouse in memory of their children Jane and William who died young.Also Robert who d. 12 Aug 1834 aged 25yrs.Also the said John HATHORN d. 27 Jan 1845 aged 64yrs.Also of Douglas their son d. 17 Apr 1852 aged 34yrs.Also of his spouse Grace HANNAY d. 18 Mar 1865 aged 88yrs.Also of Agnes their daughter d. 2 Jun 1880 aged 61yrs.Also of Jane their daughter d. 11 Jan 1887 aged 71yrs.Also Grace HATHORN the last of the family died at Whithorn d. 26 Mar 1898 aged 84yrs.


also of Agnes McCULLOCH wife of the above william HAWTHORN d. 28 May 1906 aged 83yrs.Also their son Joseph HATHORN who died at Ladysmith,Vancouver d. 3 Oct 1907 aged 45yrs and was interred in Great Falls Cemetery,Montanna,USA.Also Agnes J GARRICK widow of the above Joseph HATHORN who died at Great Falls Montanna,USA. d. 28 Aug 1910 aged 45yrs and was interred there.This stone was erected in memory of William HATHORN his wife and their family.


Erected by T S McMILLAN and N STEWART in memory of Baillie Robert HATHORN late in Whithorn.the former d. 16 Apr 1815 aged 61yrs,the latter d. 4 Nov 1829 aged 81yrs.And of their son Robert HATHORN late in Back Braes who died d. 16 May 1834 aged 43yrs.


Erected by John CAIN in memory of his mother Janet HENDERSON d. 14 Nov 1871 aged 47yrs.Also his brother Robert CAIN d.11 Dec 1860 aged 8yrs.Also his son Robert CAIN d.7 Jun 1874 aged 3mths.Also his daughter Bessie CAIN d.11 Oct 1894 aged 12yrs.Also his father Henry CAIN d.4 Mar 1901 age 76yrs.Also his wife Grace DAVIDSON d.5 Jul 1909 aged 61yrs.Also his son Alexander and dearly beloved husband of Sarah S B DODDS killed in Action in France d.11 Apr 1918 aged 36yrs and is interred at Mytschaete.Sadly missed but fondly remembered.He died that we may live.Also John CAIN the erector who died at Isle of Whithorn d.15 Apr 1922 aged 62yrs.


Erected by Joseph MARTIN in memory of his wife Rachel MATHEWS d.1 Dec 1859 aged 28yrs.Also his son James Mathews MARTIN d. 29 Jun 1862 aged 2yrs.Also his mother Agnes COULTER d.29 Jun 1862 aged 74yrs.Also his second wife Lilias TAYLOR who died at Barrhill,Ayrshire d.20 Sep 1904 aged 76yrs.Also his son William of Adelong,N.S.W. died at Wallasey,Cheshire d.27 May 1928 and is interred there.


Memento Mori... This stone is erected by Thomas BELL d.29 Jan 1795 aged 79yrs.Here lies the corpse of Jean ROBISON,spouse d.20 Nov 1787 aged 68yrs.

Also lies here the corpse of Elizabeth BELL there daughter d.16 Mar 1821 aged 74yrs.


Erected by John LITTLE in memory of his daughter Isabella d.11 Oct 1876 aged 16mths.His son John d.24 Apr 1877 aged 4yrs.Also the above John LITTLE d.4 Dec 1893 aged 49yrs.Also buried here Charlotte wife of the above John LITTLE

died at Liverpool d.14 Jan 1907 aged 62yrs.


Obelisk...East side...

To the memory of George McCULLOCH d.15 Nov 1844 aged 58yrs.Also his wife Helen JARDINE d.7 Mar 1832 aged 43yrs.Also his son George McCULLOCH d.10 Oct 1825 aged 11mths.Also his daughter Ann SHAW d.2 Nov 1852 aged 26yrs.Also his son Archibald McCULLOCH d.25 May 1853 aged 22yrs.Also his son John McCULLOCH d.10 Sep 1857 aged 36yrs.Also Helen BRADLEY d.9 Dec 1861 and was interred at Doncaster cemetery 12 Dec 1861 aged 38yrs.Janet McCULLOCH d.12 Nov 1866 aged 48yrs.Also Georgina McCULLOCH d.4 Feb 1898 aged 69yrs.


North Side...

Also David McCULLOCH died at Whithorn d.12 Aug 1880 aged 69yrs.Also Ann McCULLOCH wife of the above died at Whithorn d.15 Nov 1886 aged 77yrs.


West Side...

Ann daughter of David McCULLOCH d.17 Sep 1847 aged 19mths.


South side...

In affectionate remembrance of Ann McCULLOCH wife of Edward McCULLOCH d.2 Jul 1878 aged 74yrs.Also Edward McCULLOCH d.8 Jun 1879 aged 60yrs.Also Margaret Jardine McCULLOCH,widow of John McKIE who died at Eskbank d.30 Oct 1888 aged 71yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Alexander NIBLOE,Isle of Whithorn d.10 Feb 1862 aged 82yrs.Also his wife Agnes WHANNEL d.16 Sep 1872 aged 85yrs.Also their son Nathan who was lost at sea Jan 1855.Also their daughter Agnes d.8 Jun 1836 aged 7yrs.Also their daughter Charlotte who died at Manchester d.28 Nov 1865 aged 40yrs.Also their daughter Margaret who died in America d.12 Nov 1869 aged 57yrs.Also their son Alexander who died in America d.26 Jan 1879 aged 69yrs.Elizabeth NIBLOE the Erector of this stone d.21 Oct 1881 aged 60yrs.


Erected by John BROWN in memory of his wife Margaret McVEA d.11 Dec 1864 aged 25yrs.Also of his daughter Helen Jane M.C. BROWN d.16 Jan 1866 aged 2yrs 5mths.Also the above John BROWN who died at Longhill d.14 Dec 1874 aged 37yrs.Also his wife Elizabeth McCULLOCH who died at Longhill

d.22 Feb 1875 aged 43yrs.


Erected by James McVEA in memory of his children Annabela McVEA d.23 Sep 1856 aged 25yrs.Also his son James McVEA d.27 Mar 1859 aged 24yrs.also Hellen McVEA his daughter d.21 Apr 1859 aged 22yrs.Also of Jane McCLURE his wife d.16 Sep 1860 aged 55yrs.Also of John McVEA his son who was lost at sea d.6 May 1862 aged18yrs.Also of Margaret McVEA his daughter d.11 Dec 1864 aged 25yrs.Also of the said James McVEA d.21 Oct 1868 aged 73yrs.Also his son Anyhony McVEA d.19 Oct 1871 aged 22yrs.


Erected by George GARDNER to the memory of his father George GARDNER

d.24 Aug 1844 aged 40yrs.Also his mother Catherine McVEA d.10 Jul 1840 aged 53yrs.Also the above George GARDNER who died in America d.4 Jan 1858 aged 25yrs.Also his son James GARDINER who died at Liverpool d.6 Nov 1865 aged 37yrs.


Table Stone...Freestone

This is the burying place of Alexander STEWART ..Laigh Arrow d.31 Jul 1801 aged 81yrs.And of Isabella STEWART his spouse d.27 Mar 1810 aged 89yrs.Here lies the corpse of Helen STEWART daughter to Alexander STEWART in Cairndoon and Elisabeth DUNLOP his spouse d.10 Jul 1792 aged 13yrs.Here lys the corpse of the above named Alexander STEWART late in Cairndoon d.29 Aprile 1803 aged 62yrs.Here also lies the remains of John and Hugh STEWART sons to John STEWART in Cutloy.the former d.6 Mar 1796,the latter d.4 May 1797.Also of another son Hugh STEWART who died at Isle of Whithorn d.7 Aug 1893 aged 89yrs.Another son John STEWART died at Lugesco,Pennsylvania,USA..d.19 Dec 1894 aged 92yrs and is buried here.


Memento Mori...

This is the burying place of Robert JOHNSTON,Officer of the Excise of Whithorn and Margaret McKEWN spouse.Here lies the corpse of James JOHNSTON their son d.20 Nov 1763 aged 2yrs 3mths.Here lies the corpse of Agnes McKEWN spouse to Alexander HANNAY,weaver,Burgess of Whitehorn

d.5 Dec 1788 aged 49yrs.Lamented wife,her husband must forsake,death did mother from her children take.Also Isabella HANNAY wife of Andrew GRETNEY d.23 Mar 1814 aged 79yrs.

On Wet side of Stone...

Sacred to the memory of Andrew GRETNEY who died at Wigtown d.1 May 1888 aged 65yrs.


Erected by William McKELVIE,joiner Whithorn..In memory of his beloved wife Margaret McKEAND d.28 Dec 1890 aged 29yrs.Also their son Lance Corporal John McKELVIE 48th Canadian Highlanders,Killed in Action at Passchendale Ridge d.9 Nov 1917 and was buried at Nile House..Belgium aged 32yrs.And the above William McKELVIE d.8 apr 1946 aged 89yrs.


Erected by John and Alexander McCRACKAN in memory of their father James McCRACKAN d.7 Dec 1843 aged 42yrs.Also their mother Agnes DUNSE d.16 Jun 1863 aged 54yrs.


Erected by Elizabeth McCULLOCH in memory of her husband Peter McCLUMPHA d.12 May 1859 aged 47yrs.Also her son John d.9 Feb 1869 aged 22yrs.Also the above Elizabeth McCULLOCH d.14 Jul 1901 aged 74yrs.



East Side...

Sacred to the memory of Hugh MARTIN late tenant Cutroach d.16 Sep 1859 aged 44yrs.Also of his wife Janet GOURLAY d.20 Aug 1876 aged 55yrs.

North side...

Also John GOURLAY their son who died at Cutroach d.10 Feb 1921 aged 72yrs.

Also his wife Jessie STEWART who died at Isle of Whithorn d.19 Nov 1940 aged 81yrs.


Granite Obelisk...

To the memory of John MILROY d.19 Dec 1882 aged 64yrs.And his wife Grace McKELVIE d.28 Sep 1889 aged 74yrs.Also John MILROY 4th son of the above d.9 Apr 1920 aged 60yrs.


Memento Mori...

This is the Burying place of Jo McKELVIE Baillie of Whithorn where lys inter Janet SLOUAN his spouse who dyed d.20 Oct 1726 aged 28yrs.Also Isabel and Margaret McKELVIES their children.


Lettering on the West Back of Stone...201..

This stone is erected by Patrick McKIE Burgess in Whithorn to the memory of his parents John McKIE and Isabel McKEACHIE.Also to the memory of Margaret BLACK his former spouse d.3 Apr 1771 aged 49yrs.And Wiliam McKIE their son.Heb.iv.9..There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Also the above Patrick McKIE d.26 Jun 1808 aged 81yrs.


Memento Mori...Rude carvings of Angel,skull & crossbones and hourglass on West side of stone...

Here lys the corps of Florance McKELVIE spouse to William LAWRIE maso in Whithorn d.19 Jul 1762 aged 26yrs.Here also lys the corpse of Mary LAWRIE their daughter d.25 May 1762 aged 24hrs.Margaret McKELVIE d.4 Sep 1798 aged 69yrs.


Memento Mori...

Here lyse the corpse of Florans MILLOR spouse to John McKELVIE Baillie in Whithorn who departed this life d.26 Dec 1757 aged 57yrs.As also their children..

While breathing here she led a virteous life,by rich and poor esteemed a loving wife,Discreet and kind was ever to the poor,and sent no person hungrie from her door.Here also lys the above John McKELVIE,late Baillie of Whitehorn d.25 Feb 1769 aged 76yrs.


Erecred by William McKELVIE draper,Whihorn in memory of his children...

Agnes McKELVIE d.1 Jul 1846 aged 19yrs.William McKELVIE d.26 Mar 1854 aged 20yrs.Also of his grandchildren William MILROY d.17 Feb 1855 aged 2yrs 9mth.John MILROY d.26 Feb 1855 aged 19mths.Also of Ellen HERD his mother d.16 May 1802 aged 23yrs.Also of John McKELVIE his father d.7 Feb 1858 aged 88yrs.Also the above William McKELVIE d.26 Mar 1878 aged 76yrs.Also Isabella MAIN wife of said William McKELVIE d.18 May 1878 aged 78yrs.Also Mary youngest daughter of the said Wiliam McKELVIE d.27 Feb 1895 aged 54yrs.Also his eldest son John McKELVIE Retired Inspector of Taxes,Inland Revenue..Edinburgh..Born 24 Dec 1830...d.16 May 1906.Also Helen 3rd daughter of the above William McKELVIE who died at Isle of Whithorn d.8 May 1925 an the 97th year of her age.


In loving memory of John A McBRYDE d.13 May 1921 aged 67yrs.Also Ellen SHENNAN wife of the above d.13 Jun 1922 aged 64yrs.Also the children of the above John G McBRYDE died in infancy,Alexander McBRYDE d.3 Nov 1897 aged 12yrs.Margaret McBRYDE d.4 Mar 1915 aged 13yrs.William McBRYDE died at Newcastle on tyne d.9 Nov 1925 aged 28yrs.


Quite a lot of carving on this Stone...

