Pennapiedimonte Research
Extract Details

Extract format
The pages presented here are formatted to match the Word document into which I enter all extracted data before entering it into my genealogy database. As I add the data to my database, I change the color of the text in the Word document to dark red. When I find a clerical error, some other inconsistancy (such as a transcription error on my part) or have a note to myself, I high-light the text in yellow. Move your cursor over the high-lighted text in the sample below to see the note to myself. Once any questions are resolved, the high-light is removed. Note: I have noticed that this feature sometimes does not work in IE.

Here is the basic format for my Word document followed by an actual example.

   Reel number
   Document type
   Index# full name, age, occupation - father's first name, age, occupation, mother's full name, age, occupation, marital status
   Index# full name, age, occupation - father's first name, age, occupation, mother's full name, age, occupation

   bobina 1424068
   ANNO 1900
   Registro degli atti di Nascita
     #1 04.01 Quirino Santoleri			- Donato, 42, contadino e Maria Garzarella, contadina
     #2 06.01 Pasquale Vincenzo di Bello	- Giovanni, 23, proprietario e Maria Giovanna di Giorgio, filatrice
     #3 14.01 Laura Verna			- Domenico, 44, fabbro ferraro e Filomena di Giulio, filatrice

Included Information

In many cases, relatives appear before the clerk to present the information regarding the birth or death. When available, that information appears after the mother's information.

Footnote references (all starting with '@') are links to the footnote page. Most of the footnotes refer to birth and death places other than Pennapiedimonte and to margin notes about marriages or corrections that were made in the birth records.

Missing Information
No records exist for the years 1866 through 1870. Some other years have missing records of varying types. For example, there are no banns for 1862 and no death records for 1871. There are no marriage records or banns for 1861 and the birth and death records have no index numbers and don't start until August and September.

One Final Note:
This pop-up window and those for the glossary on the extract pages can be moved around using 'Click & Drag'. A handy feature if the glossary is covering the word you are looking up. To move the window, move your mouse over the title bar. When the cursor changes, press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the window to a new position.

If you do move the window, the pop-up notes no longer appear above and to the left of the cursor. Instead, they appear just below the browser's tool bars. I'm using some open-source code that I found on the 'net'. I'll have to study it for a bit, but hope to eventually have a fix for this quirk. For the time being, I am concentrating on completing the extract pages. Refreshing the page will restore the functionality.