George Barnard

George was born September 7, 1798 at Center, North Carolina. He removed with his parents to Ohio and then to Economy, Indiana. On March 23, 1819, he married Edith Bailey who died just a few years later in 1821, probably due to complications of childbirth. On August 15, 1824, George married Nancy Harrington at Wayne County, Indiana. Nothing is yet known about Nancy's ancestry.

On August 14, 1822, George was disciplined for dancing by his fellows Quakers. (One wonders exactly why he was dancing -- perhaps celebrating the death of a nasty first wife or celebrating finding a new one?) In any event, I suspect that around this time, George left the Quaker church, as his second marriage is not in their records, nor are the births of any of his children by his second wife. Quakers were notoriously meticulous in their record-keeping, but once a person left the faith, no records were kept. George's daughter-in-law, Huldah, was also disciplined for marrying outside of faith, so his son Eli was obviously not a Quaker.

George died in 1838, probably in Westville, LaPorte County, Indiana. He was only 39 years old. Quite possibly he died of malaria, something his brother William experienced several times. It is not known when Nancy died.

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