In memory of Stephen ADDISON late of this place d.10 Mar 1797 aged 29yrs..His name alone shall be his Epitaph.


Erected by David VANCE in memory of his Mother in law Martha McCLACHLAN d.4 Aug 1857 aged 48yrs.Also Robert VANCE his son d.28 Jul 1860 aged 8mths.Also his Father in law Robert LITTLE d.4 Jun 1863 aged 64yrs.

Also his daughter Annie VANCE d.4 Feb 1872 aged 5yrs.also his son John d.24 Nov 1876 aged 3yrs.In affectionate Remembrance of the above David VANCE

d.7 May 1887 aged honest man and a Father good,was loved by all the neighberhood.Also his daughter Agnes VANCE who died at Canada d.15 Nov 1887 aged 19yrs.Also Matilda LITTLE wife of the above David VANCE d.27 Jan 1922 aged 85yrs.


Table Stone...sandstone...

Erected by John Ramsay McCULLOCH of Auchengool to the memory of his father William McCULLOCH,his grandfather Edward McCULLOCH and his grandmother Nicolas BAIR who are interred in this place.Also of his mother Sarah LAING only childof the Rev Dr LAING,minister ofGlasserton who died at Edinburgh d. Aug 1810 aged 74yrs.The said John Ramsey McCULLOCH Comptroller of H.M. Stationery office and member of the Institute of finance died at London d.11 Nov 1864 aged 75yrs and was interred in Brompton Cemetery.


Erected by John SLOAN Tides man in PortWilliam Agnes McCREDIE his wife in memory of their children...Jannet d.1790 aged 9yrs and of James d.1800 aged 2yrs and John d.1808 aged 12yrs.Here also lys the body of Jannet SLOAN their daughter who departed this life d.3 Feb 1821 aged 27yrs.Also the above Agnes McCREDIE wife of John SLOAN d.18 Sep 1827 aged 66yrs.


Erected by Adam DICKEY in memory of his son John d.29 Nov 1859 in infancy

And of his beloved wife Agnes MILLAR d.30 Nov 1859 aged 25yrs.Also of Agnes M DICKEY his daughter d.11 May 1869 aged 1yr 6mths.Also his son John DICKEY d.4 Jun 1902 aged 38yrs.Also his second wife Margaret MARTIN

d.16 Jan 1913 aged 78yrs.


Erected by Alexander KERR shipmaster in memory of his Relatives..

Robert KERR his brother d.4 Mar 1806 aged 37yrs.Also Alexander KERR his father d.23 Jan 1814 aged 84yrs.Also Elizabeth STEWART his mother d.4 Nov 1816 aged 76yrs.


Erected by George HANNAY in Whithorn in memory of Grace WHANNEL his wife d.4 Apr 1817 aged 64yrs.Also the said George HANNAY d.23 May 1857 aged 74yrs.Also Helen HANNAY his daughter d.18 May 1871 aged 45yrs.Also Margaret HANNAY his daughter d.14 Aug 1887 aged 75yrs.


Erected by Peter CRAWFORD in REVENSTON in memory of his mother Jane BROADFOOT died June 1803 aged 34yrs Also Janet his sister died June 1804 aged 9yrs Also of Mary CUMMING McLEAN his wife died 10th February 1868 aged 74yrs.


Erected by John & Alexander SKIMMING in memory of his father James SKIMMING Burgess in WHITHORN died 7th January 1815 age 58 years Also their mother Margaret DUNSE died 20th February 1810 aged 53 years Also Jane RENNIE relict of the above Alexander CUMMING died 27th April 1890 aged 80 years Also Alexander CUMMING died 16th July 1902 aged 64 years Also Elizabeth WALLACE wife of Alexander CUMMING died 8th February 1904 aged 69


Erected by William SKIMMING in CUTLOY to the memory of his parent Alexander SKIMMING late in CUTLOY died 24th September 1776 in the 77th year of his age Also Jean SHANT died 15th October 1779 in the 81st year of her age Here lies the body of the above mentioned William SKIMMING Burgess of WIGTOWN who died 30th August 1792 aged 55 years.


Erected by James YOUNG common park in memory of his daughter Isabella who died at Cutloy d.5 May 1882 aged 24yrs.Also his beloved wife Grace WEBSTER who died in the Royal Infirmary Glasgow d.22 Jul 1891 aged 49yrs.also the above James YOUNG who died at 58 Edmund St Glasgow

d18 Mar 1895 aged 57yrs interred at Sighthill Cemetery.Also his youngest son James who died at Shettleston d.1 Jan 1917 aged 54yrs.Also John eldest son of the above who died at Auchinleck.


Erected in memory of John McKELVIE late merchant in Whithorn d.26 Feb 1810 aged 33yrs.



In memory of Alexander McKELVIE Writer in Wigtown d.22 Feb 1833 aged 30yrs..Endowed with talents of ahigh order,he rose at an early age to distinguished eminence in his profession,Cheerfulness of disposition,gentleness,manner and active benevolence of heart combined with soundness of judgement and unbending integrity of character procured for him public confidence and personal esteem,hence the grief occasioned by his death has been extensive and enduring.


Here lies John McKELVIE son to John McKELVIE shoemaker d.2 May 1817 aged 20yrs.Also Peter,Agnes,Peter and David their children.Also of Elizabeth McKIE wife of John McKELVIE senior d.1 Jan 1817 aged 75yrs.Also the said John McKELVIE senior d.1849 aged 85yrs.This is the burying place of Andrew McKELVIE d.10 Nov 1798 aged 63yrs.Also of William McKELVIE shoemaker of Whithorn son of the said John McKELVIE senior d.2 Oct 1867 aged 67yrs.Also of Charlotte KELLY wife of the said William McKELVIE shoemaker who died in Whithorn d.8 Dec 1873 aged 73yrs.Also of John McKELVIE joiner Whithorn son of the said William McKELVIE d.5 Feb 1892 aged 62yrs.Also of Helen McGUFFIE wife of the said John McKELVIE d.28 Jun 1899 aged 70yrs.

Also in memory of John McKELVIE their second son d.8 May 1918 at Grahamstown South Africa and was buried there aged 58yrs.Also their youngest son Peter McKELVIE who died at Edinburgh d.9 Nov 1918 aged 49yrs and is buried here.Also Mary McKELVIE d.11 Jun 1934 aged 79yrs.


Erected to the memory of Alexander STEVENSON Whithorn d.3 Aug 1859 aged 85yrs.Also spouse Elizabeth KINNER d.5 Oct 1860 aged 84yrs.Also his daughter

Jane STEVENSON d.10 Oct 1891 aged 75yrs.Also his daughter Margaret STEVENSON d.10 Jul 1894 aged 77yrs.also his daughter Robina STEVENSON

d.21 May 1913 aged 88yrs.


Their sons erected to the memory of Alexander STEVENSON in Whithorn d.15 Feb 1809 aged 77yrs.And of Agnes McKELVIE d.8 Apr 1812 aged 78yrs.Here lies the corpse of Ann McGUFFIE spouse of James STEVENSON in Whithorn d.10 Jan 1825 aged 32yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Peter McKIE late farmer in Morrach d.4 Sep 1839 aged 78yrs.Margaret RODIE his spouse d.14 Dec 1826 aged 64yrs.Thomas their son d.Jul 1803 aged 14yrs.Peter their son d.Sep 1809 aged 16yrs.Agnes their daughter d.Mar 1809 aged 7yrs.John their son who died in Antigua d.14 Nov 1821 aged 23yrs.Elizabeth their daughter d.12 Jul 1831 aged 36yrs.And two of their infant children.Here also lies the mortal part of Jacobina SLOANE spouse of George McKIE the erector of this stone she departed this life d.31 Jul 1844 aged 36yrs.And in the same grave is laid the remains of their infant son who was born and died d.6 Jun 1844.Also of George McKie ROBERTSON d.10 Aug 1865 infant son of George ROBERTSON Merchant,Manchester and of Jane McKIE his spouse.Also of Elizabeth McKIE d.12 Sep 1865 aged 23yrs Youngest daughter of the above George McKIE d.26 Mar 1888 at Whalley Range,Manchester aged 84yrs.erected by George McKIE in Morach.


Erected by Peter MILWAIN and Jenny ROBB in memory of Alexander MILWAIN their son d.9 Sep 1809 aged 22yrs.The above Peter MILWAIN d.22 Apr 1829 aged 76yrs.The above Janet ROBB d.1 Aug 1844 aged 92yrs.


Erected by James MILWAIN in memory of his wife Martha McCUTCHEON d.31 Jul 1879 aged 37yrs.Also his daughter Jane MILWAIN d.26 May 1873 aged 10mths.Also the above James MILWAIN who died at Winton,Australia d.23 Jul 1899 aged 64yrs.


Erected by John PATTERSON Isle of Whithorn in memory of his childrn Viz.

William d.6 Feb 1847 aged 21yrs.Margaret d.30 Aug 1849 aged 6yrs.

Barbara d.30 Aug 1849 aged 4yrs.Williamina died in infancy.John d.11 Oct 1850 aged 14yrs.John PATTERSON d.4 Apr 1867 aged 64yrs.


God is Love In loving memory of his grandfather Alexander McCLURE died at Isle of Whithorn 19th December 1876 aged 84yrs Also his grandmother Catherine CUMMINGS wife of the said Alex McCLURE died 17th October 1890 aged 92yrs Also his father James TAYLOR master mariner died 20th September 1870 aged 39 yrs and was interred at LIVERPOOL Erected by James A TAYLOR, WHITHORN


Erected by David McCLURE Isle of Whithorn in memory of his son David

d.3 Dec 1848 aged 17yrs.Also his son Robert d.18 Nov 1855 aged 17yrs.And his wife Jane SHENNAN d.13 Feb 1855 aged 58yrs.Also his son John McCLURE

d.28 Aug 1862 aged 82yrs.

I Know that I remain safe with Jesus.


Erected by John PATTERSON ,Farm in memory of Robert his son d.12 Oct 1889 aged 8yrs.Also Bessie his daughter d.8 Apr 1901 aged 16yrs.Also the above

John PATTERSON who died at The Victoria Infirmary Glasgow d.26 Apr 1907 aged 57yrs.


Erected by Christopher Nicholson McCLURE Isle of Whithorn in affectionate remembrance of his mother Helen BELL d.20 Jul 1854 aged 32yrs.Also his sister Elizabeth d.10 May 1865 aged 16yrs.Also his father Hugh McCLURE who was drowned at sea d.13 Jun 1869 aged 56yrs.Also his dearly beloved wife Elizabeth

PATTERSON d.13 Apr 1882 aged 29yrs...Her children shall arise and call her Blessed.


Erected by Mrs HANNAY,Belfast in comemoration of her husband James HANNAY Esq. of Bangor,Ireland who departed this life d.18 May 1823 aged 43yrs.


Erected by Jessie WALKER in memory of her mother Janet DALZIEL d.13 Dec 1877 aged 66yrs.Also her brother David WALKER d.22 Nov 1888 aged 92yrs.

Also the above Jessie WALKER d.10 Dec 1928 aged 73yrs..Deeply regretted


In affectionate remembrance of Margaret LOCKHART wife of James McCRIE Broughton Mains d.31 Oct 1861 aged 23yrs.Also Agnes Dykes McCRIE their daughter d.30 Oct 1859 aged 7mths.Also James McCRIE born 19 Nov 1834 who

d.30 Jan 1914 and is interred in Comely Bank Cemetery Edinburgh.I know whom I have believed.Also Jane Pollock MATHEWS widow of James McCRIE d.11 Aug 1933 aged 88yrs...Strong in Faith.


In memory of William NIELSON son of William and Helen NIELSON d.11 Aug 1788 aged 5yrs and 7mths.Also the above Helen NIELSON d.2 Feb 1818 aged 86yrs.


Erected by William HALLIDAY,Joiner Whithorn in memory of his father David HALLIDAY d.1 Oct 1866 aged 64yrs.Also of Agnes HALLIDAY his sister who

d.21 Sep 1869 aged 29yrs.Also of his son John HALLIDAY d.30 Sep 1871 aged 1yr 2mths.also to his son John HALLIDAYd.8 Feb 1876 aged 2yrs 2mths.Also Jane MURRAY his wife d.3 Jun 1885 aged 56yrs.Also his mother Elizabeth GERRON d.19 Sep 1890 aged 86yrs.Also his nephew John McMASTER d.15 Jan 1893 aged 24yrs.Also the above William HALLIDAY d.19 Aug 1915 aged 76yrs.


Erected by John DINNEL farmer in Scoge (poss Skeog) in memory of his wife Sarah SCAMPBLE d.20 Apr 1862 aged 81yrs.Also his sons Alexander and Andrew who died in infancy.Also his father Alexander DINNELd.28 Oct 1833 aged 84yrs.Also the above John DINNEL d.22 Mar 1866 aged 78yrs.Sarah C. AIRDRIE d.4 Jun 1888 aged 35yrs.Also Christina DINNEL wife of David AIRDRIE d.10 Feb 1891 aged 65yrs.Also Christina AIRDRIE daughter of David AIRDRIE d.18 Jun 1908 aged 43yrs.Also the above David AIRDRIE who died at Barmoodie d.7 May 1909 aged 84yrs.


