CANFIELD Family History

The Camfield, Campfield, Canfield Family
in America

(one branch descended from Matthew Camfield)

The Camfield, Campfield, Canfield Family in America was compiled by Ruth Joyce Lewis, a direct descendant of Matthew Camfield. Ruth underlined the name of each of direct ancestor and until the ninth generation follows only the direct line. Where I have found additional information on the Canfield lines, I have included that data and made note of that inclusion. If you have additions or corrections I would love to hear from you. Contact me by e-mail: . Here follows Ruth's account, beginning with her dedication.


In Loving Memory of Our
Aunt Beryl Canfield Rock!
It was she who ignited the Spark
"Who Am I"

Thru her tireless research and with the assistance of her husband, Dr. Robert E. Rock, and sister, Ruth Jean Canfield this early Canfield History in America has been put together.

John Goff (died 1978) has done much research in Early England Ancestory.

Material for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth generations has been furnished by my Canfield cousins. My thanks to each for their help.

Signature: Ruth Joyce Lewis

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Transcription of handwritten Family History by Ruth Joyce Lewis. No date. Latest dated fact is in 1980.

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