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Register Report - WEARE

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. ? WEARE. Children:

2 i. NATHANIEL (-1681)
ii. Peter. Born in 1618 in Wear-Gifford, Devonshire, England.
iii. Thomas. Born in Wear-Gifford, Devonshire, England.

Second Generation

Ship2. NATHANIEL WEARE (?1). Born in Wear-Gifford, Devonshire, England. Nathaniel died on 1 Mar 1681/1682 in Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA. Nathaniel married Sarah ? They had the following children:

i. Hester. Born in 1629 in England. In 1647 when Hester was 18, she first married Capt. Benjamin SWETT. Benjamin died in 1677. Hester second married Ensign Stephen GREENLEAF.
3 ii. MARY
4 iii. Nathaniel
iv. Peter.

Third Generation

3. MARY WEARE (Nathaniel2, ?1). On 15 Nov 1660 Mary married John SWAIN, son of Richard SWAIN & Basill ?, in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. Born bef 5 Oct 1634 in Easthamstead, Berkshire, England. At the age of <1, John was baptized in Easthamstead, Berkshire, England, on 5 Oct 1634. John died in Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA, bef 27 Jan 1717/1718; he was 82. They had the following children:

i. Mary
ii. JOHN (1664-1738)
iii. Stephen (1666-)
iv. Sarah (1670-)
v. Joseph (1673-)
vi. Elizabeth (1676-)
vii. Benjamin (1679-<1757)
viii. Hannah
ix. Patience (-1746)

4. Nathaniel WEARE (Nathaniel2, ?1). On 3 Dec 1656 Nathaniel married Elizabeth SWAIN, daughter of Richard SWAIN & Basill ?, in Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Born bef 9 Oct 1638 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA. At the age of <1, Elizabeth was baptized in Newbury, Essex Co., MA, on 9 Oct 1638. Elizabeth died in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH, on 10 Feb 1712/1713; she was 73. They had one child:

i. Nathaniel (1669-1755)

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