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1. Rebecca

2. Martha ALLEN
3. Barbara JONES

Daniel PEGG 2

  • Born: Unknown
  • Marriage (1): Rebecca before 1682
  • Marriage (2): Martha ALLEN on 28 April 1686 in Neshaminy, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania 1
  • Marriage (3): Barbara JONES on 27 March 1691 in Prob. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1
  • Died: 23 February 1703, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania 1 3

bullet  General Notes:

The PEGG genealogy has been much confused by various attempts at litigation by various heirs for over a century in an attempt to claim a fortune based on the value of land owned by Daniel Pegg I, and/or Daniel Pegg III. The ancestry detailed here attempts to choose the most supportable version based on documentation and thus is a conglomeration of several.

That Daniel Pegg who died in 1702 is the immigrant ancestor is consistent. However, whether he had 2 or 3 wives is the first problem. One school claims the first as Martha Rebecca Allen while another indicates that Rebecca is a previous wife to Martha Allen. We have opted for the 3 wife version until proven otherwise. Again, the last wife as Barbara Jones is consistent. Since she is our ancestor, we won't dwell on the other two.

The analyses by others which follow do a fine job of citing the sources, however the list of children from his will are:
Elizabeth (under 21 at time will was written)
Nathan (called youngest son and also under 21)
Elias (also to receive considerable assets at age "ye age 21")
Daniel Pegg (called eldest son)

The following information was attached to an e-mail dated 9 March 1999 from Carolyn Westberry to Ronald Whitney.

The Pegg Family

By all accounts, the Pegg family is of English origins. The Descendants of William Wolf and Mary Magdalene Bewers Wolf, GG929.2W832WX, 1988 as obtained from the Ft Wayne Public Library contains notes on the Pegg ancestry which are of interest even though our Peggs were in America earlier than those listed in this text. "William Pegg of St Ives, Huntingtonshire, England signed a document on Nov 19, 1719, arranging to go to Maryland in the British colonies. At the time of signing he was nineteen years of age, making the date of his birth at 1700. He had been born in the reign of William and Mary II, and left his native land during the reign of George I. St Ives, which is known to all children because of the nursery in Cromwell country and since there is record of a Pegg being a pikeman in Cromwell's army, one might assume that the family had been of that political persuasion. A pikeman was a soldier armed with a long wooden shaft with a pointed steel head....Financially it turned out not to be a rewarding stand to take, and may have some bearing on the fact that the William Pegg who, two or three generations later, was migrating to Maryland was a very poor man. About 1743 he was buying land in Kent Co. Delaware, and records now in the courthouse at Dover show that more or less on the eve of our American Revolution, he was selling his land piecemeal....It is interesting to note that the other Peggs of Derbyshire were Royalists, and prospered after the restoration of Charles II. Catherine Pegge, daughter of Sir Thomas Pegge, was one of the mistresses of Charles II, and mother of his son Charles Fitz Charles....The children of the emigrant William Pegg and his first wife Margaret seem to have been Samuel, Mary, Valentine, Martin and the twins James and John. Of these, Samuel settled in South Carolina, Mary married into the Foote family, Valentine and Martin, who were Nicholites in religion, moved to Guilford Co., North Carolina. A John Pegg fought in the Revolutionary War."

Clerissa Tatterson's work on the Poland/Poling/Polen families stated that Nathaniel Polen Sr of Harrison Co Oh was a twin to Wm Polen of Jefferson Co Oh. The twins are listed as the sons of Wm and Hannah (Pegg) Polen and are said to have been born in Monmouth Co NJ in 1769. They had an older sister named Sarah by some references and Elizabeth by others. Hannah is said to have died at the birth of her twins and their father took them all to Loudon Co Va to the home of his father (claimed by Mrs. Tatterson to have been Samuel). The father Wm died at a young age in Loudon Co (Tatterson) and the children lived with their gf Samuel for several years but were later adopted into other families due to Samuel's advancing age (Tatterson). The twins were warded to their Uncle Nathaniel Pegg and later inherited his farm. This court order is of record in Loudon Co Va and does then confirm that their mother was nee Pegg.