Erected by John DINNEL farmer in Skeoge in memory of his son George d.27 Sep 1846 aged 4yrs.Also his daughter Mary d.13 Oct 1847 aged 4yrs.Also his daughter Sarah d.29 Oct 1847 aged 2yrs.Also his son John d.13 Jan 1847 aged 6yrs.Also his wife Joan GARDINER d.17 Feb 1874 aged 54yrs.Also his son Alexander DINNEL d.7 Sep 1874 aged 21yrs.Also his son John DINNEL who died at Skeoge d.19 Sep 1882 aged 31yrs.Also the said John DINNEL farmer who died at Skeoge d.9 Feb 1904 aged 85yrs.And his daughter Sarah CAMPBELL who died at High Skeog d.2 Jan 1938.


Erected by Peter DOUGLAS Bishopton in memory of his father John DOUGLAS d.18 Jun 1836 aged 83yrs.Also his mother Janet McCREADIE d.12 May 1842 aged 89yrs.Also his son David J. DOUGLAS born.3 Sep 1825 d.5 May 1866.Also his son John DOUGLAS born.20 Aug 1831 died 29 Feb 1867.

Also Jane JARDINE wife of the erector d.27 Nov 1872 aged 75yrs.Also the above Peter DOUGLAS d.19 Sep 1876 aged 78yrs.


Erected by Catherine McQUEEN in memory of her husband George DOUGLAS

d.20 Mar 1854 aged 60yrs.Also her Brother in law Archibald DOUGLAS d.21 Jun 1871 aged 75yrs.Also the above Catherine McQUEEN d.6 Dec 1891 aged 83yrs.

Also here is interred William BECK his Brother in law d.27 Jan 1892 aged 83yrs.

Also Grace DOUGLAS daughter of the erector and wife of George D. BECK who d.17 Aug 1901 aged 60yrs.


Erected by Alexander DOUGLALS tenant in dinnance to the memory of his father Alexander DOUGLALS who departed this life d.12 Feb 1708 aged 78yrs.

Also Stewart CANDLISH his mother d.28 Feb 1799 aged 74yrs.Also his son William d.21 Mar 1805 aged 5yrs.Stewart his son d.30 Mar 1828 aged 18yrs.The said erector of precious memory d.1 Mar 1830 aged 76yrs.Grace daughter of the above d.7 Sep 1810 aged 12yrs.Likewise Mary his daughter d.9 Dec 1846 aged 12yrs.Also of Helen DOUGLAS wife of the erector d.25 Oct 1851 aged 82yrs.Also his son George d.20 Mar 1851 aged 60yrs.


*against the N.W. corner of the Priory*

In memory of Matilda McNEEL daughter of Stewart McNEEL and Agnes CAMLIN and widow of Henry TURNER Esq. of Abbotsford,Highbury,New Park,London who died at Low Ersock d.2 Apr 1882 aged 84yrs.


Erected by Elizabeth MORRISON in memory of her beloved husband Peter MORRISON Master Mariner who departed this life at the Isle of Whithorn

d.3 Apr 1878 aged 45yrs.Also Andrew MORRISON Solicitor Grangemouth and youngest son of the above who died at Isle of Whithorn d.2 Oct 1904 aged 30yrs.Also Elizabeth Logan MORRISON the erector who died at Whithorn on the

d.19 Aug 1910 aged 75yrs.


Erected by Charlotte LOGAN Isle of Whithorn in memory of her father Thomas WOOD d.14 Dec 1847 aged 75yrs.Also her mother Frances WOOD d.6 Jun 1862 aged 82yrs.Also her husband Peter LOGAN d.1 Sep 1848 aged 50yrs.Also her daughter Margaret LOGAN d.31 Jul 1861 aged 30yrs.Also her daughter Frances Logan WYATT who died at St Petersburg,Russia d.13 Dec 1864 aged 35yrs.

Also Elizabeth daughter of the above Thomas WOOD d.3 Nov 1868 aged 67yrs.

Thomas WOOd d.3 Nov 1868 aged 67yrs.Also John Robert beloved son of the above Frances Logan WYATT d.21 Oct 1871 aged 13yrs.Also Peter LOGAN son of the above d.14 May 1876 aged 37yrs.Also Charlotte LOGAN daughter of the erector d.10 Sep 1887 aged 50yrs.Also Charlotte LOGAN the erector d.11 Nov 1887 aged 84yyrs.


Erected by S.D. & E MORRISON in loving memory of their beloved children...

Marjorie Wood SCOTT d.29 Mar 1906 aged 15mth.Also Jane MUIR `Wee Jean`

d.30 Apr 1906 aged 4yr 3mth.Also Archibald James their beloved youngest son Killed in Action d.18 May 1918 aged 18yrs interred in Thiens British cemetery...

Sweet little flowers their lives are past and they are numbered with the dead short was their stay with us below yet we were loth to let them go.


Erected by John FINLEY Isle of Whithorn in memory of his father James FINLEY d.22 Jun 1843 aged 76yrs.Also of his brother Alexander FINLEY who was drowned at sea in 1824 aged 18yrs.also of his son Alexander FINLEY

B.19 Jul 1851 d.9 Apr 1857.Also of Jane MINNOCH his mother who died at Isle of Whithorn d.14 Jun 1858 aged 86yrs.Also Margaret FRAZER wife of the above John FINLEY who died at Isle of Whithorn d.2 Sep 1862 aged 42yrs.Also his sister Jane FINLEY d.18 Mar 1864 aged 65yrs.also the said John FINDLAY who died at Isle of Whithorn d.18 Mar 1892 aged 79yrs.Also Mary FINDLAY sister of the above erector who died at Isle of Whithorn d.18 Oct 1899 aged 88yrs.


Erected by Robert KYLE merchant Isle of Whithorn in memory of Mary KYLE who died in infancy 1855.Also Jessie KYLE d.4 Oct 1874 aged 4yrs.Also his son William KYLE d.2 Oct 1878 aged 17yrs.Also Jessie Lizzie his daughter d.19 May 1890 aged 14yrs.Also his son John d.1 Feb 1893 aged 36yrs.Also the erector Robert KYLE who died at Isle of Whithorn d.15 Jun 1908 aged 81yrs.also his wife Jane Greig KYLE who died at Isle of Whithorn d.25 Mar 1917 aged 85yrs.

also their daughter Margaret wife of the late Henry ELLIOT who died at Isle of Whithorn d.28 Jan 1933 aged 72yrs.Also their daughter Grace who died at Plymouth d.12 Apr 1949 aged 79yrs.


Erected by John REID Isle of Whithorn in memory of his daughter Fanney d.29 Mar 1854 aged 19yrs.Also his daughters Jane & elizabeth died in infancy.Also his wife Margaret FINLEY d.21 Nov 1868 aged 75yrs.Also the above John REID d.17 Dec 1882 aged 94yrs.Also his daughter Elizabeth REID d.7 Mar 1888 aged 56yrs.Also his daughter Jane REID d.11 Oct 1893 aged 76yrs.


Erected by James FAIRIES in memory of his father & mother.John FAIRIES & Mary KITHCART...the former d.7 Oct 1847,the latter d.13 Feb 1859.And of his children ...Janet d.21 Mar 1846 aged 3yrs.Grace d.29 Apr 1848 aged 7yrs.Also his brother John d.7 Jun 1879 aged 75yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Helen LOCKHART d.30 Aug 1855 aged 78yrs.Also of Thomas MORRISON d.17 Dec 1855 aged 77yrs.The deceased was for many years an Elder much esteemed by the congregation for his duty and Christian deportment..the righteous shall be held in everlasting remembrance.Jessie MORRISON the erector d.23 Jan 1863 aged 53yrs.


Erected by Agnes LOCKHART Isle of Whithorn in memory of David PATERSON her husband d.16 Jun 1844 aged 73yrs.Also Agnes LOCKHART the erector d. 4 Dec 1848 aged 68yrs.Also Janet PATERSON d. 6 Mar 1876 aged 80yrs.Also William THOMSON d.23 Mar 1883 aged 90yrs.Also Helen BROADFOOT wife of James THOMSON died at Isle of Whithorn 13 Aug 1913 aged 78yrs.Also the above James THOMSON died Isle of Whithorn 23 Oct 1926 aged 92yrs.


Erected by Thomas FAIRIES in memory of his daughter Mary FAIRIES d.5 May 1859 aged 5yrs 10mth.Also his daughter Susan FAIRIES d.11 Mar 1875 aged 17yrs.Also his wife Susan GILMOUR d.18 Dec 1889 aged 70yrs.Weep Not

Also the above Thomas FAIRIES d.22 Aug 1896 aged 80yrs.Also Mary 3rd daughter of T & S FAIRIES died in Liverpool d.17 Jan 1934.


Obelisk...East side......Sacred by his parents in memory of Robert CHALMERS who died at Castle Wigg cottage 25 Oct 1861 aged 22yrs....North side.....Also their daughter Helen G HAMILTON d. 28 Apr 1867 aged 28yrs.Also their grandaughter Mary HAMILTON d. 26 Jul 1867 aged 7mths and interred in Brompton cemetery London.......West side......Also James CHALMERS who died at Castlewigg 28 Feb 1876 aged 79yrs.Also Helen McCLELLAND wife of the above who died at Castlewigg 3 May 1884 aged 87yrs.....South side....Also their daughter Mary CHALMERS died at Kirkinner 22 Feb 1917 aged 82yrs.


Edward YOUNG tennant in Bridgehouse & Isemia McKIE..In memory of Jean YOUNG there daughter d.28 Nov 1807 aged 24yrs.Also Agnes YOUNG d.23 Oct 1817 aged 22yrs.Also the erectors Edward YOUNG & Hemia McKIE his spouse..the former d.7 Mar 1832 aged 75yrs,the latter d.7 Jul 1834 aged 83yrs.


Erected by William LAVERIE in memory of his son James LAVERIE d.26 Sep 1861 aged 17yrs.Also his daughter Margaret Stevenson LAVERIE d.3 Aug 1872 aged 25yrs.Also the said William LAVERIE d.28 Jun 1875 aged 58yrs.Also his son Alexander LAVERIE d.8 Oct 1883 aged 40yrs.also his grandson Willie LAVERIE d.21 Mar 1884 aged 10yrs.Also his wife Margaret McKIE who died at Cairnshead d.24 Jan 1907 aged 92yrs.Also Grace SNODDON wife of the said Alexander LAVERIE who died at Cairnshead d.15 Feb 1911 aged 74yrs.Also Margaret McKie Stevenson LAVERIE daughter of the said Alexander LAVERIE

d.17 Apr 1929 aged 51yrs.


Erected by John DUNSE farmer in Balcray in memory of William his son d.20 Aug 1807 aged 4 mths.Janet THOMSON his his spouse d. 21 Mar 1816 aged 48yrs.the said John DUNSE d. 3 Jun 1832 aged 73yrs.Also his son Alexander DUNSE farmer of little Balsmith d.3 Jun 1866 in the 60th year of his age.Also Margaret AULD his daughter in law who died at Gallows Outon 11 Nov 1898 aged 79yrs.Also Alexander DUNSE farmer son of the above John DUNSE d.9 Feb 1922 aged 68yrs.


*lettering on W.side*

Erected by William P.McKIE in memory of his father Nathan McKIE b.17 May 1781 and d.30 Nov 1869.Also his sister Elizabeth C.McKIE b.23 Jun 1812 and d.16 Sep 1840.Also his wife Elizabeth Margaret WHITE b.3 Mar 1863 and

d.12 May 1883.Also his mother Isabella PARKER d.10 Nov 1888 aged 78yrs.

The above William P.McKIE d.23 Apr 1925 aged 86yrs.


*lettering on W.side*

Erected by Peter McEWEN in memory of his son Peter McEWEN d.19 Oct 1849 aged 3yrs.Also his daughter Helen McEWEN d.6 Jun 1852 aged 9yrs.Also his daughter Anne d.17 Mar 1870 aged 17yrs.Also of his wife Jane McCULLOCH d.10 Apr 1875 62yrs.Also of his daughter Jane d.27 Jul 1880 aged 32yrs.Also of the erector Peter McEWEN d.11 Feb 1884 aged 64/9?yrs.Also of his son Alexander McEWEN farmer Balnab d.25 Feb 1895 aged 44yrs.


Erected by Margaret McLARRAN in memory of her husband James WHANNEL

d.22 Jun 1871 aged 69yrs.Also her children...Mary d.20 Sep 1866 aged 30yrs.James d.18 Apr 1873 aged 35yrs.William d.8 Jun 1871 aged 25yrs.

Peter d.23 Feb 1875 aged 31yrs.Alexander d.25 May 1876 aged 21yrs.Also Margaret McLARRAN the erector d.23 Jan 1891 aged 80yrs.Also her son John WHANNEL d.1 Jan 1905 aged 69yrs.Also Margaret McMEEKAN wife of John WHANNEL d.10 Mar 1923 aged 61yrs.


