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Our Line


(The first six generations are from the soon to be published Hopper Family Genealogy)


was in New Netherlands as early as 10 Sep 1651, when his dau. was baptized in New Amsterdam. He did not live long in the new colony, for he died in 1658, sometime after 25 Mar 1658, when he appeared in court and before 18 Dec 1658, when Geertje Hendricks appeared before the Orphans Court as a widow. It is not known when he arrived in New Netherlands or from where he emigrated. There is evidence that the surname Hoppe (Hoppen) existed in Holland as early as the 16th Century. However, we can not be certain that he was Dutch, though it is likely that he, like his wife, was from Holland. George Olin Zabriskie pointed out that their youngest child was named Matthys Adolphus, and Adolphus is not a Dutch name. In typical Dutch fashion the child would have used his father's patronymic Andriesen as his middle name, yet none of his children appeared to follow that tradition. Andries always appeared in records with his surname listed as Hoppe or Hoppen, and never as simply Andries Willemszen, as was usual in those times. In fact his patronymic Willemszen was only used in one church record. By 1653 or 1656, he had been granted the right of "small burgher" of New Amsterdam, which meant he was a citizen entitled to certain privileges, such as the right to trade, operate a business or practice a profession. The Court Minutes of New Amsterdam and the Minutes of the Orphanmasters reveal he was a merchant, trader, and freighter. Mention was made of trips to the North [north on the Hudson River to Ft. Orange, later Albany.] After his death, the "yacht" he held in partnership with Jacob Coppe, was sold. Jacob, Andries, and after her husband's death Geertje Hendricks often traded in beavers, and zeewan [Indian wampum], as well as in florins and guilders, the Dutch coins. Records indicated they sold or traded a variety of goods including: tobacco, pottery, boards, deerskin, elk hides, linnen (sic), brandy, stones and grindstones (the latter two had probably been used as ballast on ships).
From mortgage records, we know he had a house on the "Heer Weech" (Long Highway now Broadway), north of Beaver St. and owned a lot in the warehouse area on the north side of Bridge Street between Broadway and Whitehall, near the East River (See Plan of New Amsterdam p. xviii-xix). Shortly before his death, he contracted to buy a large tract of land known as Broncks Land, and later known as Morrisania. After a complicated and long legal battle the property was finally purchased by Andries' widow, but it was sold again the next day, and then acquired by Capt. Richard Morris, for whom it was named. From the baptismal records of his sons Hendrick and Matthys, he was married to Geertje Hendricks. Court records show she was the sister of Beletje Hendricks, the wife of Cornelius Aertsen (whose descendants later used the name Van Schaick). From the records of Cornelius and Beletje's marriage intentions, in Amsterdam in 1640, Beletje was from Ahren in Gelderland, Holland. Geertje Hendricks was probably the mother of his four children who were baptized in New Amsterdam, though there is a slight possibility she was not the mother of the eldest. No mother's name was given at the baptism of Andries' first two children. The Orphan master records state, "Geertje Hendricks, coming again with the guardians, is ordered to agree with them and promises to do so. The guardians are reminded, that the oldest child must remain with the mother." This may indicated that Tryntje (Catrina), the first child baptized, was a step-daughter and the courts wanted assurance that she would remain with Geertje. However, the records of the Orphanmasters, also stated "[Geertje] would give to her children, Catrina, Wilhelmus, Hendrick, Matthys and Adollf Hoppe, as their share of their father's estate the sum of 1,000 fl. or 200 fl. each child at once and not more." However, Matthys Adolphus, baptized as Mattheus Abbertus, was known in adulthood as Matthys Adolphus Hoppe(n), and was therefore one child and not two. It is possible Andries and/or Geertje had an older child, not baptized in New Amsterdam. Perhaps the reference to "the oldest child" was referring to Hendricktje Aerts, with whom the Hoppe's had a close relationship. She may have been a step-child (possibly Geertje's daughter from an earlier marriage), or an adopted daughter, as she seemed to fill the role of the eldest sister at family baptisms. Hendricktje's father's first name was undoubtedly Aert, as she used that patronymic, and not Andries Hoppe as suggested by earlier genealogies, (See Appendix B.*). The five children could also be a transcription error as can be seen the records are very difficult to read. (See Narrative.*) On 8 May 1660, at the NY RDCh. in New Amsterdam, "Dirck Gerritszen Van Tricht, in't Graefschap Van Buuren, en Geertje Hendricks, Wede Van Andries Hoppe," [Dirck Gerritszen, born at Tricht, in the County of Buuren (Holland), and Geertje Hendricks, widow of Andries Hoppe], announced their intention to marry. He was "Dirck Gerritszen Van Dien, farmer from Tricht" who had arrived in New Amsterdam, two months before, on 4 Mar of 1660, on the ship "De Liefde" [The Love]" They must have married soon after the banns were read, for in Jan 1661, their only son Gerrit was baptized. Their descendants later used the name Van Dien. On 14 Sep 1662, with English confirming patents issued 12 May 1668, Dirck Gerritsen obtained land in what is now Jersey City, NJ, then the newly established village of Bergen. The family lived there for many years, until moving to the new settlement in Hackensack. The last record of Geertje was probably in 1686, when one of the original members of the Hack. RDCh. was listed as Geertje Hoppe. References: *See the Narrative pp.xv-xviii and Appendices A and B.