Nathaniel Pegg's will is dated 2 Sep 1801 and named his nephews to inherit his estate but also designated portions of his possessions to go to his brothers. The named brothers in that will are in parallel to the listing of Peggs presented in the following research and thus is additional proof of the lineage of our ancestor Hannah (Pegg) Polen.

Barbara Kehl of 15 N 600 West Valparasio, Indiana received a letter from Betty Barnhill of 103-5301 46th Ave Red Deer Alberta T4N 3N3 dated 10 Aug 1990. Mrs. Barnhill's research provided her with a letter written by a Mr. Duvall to his Uncle Lee Chambers (undated) and the back of that letter contained the chart of the Pegg family. This chart was made due to a law suit regarding abandoned land by the Peggs when they moved west from Philadelphia. General Electric took this land as a plant construction site without ever making payment to the Peggs. Daniel Pegg III was in Bucks Co Pa in 1790 but gone by 1800 and it is thought that his land was the property in question. The Chambers Family Association has a file on the Pegg estate reclamation in which the earliest date is a letter of 12 Oct 1902 and the latest 25 Nov 1916.

The chart as preserved is confusing but combined with the known information on the Peggs gives an excellent documentation of our family line for this branch. Of specific interest to us is the listing on the original chart which shows Hannah Pegg as the d/o Nathan and Mary (Park Heath) Pegg, "married a Polen". This parallels the name of the m/o Nathaniel Polen Sr of Harrison Co Oh as presented in the numerous researches of the Polen ancestry.

The Pegg chart as presented by Mrs Barnhill:


DANIEL PEGG, the first, born ____ died 1702, married 1686 Martha Rebecca Allen dau Samuel & Mary
Elizabeth b. 1687 d. 1772 married Thomas Coates
John Daniel Elizabeth m 1721 Joseph Paschall
Married (2) 1691 Barbara Jones, dau. Elias Jones

Daniel Pegg, the second Elias b 1694 Nathan b 1698 Jane b 1700 Mary
Born 1692, died 1732 m. d 1717 married married b.____
Sarah Hooper, who after never married Mary Park Heath Enock Flowers d. 170_
His death married | |
Thomas Green | Thomas
Sarah Pegg m (1) Richard Pidgeon |
(2) Walter Goodman |
___________________________________________|______________________________ ____________
Daniel Pegg, the third Elias Nathaniel Samuel William Isaac Joseph Hannah
Born 1725, died 1802 married a
Married Hannah Cliff (dau. Of Joseph) Polen
_______|__________________________________________________________________ ____________Benjamin Elias m Elizabeth Nonsettler Mary Samuel Ezekiel Rachel
born 1753 b. 1759 m 1785 (Onsettler) also no heirs no heirs b 1751?
Died 1830 d. 1838 called AmRev AmRev m. 1766 ?
| Polly& Joseph
| Nelly b 1764 Chambers
| m. Daniel Higgins b. 1745?
| (pen. Rec. b. 1751
| d. 1840

_______________________________________ _______________________________________

1. Catherine, born 1787 1. James Chambers
2. Rachel (died in youth) 2. Joseph Chambers Jr.
3. Elizabeth (" " " ") 3. Benjamin Chambers
4. Isabella C. m. Henry Innis 4. Betsey E. Chambers Leech
5. Mary m John Weedon 5. Lee Chambers
6. Ezekiel (no children) 6. Elias Chambers
7. Margaret m Ephraim Fisher 7. Rolland Chambers
8. Barbara m Harvey Brodrick 8. William Chambers
9. Elias (no children) 9. Harrison Chambers
10. Joseph b 1809 m._______ 10. Jackson B. Chambers
John Hoyle Chambers
Rachel Chambers Prosby (no heirs)
Polly Chambers m Colonel Mareen Duvall
B 1789

