Nathaniel Barnard

Nathaniel was born at Salisbury, Massachusetts on January 15, 1642/3. He was in Amesbury, MA during April 1665, but soon after his marriage to Mary Barnard in 1666, he removed to Nantucket. Mary Barnard was Nathaniel's first cousin, daughter of Robert Barnard and Joanne Harvey. Mary was born in Andover, Massachusetts on April 8, 1648.

Nathaniel was highly esteemed among the early inhabitants and was very prominent in Town and public affairs. He was chosen many times to serve in all the important offices. He was a trader, and the court records show that he was fined in 1709 for selling liquor to the Indians.

In 1695, Nathaniel released his claim on his portion of his father's estate to his brother, John:

Acquittance of Nathaniell Barnard, sr. of Nantucket to his brother John Barnard of Amesbury, administrator to the estates of their mother Elener Little of Amesbury, deceased, who was administratrix to the estate of their father Thomas Barnard of Amesbury, of all portions due unto him from said estates. Dated August 29, 1695. Witness: Tho. Currier, Samll. Weed. Acknowledged Aug. 29, 1695 by Nathaniell Barnard before Robert Pike, Just. of Peace.

The Town Records of Nantucket show he departed "this liffe in great peace" 3d 4 mo. of 1718. His estate, as reported December 28, 1718, totaled 2460. Mary died at Nantucket on March 17, 1717/18.

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