*Not on webstie.

Children of Andries Willemszen HOPPE(N) and Geertje Hendricks- baptized at New York Dutch Church:

+2 Tryntje (Catharina/Catrina) - b. probably in New Amsterdam, bap. on 10 Sep 1651.(father: Andries Willemszen Soppe (sic), mother: not listed, wit: Jan Van de Bildt, Wyntie Elberts, Arentje Gerrits)(p.30); m. Fredrick Thomasen (Cadmus) [Note: as stated in text their is a slight possibility that Geertje Hendricks was not Tryntje's mother.]
+3 Willem (Wilhelmus) - bap. 29 Mar 1654 (father: Andries Hop, mother: not listed, wit: Joris Stephenszen, Stoffel Andrieszen, Cornelis Arentszen, Beelitie Hendricks)(p.37); m. Meynou Paulus Jurckse [Meynou m. second Abraham De voe (Vouw) and moved with her two Hopper daughters to Tarrytown.]
+4 Hendrick - bap. 9 Jan 1656 (par: Andries Hop and Geertie Hendricks, wit: Cornelis Aertszen, Belitje Hendricks) (p.41); m. Marritje Jans Van Blarcom
+5 Matthys Adolphus - bap. 3 Mar 1658 - name transcribed as "Mattheus Abbertus" (par: Andries Hoppe and Geertie Hendricks, wit: Lambert Huÿbertszen Mol, Arie Corneliszen, Christina Harmens, Engeltje Wouters)(p.48); m. Anna (Antje) Paulus Jurckse


