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I have to dedicate considerable time and effort to researching and documenting the RIGGS SURNAME STUDY. But I am more than amply rewarded by your continued interest in this web site and by the kind words contained in the many comments that have been made from all over the world:-


I value this comment above all others because I received it in a personal e-mail from Dr Alvy Ray Smith of Seattle WA, USA. He is renowned not only as a leader in the field of computer graphics, but also as the award-winning Executive VP and Cofounder of the multi-billion-dollar computer graphics film company behind such blockbusters as Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo. (Dr Smith is on the left of the picture).

Oscar Award 1996

However, he is also acknowledged as an eminent genealogist and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. In 2004 he received the National Genealogical Society Award for Excellence and was co-winner of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists Grand Prize for New England Genealogy, for his 583-page scholarly book on one branch of his family, the Durand family of Derby CT. And in 2007 he received the annual Donald Lines Jacobus Award from the American Society of Genealogists, for his book "Elder Bethuel Riggs (17571835) of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Family Through Five Generations": this was published in 2006 by the Newbury Street Press as the first in a projected series of 5 volumes on the 'Edwardian Riggses' of America, and can be ordered through the Picton Press.

His own web site includes a section that builds extensively upon my work, by detailing later generations of Edward of Roxbury including those from which Alvy is himself descended. And a separate section documents the Riggs DNA Surname Study that he has initiated to help establish the descendants of Edward of Roxbury. 'Praise from Caesar is praise indeed' !

"If you use the Riggs Surname Study as one of your authorities, then the whole thing becomes very clear because the documentation is excellent. In my opinion, this is the most convincing source because the application of research data is very thorough, logical, and well explained." - Robin Riggs Williams, Nashville, TN, USA [RIGGS-L May2005]

"Hurrah for Geoff!!! And a transatlantic thank you. You have done more for Riggs research in 5 years than has been done in the preceding 100." - James P. Robinson III, USA [RIGGS-L Jan2002, after I published details of the marriage of Edward of Roxbury's parents]

"Wonderful site. You have done a great service in dispelling many of the mistakes and myths pertaining to the American Riggs family. This is the only place on the web where I have found a discussion of the evidence and the facts. You have saved me countless hours trying to sort all this out. Congratulations, and thank you very much." - Ron Bloch, USA [email Jan2001]

"The online site by Geoff Riggs is an incredible collection of information and I lean toward his information more than any other I have seen online." - Rod Murrow, OK, USA [RIGGS-L Aug2000]

"I would suggest that you have a look at the Edward of Roxbury portion of Geoff Riggs' Riggs One Name Study site and the sources discussed there. It is certainly the best, most up to date information on this family currently available." - James P. Robinson III, USA [RIGGS-L Aug2000]

"Please accept my thanks, with all the others, for a wonderful web site. I can't imagine all the work that has gone into it. It's not only a rich source for Riggs relatives but also a fine example of how much work is really involved in putting together a reliable genealogy based on fact, not conjecture or other people's questionable work....I know the value of caution when credible data isn't available. Your explanations of how you've come to conclusions that can't be documented are very valuable...You've so nicely pinned down the nexus of the Riggs diaspora." - Linda Nevin, San Diego, USA [email Oct2002]

"At last! Someone else who thinks that Elizabeth "Roosa" was really Elizabeth Rose! ... You certainly have come up with much compelling evidence ... Congratulations, and thank you." - May Tantlinger, USA [email Dec2001]

"Thank you for your terrific help. It really is a great feeling when you find a Web page that is a 'bulls-eye' and not a 'well maybe it can help' Web site." - Ron Graham, ME, USA [email Dec1999]

"Your web site is wonderful. It makes so much more sense than other research I have seen on this line. ... Thanks so much for putting the information out there for others to find. I will definitely be making corrections to my husband's files." - Vickie Beard Thompson, FamilyQuest Research Services, UT, USA [email Nov2001]

"Yippee - hoorah - wow !! I don't know what else to say, I'm so excited !!! Geoff - a million thank yous. I've been searching for ancestors on-line for about 3 months now and this is the first time I've had a (very) positive response !" - Sue Powell, GLA, WLS [email Sept 1999]

"Just a short note to say what an enormous help Geoff RIGGS has been. He helped me on my way when I was a newbie a year ago when I joined this list and just recently when I found another link he has taken me back 4 more generations. This mailing list together with Geoff and his RIGGS Surname Study have provided such a wealth of information, I have learned far more than I could have dreamed possible." - Pearl Blanking, BED, ENG [DORSET-L Mch 2002]

"Geoff is indeed a great bloke - he is well known and respected in UK genealogy circles and everyone speaks highly of him. He goes out of his way to help people and if you are looking for Riggs, his website (linked from the look up exchange!) is your first port of call." - Helen Jones, Listowner DORSET-L, DOR, ENG [DORSET-L March 2002]

"... one of the best, if not the best collection of Information on the Web about the Riggs between Connecticut to New Jersey that I have seen. The man that wrote that put a great deal of study and effort into it. He knows more than I would ever hope to know." - Jim Hansird, USA [RIGGS-L Aug2003]

"The biggest collection of RIGGS memorabilia can be found online through the Guild of One Name Studies and Geoff Riggs who has researched the surname worldwide. His Riggs surname site is fantastic and worth a look even if you aren't a Riggs descendant!" - Pam Wheeler [Genes Reunited Message Board May2006]

"GREAT site, if you are related to Edward Riggs. A lot of time and hard work went into the site." - Sally Rolls Pavia, USA, List Owner GENEALOGYBITSANDPIECES-L [Mch2005]

"I wanted to compliment you on your excellent web site. Top notch, both from a design and a genealogy perspective." - Bonnie J. Riggs, CA, USA [email Apr2000]

"That one name study website of yours looks like it's going to be a beauty. Your research into the Riggs family seems to be second to none as far as the UK side is concerned." - Victor Riggs, AUS [email Aug1999]

"What a great site for those of us with the name Riggs! Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication. At this point, I am totally overwhelmed by what I have seen." - Dennis Carl Riggs [email Apr2001]

"Let me compliment you on a wonderful web page. It is very easy to search and follow and I really like the lay out of the whole thing. Thank you ... for putting such a wonderful website together for all of us to share." - Peggy Swett Carr [email Feb2002]

"A most beautiful site, the finest I have seen in the genealogy world" - Dan Gamber, USA [email Mch2002]

"What an incredible site! Your graphics are wonderful." - Paula M. Stephens, MA, USA [MAESSEX-L Nov2000]

"Listies: Take a look at this absolutely amazing website" (then quotes details from RootsWeb Review of 3APR2002, referred to at the outset) - Mike Steer, AUS [STEER-L Apr2002]

"I'd like to tell you how fantastic it all looks. I am very excited this morning after seeing it...I have Riggs in my family tree in Tasmania in the 1800's" - Leanne Cairnduff, VIC, AUS [email APR2002]

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© 1999 - 2002 Geoff Riggs [the RIGGS Surname Study] and the original contributors, if any 
This information may be exchanged  between other researchers  into RIGGS families BUT
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