1. Orville R Pegg 1. Emaline Duvall (died in youth)
2. Elias W. Pegg 2. Washington Duvall (died in youth)
3. George Pegg 3. Pruitt Duvall (died in youth)
4. Emma Pegg 4. Adeline Duvall m Andrew Green
5. Lewis L. Pegg 5. Andrew Jackson Duvall m Jane Hooper
6. Melissa Pegg 6. William Duvall
7. Monroe Pegg 7. Joseph Addison Duvall m Nancy
8. Jane Pegg Clark Carle
Mary Pegg
Benton Pegg

My note: The children above are indicated to be of Joseph Pegg b 1809 and his unknown wife?
Pegg and unknown wife - believed to be of English descent as listed and because Christ Church in Philadelphia is where descendants of this unknown Pegg are of record.

Daniel Pegg I b ? d 1702 m 1686 Martha Rebecca Allen d/o Samuel and Mary (?) Allen. There is no information as to whether he had siblings. It is thought this Daniel was the first Pegg to immigrate.
Elizabeth Pegg b 1687 d 1772 m Thomas Coates
John Pegg no record
Daniel Pegg birth and death unknown, first wife unknown, m as second wife Barbara Jones d/o Elias Jones. They m at Christ Church in Philadelphia. Daniel's death may have been the one recorded 23 Dec 1702/3 at Christ Church but there is no real proof this is the same Daniel.
Elizabeth Pegg m 1721 Joseph Paschall

Daniel Pegg II b 1692 d 1732 m Sarah Hooper who after his death m Thomas Green. Thomas built a sugar house on Daniel Pegg's land in Philadelphia in 1734.
Sarah Pegg m (1) Richard Pidgeon 20 June 1741 and (2) Walter Goodman. Note Christ Church records don't list the m to Mr. Goodman.
Elias Pegg b 1694 d 1717 never married. Christ Church records show him buried 27 Feb 1717.
Nathan Pegg b 25 Apr 1698 m Mary Park Heath - see further
Jane Pegg b 1700 m Enock Flowers
Thomas Flowers
Mary Pegg d 7 May 1702

Daniel Pegg III b 1725 d 1802 m Hannah Cliff d/o Joseph. He was in Bucks Co Pa for the 1790 census but gone by 1800. It is his line that is followed on the Pegg chart and believed it was his land that was in dispute with General Electric.
Elias Pegg no information
Nathaniel Pegg m Catherine ? and r Loudon Co Va; raised nephews Wm and Nathaniel Polen and left his estate to them - see Polen information. Following Nathaniel Pegg's death Mrs. Tatterson claims in her text that his widow moved to Ohio but we have no documentation to prove that. Nathaniel and Catherine Pegg apparently had no children of their own.
Samuel Pegg
William Pegg
Isaac Pegg
Joseph Pegg
Hannah Pegg m a Polen - note this would apparently be Wm Polen ?. Did they reside in Monmouth Co NJ? Where Mrs. Tatterson's text claims she died at the birth of her twins in 1769?
Elizabeth Polen b pre 1769; adopted by Elizabeth Burton in Loudon Co Va; m Nehemiah Squires; r Preston Co (W)Va/
William Polen twin b 1769 see further
Nathaniel Polen Sr twin b 1769 see further


Elias and Benjamin Pegg, probably brothers, served in the Revolution; soon after 1800 went to Jefferson Co Oh. Benjamin ended up in Miami Co Oh where he died. He is known to have a daughter who resided in that area which probably explains his move there at an elderly age. Elias ended up in Franklin Co Oh around Columbus. Samuel Pegg of Monroe Co Oh could have been a brother or son of one of the above men.

There were Pegg families in SC by 1680

The 1800 Pa census index shows Conrad, Isaac, Joseph, Samuel and Wm Pegg all in Northumberland Co. Conrad was in Augusta Twp, Isaac and Joseph in Shamokin Twp and Samuel and Wm in Derry Twp. By 1810 the only Pegg in Pa was William who r in Derry Twp of Northumberland Co.