, son of Andries Willemszen Hoppe(n)(#1) and Geertje Hendricks, was b. in New Amsterdam, and bap. there on 9 Jan 1656, at NY RDCh. He moved across the Hudson River to the settlement at Bergen (now Jersey City, NJ), with his mother, step-father, and family when he was about six. He lived there until after his marriage as his first child was b. in Bergen, and bap. there in Dec 1680. Soon after, they moved to the new settlement at Hackensack where their next seven children were born. On 22 Sep 1694, "Hendrick Hoppe" joined the Hack.RDCh.(p.2). The family lived in the south-west section of what is now Hackensack/Hasbrouck Heights, then know as "Polifly." By deed dated 17 [May?] 1694, "John Berry of Bergen Co" conveyed to "Hendrick Hoppen of Essex Co., NJ" for £40, "...a certain parcel of Land lying between the Hackensack River and the Saddle River now in the possession and occupation of him, the said Hendrick Hoppen, containing in Breadth nine chains and six Links, running that breadth through a great swamp on a west-north-west course until it comes to the fresh meadow lying on the northwest side of the said swamp and from thence on a north-west course unto Saddle River. Breadth aforesaid one hundred forty four chains twenty lynks (sic) containing one hundred ninety acres English measure more or less" ... Also and another tract adjoining of 100 acres and a third of 320 acres of meadow . By this same indenture Hendrick bound himself and his heirs to pay also "a yearly quit rent of twenty two shillings" and in testimony thereof he signed his mark (Brg.Co. Deed A-89). Some of the deed in the microfilmed copy at Brg. Co.Courthouse is no longer readable, but was abstracted earlier by Nelson (p.344). This deed was referred to in a later deed, da. 18 Mar 1726, Hendrick Hoppen of New Barbadoes, Brg.Co. NJ, sold to Garret Hoppen of same [his son], for £150, land which Hendrick Hoppen had purchased "from Maj. John Berry 17 May 1694," bounded by the land of Hendrick vander Linde, the Saddle River, the line of Abram Ackerman and the line of Hendrick Brass.(Hendrick Hoppe(n) signed with his mark)(Brg. Co. Deed B-19). This property was to be owned by his descendants for many generations. The will of "Hendrick Hoppe of Bergen County in New Barbadoes, Freck(lin) County of Bergen in the Eastern Division of the Province of (New Jersey) yeoman, being of good health".was da. 26 Sep 1737 and was unrecorded (see next page for entire will). He mentioned: children of my eldest son Andries Hopp deceased, unto John hopp, unto my doughter Trintie van allen, unto my doughter Leah Zabowisko, unto my doughter Geertie Zabowriji and unto the children of my doughter Rachel Deceased, Six children or their heirs to divided equally £150 lawful money of this province - that is each "five and twenty pounds" to be paid by Longest [youngest] son Gerrit Hopp (the money is the payment of my Plantation in the Pollvley he bought of me in full); To grandson Hendrick Hoppe, the eldest son of my eldist son Andries Hopp Deceased the Sum of three shillings ... as his Provagatiif [prerogative] of his fatherss Birth Right. .. .All the remaining of the estate to be divided equally among my seven children or their heirs. Unto mij two Doughters Leah and geertie Zabouriski - ... my doughter Leah one silver cup and unto my Doughter geertie I do give one fleson(?) [apparently hard to read in the original or unknown] kelder called in Duch, to be their own without arguement. Signed with his mark. With banns on 14 Mar 1680, at Brg.RDCh.(mar.#42), "Hendrick Hoppe, y.m. (from New York) and Maria Jans, y.d. (from Bergen) were m. by the preacher at Bergen." Marritje Janse Van Blarcom, dau. of Jan Lubbertszen (Van Blarkum) also known as Jans Captain and Magdaleentje Jans Theunis. She was b. in Bergen and "Marritie" on 30 Dec 1661, at the NY RDCh.(p.63). "Mary Janse," along with Geertie Hoppe, Willem Hoppe and Hendiktie Arents were among those on a list of the thirty-three original members of the Hackensack RDCh. in 1686 (p.1). Her surname is given in church records most often as the patronymic Jans, Janse, or Jansen, but also as Van Blerkum and Van Blerckum. In 1712, when she wit. the bap. of Gerrit Dirckse Van Dien's child Willem she was "Marie Van Blerckum, wife of Hendrick Hoppe" (Hack.RDCh. p.101). The last record of her was on 27 Dec 1724, when "Hendrick Hoppe and Maeytje Hoppe" witnessed the bap. of their gr.son at Hack.RDCh.(p.143), she apparently d. before the 26 Sep 1737 will of her husb. References: Hendricks #4; Bailey p.299; Nelson p. 344; Hopper (HSA) #2-4; Record 99:213 (Van Blarcom #16); Zabriskie Family Records (See Leah Hendrickse Hopper #22.); Paterson p. 107; HSYB 1914 p.61; Bergen Deeds pp. 6 and 19;

Children of Hendrick HOPPE(N) and Marritje Janse Van Blarcom - order of birth uncertain:

+18 Andries Hendrickse - b. 21 Dec 1680 (Brg.RDCh. bap.#87) in Bergen (mar. rec.), bap. 12 Jan 1681 at NY RDCh. (p.145)(par: Hendrick Hoppe and Marya Jans, wit: Adriaen Corneliszen and Geertie Hoppen); m. Abigail Ackerman
+19 Jan Hendrickse - b. Hackensack (mar. rec.), bap. 26 Jun 1682 at Brg.RDCh.(bap. #112)(par: Hendrick Hoppe and Maretje Jans, wit: Jan Lubberse and wife); m. Rachel Terhune
20 Willem - b. Hackensack, bap. 2 Apr 1684 at Brg.RDCh.(bap.#130)(par: Hendrick Hoppe and Maretje Jans, wit:Willem Hoppe and Hendrickje Aerts)
+21 Treyntje Hendrickse - b. Hackensack (mar. rec.), bap. 5 Oct 1685 at Brg.RDCh.(bap. #149) (par: Hendrick Hoppe and Maryetje Jans, wit: Pieter Jansen and wife); m. Peter Gerritse Van Allen
+22 Leah Hendrickse - b. 20 Jan 1691(family records) in Hackensack (mar.
rec.), bap. 1 Apr 1691 at Hackensack not RDCh. rec. - wit: Gerret Van
Dien and Catreen hopper) (Bible); m. Christian Zabriskie (family record
+23 Rachel Hendrikse - b. Hackensack; m. ca. 1713 Barent DeBoog
+24 Gerret Hendriks - b. Hackensack, bap. 25 Dec 1696 at
Hack.RDCh.(p.78) (par: Hendrick Hoppe and Mary Jansen, wit: Mattys
Hoppe and Vrouwtie Verwey); m. Catrina (Catryntje/ Catherine) Casjouw
+25 Geetruy (Geertje) Hendrikse - b. Hackensack (mar. rec.), bap. 26 Mar
1699 at Hack.RDCh.(p.80) (par: Hendrick Hoppe and Mary Janse, wit:
Abel and Catryn, his wife); m. Hendrick Zabriskie


