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From time to time I receive e-mails from other researchers asking if I know more about an individual or family name.  Other times I run across someone who is from one of my ancestral villages and I gather more information about them.  Following is information I've collected that isn't included in my family pages.


8 October 2007 -- e-mail from Bill
I am currently working on my family records in Poland and was wondering if you might have any records on the Chichowski family?  I have most of the American records but the Polish ones are very hard to find. Pitor Chichowski (b1840) is the last I have going back.
More about the CICHOWSKI family


27 December 2005 -- e-mail from Dawid
I'm Dawid and I'm writing from Poland. ...My grandfather was born in Łeki Dolne and his name is Ciurej.
More about the CIUREJ families

July 2014 -- e-mail from Lenore

More about Lenore's CIUREJ family


4 July 2008 -- e-mail from Debi
i am a find a grave person
i am looking for a great uncle and aunt
he and his wife were killed by a drunk driver and buried in a catholic cemetery somewhere in omaha
they married in 1930
he was born in the 1890's
i know it was between 1930 and 1940
can you help me or point me in the right direction
Albert Garey
Mary Garey
they are together
More about the GAREY family


A friend of mine from church was interested in finding more information about his paternal grandfather, Ralph HAMEL, who was killed in action during World War II.


More about the HAMEL family


More about the KIELBASA - SKARBEK family


11 December 2007 -- e-mail from L. Kusek
I happened upon your input on my mother's family, the Pier's [PEJOR], on rootsweb.com.... My mother's name was Veronica but she was always called Vera.... Can you give me any clues on how to find information on my father's family - the Kuseks?
More about the KUSEK family


22 April 2006 -- e-mail from Agata
My name is Agata ... I’m from Poland (Leki Gorne) and I’m looking for some Matyja Family - my [great grandfather's] (Fillip Matyja) brother came to Omaha (John Matyja and I know he had 12 children)
More about the MATYJA family


22 December 2007 -- e-mail from Alan and Chuck
I visited your website regarding births/deaths in  Leki Dolne.  My brother and I are tracing our roots, and we believe that our Grandfather, Stanislaw Pieczonka was born August 3, 1878 in Leki Dolne.  However, I do not find his name on the Leki Dolne or Leki Gorne birth lists.  In addition, he had a sister, Anna Pieczonka, who was born April 15, 1880, supposedly in the same area....

Marge's Note:  I have a website with a partial transcription of the church records for the Parish of Łęki Górne / Leki Gorne.  This is the site that Alan and Chuck are referring to.
More about the PIECZONKA family

I grew up in the South Omaha Parish of St. Francis Assisi.  One of the priests who served the parish was Monsignor Stanley F. Pieczonka, who was born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  I found his family had ties to the Leki Gorne Parish.

More about Monsignor PIECZONKA's family


20 July 2007 -- Guestbook entry from Lisa Way
Im looking for my greatgrandfathers family, who originated here in tarnow, poland. He was born 1896, and come to the states around i believe before 1930. he died in 1977.
More about the SENPACK family


26 December 2011 -- e-mail from Christian
my Name is Christian and I found your family page at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~sandlier/marge/ziemba.htm

In my family tree, there is a "Adolph Stiller" which immigrated to the U.S. in 1922. He had two daugthers, named "Emma Stiller" and "Mary Stiller" who seem to have married two brothers by the name of "Ziemba" in 1942. One was named "John Ziemba" and the other one "Louis D. Ziemba". From the marriage zertificates the brothers must be born between 1911 and 1913. The Married in Chicago, Cook, IL.

Do the names "John Ziemba" and "Lous D. Ziemba" or the name "Stiller" sound familiar to you? Do you have, by any chance some additional information for me?

Thanx and greetings from Vienna, Austria
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TWOREK - Anna Tworek of Tylmanowa

December 2018 -- Facebook friend request from Dominika
In December 2018 I received a Facebook friend request from Dominika in Poland who was looking to find more about her ancestor Anna Tworek. Dominika had found a reference to an Anna Tworek on my webpage and thought it might be her relative. 
More about Anna Tworek of Tylmanowa

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