Pennsylvania Oaths of Allegiance, Egles - no Pegg entries

Genealogy of Pennsylvania Families Vol 1 lists Daniel Pegg Jr had land in North Liberty in 1725 (pg 577); Sarah Pegg widow of Daniel m Thomas Green who built sugar house on Daniel Peggs land in 1734. Located on west side of Front St beyond the old city limits just south of the junction of Germantown, Frankfort and Kennsington Rds. See Philadelphia deed book F-7, 137 2 Aug 1734.

A Plan of the City and Environs of Philadelphia, 1777 pg 289 Daniel Pegg Jr 1734. Wilkinson bought the message (SIC?) and 6 ac where Daniel Pegg had lived included houses, outhouse, barns, stables, orchards, gardens. Footnote deed book G-10, 67: land on west side of King's road leading from Philadelphia to Frankfort.

(see further for information on Dick's line in the data on the twin William 1769)

Daniel Pegg b ? d 23 Dec 1702/3; will proved 1 Mar 1703/4. Quaker. 1686 acquired 350 acres of Jurian Hartsfelder's land patent of 1676; m (1) Martha Rebecca Allen d/o Samuel and Mary (?) Allen of Neshaminy, Bucks Co Pa (Allen, a shoemaker from Chew Magna, Somersett Co England arrived Pa 12 Nov 1681 aboard the "Bristol Factor"). Daniel and Martha m 22 Feb 1686 in a Quaker service at her father's home. She d pre 1691.

Elizabeth Pegg b 1687 d 1772; m Thomas Coates who d 1719; m (2) Joseph Paschall in 1721
John Pegg

Daniel m (2) Barbara Jones d/o Elias and Jane (?) Jones. (Elias/Ellis Jones was William Penn's miller originally from Derby or Flint in Wales. The family arrived in Pa overland from Choptank Md in late 1682 following a voyage aboard the "Submission") Daniel and Barbara m 5 May 1691 in a Quaker service.

Daniel Pegg b 1692 d 1733; m Sarah Hooper who following Daniel's death m Thomas Green
Elias Pegg b 1694 d 1717 buried 27 Feb 1717 Christ Church. Never married. Not Quaker
Nathan Pegg b 25 Apr 1698 - see further
Jane Pegg b 1700 m Enoch Flowers
Mary Pegg d 7 May 1702 apparently as an infant

Elias Jones b ca 1637 Derby or Flint Wales; d 16 July 1727 Philadelphia Pa; m Jane (?) b ca 1642 d Oct 1732 Philadelphia Pa. Jane was buried 21 Oct 1732. Elias and Jane Jones and their family came with Wm Penn and Elias was Penn's miller.
Barbara Jones b ca 1669 m 5 Mar 1691 Daniel Pegg; d pre 1730
Dorothy Jones b 1672
Isaac Jones b 1682 (sic)
Mary Jones b 1670 d unmarried pre 1734

Daniel and Barbara (Jones) Pegg are buried at Christ Church Cemetery, Philadelphia Pa.

Nathan/Nathaniel Pegg b 25 Apr 1698 Philadelphia Pa; m Mary Park Heath
Daniel Pegg III b 1725 m Hannah Cliff; d 1802
Elias Pegg
Nathaniel Pegg m Catharine ?; r Loudon Co Va; d 2 Sep 1801
Samuel Pegg
William Pegg
Isaac Pegg m Deborah Parks
Joseph Pegg
Hannah Pegg b ca 1745 (see other references listing 1755) m William Polen

there are some sources that state Nathaniel Pegg died 25 Apr 1698; others list this as his date of birth. Only known birth dates for his children are 1725 for Daniel III and the supposed ca 1745 for Hannah. More contemporary research by the Pegg family leans closer to 1755 for her birth which would certainly run a long gamut of child bearing years from the birth of Daniel III in 1725. In any event, it certainly seems that Nathan/Nathaniel Pegg was b 1698 and did not die that year inspite of the many references.