Erected by Isabella BENNET in Whithorn in memory of her daughter Elizabeth McDOUL d.8 Oct 1835 aged 2yrs.And Agnes McDOUL d.4 Dec 1838 aged 4mths.Also of her husband John McDOUL d.7 Jun 1839 aged 36yrs.Also of Samuel McDOUL her son d.4 Jul 1855 aged 21yrs.


Erected by John WEIR in remembrance of Margaret LOCKHART his spouse who d.11 Dec MDCCCXIV aged 28yrs.


*Lettering on West side*

In memory of the late James McMILLAN M.D. d.8 Jan 1830 aged 72yrs.And his son John d.Apr 1807 aged 18mths.Also his son Peter McMILLAN Surgeon who died in India d.2 Apr 1822 aged 22yrs.Also of Jacobena Laurie or McMILLAN spouse of the above Dr. McMILLAN d.1 May 1861 aged 94yrs.Also of Margaret

MACADAM daughter of the above dr. McMILLAN d.14 Jan 1863.Also of Elizabeth McMILLAN daughter of the above Dr.McMILLAN d.12 May 1864 aged 56yrs.Also his son Alexander McMILLAN surgeon who died in Whithorn

d.5 Apr 1875 in the 84th year of his age.


*Lettering on west side*

Erected by John McMILLAN draper Newcastle upon tyne in memory of his brother Elliot aged 4yrs.James & Daniel who died in the Island of St Vincent,West Indies aged 28.Of his sister Charlotte aged 18 and Harriet & Barbara aged 20.And of his father John McMILLAN d.13 Jan 1835 aged 88yrs.The said John McMILLAN draper died in Whithoen d.5 Jul 1838 aged 33.Alexander McMILLAN his brother d.11 Dec 1841 aged 47yrs.And Ann BARKER or McMILLAN his mother d.21 Feb 1842 aged 82yrs.Also of Sarah BROADFOOT wife of Anthony McMILLAN (his brother)d.29 May 1958 aged 67yrs.And Grace McMILLAN their daughter d.22 Aug 1862 aged 28yrs.Also of the said Anthony McMILLAN d.10 Jun 1864 aged 72yrs.Also of Charlotte McMILLAN their daughter wife of Alexander HENDERSON d.11 May 1867 aged 58yrs.Also Jessie R.LAURIE grandaughter of Anthony McMILLAN d.31 Mar 1870 aged 16 yrs.Also Jane McMILLAN sister of the erector d.7 Feb 1874 aged 72yrs.Also Sarah BROADFOOT only daughter of Alexander HENDERSON and grandaughter of Anthony McMILLAN d.25 Aug 1880 aged 20yrs.


erected by William LOCKHART tenant in Ersock in memory of his father Charles LOCKHART who departed this life d.4 Oct 1806 aged 61yrs.And his mother Janet MINNOCH who departed this life d.15 Mar 1830 aged 88yrs.Also the said William LOCKHART d.11 Nov 1852 aged 71yrs. Also of Isabella LOCKHART his sister d.14 Mar 1858 aged 85yrs.Also of Charlotte LOCKHART his daughter d.11 May 1873 aged 48yrs.Abraham Gilchrist WHITTEN grandson of the above d.25 Dec 1898 aged 22yrs.Also Jane Gilchrist WHITTEN wife of Abrham WHITTEN and daughter of the above Charlotte LOCKHART d.26 Oct 1907 aged 56yrs.


*Lettering on west side*

Erected by George BROADFOOT late of her Majesty`s Customs in memory of his wife Elizabeth MORGAN d.31 Jan 1874 aged 71yrs.also his son George who died in infancy.Also Thomas who was lost at sea aged 25yrs.Also Sarah his daughter d.13 Jan 1875 aged 45yrs.also Margaret who d.14 Feb 1881 aged 50 yrs.

also the above George BROADFOOT who died at Whithorn d.30 Apr 1887 aged 83yrs.Also Elizabeth Ann daughter of the above Sarah BROADFOOT who d.9 Oct 1937 aged 81yrs.


Erected by William ALLAN in memory of his son Thomas who died in infancy d.29 Sep 1860.Also the above William ALLAN d.13 Aug 1883 aged 46yrs.Also William H. ALLAN his son who died at Balcray d.8 Mar 1900 aged 32yrs.Also his daughter Marion Jane B. ALLANd.24 Sep 1904 aged 43yrs.Also Charles eldest son of the above who died at Hamilton,NZ d.14 May 1920 aged 37yrs.Also Helen Isabella youngest daughter of the above d.17 May 1922 at West Kirkland,Wigtown aged 51yrs.Also Isabella BROADFOOT wife of the above William ALLAN who died at Glenturk,Wigtown d.11 Dec 1928 in her 89th year.

Also Robert Broadfoot ALLAN 3rd son of the above who died at Glasgow

d.23 Aug 1936 aged 63yrs.


*Lettering on west side*

Erected by George BROADFOOT farmer in Balcray in memory of his son David BROADFOOT d.22 Mar 1840 aged 38yrs.and Isabella his daughter who died young.And George BROADFOOT the erector d.8 Jan 1845 aged 90yrs.

Also of James BROADFOOT his son d.22 Oct 1849 aged 53yrs.And of Jane BROADFOOT his spouse d.24 Jan 1852 aged 81yrs.And of Andrew BROADFOOT his son d.13 Jan 1871 aged 72yrs.Also of John BROADFOOT his son who died at Melbourne d.8 Jan 1879 aged 72yrs.Also of Marion BROADFOOT his daughter d.13 Jan 1882 aged 81yrs.Also of Charles BROADFOOT his son d.29 Jun 1890 aged 79yrs.


*lettering on west side*

To the memory of John RANSLEY chief officer of the coast guard who was born at Hawkhurst in the County of Kent and died at the Isle of Whithorn d.3 Oct 1835 aged 52yrs.Muuch esteemed while he lived and sincerely regretted when he died erected by Esther RANSLEY his widow.


*On the east side of stone - Table stone beside the memorial stone*

In memory of the Rev. John SMITH 1st Minister of the Secession Church in Whithorn who died at Whithorn d.24 Apr 1830 in his 79th year.And Margaret HANNAH his wife who died at Whithorn d.12 May 1856 in her 79th year.And their two sons Robert Hanna SMITH Sheriff clerk of Wigtownshire and John

SMITH Tanner,Dunbarton and Robert`s youngest daughter Margaret who died at Challoch,Leswalt d.4 Mar 1898 in her 39th year.

The Reverend John SMITH by extensive and accurate knowledge as a devine,devoted piety and desire to win souls to Christ.And by diligence,fidelity and affection tempered by a sound judgement and much practical wisdom in the discharge of his duty as the Pastor of a congregation and a member of church courts.Made full proof of his ministry and having in every relation of life,a good report of all men and of the truth itself,rested from his labours d.24 Apr 1830 in the 79th year of his age,and 36th of his ministry.

*on west side of memorial stone*

erected by U. Associate congregation of Whithorn to commemerate the worth of their 1st Pastor,The Rev. John SMITH and to testify their gratitude for his services.An example of the believers in word,in conversation,in charity,in spirit,in faith,in purity ..ITLM iv 12.The Rev. John H. GARDNER,successor to the Rev.M SMITH a young man of great piety,amiableness and talent after giving high promise of usefulness,died after a short illness d.10 Apr 1833 in the 26th year of his age and the 2nd of his ministry.


Erected by John McCRAE baker,Whithorn in memory of Margaret WILSON his wife d.20 Feb 1845 aged 37yrs.Also of his daughter Sarah Graham McRAE who d.23 Dec 1867 aged 24yrs.And of his sister Sarah McCRAE d.18 Jan 1868 aged 61yrs.And also of his sister Janet who died at Culscadden d.18 Jan 1876 aged 60yrs.John McCRAE d.5 Mar 1895 aged 85yrs.Peter McCRAE his son d.29 Apr 1911 aged 73yrs.


*lettering on west side-a small iron tombstone*

Sacred to the memory of John FENWICK Born.26 Oct 1817 d.18 Mar 1866.Also his wife Elizabeth WALES who died at Ayr d.25 Sep 1908 aged 79yrs.


Lettering on west side.......Erected by James CHRISTIE in memory of his son John who died 10 Jan 1863 aged 15yrs 9mths.Also his daughter Jane d. 13 Apr 1879 aged 21yrs. Also the above James CHRISTIE d. 13 Nov 1886 aged 78yrs.Also Agnes McCLELLAND relict of James CHRISTIE d. 8 Jan 1895 aged 80yrs.


Erected in loving memory of Jane FULTON wife of James CAMPBELL who died at Eggerness d.1 Aug 1886 aged 58yrs.Also her son George who died in infancy.Also her son William d.1861 aged 13yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Erected by Robert CANNON,Whithorn to the memory of his daughter Elizabeth H. CANNON d.16 Sep 1850 aged 4yrs.Also of his grandson George CANNON d.10 Nov 1876 aged 7yrs.Also of his son George CANNON d.1 May 1860 aged 19yrs.Also of his grandson James B. CANNON d.26 Jan 1887/9 aged 7yrs.Also

the erector Robert CANNON d.29 Feb 1892 in his 84th year.Also Margaret McKIE,Relict of the erector who died at Edinburgh d.13 Apr 1897 aged 84yrs and was interred here.


Erected by William GALLOWAY in memory of his wife Janet GARDNER who died at Portyerrock d.19 Dec 1864 aged 48yrs.Also his son Hugh who died at sea d.30 Oct 1860 aged 21yrs.Also his daughter Agnes d.20 Jan 1868 aged 11wks.


*A freestone tomb in a very poor condition,flaking badly*

Erected by Peter McCOURT in memory of his children...William McCOURT his son d.14 May 1841 aged 3yrs.Also his son William McCOURT d.18 Aug 1845 aged 3yrs.Also his son John died in infancy.Also his daughter Mary McCOURT who d.?? 1863 aged 17yrs.Also his son Peter McCOURT d.9 Feb 1859 aged 8yrs.Also his Robert McCOURT d.20 May 1873 aged 17yrs.Also his son William McCOURT d.15 Nov 1877 aged 25yrs.Also his wife Roseann McMACHAN d.13 Dec 1880 aged 67yrs.Also the erector Peter McCOURT d.5 Dec 1885 aged 84yrs.


Erectedc by Anthony HERON Whithorn in memory of his wife Eliza IRVINE d.22 Apr 1884 aged 48yrs.Also Janet HERON youngest daughter d.12 Dec 1890 aged 18yrs.Also the above Anthony HERON d.24 Oct 1894 aged 54yrs.Also his three son..William d.27 Dec 1902 aged 36yrs.Christopher d.25 Mar 1909 aged 45.John d.15 Oct 1911 aged 35yrs.Also his eldest daughter Mary d.11 Jun 1913 aged 51yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Sacred to the memory of Andrew WEBSTER who died at Whithorn d.8 Nov 1880 aged 70yrs.Also his son George who died in infancy.Also his son Alexander

who died at Liverpool aged 33yrs.Also his son Andrew who was drowned at sea aged 20yrs.Also his daughter Mary who died at Liverpool d.2 Jan 1884 aged 41yrs.Also Isabella HENDERSON relict of the above first mentioned Andrew WEBSTER who died at Whithorn d.3 Jul 1887 aged 75yrs.Also to the memory of John WEBSTER shipmaster who died at Newton Stewart d.22 Feb 1893 aged 60yrs and is buried here .Also to the memory of Agnes Glencorse GORDON wife of the said John WEBSTER who died at Newton Stewart d.13 Nov 1893 aged 54yrs and is buried here.Erected by their son John WEBSTER .Also James Gordon WEBSTER son of John & Agnes WEBSTER who died at Liverpool d.27 Mar 1934 aged 64yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Erected by John HENDERSON in memory of his father John HENDERSON

d.26 Aug 1831 aged 32yrs.Also so his sister Mary d.25 Apr 1856 aged 30yrs.James BRODIE her husband d.6 Nov 1859 aged 36yrs.Also his brother Alexander HENDERSON who died in Malta d.21 Jan 1863 aged 36yrs.Sarah HENDERSON his daughter died in infancy.Also his wife Jane DINNEL d.28 May 1886 aged 37yrs.Also the erector John HENDERSON d.20 Apr 1903 aged 72yrs.


Erected by James GORDON vetinary surgeon in memory of his daughter Jane Hawthorn GORDON d. 20 Sep 1849 aged 4yrs.Also Mary Maxwell GORDON daughter d. 11 Nov 1867 aged 24yrs.Also Agnes McLELLAN wife of the erector d. 23 Feb 1879 aged 64yrs.Also the erector James GORDON d 21 Apr 1871 aged 70yrs.Also Margaret Gordon d.18 Nov 1878 aged 44yrs.Also in memory of William Francis GORDON killed in the battle of ZLOBANI South Africa 28 Mar 1879 aged 28yrs.Also to the memory of James Henry GORDON M.D. who died at SALISBURY 18 Dec 1892 aged 32yrs.Also Elizabeth GORDON d. 26 Sep 1918 aged 82yrs.


