Richard Warren

Mayflower II at Plimoth Plantation

The Mayflower II at Plimoth Plantation
A 1620 Mayflower passenger, Richard Warren was a merchant of London, England who joined the Pilgrims at Southampton and became the twelfth signer of the Mayflower Compact. Although William Bradford in his "decreasings and increasings" gives Richard Warren the honorific title "Mr.", he does not mention him at all in the text of his history of Plymouth Plantation, and very little is known about him except for a few brief mentions elsewhere. Bradford says of him, "Grave Richard Warren, a man of integrity, justice and uprightness, of piety and serious religion, a useful citizen, bearing a deep share of the difficulties and troubles of the plantation."

In Mourt's Relation Edward Winslow lists ten men on an early expedition at Cape Cod, including Richard Warren, who were from London. He was "a useful instrument; bore a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of settlement," according to Nathaniel Morton in his New England's Memorial. Judging from land transactions of his widow, Elizabeth, the family appears to have been one of the wealthier ones at Plymouth. In the division of cattle in 1627 shares were given to him, to his wife Elizabeth, and to their children.

Richard Warren was probably born in England between 1580 and 1590 and died in Plymouth in 1628. He married prior to 1610 Elizabeth. Despite what has previously appeared in print (e.g. Marsh, Jowett) her maiden name is unknown. She was born about 1580 and died in Plymouth October 2, 1673 aged above 90 years. She came over in 1623 on the ship Anne with daughters Abigail, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Richard and Elizabeth Warren had two sons born at Plymouth, Nathaniel, who married Sarah Walker, and Joseph, who married Priscilla Faunce.

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