ZACH - PFEIFFER Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract between
Ignatz ZACH and Anna Maria PFEIFFER

On 15 Dec 2003 I received an e-mail from Ingrid which read:
A fortnight ago I took photos of marriage contracts of the lordship KIRCHBERG AM WALDE.

So I've copies of marriages that you possibly not know, e.g.
August WIESER with Anna Maria Koller
Ignaz ZACH with Anna Maria Pfeiffer
Kaspar HOFMANN with Johanna Wieser
Ingrid then sent me digital photographs of the marriage contracts of the couples named above.  The first page of the marriage contract between Ignaz ZACH and Anna Maria PFEIFFER is dated 24 October 1846.  Ignaz is from Kurzschwarza.  I have not figured out where Anna Maria is from yet.

Zach-Pfeiffer Marriage Contract

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