McCarley Births in Gallia County,Ohio(1864-1881)
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Gallia County McCARLEY Births

1864 thru 1881
Albert V. McCarley 5/10/1873 W.N. McCarley Margaret Danner
Anna E. McCarley 1/23/1875 ----McCarley Mary E. Coats
Charles McCarley 5/19/1878 William R. McCarley Susan Poindexter
David McCarley 7/30/1873 F.N. McCarley Jane Danner
Delbert McCarley 11/6/1879 Washington McCarley Margaret Danner
Dennis McCarley 1/5/1878 John McCarley Sarah Jane Shields
Edgar L. McCarley 6/6/1872 William McCarley Susan F. Poindexter
Franklin P. McCarley 9/17/1877 Washington McCarley Margaret Danner
Grace McCarley 2/10/1872 H.L.McCarley Mary E. Coats
Jesse L. McCarley 9/2/1876 Robert B. McCarley Elizabeth Ferrell
John E. McCarley 12/3/1876 H.L. McCarley Mary E. Coats
Julia McCarley 10/8/1877 John McCarley Lucy A. Miles
Lillie Belle McCarley 12/2/1870 Franklin McCarley ----Darwin
Mary E. McCarley 10/9/1872 Moses McCarley Frances Soles
Mary E. McCarley 8/5/1875 John McCarley Sarah J. Shields
Moses C. McCarley 7/29/1875 Moses McCarley Frances M. Loucks
Nancy Jane McCarley 4/15/1864 Henry D. McCarley Martha A. Tipton
Nathaniel E. McCarley 6/16/1876 F.N. McCarley Jane Danner
Nathaniel S. McCarley 8/28/1875 Washington McCarley Margaret Danner
Oba B. McCarley 6/13/1878 Robert B. McCarley Elizabeth Feman
Sarah A. McCarley 4/5/1874 Robert B. McCarley Elizabeth Dare
Susannah E. McCarley 6/24/1870 Moses McCarley Frances S. Soles


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