Memory of Mary wife of William McKENZIE d.5 Apr 1824 aged 48yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Erected by Edward GERRON mariner Isle of Whithorn in memory of his daughter Agnes GERRON d.2 Aug 1851 aged 21yrs.Also his son George GERRON who was lost at sea off Cape Horn d.17 Sep 1853 aged 16yrs.Also his beloved wife Agnes HENDERSON who departed this life d.1 Mar 1854 aged 57yrs.Also his son Alexander GERRON d.11 Jun 1854 aged 29yrs.Also in memory of the said Edward GERRON shipmaster who died at Isle of Whithorn d.28 Feb 1865 aged 66yrs.Also his daughter Isabella wife of Archibald McDOWALL mariner who died at Isle of Whithorn d.15 Mar 1865 aged 32yrs.

Also John GERRON his son who died at Sacremento City d.16 Feb 1867 aged 37yrs.Also of Margaret GERRON relict of Robert BELL d.10 Mar 1877 aged 38yrs.Also his grandson John STEWART who was lost in the S.S ROUMANIA

off the Portugal coast d.27 Oct 1892 aged 36yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Erected by Peter JINKINS mariner Isle of Whithorn in memory of his children...

David Reid JINKINS d.11 Oct 1819 aged 9mths.Marrion JINKINS d.4 Jan 1822 aged 1yr 10mths.Sarah JINKINS d.12 May 1824 aged 12yrs.Samuel JINKINS

d.14 Oct 1825 aged 1yr 7mths.John JINKINS died at Milford,South Wales d.23 Mar 1828 aged 17yrs.Also his wife Sarah McMURRAY who died at Isle of Whithorn d.22 Feb 1859 aged 74yrs.Also of the said Peter JINKINS who died at Isle of Whithorn d.14 Jul 1864 aged 78yrs.Also of Peter JENKINS son of the erector d.12 Jan 1888 aged 74yrs.


*lettering on west side*

Erected by Agnes JINKINS in memory of her husband John CREIGHTON d.17 Jul 1856 aged 41yrs.And of Sarah their daughter d.13 Apr 1857 aged 16yrs.Also the above Agnes JENKINS d.28 Feb 1890 aged 73yrs.Also Agnes CREIGHTON

d.30 May 1912 aged 58yrs.Also Peter CREIGHTON son of the erector who died at the Isle of Whithorn d.5 Nov 1927 aged 83yrs.And his wife Jane GRIFFIN who died at Ottery St Mary d.11 Oct 1944.


Erected by Patrick HUGHES in memory of his daughter Mary d.24 Aug 1863 aged 4yrs.Also his daughter Sarah d.9 Dec 1889 aged 13yrs.Also the above Patrick HUGHES who died at Workington,Cumberland d.13 Aug 1897 aged 59yrs R.I.P.Also Sarah JOLLY wife of the above Patrich HUGHES d.11 May 1925 aged 87yrs R.I.P.


Erected to the memory of John HIGGINS d.24 Feb 1824 aged 74yrs.Also Mary DONALDSON his spouse d.29 Aug 1846 aged 60yrs.Also Mary their grandaughter d.2 Apr 1854 aged 2yrs 3mth...Jesus said suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for such is the kingdom of Heaven.


Erected by John MILLS butcher in memory of his moyher Jane TOWNSLEY d.10 Mar 1876 aged 56yrs.Also his daughter Margaret d.17 Jul 1891 aged 7yrs.Also his beloved wife Robina KIRDALE d.5 Mar 1897 aged 40yrs.


Erected by Peter GILMOUR in memory of his son Robert d.20 Jul 1852 aged 11mths.Also his mother Sarah BURNS d.25 Nov 1858 aged 69yrs.Also his father Dennis GILMOUR d.20 Oct 1870 aged 88yrs.Also the above Peter GILMOUR d.28 Dec 1877 aged 55yrs.Also his son Thomas GILMOUR who died at Glasgow d.14 Mar 1882 aged 18yrs and was interred in Dalbeith Cemetery.Also Catherine CURRAN wife of the erector who died at Glasgow d.21 Jan 1911 aged 84yrs and is interred here R.I.P.Also of their son Peter who died at Manchester d.8 Nov 1896 aged 47yrs and was buried there.Also of their daughter Mary who died at Glasgow d.12 May 1908 aged 41yrs and was interred in Dalbeith Cemetery...may they rest in Peace.


Erected by William LAURIE in memory of his father Samson LAURIE d.7 Mar 1847 aged 43yrs.Also his mother Elizabeth McCULLOCH d.11 Mar 1829 aged 31yrs.


*Table Stone*

Erected by John McCREDIE farmer in Appleby and Jane McCULLOCH in memory of John McCREDIE his son and her husband who d.30 Aug 1821 aged 33yrs...Farewel my wife and children dear..I leave you all behind may thro the God of Israel`s care who is merciful and kind.


*Lying against Table 289*

Erected by Alexander GIBSON in memory of his mother Ann GIBSON d.18 Apr 1874 aged 55yrs.Also his grandmother Mary GIBSON d.23 Feb 1840 aged 55yrs.Also his grandfather Robert GIBSON d.23 Mar 1857 aged 72yrs.Also his son George GIBSON d.30 Mar 1879 aged 3mths.


*Table Stone*

SZZNT NICHORA NOBIS...To the memory of Chales BROADFOOT late in Whithorn d.29 Jun 1806 aged 48yrs.And of his spouse Isabella HANNAY d.7 Aug 1820 aged 46yrs.Also of their daughter Grace BROADFOOT spouse of William BROADFOOT of Wards d.27 Apr 1874 aged 74yrs.Also of their son Robert BROADFOOT surgeon in Whithorn d.30 Mar 1876 aged 81yrs.


Erected by Jannet STEWART in memory of her niece Ann STEWART d.29 Sep

1876 and her nephew John STEWART d.9 Mar 1900 aged 76yrs.


Erected to the memory of Elizabeth KNOX wife of Thomas McCARLIE who departed this life d.1 Jun 1862 aged 42yrs.Also to the memory of Thomas McCARLIE who departed this life d.6 Mar 1864 aged 49yrs.Also their son John Knox McCARLIE who died at Capetown,south Africa d.7 May 1889 aged 41yrs.

Also their daughter Annie McCARLIE d.4 Apr 1919 advanced in years.


Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth R CULTON d. 11 Mar 1875 aged 2yrs 6mth.Also Mary d. 17 Feb 1885 aged 15mths.Also Janet McLELLAN beloved wife of Wm CULTON died at Whithorn 21 Jan 1892 aged 47yrs.Also Alexander their son who died at Eddlewood,Hamilton 2 Jan 1906 aged 29yrs.Also the above Wm CULTON who died at Meikle Earnock,Hamilton 18 Sep 1913 aged 72yrs.Also Wm CULTON 2nd son of the above presumed killed in France 22 Mar 1918 aged 37yrs...Until the day Dawn.


Erected by Sarah McWILLIAM in memory of her husband Thomas McWILLIAM d.20 Mar 1862 aged 58yrs.Also of her son Andrew McWILLIAM

who died at Queenstown d.27 Jun 1851 aged 19yrs.Also of her son Thomas McWILLIAM who died at Marseilles d.27 Aug 1865 aged 80yrs.Also the above erector Sarah McWILLIAM who died at Isle of Whithorn d.13 Jun 1872 aged 65yrs.Also Elizabeth McWILLIAM d.31 Dec 1891 aged 82yrs.


Erected by Andrew CAMPBELL in memory of his son James d.1 Mar 1855 aged 4yrs.Also of Janet his daughter d.29 Jan 1860 aged 1yr 8mths.Also of Marion his daughter d.23 Apr 1865 aged 11mths.


Erected by Samuel BELL Isle of Whithorn in memory of his children...Elizabeth d.11 Sep 1844 aged 10yrs.Samuel d.24 Apr 1854 aged 17yrs.Also three who died in infancy.Janet their daughter d.29 Nov 1857 aged 29yrs.Margaret teir daughter d.27 Jan 1859 aged 17yrs.Also Charles BELL his son d.25 Jun 1869 aged 18yrs.

Also of their son Robert BELL d.28 Mar 1868 aged 28yrs.Also of Samuel BELL their father d.20 May aged 63yrs.Also of Archibald BELL his son d.10 Jul 1863 aged 19yrs.Also Isabella PATTERSON Relict of Samuel BELL d.24 Feb 1890 aged 82yrs.


Erected by Robert Scott in memory of his wife Agnes WHITE d.25 Jun 1875 aged 26yrs.


Erected by Michael McSHANE in memory of his daughter Alice McSHANE d.26 Jan 1886 aged 20yrs.Also his mother in law Alice MATHEWS d.8 Aug 1874 aged 70yrs.Also his daughter Alice McSHANE who died in infancy.Also his daughter Mary who died in Whithorn d.29 Nov 1895 aged 39yrs.Also the above Michael McSHANE who died at Whithorn d.17 Oct 1905 aged 74yrs.Also his wife Ann MATHEWS who died at Whithorn d.1 Jan 1907 aged 76yrs.


Erected by John McCUBBIN in memory of his son John McCUBBIN d.20 Jan 1859 aged 26yrs.Also his son David McCUBBIN d.4 Mar 1860 aged 18yrs.Also his daughter Jane McCUBBIN d.15 Jan 1861 aged 24yrs.Also his son William McCUBBIN d.1 Jan 1869 aged 26yrs.


Erected by Alexander BLAIN to the memory of his wife Mary McGAA d.8 Sep 1856 aged 66yrs.Also of the said Alexander BLAIN d.7 May 1864 aged 78yrs.


To the memory of Alexander McCUTCHEON d.14 Feb 1903 aged 83yrs.Also Margaret DALZIEL his wife d.14 Feb 1903 aged 85yrs..

In Death they were not parted...


Sacred to the memory of William McKNAUGHT painter Whithorn d.9 Jul 1866 aged 28yrs...not lost but gone before.Also Catherine I.H DRYSDALE his wife

d.9 Oct 1867 aged 27yrs.


Erected by Andrew DOUGLAS overseer at Castlewigg in memory of George his son d.17 Oct 1819 aged 13yrs 8mths.Andrew DOUGLAS the erector d.8 Oct 1837 aged 60yrs.Also Janet CONNING his spouse d.5 Jul 1847 aged 84yrs.


Erected by John DONNAN in Drumrae in memory of William his son d.19 Mar 1819 aged 1yr 5mths.Isabella his daughter d.10 Mar 1820 aged 11yrs.Catherine McKINNEL his mother d.23 Aug 1827 aged 79yrs.Also his father d.17 Mar 1828 aged 77yrs.


Erected by Ann LAVERIE in memory of her husband James LAVERIE late tennant Back Braes d.25 Sep 1862 aged 32yrs.Also her mother in law Jane DOWALL d.8 Mar 1865 aged 68yrs.Also her father in law James LAVERIE d.5 Apr 1866 aged 80yrs.Also James LAVERIE grand-son of the above d.18 Aug 1891 aged 33yrs....Cease,Cease to weep my friend for me..I am not dead but sleeping here ..till Jesus Christ shall come and say..Arise my Saints and come away.


Sacred to the memory of Robert BLACK this stone was erected by his widow and children in loving memory of the above who departed this life d.18 Feb 1908 aged 72yrs and was interred here.Also Marion CRAIG wife of the above Robert BLACK d.30 Mar 1926 in her 87th year.


Erected by Alexander DINNELL in memory of his father in law George GARDNER d.7 Apr 1845 aged 67yrs.Also his spouse Mary ROBERTSON d.1 Jul 1847 aged 72yrs.Also his sister in law Jane GARDNER d.12 May 1865 aged 63yrs.Also his daughter Sarah Campbell DINNELL d.16 Apr 1874 aged 31yrs.

Also his wife Jane GARDNER d.23 Aug 1874 aged 63yrs.Also the above Alexander DINNELL son of the last named Alexander d.12 Dec 1933 aged 80yrs.


Erected by John KIETH in memory of his wife Helen BELL d.18 Jul 1884 aged 23yrs.


Erected by Hugh McEWEN in memory of his father William McEWEN d.10 Dec 1891 aged 82yrs.Also his mother Martha MUIR d.26 Aug 1879 aged 68yrs.Also his brother John d.21 Mar 1864 aged 15yrs.Also his brother David who was lost at sea 1870 aged 29yrs.Also his sister Jessie d.19 Aug 1878 aged 25yrs.Also the above John McEWEN who died at Isle of Whithorn d.14 Sep 1905 aged 60yrs.


Erected by Janet TEMPLETON in memory of John TEMPLETON her father who died at Isle of Whithorn d.24 Dec 1846 aged 78yrs.Also Mary her sister d.5 Oct 1814 aged 1yr 6mths.And Lillias her sister d.17 Feb 1828 aged 11yrs.

Likewise John her brother d.15 Apr 1829 aged 14yrs.Also Jane WELSH the beloved wife of John TEMPLETON d.15 Aug 1861 aged 88yrs.Also her sister Mary TEMPLETON wife of Robert HUNTER d.15 Jan 1873 aged 50yrs.Also Jane daughter of the above Robert HUNTER who died at Waterloo Terrace,

Arlecdon d.19 Jun 1897 aged 39yrs.


