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Sør-Trøndelag Parishes

Each Fylke (county) in Norway is divided into districts. [The old term for fylke was amt.] There are 4 Fogderi (districts) in the Sør-Trøndelag Fylke, and 34 head parishes (Herreds). These consist of:

I. Fosen Fogderi or District, with 10 parishes or Herreds:

1. Bjørner
2. Aafjordern
3. Bjugn
4. Ørlandet
5. Frøien
6. Hitteren
7. Fillan
8. Hevne
9. Rissen
10. Stadsbygden

2. Orkedalen Fogderi, with 4 parishes:

11. Orkedalen
12. Meldalen
13. Rennebu
14. Opdal

3. Guldalen Fogderi, with 11 parishes:

15. Røros
16. Aalen
17. Holtaalen
18. Singsaas
19. Budalen
20. Støren
21. Soknedalen
22. Horg
23. Hølandet
24. Flaa
25. Melhus

4. Strinden og Selbu Fogderi, with 9 parishes:

26. Børseskognen
27. Børsen
28. Buviken
29. Bynesset
30. Leinstranden
31. Strinden
32. Malvik
33. Klæbu
34. Selbu

Information from Barry Dahl, Genealogist for the Trønderlag of America

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