Annals of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, In The Olden Time being a collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents, and of the Earliest Settlements of the Inland Part of Pennsylvania; by John F. Watson, Enlarged with many revisions and additions by Willis P. Hazard, Three Volumes, 1905 (note this author was unawareof the death of Daniel Pegg Sr in 1702/3)

Vol I, pg 302 Pegg's Run, formerly the Cohoquinoque, was the site of the present Willow street. The reason why so many leather dressers are located on it, and near it, is, that before Pegg's Run was culverted tanners and leather-dressers sought that neighborhood in order to discharge their dyes and other liquids into the creek; and subsequently, when the culvert was built, they obtained entrances into it. In consequence of this advantage the ground in that neighborhood was sought by leather-dressers; and when a fashion in some lines of business is established, it is very hard to break it.

Ibid pg 439 The name of Pegg's run was derived from Daniel Pegg, a Friend, who, in 1686 acquired the three hundred and fifty acres of Jurian Hartsfelder's patent of the year 1676. He therefore once possessed nearly all of the Northern Liberties south of Cohocksinc creek, in their primitive state of woody waste. He appears to have sold about one hundred and fifty acres of the northern part to Coates......the value of this farm in primitive days is shown in a letter of Jonathan Dickinson's, of December, 1715 saying, 'he can buy Daniel Pegg's land fronting the Delaware, and lying in N. Liberty Corporation, at 50s. per acre, having thereon a well built brick house, a piece of six to eight acres of meadow...' In the year 1729 Daniel Pegg advertised his land for sale, and then he described it thus, viz. 'to be sold or let, by Daniel Pegg, at the great brick house at the north end of Philadelphia, thirty acres of upland, meadow ground and marsh'. The house, about the period of the Revolution, was called 'the Dutch House' both because its form was peculiar, and specially because it had long been noted as a place for holding Dutch dances called hupesaw - a whirling dance in waltz style. In 1724 there was erected on his former premises the first powder house ever erected in Philadelphia.....

Ibid pg 441 I t appears he must have had at least two wives before the widow Sarah, mentioned in his will; for I found his name as marrried on the 28th of 2d mo., 1686, to Martha Allen, at her father Samuel Allen's house, at Neshamina, in the presence of twenty-two signing witnesses and again in 1691 he marries, at Friends' Meeting in Philadelphia, Barbara Jones. His brief history shows the vicissitudes of human affairs: Possessed of the fee simple of three hundred and fifty acres of now invaluable building lots, he left no rich heirs; and, the possessor of three wives or more, he left no male issue to keep up his name, even in our City Directory! It appears, by the letter of Secretary Peters, of 1749, that the heirs of D. Pegg then appeared to make a partition. He left an only daughter.

Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, Marion R Balderston, Hannah Benner Roach, Walter Lee Sheppard Jr., Reprints of Related Material by Francis James Dallett, Morgan Bunting and L Taylor Dickson: Compiled, Edited and with a Preface by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. Publications of the Welcome Society of Pennsylvania Number 1, 1985.

Pg 32: Samuel Allen, shoemaker of Chew Magna, Somersetshire, and F.P. of 2000 acres, was on the "Bristol Factor" with his wife Mary and children Priscilla, Martha, Ann, Sarah and Samuel....

Pg 33 apparently also aboard the "Bristol Factor" was John Bezer, maltster of Bishops Canning, Wiltshire...who brought with him as indentured servants Joseph Cloud and Richard and Mary Farr...Richard Farr was free by 1686 when he was a juryman at Chester Court and was constable for Concord Twp in 1697. Chester Court Records 75, 404. In 1702 he and his wife granted their rights to their headland to Joseph Cloud. He was probably the son of William Cloud, for whom see Note 120...Nathaniel Evans brought in as servants (note previous entry listed Nathaniel Evans, and probably his daughter Elizabeth who later m John Child, must have been on this ship; both Allen and Evans were jurymen at Upland Court 14 Mar 1681/2 and no other ships from Bristol came to Delaware until sumer) in the year 1681 Nathaniel Parke and hiw wife Elizabeth, and their son-in-law (probably stepson) John Martin. Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, XIX 482. Parke was free by 7 m 1686 when he was named supervisor of highways for Concord. See also Smith, Delaware County, 490.