By James BELL in memory of his brother in law David McTAGGART d.29 Oct 1830 aged 25yrs...Man like to flower may be compared,which soon doth bloom and fade,swift was his flight six months his rod,he closed his eye and met his God.Also Nicholas McTAGGART,James BELL`s spouse d.14 Jun 1833 aged 40yrs...I loved her for her virtues here,but God doth part the dearest tie,the loan from God the dust lie here,the spirit`s safe above the skie.Also James BELL the said erector d.15 Aug 1842 aged 49yrs.


Erected by James CAMPBELL in Whithorn in memory of his brother John who was drowned on board the sloop..Diana which was wrecked at Eagerness Point

d.8 Mar 1830 aged 16 yrs.Also John his father d.26 Mar 1831 aged 52yrs.The erector d.12 Apr 1840 aged 33yrs.

*Eagerness Point is near Garlieston.


This stone was erected by William DOUALL merchant in Whithorn to the memory of Jean McGAA his spouse d.3 May 1810 aged 60yrs.Also is interred here the remains of the above mentioned.William DOUALL d.7 Mar 1825 aged 71yrs.Also in memory of John McMILLAN d.15 Jan 1905 aged 84yrs.Also his wife Margaret McGILL d.17 Jul 1899 aged 78yrs.


Erected by David McDOWALL tailor in memory of his spouse Margaret BLACK d.17 Jan 184mc0 aged 35yrs.


Erected by James McCORMICK in memory of his wife Margaret PARKER who died at Carleton d.21 Jul 1875 aged 66yrs.Also the above James McCORMICK who died at Palmallet d.15 Apr 1884 aged 70yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Alex NAIRN late of Gorntown d.1 Jun 1854 aged 64yrs.Also Margaret McCONNELL wife of the above who died at Gorntown d.22 Nov 1864 aged 74yrs.Also Gordon NAIRN son of Alex NAIRN who died at Whithorn d.27 Oct 1860 aged 2yrs 5mths.Also Jessie NAIRN daughter of William NAIRN d.9 Nov 1871 aged 9mths.Also Jeannie Nisbet ANDREWS wife of Charles R. NAIRN d.4 Jun 1887 aged 25yrs.Also Jeannie M. GORDON wife of Alexander NAIRN d.6 Oct 1891 aged 67yrs.Also Alexander NAIRNd.30 Jan 1893 aged 70yrs.Also William NAIRN who died at Bootle d.20 Oct 1903 aged 89yrs.Also Robert NAIRN son of Alexander NAIRN.


*Rev 11 17 (Masonic sign carved on the stone)

Erected by William STEWART mason,Whithorn in memory of his father John STEWART d.22 Oct 1870 aged 65yrs.Also his son John STEWART d.26 Apr 1876 aged 4mths.Also Margaret GARDNER wife of John STEWART d.27 Jul 1882 aged 80yrs.Also his daughter Maggie d.21 Dec 1886 aged 7yr 6mth.Also his daughter Annie who died in infancy 1895.Also William G. WALLACE brother in law of John STEWART d.23 Apr 1882 aged 72yrs.And Ann CAMPBELL his wife who died in Canada d.11 Jul 1857 aged 36yrs.


Erected by James DUFF & Jane BROADFOOT in affectionate remembrance of their children.Thomas McKIE d.16 Aug 1860 in infancy.George BRYCE d.1 Jan 1870 aged 10mths.Janet d.4 Feb 1872 aged 1yr.Robert BROADFOOT d.28 Apr 1872 aged 2mths.Evelyn Camelon McTAGGART d.6 May 1877 aged 26days.Grace BROADFOOT d.23 Jun 1880 aged 15yrs.Maggie d.27 Feb 1886 aged 51yrs and is interred in the New Churchyard.Also Jane Broadfoot McQUEEN his wife who died in Douglas,Isle of Man d.7 Mar 1887 aged 51yrs.


Erected by James DUFF Isle of Whithorn in memory of Janet KINNER his wife who departed this life d.27 Feb 1830 aged 49yrs.Also Elizabeth DUFF his daughter who departed this life d.27 Apr 1851 aged 7yrs 8mths.Also the above James DUFF who departed this life d.4 Dec 1862 aged 64yrs.Also of Jane DUFF

his daughter wife of Thomas McKNAUGHT who died in New York d.18 Oct 1865 aged 28yrs.Also of Agnes DUFF his daughter d.9 Jun 1866 aged 18yrs.Also of Alexander DUFF his son d.9 Nov 1875 aged 24yrs.Also of his wife Margaret McMECKAN d.29 Mar 1887 aged 73yrs.


Erected by Henrietta McDOWALL in memory of John GUTHRIE her husband d.19 Nov 1811 aged 47yrs.Their son John d.28 Sep 1811 aged 15yrs.Their daughter Mary d.22 Feb 1810 aged 8yrs.The above Henrietta McDOWALL d.7 Dec 1817 aged 58yrs.


Erecred by Mary SMITH in memory of her husband William BALLANTINE d.23 Mar 1881 aged 38yrs.Also her daughter Agnes d.Jun 1864 aged 7mths.Also her son William d.6 Jul 1885 aged 5yrs.Also her daughter elizabeth d.13 Mar 1893 aged 18yrs.


Erected by John GILMOUR in memory of his son William d.12 Feb 1874 aged 6yrs.Also his son Thomas d.19 Feb 1874 aged 4yrs.Also his mother in law Mary WEIR d.16 Aug 1863 aged 43yrs.


*An Obelisk - east side

Erected by James SINCLAIR in memory of his daughter Janet SINCLAIR d.13 Apr 1849 aged 1yr.also Annie SINCLAIR his daughter d.4 Sep 1861 aged 22yrs.

Also James SINCLAIR the above erector d.4 Mar 1865 aged 55yrs.Also William SINCLAIR d.1868 and whose remains lie at Inch.Also Jane SINCLAIR d.13 Jul 1880 aged 37yrs.

*Inch is near Castle Kennedy,Stranraer.

*South side

Also James SINCLAIR d.30 Oct 1880 aged 35yrs.Also Margaret the loving wife and mother of the above d.8 Apr 1883 aged 76yrs.

*West side

A tribute of Love ..James & Margaret SINCLAIR who died to live.James d.4 mar 1865 aged 55yrs.Margaret d.8 Apr 1883 aged 76yrs.Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord...John SINCLAIR .

*North side

Cease,Cease my friends weep not for me,but weep for yourselves,For their is a land of plesure,where streams of joy forever roll.Tis their I have my treasure,and rest unto my precious soul,My weeping relatives and friends,yet still I hope to meet each one,in Realms of bliss where glory reigns.


*a rude slab of stone,looks like whin stone,NO visible markings.


In memory of George McKIE born.28 Jan 1779 d.19 Apr 1851.And Margaret MILROY his wife born.12 Apr 1778 d.23 May 1854.Also their son George McKIE born.5 Mar 1816 died at Manchester d.8 Jun 1847.


Erected by Margaret STEVENSON in memory of her husband Alexander McKIE

d.10 Aug 1816 aged 57yrs.Also their son in law James GELSTON d.27 Sep 1845

aged 28yrs.Also their son James McKIE who died in Cupar,Fife d.17 Mar 1816 aged 15yrs.Also of their son William McKIE d.5 Aug 1819 aged 28yrs.Also the erector Margaret STEVENSON d.18 May 1861 aged 71yrs.Also their daughter Jane LOW who died at Blackburn d.5 Apr 1862 aged 42yrs.Also her son David McKIE d.20 Dec 1904 aged 76yrs.Also Jessie HUGHAN wife of the above David McKIEd.7 Nov 1901 aged 76yrs.


*a small iron tombstone

In loving memory of John McKIE born.4 Nov 1808 d.1 Apr 1842 .Helen his daughter born.8 Fab 1840 d.17 Oct 1852.Margaret J. McCULLOCH his wife born.23 Dec 1816 d.30 Oct 1888.David his son born.19 Aug 1841 died at Haddington d.23 Dec 1913 interred in Portobella Cemetery.Mary his daughter born.11 Sep 1834 d.12 Jan 1915.


Erected by Thomas POWELL in memory of his cousin George HARRISON miner in Tonderghie a native of the Parish of Wrexham,Denbighshire,N.Wales who died at Whithorn d.13 Dec 1825 aged 31yrs.


Erected by Francis JOLLY dealer in Whithorn in memory of his son Charles who died in infancy.Also his son James d.22 Nov 1875 aged 4yrs.Also his son Francis

d.24 Nov 1875 aged 21mths.Also his son William d.2 Apr 1879 aged 14yrs.Also his daughter Bessie d.15 Aug 1891 aged 15yrs.Also the above Francis JOLLY d.1 Jan 1902 aged 59yrs R.I.P.Also of his son John d.29 Mar 1906 aged 35yrs R.I.P.Also his wife Maryann MURRAY d.23 Oct 1907 aged 66yrs R.I.P.Also David JOLLY d.6 Oct 1922 aged 27yrs R.I.P.


Erected by David HENDERSON in memory of his son David HENDERSON who was lost at sea d.Oct 1861 aged 24yrs.Also his wife Susan BROADFOOT d.6 Feb 1862 aged 56yrs.Also his son David HENDERSON d.7 Apr 1865 aged 26yrs.Also his sister in law Margaret BROADFOOT d.16 Nov 1869 aged 84yrs.Also the above David HENDERSON d.19 Dec 1888 aged 82yrs.Also Andrew HENDERSON his grandson d.3 Nov 1899 aged 23yrs.Also his daughter in law Isabella DUNLOPE d.3 Oct 1904 aged 52yrs.Also his daughter Janet d.26 Jan 1914 aged 72yrs.Also his son James d.10 Apr 1915 aged 67yrs.Also his grandson d.21 Mar 1916 aged 39yrs.


* tobuilding

*West side

Erected by Agnes McWILLIAM of Isle of Whithorn in memory of her beloved husband John McWILLIAM who died at Nassau,New Providence d.14 Jul 1864 aged 43yrs.

*at bottom of obelisk on West side

Although his body lies in the coral bosom of a tragic land,yet his rest will be peaceful,and his memory kept as great,as if he slept in the Scottish soil of a colder climate.

*South side

Also the said Agnes McWILLIAM who died at Isle of Whithorn d.12 Jun 1899 aged 78yrs.

*North side

In affectionate remembrance of Helen McDOWALL eldest daughter of Robert McDOWALL and Niece of Agnes McWILLIAM who died at Isle of Whithorn d.3 Jan 1880 aged 20yrs...Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


Erected by Alexander McWILLIAM in memory of his brother John,shipmaster at Isle of Whithorn d.2 May 1830 aged 33yrs...Though Boreas blasts and Neptunes waves,have todded me to and fro..In spite of God`s decree,I harbour here below

Though at an Anchor here i ride,with many of the fleet,At last I hope I shall set sail,my Saviour Christ to meet.Likewise Alexander McWILLIAM the above erector d.24 Jan 1849 aged 47yrs.And of Janet WAUGH his wife d.6 Jan 1885 aged 86yrs.Also Margaret daughter of the erector d.19 Oct 1901 aged 71yrs.Also John his son died at Isle of Whithorn d.5 Aug 1910 aged 73yrs.Also Janet his daughter died at Isle of Whithorn d.7 Feb 1911 aged 73yrs.


*slab on ground

to the memory of Peter MILROY d.19 Feb 1823 in the 43rd year of his age.He was a dutiful son,a kind brother,an affectionate husband,an active public spirited magistrate and an enlightened sincere Christian...Honourable age is not that which Standeth in length of time,nor that is measured by number of years,but wisdom is the grey hair unto men,and unspoiled life is old age.And Agnes MILROY his spouse d.25 Jul 1827 aged 46yrs.Erected by Agnes MILROY his spouse.


Erected by John McMECKAN shipmaster,Isle of Whithorn in memory of Margaret KERR his spouse d.12 Feb 1845 aged 23yrs.Also Elizabeth MILROY his mother d.14 Feb 1855.Also the above John McMECKAN who was lost at sea d.Mar 1861.Also Mary McMECKAN wife of James McCLURE d.25 Dec 1887 aged 64yrs.Also the above James McCLURE d.4 Jan 1892 aged 70yrs.


*in bad condition,flaking badly

Erected by Montgomrie KERR harbour master,Isle of Whithorn in memory of his daughter Janet KERR d.18 Dec 1818 aged 15mths.Also his son John KERR d.7 Apr 1849 aged 21yrs 11mths.Also of William KERR his son d.4 Jun 1851 aged 1yr 7mth.and the said Montgomrie KERR d.5 Aug 1860 aged 66yrs 11mths.Also of Christine McCONNELL his mother in law d.10 Aug 1857 aged 82yrs.Also of Janet MILROY his wife d.27 May 1872 aged 77yrs.


Erected by Alexander GORDON postmaster,Whithorn in memory of his wife Isabella MILROY d.18 Mar 1862 aged 70yrs.Also of Peter their son d.10 Nov 1829 aged 3wks.And Robert their son d.3 Jan 1830 aged 11wks.Also the above Alexander GORDON d.28 Mar 1886 aged 92yrs 3mths.Also of Margaret GORDON daughter of the above d.11 Mar 1897 aged 75yrs.Also her son John GORDON died at Whithorn d.14 May 1907 aged 86yrs.Also Colina LOGAN wife of the above John GORDON died at Dunkeld.Also Isabella M. GORDON daughter of the above Alexander GORDON d.4 Jan 1908 aged 76yrs.


