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Village church in Radelfingen b. Aarberg, Canton Bern Switzerland

Schori, Schory, Schorey descendants of Bendicht Schori

My paternal Swiss ancestors originated in the village of Radelfingen b. Aarberg, Canton Bern. A total of six brothers and two sisters immigrated to Stark Co. Ohio abt 1833 after the death of their father Bendicht in 1832. In Stark Co. the Schori name evolved into Schory and Schorey

Descendant Report

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Swiss Heraldry

The above Coat of Arms (Wappen) (pre 1800) are from the Bern Staatsarchiv and are for the surname "Schori" in the village of Radelfingen

This website was written about in the Swiss newspaper Bruckenbauer in April 1997 by Rene von Euw

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