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Roots Web
The Internet's Oldest and Largest FREE Genealogy Community.

LDS Site
The FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service searches the following sources for family history information:Ancestral File. One of the world's largest collections of pedigrees and family group records with over 35 million records.International Genealogical Index. The world's largest collection of birth, christening, and marriage information with over 300 million records. Pedigree Resource File. A searchable repository of pedigrees compiled from patron submissions to the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service, from printed family histories, and from other sources, including government archives. Family History Library Catalog. Descriptions of the items in the Family History Library's international record collection. Many of the microfilmed records can be ordered through more than 3,200 Family History Centers worldwide. Family History SourceGuide. An automated collection of more than 150 publications from the Family History Library. Experienced researchers give information about the most useful kinds of original records for ancestral information. Gives information specific to a country or area. Web Sites. A guide to web sites with useful family history information. Volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints evaluate and categorize these sites to help you quickly find the most relevant information from the thousands of Internet sites available.

Cyndi's List
If you can't find it here, its probably not on the web.

Genealogy Library
This is a subscription site, however, I think its worth it.

New databases are free for 10 days. For an annual subscription you can access all the databases at any time. Another site I beleive to be worth paying for.

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