Erected by Jane MILROY in memory of her beloved husband James HANNAY merchant in Whithorn d.12 Jan 1855 aged 63yrs.Here also are interred her parents.Margaret McKIE d.15 Jun 1820 aged 65yrs.And Anthony MILROY d.18 Dec 1829 aged 84yrs.And the said Jane MILROY d.20 Feb 1881 aged 84yrs.


Erected by John DRAPE saddler in memory of Agnes his daughter d.19 Mar 1846 aged 9mths.Also Robert BROADFOOT his son d.18 Jul 1949 aged 6yrs 9mth.Also of Mary Ann his daughter d.10 Nov 1863 aged 27yrs.Also Agnes WAUGH spouse of the said John DRAPE d.9 Feb 1886 aged 79yrs.Also the above John DRAPE d.26 Jun 1887 aged 79yrs.Also Margaret CRAIG daughter of the above died at Creetown d.9 Feb 1918 aged 77yrs.Also Elizabeth Isabella daughter of the above died at Creetown d.20 Dec 1928 aged 82yrs.


Erected by Peter CUMMINGS Shipmaster Isle of WHITHORN to the memory of his daughter Jane died 9th April 1837 aged 11yrs Also his son Peter died 11th June 1837 aged 6yrs Also his daughter Margaret Jane died 5th May 1839 aged 12mths Also his spouse Jessie McMEEKAN who departed this life 2nd September 1861 aged 55yrs Also his son William CUMMING master mariner died at SWANSEA South Wales 19th January 1860 aged 32yrs Also the above Peter CUMMING died Isle of Whithorn died 6th April 1878 aged 85yrs Also his daughter Jessie CUMMING wife of Capt. BEE died 13th May 1899 aged 62yrs Also his grandson Captain James McCAIG BIE who died at Isle of Whithorn 11th November 1905 aged 32yrs Also another grandson William CUMMING BIE husband of Helen JOHNSTON who was drowned in the NORTH SEA 31st January 1907aged 34yrs War Chief Officer of S.S. MORAVIA of LEITH Also Margaret Jane Agnes daughter died 17th March 1944 cremated at Golders Green LONDON and was Interred there.


*slab on ground

By Nathan McMICKEN at Isle of Whithorn in memory of Jane KINNER his spouse d.3 Aug 1816 aged 31yrs.


Sacred to the memory of Hendry BELL d.10 Oct 1859 aged 61yrs.Also his son Hendry d.16 Aug 1857 aged 18yrs.Also Alexander his son d.12 Nov 1862 aged 20yrs.Also Mary McKIE his wife d.19 Dec 1875 aged 74yrs.Also Jane & Mary his daughters who died in infancy.Also his grand daughter Mary BELL daughter of James BELL d.8 Aug 1856 aged 10mths.


Erected by Peter McKIE blacksmith in Whithornin memory of his son David McKIE d.14 May 1876 aged 2yrs.Also his wife Mary CRONIE d.13 Jul 1897 aged 56yrs.Also the above Peter McKIE died at Whithorn d.15 Jan 1900 aged 57yrs.Also his son James McKIE who died at Maryhill d.3 Mar 1907 aged 30yrs.

Also his son John d.1939.Also his daughter Mary d.1944.And their Aunt Mrs J. FINDLAY d.1929 interred in St Kentigerns,Maryhill,Glasgow.


To the memory of Michael JARDINE lately tenant in Common Park d.5 May 1830 aged 72yrs.Also Jane JOHNSON his spouse d.3 Mar 1826 aged 66yrs.Also Michael JARDINE their son d.2 Jan 1833 aged 31yrs.Erected by Archibald,David & Edward JARDINE their sons.


Erected by Stewart DONNAN in memory of his wife Agnes LITTLE d.11 Jan 1907 aged 62yrs.Also his two daughters Martha & Margaret died in infancy.Also his daughter Isabella d.3 Feb 1894 aged 12yrs.Also Stewart DONNAN the erector d.4 Nov 1925 aged 81yrs.Also his daughter Julia d.4 Mar 1941 aged 53yrs.


Erected by John CLARK in memory of his wife Margaret IRVINE d.4 May 1851 aged 42yrs.Also his son John who was lost at sea d.11 Oct 1867 aged 20yrs.Also his wife Sarah HUNTER d.25 Mar 1871 aged 40yrs.Also four of his children who died in infancy.Also his son George CLARK d.16 May 1885 aged 31yrs.Also his son James CLARK who died at Boston d.15 Jan 1890 aged 33yrs and is interred in Maryhill Cemetery.Also the erector John CLARK d.5 Dec 1902 agd 82yrs.Also his wife Isabella McKIE d.19 Mar 1923 advanced in years.


Erected by Mathew SNODDON Whithorn in memory of William SNODDON his son d.3 Nov 1850 aged 10mths.Also his wife Janet CRAWFORD d.7 Nov 1855 aged 43yrs.Also his son James SNODDON d.20 Mar 1861 aged 29yrs.Also the above Mathew SNODDON d.14 Dec 1877 aged 67yrs.


Erected by William McKEAN in memory of his wife Mary DONNAN who departed this life d.23 Sep 1830 aged 76yrs.Also his daughter Jean McKEAN who departed this life d.3 Jan 1834 aged 16yrs.Also the above mentioned William McKEAN d.17 Apr 1875 aged 81yrs.


Erected in memory of Catherine McKIE d.24 Feb 1878 aged 79yrs.Also her daughter Sarah d.4 Jun 1858 aged 29yrs.Also her son in law John JESS d.14 Jul 1861 aged 48yrs.Also her grandson Alexander HANNAH d.8 Feb 1881 aged 21yrs.Also Catherine FERGUSON her great grand daughter d.10 Apr 1891 aged 12yrs.Also her daughter Margaret d.10 Jan 1907 aged 63yrs.David SHAW son of the above Margaret McKIE d.7 Jun 1917 aged 49yrs.Also Margaret daughter of the above John JESS d.25 Jun 1935 aged 79yrs.


Erected by Elizabeth THOMSON in memory of her husband Alexander BROADFOOT who died at Isle of Whithorn d.22 Mar 1862 aged 34yrs.


Erected by Isabella HOOD in memory of her son William BURNIE d.4 Jun 1887 aged 23yrs.Also the above Isabella HOOD d.30 Apr 1897 aged 57yrs.


Sacred to the memory of William BROADFOOT mariner Isle of Whithorn d.1 Aug 1855 aged 73yrs.Also his spouse Catherine KEWLEY d.19 Oct 1829 aged 41yrs.

*on west side of stone

If you think I`m forgotten you`re mistaken.


Erected by Mary McEWEN in loving memory of her mother Helen Pettigrew DALZIEL d.28 Mar 1905 aged 62yrs.Also her Grandfather Hugh PETTIGREW d.6 Mar 1880 aged 87yrs.


Erected by John HANNAH in memory of his son Alexander HANNAH d.2 Mar 1822 aged 1yr.Also Isabella his daughter d.Aud 1821 aged 2yrs.Also Janet his daughter d.1840 aged 18yrs.


Erected by James McGUFFIE at Baillewhirr in memory of William McGUFFIE his father d. 6 Dec 1838 aged 59yrs.Also Ann McCUTCHEON wife of the above d.29 March 1865 aged 82yrs.Also the above James McCUTCHEON d. 17 Jul 1883 aged 65yrs.Also his daughter Grace McGUFFIE d. 9 Sep 1885 aged 21yrs in USA.Also William McGUFFIE his grandson who was lost at sea 12 Oct 1895 aged 14yrs 6mths.Sacred to the memory of Maryann JOHNSTONE wife of the above James McGUFFIE who died at Isle of Whithorn 23 Jan 1912 aged 90yrs.


Erected by Samuel CARTER Schoolmaster of Whithorn in memory of his son Samuel d.28 Aug 1812 aged 3yr 3mths.Mary his daughter d.7 Mar 1816 aged 11yrs 4mths.Andrew his son d.11 Feb 1826 aged 24yrs.James his son d.22 May 1829 aged 17yrs 6mths.Samuel CARTER the said erector d.4 Jun 1833 aged 64yrs.Eliza his daughter d.29 Jul 1833 aged 33yrs.Agnes McCREDIE his wife d.4 May 1835 aged 63yrs.


Erected by William FULTON in memory of his son Alexander FULTON d.31 May 1873 aged 20yrs.Also his son Peter FULTON d.19 Jul 1875 aged 18yrs.Also his wife Mary McCLURE d.24 Jul 1900 aged 71yrs.Also the erector William FULTON who died at Bridge of Weir d.22 Feb 1901 aged 70yrs


Erected by Robert GARROCH in memory of his father John GARROCH d.6 Apr 1977 aged 57yrs.Also Isabella STEWART his mother d.26 Jul 1890 aged 63yrs.Also Alexander GARRICK his brother d.30 Aug 1892 aged 46yrs.Also Robert GARROCH the erector d.6 Oct 1909 aged 65yrs.Also Sarah DICKIE wife of Robert GARROCH d.19 Nov 1921 aged 75yrs.


Erected by Alan WHITEFORD in memory of his daughter Margaret WHITEFORD d.9 Jul 1867 aged 18yrs.Also his son William WHITEFORD d.5 Feb 1874 aged 22yrs.


*silver granite tombstone

In loving remembrance of Jane daughter of Peter & Margaret McMICKAN who died at Douglas,Isle of Man d.8 Jun 1863 aged 30yrs.Also the above Peter McMICKAN d.17 Dec 1879 aged 75yrs.Margaret his daughter and wife of Alexander McQUEEN who died at Douglas,Isle of Man d.23 Jul 1882 aged 54yrs.

Margaret wife of the above Peter McMICKAN d.13 Sep 1885 aged 87yrs.And Rachel their daughter died at Isle of Whithorn d.18 Apr 1910 aged 62yrs.


Sacred to the memory of William HANNAY tenant in Broughton Skeog d.2 May 1873 aged 72yrs.


Erected by John HANNAY in Broughton Main in memory of Elizabeth his daughter d.20 Jan 1831 aged 2yrs.Here also is interred Janet DONNAN his mother

d.25 Mar 1845 aged 79yrs.And of the said John HANNAY who died at sea of the Cape De Verde Islands d.24 May 1850 aged 58yrs.And of Alexander HANNAY his son who was drowned on the voyage from Melbourne to Tasmania d.20 Apr 1871 aged 34yrs.And Margaret McMONNIES wife of the said John HANNAY who died at Whithorn d.2 Feb 1894 aged 93yrs.


Erected by Thomas SIMPSON merchant in Whithorn in memory of Catherine SIMPSON his daughter d.7 Nov 1838 aged 4yrs 10mth.And Thomas SIMPSON his son d.15 Sep 1847 aged 4yrs 10mth.Also the erector Thomas SIMPSON d.12 Dec 1859 aged 56yrs.Also John his son d.26 Jan 1864 aged 20yrs.Also Helen eldest daughter of the above and wife of John NEILL who died at Stranraer d.20 Sep 1883 aged 54yrs.Also Mary CARNOCHAN wife of the above who died at Arrow d.5 Aug 1885 aged 80yrs.


*Table stone

Sacred to the memory of Alexander WAUGH late tenant in Falhar d.8 Dec 1825 aged 70yrs.Margaret HADDEN his spouse d.11 Jan 1832 aged 65yrs.Also Margaret WAUGH their daughter who died at Garlieston d.16 Jun 1871 aged 78yrs.Also Alexander WAUGH their grandson who died at Isle of Whithorn d.12 Nov 1872 aged 20yrs.And Margaret WAUGH their grand daughter who died in infancy.Also James WAUGH son of the above Alexander WAUGH farmer Low Isle d.27 Apr 1875 aged 80yrs.Also Jessie BLAIN wife of the above James WAUGH died at Whithorn d.4 Apr 1885 aged 74yrs.Also William Blain WAUGH

farmer,son of the above James WAUGH died at Isle of Whithorn d.11 Feb 1916 aged 64yrs.Also Mary WAUGH daughter of the above James WAUGH who died at Isle of Whithorn d.16 Jan 1919 aged 77yrs.Also James son of the above James WAUGH who died at Glasgow d.15 May 1927 aged 81yrs.Also Jane WAUGH daughter of the above James WAUGH farmer who died at Low Isle house,Isle of Whithorn d.23 Feb 1929 in her 80th year.


Erected by David McMONNIES farmer Drummoral in memory of Robert his son

d.8 Apr 1821 aged 5yrs.Also of Elizabeth HOUSTON his mother in law who died at Drummoral d.1833 aged 84yrs.Also of Jane HOUSTON his wife who died at Shaddock d.25 Jan 1869 aged 81yrs.And the above named David McMONNIES

who died at Shaddock d.30 Oct 1877 aged 92yrs.


