English Origins

There is no doubt that the American Sanborns originated in the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire area in southern England. Precisely where we do not know. In fact, the name of the father of the three Samborne brothers is still unknown. Their mother was Anne Bachiler, daughter of the well known Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Anne was a widow with three sons by 1630 but where she married a Samborne, his given name, and his place and date of death are not known.

Research into the Sanborn English origins has been going on for about 150 years - and it continues. The premier Sanborn researcher of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, V.C. Sanborn, could find no positive proof of the Sanborn origins. Late 20th century research is ongoing but still has not found positive proof. One of the main objectives of the Sanborn Family Association since its establishment in 1983 has been to continue the English research. The SFA Genealogist, George F. Sanborn Jr., FASG, has been directing the English research. An article by Mr. Sanborn about the current status of that researh has been printed in the Fall 1998 issue of our semi-annual newsletter, Sanborn Signatures. A copy of this article may be obtained from the Editor of the newsletter; see the Board of Directors page for addresses.