Ibid pg 64. The Submission, James Settle, master, from Liverpool....was Ellis Jones aged 45 from Denby or Flint...with him came his wife Jane, aged 40, and children Barbara 13, Dorothy 10, Isaac 4 mos and Mary Jones 12. They were servants to the Proprietor; Ellis Jones was Penn's miller. Probably for his services he was granted a warrant for a city lot 17 4 m 1683 and acquired land in Chester Co. PMHB, VIII, 95, Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, II, 730; Chester Court Records 238.

Ibid pg 170 Ellis Jones and his Wife Came from Wales in the Ship Submission at the time aforesaid with theire Children Rebecka, Dorothy, Mary, Isaac Jones - all of them Servants to govener Penn. (sic)

Ibid "The Sailing of the Ship Submission in the year 1682, with a true copy of the vessel's log, L Taylor Dickson: The log of the ship Submission of which the following is a copy, commences the fourth day of the week, sixth day of the seventh month (September) and ends of the seventh day of the week, the twenty-first day of the eighth month, 1682. The vessel at this day being near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, which appears by the entry made on the nineteenth day of October, at which time the odor from the pines was noticed, 'supposing ourselves not to be within 80 leagues'. Phineas Pemberton in his record states that they arrived in the Choptank, Maryland, on the second day of ninth month, 1682, thus making the voyage in fifty-eight days from port to port, the last days of passage not being recorded in the log. As Captain Settle was bound for another port, and the weather being overcast, it is highly probable that upon the twenty-first day of the seventh month he did not know where he was, and therefore did not complete the log. Many of the passengers remained in Maryland for a considerable time (some of them married there), and then walked to Appoquinimink, the lowest section of New Castle County, about forty miles from the place of landing, and twenty miles south of the established town of New James Harrison, Phineas Pemberton, James Clayton, Randle Blackshaw and Ellis Jones with their families were residents of Bucks County in 1684, it is evident that they did not remain in the lower country long.

Ibid pgs 189 and fwd are copies of Capt Settle's logs. Page 190 lists the passengers where we find Ellis Jones 45, Barbary Jones 13, Mary Jones 12 1/2, Jane Jones 40, Dorothy Jones 10, Isaac Jones 4 months and Rebeckah Winn 20, Jane Mode 15, and Marjory Mode 11 1/2 all as servants. The vessel sailed from Liverpoole "5th 7/mo 1682"

Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series Vol XXX, Vol 11 of Calendar of Wills

Pg 228: 1747, April 6. Heath, Richard, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. Int. Inventory made by Jno Coats and Peter Schmuck
1747, April 10. Bond of Mary Heath of Bethlehem as administratrix. Daniel Ketcham, of same place, yeoman surety. Witnesses William Peirson, Joshua Howell, Mary Heath (a Quaker). Lib. 5 pg 459.
1757, May 16. Account of Mary Park, formerly Mary Heath, administratrix of the estate. Mentions Jno. Farnsworth, Jos. Linn, William Hendrickson, John Coat, Archibald Hanna, David Drake, Hezekiah Bonham, Samuel Bonham, Patrick Nixon, John Hul, Thomas Evans, Henry Coat, Robert Blair, N. Farnsworth, Luther Colvin, John Oaks, Mary Farnsworth, Nath'l Forster, Samuel Large, Samuel Large, Jr., Jno Wiler, Lazarus Adams, Nathaniel Colman, Morris Glanwell, Jacob Whelmer, Abraham Bonnell, Peter Cambell, Godfrey Melick, William Schooley, Samuel Schooley, Jno Reading, Jno Moody, William Corbet, Robert Haslet, Cornelius Low, William Montgomery, Thomas Wolverton, A. Bonnell, Robert White, Nath'l Pettit, Roger Terrill, John Park, Daniel Ketcham, Godfrey Rich. Nath'l Forster, Jos. Merrill, Philip Chapman, William Bates, Samuel Willson, Peter Smock, Jas. Harker, Daniel Pegg, Henry Oxley.

