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Daniel PEGG

Barbara JONES 2

  • Born: 1669, , , , Wales 2
  • Marriage: Daniel PEGG on 27 March 1691 in Prob. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1
  • Died: 1746 at age 77 2

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The following are transcribed from documents sent by Roger F. Huff, Clinton, Illinois to Ronald W. Whitney, Maple Plain, Minnesota toward the end of the year 1999. They are copies or originals of research he had done on the family in the 1960's. The originals were badly damaged by a couple of floods that had occurred since then. The copies were poor photocopies of othe badly damaged papers. Wherever in the transcription the damage is too great to be readable, brackets [ ] will be used to indicate missing words, or guesses. Normal brackets ( ) will represent brackets that were used in the original.
Transcribed by Ronald Whitney on May 31, 2000.

Document 1 - Badly water damaged original.

From conversations I had with parties previously mentioned it appears that William son of John was a drunk and had no issue.

Next I went to Pleasant Hill Cemetery near [K]ingston. In the older part of the cemetery I looked at every stone. In the newer part I very quickly spotted a stone marked REED. It was a large family stone. Close
[ ] was a very old small stone which said "Daniel son of [ ] and E. Reed died April 12, 1867. On the other side of the large stone there were four smaller stones all the same kind. [ D----] Reed, 1872-1938, Robert Nelson Reed, 1871-19[46], George [ ] Brooks, 1868-1960, Sarah Reed Brooks, 1861-1931. Mrs. [Deh--] said that their grandaughter had a stone. But she did not seem to be very positive to [ ]. The presence of the smaller stone and several unmarked graves [ ] to me that this was Nelson's resting place. I didn't try [and] confirm it - time to go home. While working out all of the details could [ ] and would be interesting to do, I simply do not have time. A couple of weeks in the courthouse, newspaper office and a couple of looks at the census records would settle most of that family pretty well it seems to me. Mrs. Dehus said that her grandmother died before she was born and she was born in 1869 if she were actually 97 this January. She says that she lived around Kingston when she was a child, so the 1870 census of Green Township should pick up the family. Could be that or [ ] didn't move until later and we might have to look at the 1880. She said that her father's house burned down when she was a girl so that if there was a bible it burned up then.
27 February 1966
Back to the letter. I have copied all of the pertinent data from Mrs. Chapman's chart. The rest of it is the Huffman family which you already have.

Yesterday in the musem(sic) here in Columbus I checked the following:

Penn Census: 1790
Daniel Pegg Bucks County 1m + 16, 1m - 16, 2f
William Peg Northumberland County 3m + 16, 3m - 16, 4f
George Pege Northampton County (Allen Twp.) 1m + 16, 2m - 16, 2f
Benjamin Pegg Washington County 1m + 16, 2m - 16, 4f

Revolutionary War Veterans Index prepared by the National Genealogical Soc.
Benjamin Pegg Ind Wars 1792-95, File No. S40248
Daniel Pegg New Jersey (served in N. J.), File No. S23840
Elias Pegg Penn (served in Penn.) S40250

Note that Northumberland County was where Catherine and Joseph Polen were actually married. If I were looking for a uncle for Catherine I'd say that he'd make a good one. I forgot to look for the Flicks in the 1790 Census. Also forgot the Schecklers. Try to remember to do it the next time I'm there.

I guess this just about winds this epistle up. This weekend didn't have the bright appeal of Washington's Birthday so didn't get out around the state at all. But spring is on the way.

Ken Poling

Document 2 - Poor photocopy of water damaged document.