Erected by James McNISH in Whithorn in memory of Catherine McMEEKAN his spouse d.21 Jun 1827 aged 52yrs.Also his second spouse Margaret McCALL

d.12 Aug 1834 aged 35yrs.Also his 3rd spouse Mary WATSON d.6 Jun 1840 aged 45yrs.And of the said James McNISH d.25 Oct 1849 aged 73yrs.


Erected by John GOURLAY farmer in Dinnance in memory of John GOURLAY

his son d.11 Aug 1831 aged 3wks.Also Jane GOURLAY his daughter d.6 Dec 1838 aged 4yr 3mth.Also John GOURLAY his son d.13 May 1844 aged 11yrs 6mths.Also Janet GOURLAY his daughter d.20 Aug 1844 aged 5mths.And of Mary McMONNIER his spouse d.28 Jul 1850 aged 39yrs..Also the erector of this stone John GOURLAY who died at Dinnance d.23 Aug 1856 aged 51yrs.

Also Jane GOURLAY daughter of the above d.23 May 1864 aged 25yrs.


Erected by Mrs STEWART Whithorn to the memory of her husband George STEWART d.4 Dec 1836 aged 55yrs.Elizabeth Minnoch STEWART wife of the above d.16 Nov 1860 in her 87th year...Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

..Rev xiv 15.


*poor condition

Erected by Robert HUSTON blacksmith,Whithorn in memory of his son Alexander HUSTON d.9 May 1874 aged 13mths.Also the above Robert HUSTON d.25 Feb 1883 aged 64yrs.Also Jane McCULLOCH HUSTON wife of the erector d.30 Jan 1888 aged 59yrs.Also Jeannie beloved daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth SCOTT d.24 Sep 1888 aged 3yrs 5mths and is interred here.


Erected by Robert McCLURE in memory of John McCLURE his father d.26 Frb 1814 aged 61yrs.His brother Samuel d.17 Aug 1810 aged 20yrs.Hsi sister Agnes d.17 Jun 1871 aged 18yrs.Here is also interred Tibetha CLELLAND wife of Agnew McCLURE d.17 Jun 1820 aged 56yrs.And 3 of their children who died young.


Erected by Peter BELL in memory of his daughter Sarah Smith BELL d.27 May 1875 aged 3mths


Erected by John NIBLOCK in memory of his father James NIBLOCK who died at Isle of Whithorn d.19 Dec 1881 aged 76yrs.Also his mother Mary NIBLOCK

d.15 Jul 1882 aged 65yrs.


Erected by Mary & Grace in memory of their mother Mary KEACHIE died at Whithorn d.16 May 1885 aged 48yrs.Also their father Andrew KEACHIE died at Whithorn d.13 Oct 1910 aged 70yrs.Also Mary their daughter d.28 Dec 1935 aged 73yrs.


Erected by Jane PATRICK in memory of her husband John SKILLING who died at Whithorn d.5 May 1881 aged 58yrs.Also the above Jane PATRICK who died at Kirkland,Wigtown d.15 Jan 1892 aged 81yrs.


erected by George KEITH in memory of his son Archibald d.31 Jan 1875 aged 9mths.Also the above George KEITH d.3 Sep 1898 aged 71yrs.Also his wife Glen McGIBBNEY d.15 Apr 1908 aged 78yrs.


Erected by James GARDINER in memory of his father in law John NEIL who died at Isle of Whithorn d.1 Mar 1873 aged 86yrs.Also his mother in law Mary STEWART d.30 Mar 1874 aged 92yrs.


Erected by Janet KINNER Whithorn in memory of her husband John CUMBERLAND d.2 Mar 1845 aged 34yrs.Also her son John who died in infancy.Also Janet her daughter d.10 Dec 1849 aged 15yrs.Also the above Janet KINNER who departed this life d.4 Jul 1853 aged 48yrs.


Erected by James McKENZIE in memory of his son William who died at Kevans d.29 Apr 1877 aged 6yrs.


Erected by the family in loving memory of their father David WHITELAW who died at Castle Douglas 20 Apr 1909 advanced in years. Alsomtheir Mother Margaret McCLELLAND who died at Broughton Skeog March 1909 advanced in years.


Erected by James WEIR in memory of his father George WEIR d.23 Mar 1884 aged 88yrs.Also in loving memory of his mother Bridget CASSIDY d.2 Feb 1904 aged 85yrs.Also the above named James WEIR d.19 Mar 1921 aged 75 yrs.Also James Hawthorn WEIR his sister d.13 Apr 1936 aged 77yrs.


Erected by James & Jane HAMILTON in memory of their father James HAMILTON Mariner who was lost at sea.Also their mother Jane McALLIE d.5 Apr 1878 aged 56yrs.Jane HAMILTON daughter of the above d.5 Feb 1928.

James HAMILTON son of the above died at Irvine d.20 Mar 1932 aged 77yrs.

Neil..son of James & Jessie HAMILTON who died at Irvine d.4 Jan 1929 aged 46yrs.


*top of stone broken off,not around

5th Nov ...d.84yrs...Also of their father Edward BOYLE d.2 Nov 1846 aged 88yrs.also Daniel BOYLE d.11 Jun 1861 aged 60yrs.also the said Charles BOYLE d.3 Nov 1865 aged 77yrs.Also their nephew Charles McCUTCHEON who was lost at sea d.Jan 1867 aged 22yrs.Also their sister Mary BOYLE wife of Hugh McCUTCHEON d.27 Mar 1880 aged 70yrs.


*This is at the old Cameronian kirk,then was a territorial drill hall and is now a council building near the house known as Sunview half way up George Street,Whithorn..Map Ref NX445 400..

*A large ornate stone..this in good condition...


Erected by the Congregation 1883...

In memory of the Reverend Gavin ROWATT A.M. Late Pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian church,Whithorn d.2 Nov 1832 in the 31st year of his age & the 7th of his Ministry.As a man he was distinguished by excellent talents and sweet dispositions.As a Christian by enlightened unaffected humble piety,as a Preacher by soundness of doctrine.Simplicity of style and an undeviating regard to practical usefulness and as a pastor by that peculiar fidelity,laboriousness and affection which so endeared him to the people of his charge.While public institutions for the spread of the Bible,the diffusion of the gospel,the religious instruction of the young and the prevention of intemperance ever found in him a liberal patron and an able and willing advocate.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord,they rest from their labours and their works do follow them.


The Reverend William McMURTRIE successor to Mr ROWATT d.6 Oct 1838 in the 32nd year of his age and the 3rd of his Ministry.

A young man of good talents,great modesty and amiableness of manners,sound piety and excellent promise.



Lying against N.Dyke are broken Headstones with no apparent position for them,excepting 1A & 2A...these make up No 45 as recorded.

*3A & 4A make 1*

Erected by Alexander DALRYMPLE Whithorn in memory of his wife Agnes MURRAY d.28 Sep 1880 aged 68yrs.Also the said Alexander DALRYMPLE who d.9 Aug 1891 aged 84yrs.


In loving memory of the late Peter McCALLISTER who died at Glasserton Mains d.14 May 1905 advanced in years.Also his wife Jane ROBB who died at Craigdau d.22 Oct 1916 aged 71yrs.


Erected by David ANDERSON in memory of his mother Agnes McCULLOCH

d.28 Mar 1861 aged 84yrs.Also Jane McCULLOCH his aunt d.22 Jun 1882 in the 56th year of her age.Also his wife Christina McKIE d.26 Oct 1887 aged 37yrs.

Also the said David ANDERSON d.31 Jul 1897 aged 61yrs.Also his son James McKie ANDERSON who died at Stranraer d.20 Oct 1907 aged 28yrs.


Erected by Charles & Daniel BOYLE in memory of their brother Philip who was lost at sea d.13 Oct 1829 aged 23yrs.Also of their mother Margaret BRODIE who

d. ? ? 1849 aged ?

*These Stones built into the inside walls of the old Priory*

*Badly worn Sandstone*


*South wall of Priory - Weathered Badly*

In memory of Agnes GIBSON wife of John CONNING d.9 Feb 1854 aged 59yrs.Also of their four children.Also of Agnes & Jane who died in Manchester & Peter in Malta.Also of the said John CONNING d.28 Mar 1859 aged 71yrs.Also of William CONNING their son d.22 May 1861 aged 42yrs.


By George CONNING,smith at Glasserton in memory of his four children who died in infancy.Also of his son George CONNING d.1 May 1861 aged 10yrs.

Also of Jane CONNING his daughter d.? Dec 1864 aged 10mths .And Isabella CONNING his daughter d.12 Jul 1869 aged ? .And also his daughter Georgina CONNING d.25 ? ? .Also of his son Ninian CONNING d.8 Sep 1887 aged ? .

Also his wife Annie MILROYwho died at Greenock d.9 Dec 1887 aged 84yrs.

also of Agnes G. CONNING his daughter d.11 Jun 1870 aged ? .


Erected by Robert LAWRIE in Whithorn to the memory of John LAWRIE his father d.16 Nov 1816 aged 79yrs.And Janet LAWRIE his mother d.2 Jan 1827 aged 84yrs.Also James McMILLAN his father in law d.24 Oct 1818 aged 84yrs.

Also Catherine McMILLAN his mother in law d.18 Jun 1823 aged 72yrs.And of Elizabeth McMILLAN his spouse d.26 Aug 1836 aged 49yrs.Also his son John McMillan LAWRIE who was drowned in Sacremento River,Calafornia d.Sep 1851 aged 24yrs.Also the erector Robert LAWRIE d.21 May 1862 aged 84yrs.

And his Grandaughter Catherine Conning LAWRIE d.24 Mar 1909 aged 84yrs.

And his daughter Janet Stewart LAWRIE d.1 Jul 1915 aged 83yrs.


A worn freestone panel..

Erected by Peter DAVIDSON in memory of his wife Jane D. BLAIN d.? Feb 185

aged 37yrs.


*Totally unreadable*


In loving memory of Robert DEMPSTER who died at Balnab d.4 Jun 1875 aged 58yrs.Christina Marion his daughter died at Whithorn d.17 Jan 1884.James John his son who died in infancy.Also William DEMPSTER 4th son of the above who died at Pollokshields,Glasgow d.18 Dec 1902.Jane Hastings BALLANTINE wife of Robert DEMPSTER who died at Pollokshields d.18 Feb 1907 aged 82yrs.

Margaret DEMPSTER second daughter who died at Crosshill,Ayrshire d.5 Sep 1922.


In loving memory of Margaret Broadfoot FLEMING Born ss Jan 1847 d.20 Nov 1850.Grace Broadfoot FLEMING Born 5 Sep 1859 d.9 Mar 1888.Elizabeth Hannah Aitken FLEMING Born 17 Sep 1861 d.5 Jun 1891.Thomas McClelland FLEMING M.A.U.P Minister,Cupar,Fife Born 18 Feb 1853 died at Melbourne,

Australia d.22 Apr 1895.The Reverend James FLEMING Minister of the United Presbyterian Church,Whithorn Born at West Calder Born 29 Apr 1816,Ordained 6 Jul 1842 d.31 Dec 1900.Isabella FLEMING wife of Reverend James FLEMING

Born 19 Frb 1827 d.27 Sep 1902...Auf Wiedersehen.


Erected by Willam KENYO in memory of his mother Annie McDOWALL who d.1 Feb ? aged ? .Also of David KENYO his son d.15 Mar 18?? aged 8yrs.Also of Mary PAIOR .......d.10 Mar 18?? aged 51yrs.Also his wife Mary DONALDSON d.? Sep 1878 aged 57yrs.Also the above Willam KENYO who died at Glasgow d.11 Apr 18?? aged 61yrs..Interred in Craigton Cemetery.


Silver Granite at S.W corner of Gable of Priory,inside...

In memory of Ann NICHOLSON d.24 Nov 1833 aged 18yrs.Helen Hathorn NICHOLSON d.8 Feb 1842 aged 20yrs.their mother Mary KIRKPATRICK wife of the Rev G.NICHOLSON d.18 Jan 1864 aged 74yrs.And the above named

Rev G.NICHOLSON ordained minister of this parish d.12 Sep 1811 who died d.24 Oct 1867 aged 87yrs..*?380 Rev Christopher NICHOLSON.


*A flat granite slab set in turf with a curved Celtic Cross on top *

James PENDER CBE.DL.JP of Castlewigg born.25 Apr 1860 d.3 Jul 1936.And his wife Janet Helen Maude GEILS d.2 Apr 1948.


*a very small short cross*

Lieut.Col.John Fletcher HATHORN Born.30 Aug 1839 d.16 Nov 1888..Receiveth

his beloved sleep.


*granite plaque on N.wall inside window NE corner*

In loving memory of John James McLEAN of Tonderghie Born.4 Jan 1853 d.18 Oct 1914.Henry Walter McLEAN of Tonderghie Born.23 Oct 1861 d.13 May 1944.Hariet Margaret McLEAN Born.12 Jul 1863 d.9 Feb 1956.


*granite plaque on N.wall,NE corner*

In memory of Hugh STEWART of Tonderghie B.1845 d.1902.The Widow,brothers & sisters of the late Colvin STEWART of Cairnsmore desire on this stone to commemorate the devotion of a True Friend.