Ibid pg 385: 1778, Sep 19. Pegg, Daniel of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'r - Daniel Pegg. Fellowbondsman - Daniel Cahill; both of said Co.
1778. Sep 22. Inventory made by Daniel Mershon Lib 22, pg 21

Ibid pg 259: 1807, Sept. 7. Pegg, Daniel G., of Bethlehem Twp, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Margaret, personal estate; also $50 from sale of real estate. Children, Jesse, John and Mary Pegg residue of Money from sale of real estate when of age. Executors - wife Margaret, Jeremiah Garry and Christopher Snyder. Witnesses Philip Johnston, Andrew Moore, George Fritts. Proved Nov. 30, 1807
1807, Oct. 7 Renunciation by Christopher Snyder - Witness Joseph King
1807, Nov 24. Inventory, $320.61; made by George Fritts and Harbet Rodenbough
File 2267J

Abstract of Philadelphia County Wills

Book C entry 317: Pegg, Daniel - N. Liberties. City of Philadelphia. Yeoman. Signed Jan 9 1732/3 Wife Sarah. Child - Sarah. Brother - Nathan. Nephews - Daniel and Elias Pegg, Daniel and John Coates. Exec - Sarah Pegg, John Holme, Samuel Cooper. Witnesses - William Strippen, Thomas Coates Jr, Administrators. Provd April 30, 1733 Recorded Js 235

Book B entry 112 Pegg, Daniel signed Feb 11, 1702/3; proved March1 1702/3. Wife Barbara. Children Elizabeth, Jane, Nathan, Elias and Daniel. John Stacy, Elias Jones and John Redman executors. Witnesses John Hartz, Nathaniel Poole and Samuel Parker his mark. Recorded p 296

Book E entry 278 Jones, Jane - City of Philada. Widow. Signed Aug 3 1730/1 Child Mary. Grand children Daniel and Nathan Pegg, Jane Flower, Zebulam, Joseph and Dorothy Dantrel, Mary Price; Jane, Richard White. Exec- Mary Jones. Witnesses James Estangh, Joseph Drinken.


It seems doubtless that Hannah (Pegg) Polen was our ancestor and the d/o Nathan and Mary (Park Heath) Pegg. Nathan was probably fully named Nathaniel Pegg. The ancestry of Mary Park Heath Polen is not known but apparently she was a widow of a Mr. Heath and was originally nee Park? We have no further information and have not attempted to pursue this line.

It also seems doubtless that the Peggs were in Hunterdon Co NJ when their daughter Hannah was growing up which may lend some support to Mrs. Tatterson's theory that the twins Nathaniel and William were born there. It still must be remembered that the migratory route from NJ to Loudon Co Va was quite common and a relatively easy move for the time and place.

The only thing that is truly certain is that genealogy always contains a certain amount of uncertainty!



Daniel married Rebecca before 1682.


Daniel next married Martha ALLEN, daughter of Samuel ALLEN and Jane EVANS, on 28 April 1686 in Neshaminy, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.1 (Martha ALLEN died in 1690 2.)


Daniel next married Barbara JONES, daughter of Ellis Emanuel JONES and Ellen Jane EVANS, on 27 March 1691 in Prob. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.1 (Barbara JONES was born in 1669 in , , , Wales 2 and died in 1746 2.)



1 Roger Huff Papers (See More About Barbara Jones - Notes, for full text. ,). Various research papers sent by Roger Huff, Clinton, Illinois to Ronald W. Whitney, Maple Plain, Minnesota toward the end of they year 1999.

2 Janice Baker, Pegg Family History (Home page on the Internet ,). Information gleaned by Ronald Whitney on January 30, 1999 from the web site "PEGG Family History"

3 Genealogy Records - Judy Freed, E-mail to Ronald Whitney dated September 16, 1999. W.W. Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy", Volume II, page 405, Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, notes that Daniel Pegg died February 23, 1703.

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