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Robert Warren, born perhaps about 1485 in Suffolk County, England and died 22 Feb. 1543/44 in Nayland, county Suffolk. He was the great grandfather of the John Warren who emigrated to America about 1630 and who settled in Watertown, MA. Robert was probably a son of John Warren and Eleanor Gerrard/Gerard.

The Will of Robarte Warren, aged and sick in body, 29 Oct. 1544. To be buried in the churchyard of our lady at Wyston [Wissington]. To the high altar there 12d. To wife Margarett the house that I dwell in now which I did purchase of the widow Payne, with all the lands, groves, woods, meadows, and pastures unto the same belonging, as I myself hold it by copy of court roll of the manor of Alpheley Hall, during the term of her life, and after her death to James my son and his heirs, and if he die before his mother then to his next brother and to his heirs lawfully begotten, and so from one brother to another. My milich beasts and oxen to be sold and the money used to pay debts, and the residue to my wife. To my son James a white bullock. To son Lawrence and to daughter Anne 20s. each after the decease of their mother. To son Thomas three horses, harness, a cart, plough, etc. All the wheat being in Hawkyns barn to be divided equally between my wife and son Thomas, he to pay my son William 20s. out of my land called Wynston Prestney at twenty years of age. Residue of all goods to wife Margarett, with an hundred of wood out of Wyston Prestney, and I make her my whole executrix. Mr. James Abbs of Nayland, supervisor. Witnesses: Henrye Lorkyn, Willm. Plampyn of Wyston, and Thomas Gostlynge of Grotton, and others. Proved 22 Feb. 1544-5 by the executrix. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Longe, 489).


Thomas Warren, younger brother of Robert, was born about 1487 in Nayland, county Suffolk, and died between 2 Sept. 1558 (date of will) and 18 Apr. 1559 (when it was proved).

The Will of Thomas Waren the elder of Wistonn, husbandman, 2 Sept. 1558. To be buried in the churchyard of Wistonn. To son Thomas Warren and his heirs forever my house and land that I now dwell in, three horses, a cart, ten sheep going at John Warrens, and household goods. To wife Margaret Waren her dwelling in my house and half of the occupying of the house and land as long as she keep herself a widow. To daughters Margaret Waren and Johann Waren four sheep and household goods. To Edward Ballard one sheep. The residue of goods unbequeathed, debts paid and body buried, I leave at the discretion of my executors, Henry Sherewode and Thomas Waren my son. Witnesses: Willm Plampin, Thomas Waren at the broke, Thomas Lorkn, and John, Fullor, with others. Proved 18 Apr. 1559 by executors named in will. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, Sparrowe, 47.)


Thomas was the son Thomas above and was of Nayland, county Suffolk. He died there between 7 Dec 1602 (date of will) and 18 Jan. 1603 (when it was proved).

The Will of Thomas Warren of Wyston in the County of Suffolk and Diocese of Norwich, yeoman, 7 Dec. 1602. To be buried in the churchyard of Wyston. To the poor people of Wyston 3s. 4d. To wife Elizabeth for life my house and lands wherein I now dwell called Alexanders in Wyston and Assignton; and after her death to my four sons as follows: to eldest son Thomas Waren my tenement and adjoining houses, barns, orchards, and yards, and three crofts of land adjoining the premises in Wiston, whereof one is called the homestole, containing three acres, one the hast, containing one and a half acres, and one lying next to it, one half acre, and half of my grove lying next to the aforesaid lands. To son Simon Warren one close containing three acres in Wiston and Assington lying between the lands before bequeathed and the lane leading to William Plympton's, and the residue of the grove aforesaid adjoining to the said close. To son Robert Warren one croft called Estsoldes in Wiston aforesaid, containing five acres, lying next the land of John Coggette, called Goumts. To son Henry Warren my meadows containing one and a half acres in Wiston. To daughter Margaret wife of John Fox, one cow, and to Frances Waren my other daughter, a cow. To John Foxe, the younger a weavell. Residue of goods chattels and household stuff to wife Elizabeth, whom I make sole executrix. The marke of Thomas Warren. Witnesses: Roger Keble John LeGris. Proved 18 Jan. 1603 by the executrix named in will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds, Coppinge, 289.)


Elizabeth was the wife of the Thomas above. She was of Wissington, County Suffolk and died beween 7 May 1604 (date of will) and 28 Jun 1605 (date it was proved).

The Will of Elizabeth Waren of Wiston in the County of Suffolk and diocese of Norwich, widow, 7 May 1604. To be buried in the churchyard of Wiston. To the poor of Wiston 3s. 4d. To daughter Frances Warren a cow, three pigs, crops, and household stuff. To son Robert Warren a bed. To John Foxe the younger a bed furnished. To John Foxe the elder a seame of fie. To Margarett the wife of John Foxe the elder, household stuff and apparel. To son Thomas Waren my mare. To Simion Warren a weavell. To son Henrie Waren household stuff. My daughter Frances Waren to be executor and to have all residue. My friend and neighbor, Thomas Lurker of Wiston, supervisor. [Signed] The marke and seale of Elizabeth Warren. Witnesses: Tho. Lorkin and Johes L'Gris. Proved 28 June 1605 by the executrix. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds, Coppinge, 395.)


This Thomas was a son of Robert and great uncle to John Warren, the emigrant. He was born about 1520 in Nayland, county Suffolk and died there 20 Mar. 1559/60.

The Will of Thomas Warren of Stoke Nailond in the Countye of Suffolk and diocese of Norwich, yeoman, 13 Mar. 1559. To be buried within the sanctuary of Stoke Nailonde. To my wife Marian for life my house that I now dwell in called Morris with all lands belonging thereto, toward the maintenance of her living and the honest and good brining up of her children and mine. After her decease the same to my son Edward Warren and heirs lawfully begotten, and for lack of such heirs the same to my son Simon and his heirs. To wife Marion of life Harkinge beene and all the land that belongeth thereto that is "a hole Bayliship," and my copy grove called wysstn pressen, and my free land called Derelye, and a parcel of grove called little wessen pressen; all these lands on her decease to descend to my son Simon and his heirs lawfully begotten. To my three daughters, Jane Warren, Agnes Warren and Ann Warren, £3 6s. 8d. apiece at twenty-one or day of marriage. To sons Simonde Warren and Edmund [sic] Warren, 40s. apiece at twenty-one. To brother John Warren, to James Warren, William Warren, Laurence Warren, and Ann Lorkin, 3s. 4d. apiece. To godsons Thomas Lorkin and William Podmare a lamb apiece. To Thomas Holton, godson, a lamb and 3s 4d. To godson Thomas Warren, son of Robert Waren, 20d. To godson John Warren, son of John Warren, 3s. 4d. To wife Marion all goods and chattels moveable and unmoveable unbequeathed, and I make her the sole executrix to pay and receive my debts. She shall bestow 30s. at my burial. Supervisors: Edward Holton, and for his pains 13s. 4d. Witnesses: John Prentise, Willm Plampen the yonger, Thomas Spakeman and John Ley, with others. Proved 20 Mar 1559, by the executrix named in will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds, Sparrowe, 85.)

References: pp. 348 - 355, Vol. 64, Oct. 1910 NEHGR.


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