Portpatrick cem

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Portpatrick Old Cemetery

ADAIR - 60, 61, 66
McDOWALL - 61, 63, 64, 66, 67 McGILL - 60
McWILLIAM - 55, 56, 60
SCOTT - 55

Sacred to the memory of John SCOTT who died 28 August 1821 Aged 52 years also his wife Margaret McWILLIAM who died 13th October 1852 aged 76 years and of their son John SCOTT who died llth September l821 aged22years Also five more of their children,three sons and two daughters who all died in infancy. Also Sarah SCOTT who died 22nd April 1892 aged 78 years Also Margaret SCOTT who died 28th Feby 1895 aged 86 years

Erected by James and Alexander McWILLLAM Farmers in Auchenree in Memory of their father Alexander McWILLIAM who died 27 Nov. 1833 Aged 65 years also Jane CARRUTHERS his wife who died 23 April 1822 Aged 60 years Also their son John who died on his passage from St. Domingo 3 March 1820 aged 26 years. Also their daughter Janet who died 12 May 1827 Aged 35 years Also four children of the above James who all died in infancy. Also Janet TAYLOR who died at High Auchenree 22 August 1878 Aged 77 years Also her husband James McWILLLAM, the above, who died at High Auchenree 1st Jan. 1882 Aged 80 years. Also his son Alexander McWILLIAM late farmer Auchenree who died at Maryville Portpatrick 11 Oct. 1904 aged 66 years. Also Jane CLUCKIE wife of above who died at High Three Mark, Stoneykirk 7 March 1916 aged 65 years.

Erected by the family in memory of John STEWART their father who died Sth Jany 1855 aged 55 years. Also Mennie Anna McCUBBIN their mother who died 31 st March 1860 aged 56 years. Also their sister Jane who died 4th Jany 1865 aged 41 years Also their brother William who died 17th Jany 1874 aged 41 years Also John STEWART son of Hay STEWART who died 14th Decr 1874 aged 1 year Also Grace STEWART daughter of William STEWART who died 6th Jany 1892 aged 21 years Also his daughter Jane STEWART who died 27th Novr 1904 aged 50 years Also Agnes ALEXANDER his wife who died 7th Dec 1904 aged 75 years Also David McCULLOCH who died 8th March 1909 aged 90 years

Erected by Jean . Andrew . Alexander and William CUMMING in Remembrance of their Parents viz. William CUMMING shoemaker who died the 17th March 1789 Aged 46 years. Also his wife Jennat ADAIR who died the 26th February 1828 Aged 74 years. Also Alexander CUMMNG son to the above Andrew CUMMNG who died 27th May 1827 Aged 7 months and Janet CUMMING his daughter who died the 10th Octr 1836 aged 20 years. Also Grace CUMMING his daughter wife of Hugh McWILLLAM engineer who died 19th January 1836 aged 33 years and the aforesaid Andrew CUMMING who died 17th December 1856 aged 73 years. Also Grace McGILL wife of the above Andrew CUMMING who died 3d Feb. 1867 aged 79 years. Also their son James CUMMING who died 23rd April 1881 aged 52 years.
Here lies the deceased Alexander ADAIR late tennant pinnminoch who died the 20th May 1783 aged 56 years. Likewise Jane MACDOWAL his wife who died the 19th January 1802 aged 73 years. Also 3 of their children who died young. (on reverse) This burying ground contains 2 graves in length and 4 in breadth and the stone stands in the centre. Erected by Jennet . Margaret and Ann ADAIR the deceased's daughters.
Erected in memory of Margret JOHNSTON Daughter to William JOHNSTON Portpatrick who departed this Life the 26th of June 1824 aged 28 years. The foresaid William JOHNSTON died 9 February 1842 aged 70 years
Erected by Alex & John McDOWALL in loving memory of their father David McDOWALL who died 11 th Feb. 1869 aged 33. Their brother David died in infancy. Their sister Janet died 24th March 1880 aged 14. Their mother Helen DOWNIE died 30th July 1913 aged 74.
Erected by John McDOWALL Joiner in memory of his father James McDOWALL who died 9th Decr. 1889 aged 80 years. Also his mother Isabella CARRUTHERS who died 13th Sept. 1883 aged 80 years. Also his brother Adair McDOWALL who died at Greenock 17th May 1883 aged 40 years. Also his brother & three sisters died in infancy and his aunt Elizabeth CARRUTHERS died 4th April 1876 aged 70 years.
Erected by John McDOWALL late farmer in Meikle Pinminnoch in memory of his spouse Margaret ADAIR who died on the 23rd day of Dec 1839 aged 74 years. Also Andrew their son who died on the 13th day of May 1824 aged 24 years and Elizabeth their daughter who died (young).
Erected by John McDOWALL in Little Pinminnoch in (memory) of Grace HANNAY his wife who died 19th Oct 1831 aged 35 years Also Elizabeth McINTYRE his wife who died Sth Decr 1848 aged 46 years. Also the above John McDOWALL who died 2nd Novr 1855 aged 62 years.