Compiled by K.E. Ballard 1966

Daniel Pegg, a Friend, in 16[86] acquired the 250 acres of [Ju]rian Hartsfelder's patent of 1676. He therefore once possessed nearly all of the Northern Liberties (of Phila., Pa.) [south] of Cohoc[ ]sinc Creek, in their primitive state of woody waste. He appears to have sold about 150 acres of the northern part to Coates (his brother-in-law) [corrected to read son-in-law] and to have set upon the improvement of the rest as a farm - to have diked in his marsh so as to form low meadows and to have set up a brick kiln. His mansion, of large dimensions, - two stories, with a piazza and double hipped roof, was called in the early days 'the big brick house at the north end.' It was on Front Street, west side, a little below Green St. In 1709 William Penn proposed to rent it for his residence that he might here be in the quiet country. Back of Pegg's house, from Front to Second Street and from Green to Coates Street, he had nearly a square of ground enclosed as a field, with numerous large cherry trees along the fences. This was a green meadow when the British occupied Philadelphia. They cut down the cherry trees for fuel. Britished [sic] troops were camped in the field.
Following is an abstract of the will of DANIEL PEGG, JR. written January 9, 1732, a short time before he died. To his wife SARAH he gave his 'northermost messuage of tenement and the piece of ground thereunto belonging, bounding on the north by land in the tenure of William Coates, on the east by a great road leading to Burlington (ie, Front St.), southward by a line dividing that tract from his other land, and westward by the New York road (ie, old Fourth St.). To his nephew, DANIEL PEGG, a son of NATHAN, he gave all his southernmost messuage or tenament where he then dwelt, together with the piece of ground bounded northward by the lane aforesaid, eastward by the Burlington Road, southward, by the second row of apple trees in his orchard, carrying the same breadth westward to a fence at the west end of an adjoining pasture, and westward to a fence at the west end of an adjoining pasture, and westward by the said fence… To daughter SARAH PEGG, land; to nephew ELIAS PEGG, second son of NATHAN, land. Similar lots to nephews DANIEL and JOHN COATES (sons of THOMAS COATES).
(Note: Watson confused Daniel Pegg, Sr. with Daniel Pegg, Jr. in a statement in [which] he said that Daniel Sr. must have had three wives. Daniel Sr. died 1702/3 leaving as his widow, Barbara, his second wife. Daniel Jr. was married to Sarah.)

The following information is found in the A. R. Justice Collection. DANIEL PEGG (SR.) married (1) 2nd mo. 28th day, 1686 in Neshaminy (Bucks Co., Pa.) at the house of Samuel Allen, MARTHA ALLEN, daughter of Samuel Allen. He married (2) BARBARA JONES, intention filed 1st mo. 27th day, 1691, - Minutes of Phila., Pa. Monthly Meeting of Friends, page 131. [in pencil md. 3/5/1691]
Issue by his first wife, Elizabeth: [crossed out and added in pen, probably by Roger Huff, "Martha Eliz. Allen".]
1. ELIZABETH PEGG, daughter of DANIEL & MARTHA (ELIZABETH) ALLEN PEGG, married Thomas Coates of Philadelphia, brickmaker.

Issue by 2nd wife, Barbara Jones: [also added in pen (Rebecca)]
2. DANIEL PEGG, JR. born 1692, died 1733, married about 1726 (?) Sarah (?Hooper). married at least by 1720.
3. JANE PEGG, married (?Enoch) Flower. Mentioned in will of grandmother, Jane Jones.
4. NATHANIEL PEGG, born 4/25/1698 - Phila. Monthly Meeting Records, Births and deaths, page 230, married Mary _____. [UNK penned over underline]
__________________________________________________________________________ ___
1. Watson, John F.: "Annals of Phila., Pa. Etc, Vol. I" Phila., Pa. 1898. page 439.
2. A. R. Justice Collection, # 18, Gen. Soc. Pa. page 11.

Document 3 - Water damaged original and fair photocopy of document.

New Jersey Archives
Abstract of Wills, Vol. V - 1771 - 1780
1778, Sept. 19, Pegg, Daniel, of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co. N. J.
Int. Adm. Daniel Pegg. Fellowbondsman, Daniel Cahill; both of said Co.
1778, Sept. 22, Inventory, made by Daniel Mershon - Lib. 22, p. 21

Abstract of Wills, Vol. XI - 1806 - 1809 - Page 259

Pegg, Daniel G., of Bethlehem Twsp., Hunterdon Co., will of Wife, Margaret, personal estate; also $50 from sale of real estate. Children, Jesse, John and Mary Pegg, residue of money from sale of real estate, when of age.
Executors - Wife, Margaret, Jeremiah Garzy and Christopher Snyder.
Witnesses - Phillip Johnston, Andrew Moore, George Fritts. Proved Nov. 30, 1807. Oct. 7, 1807,
Renunciation by Christopher Snyder. Witness, Joseph King.
1807, Nov. 24, Inventory $320.61, made by George Fritts and Harbert Rodenbough.
File 2267 - J. (Will, Sept. 7, 1807)

Daniel G. Pegg (Beth. Twsp) b. May 11 1779
d. 1807
m. Margaret Buchanan

Mahlon Pegg b. Aug. 8, 1805
d. Oct. 4, 1876
m. 1st, Feb. 7, 1829
i. Independence, B. G. Elizabeth Sebold b. June 30, 1810
d. Feb. 5, 1848
i. Independence B. G.
7 Ch. (Bible)
Mary Elenor b. Oct. 31, 1830
d. July 3, 1849
Parmelia Ann b. Mar. 9, 1833
d. June 13, 1850
John b. Sept. 30, 1836
m. d.
Sarah Elizabeth Fine b. Jan. 11, 1839
d. July 8, 1866
Hannah Cathetine [sic] b. May 16, 1841
d. June 2, 1866
Christopher Snyder
Jacob S. b. Dec. 18, 1842
d. July 10, 1925
m. 2nd
Dinah Hockenbury
Stryker's List of Revolutionary Soldiers - Page, 715

Private Daniel Pegg (Does not say what County - Probably Hunterdon County) [written in pen on original - Daniel 5th]

Hunterdon County New Jersey Militia, 1792 (By H. E. Deats)
Kingswood Township
Pegg, Nathan
Pegg, Thompson

Copied by M. L. Wilson, Corr. Sec. Of the Hunterdon Co. Historical Society, July 28, 1966.

Document 4 - Original letter in damaged but good condition.

1711 Addison St .
Philadelphia, Pa. 19146
February 24, 1967
Mrs. Mary E. Huff
801 E. Jefferson
Clinton, Ill. 61727

Dear Mrs. Huff:

In answer to your letter, I have searched through the index of deeds for Philadelphia County down to 1900 for a Polen [crossed out with pen] or Pegg deed to the City of Philadelphia, but found nothing under a Daniel Pegg nor a Joseph Polen. [Joseph Polen also crossed out]

It is possible that the deed was made by someone of another last name, yet an heir to the property - or holer of the deed at the time.

Last week I soughtthe[sic] opinion of a lawyer with considerable experience and because he is active in one of the patriotic societies, sympathetic to genealogy. He agreed with me that the best approach would be to have a search of the property made by one of the title searching companies here in Philadelphia. Their searchers are trained in the specific tracing of property through the changing deeds and the transfers of title of a specific piece of property. The lawyer states that the cost of such a search is about thirty-five dollars at the present time. Of course, it could be higher depending upon the complications involved.

As to going to court to claim ownership of the property, he stated that it would be of very doubtful outcome for the heirs of someone owning it originally, after a great many years of assumed legal ownership by those now in possession. I assume that what he means is that an old deed of sale would be upheld in favor of the purchasers.

What I believe that Canadian Pegg meant by his reference to the family not having been dealt fairly with, is that the one who sold the property to the City of Philadelphia, or to someone else who later resold it to the City, wasthat the other members of the family who were legally entitled to a share in it were not given (or may not have been given) compensation for their share.

I would be leary[sic] of engaging a lawyer who contacts you first and encourages you to go ahead with promises of success. In similar situation, I would want to select a reputable lawyer whose name has been given by the Chamber of Commerce or Bar Association here. Lawyer's fees can become quite costly, as you know, I am sure.

Enclosed is your material which you sent me and which I failed to return previously.

My charge for this further work is five dollars.

Sincerely yours,
Rev. Kenneth E. Ballard

Document 5 - Photocopy of a photocopy of a letter judging by the fact that some notes are also photocopied. Good condition, but can't tell if pages are missing.

[copy of 1902 letter to my grandfather - James N. Polen. Probably written by Mary Huff.]
[note in pen: Ron - A letter from Twin Nathaniels grandson to my wifes grand father. Chesnut is 15 miles west of us here. Signed Roger.]

Chesnut, Ill. 3/11-02
Mr J[ames?] Polen
Clinton, Ill.
I write to you to day in regard to an Estate in which the Polens are interested as follow
Daniel Pegg leased to the City of Philada[sic] Pa a tract of land for the period of 99 years. Also a tract in Harrisburgh for the same period.
My Grand Father Nathaniel Polen was a son of Hannah Pegg . She being a daughter of Daniel Pegg the 3rd. There were only two sons born to her, Nathaniel & [written in, William] twin bros.
[this ends the first page]

[the so called page 2]

[missing word ] copy of the original lease which shows that there is yet two years for us to present our claim.

Please give me the Genealogy of the Polens as near as you can. I think perhaps you may find it to your interest.

My Grand father & his Bro came to Ohio many years ago from the east. They died in Harrison Co., Ohio.
Please let me hear from you favorably and oblige.

Yours Respcfly
[Signed] John Hoover
Chesnut, Ill.


Barbara married Daniel PEGG on 27 March 1691 in Prob. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.1 (Daniel PEGG was born on an unknown date and died on 23 February 1703 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania 1 3.)



1 Roger Huff Papers (See More About Barbara Jones - Notes, for full text. ,). Various research papers sent by Roger Huff, Clinton, Illinois to Ronald W. Whitney, Maple Plain, Minnesota toward the end of they year 1999.

2 Janice Baker, Pegg Family History (Home page on the Internet ,). Information gleaned by Ronald Whitney on January 30, 1999 from the web site "PEGG Family History"

3 Genealogy Records - Judy Freed, E-mail to Ronald Whitney dated September 16, 1999. W.W. Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy", Volume II, page 405, Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, notes that Daniel Pegg died February 23, 1703.

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