18 ANDRIES HENDRIKSE HOPPE(R), son of Hendrick Hoppe(n)(#4) and Marritje Janse Van Blarcom, was b. 21 Dec 1680, in Bergen (now Jersey City, NJ) and bap. 12 Jan 1681, at NY RDCh. He grew up in Hackensack, and on 12 Jul 1702, "Andries Hoppe, son of Hendrik" joined the Hack. RDCh.(p.4). Andries Hoppe (mem.#901) and Abigael Akkermans (mem.#902) transferred to the Brg.RDCh. on 4 Apr 1709, "with certificate from Hakkinsak." Two of their children b. in 1708, and 1710, were b. at Bergen. A deed from Peter Fauconnier da. 1 May 1712, transferred land (about 300 acres) to Andries on the west banks of the Saddle River at a small stream called Smokers Val (Brg. Co. Deed B-36). This was part of a very large area then known as Paramus. He died sometime after 15 Jan 1729, when they wit. bap. at Schr.RDCh.(p.71), and before Sep 1733, when banns for his widow's remarriage were announced. With banns in Jul 1707, at Hack.RDCh.(p.31), "Andries Hendrikse Hoppe y.m. married Abigal Ackerman y.d., (both b. Bergen and liv. here)." Abigail Abramse Ackerman was the dau. of Abraham Ackerman and Aeltje Van Laer, bap. 19 Jan 1687, at NY RDCh.(p.177). [Bap. rec. in error, as "Abigael, dau. of David Ackerman and Aeltje Van Laer."] On 6 Jul 1706, "Abigal Ackermans" joined the Hack.RDCh.(p.4). She m. second, on 13 Oct (banns 7 Sep) 1733, at Hack.RDCh.(p.51), "Abigael Ackerman (wid. b. Bergen and liv. Peremes) to Dirk Blinkerhof (widr. b. Gememnipa and liv. Ackinsack)." Dirk Hendrickse Brinkerhoff, the widower of Margrieta Sibese Banta, was the son of "Hendrick Joriszen" [Blinkerhoff Brinkerhoff] and "Claesje Bogard," bap. 7 Feb 1677 at NY RDCh.(p.126). On 22 Nov 1733, with letters, "Abigael Akkermans, wife of Dirk Blinkerhof from Peremes" rejoined the Hack.RDCh.(p.14). The last record of Abigail was on 19 Sep 1736, when "Dirk Blinkerhoef and wife" wit. the bap. of her gr.child. at Hack.RDCh.(p.172). References: Hendricks #19 (Rev'd. in GMNJ 46:116); Ackerman #3.29; Record 40:13; Nelson 344; Lee p.1024; HSYB 1915 p.69; Brin(c)kerhoff p.80

Children of Andries Hendrikse HOPPE(R) and Abigail Abramse Ackerman - all bap. at Hack.RDCh. and all, except first two, probably b. in that section of Old Paramus known as "Goghakens," "Hochakens," or Hohokus:

+53 Hendrik (Henry) Andriesse - b. at "Bergen" (mar. rec.), "1st child and son b. 21 May, bap. 27 Jun 1708 at Hakkingsak (sic)," (wit: Hendrick Hoppe and Marrytje Hoppe his wife")(Brg.RDCh. bap.#424); bap. "4 Jul 1708" at Hack.RDCh.(p.94); m. 1) Wyntje Huysman, 2) probably Elizabeth ____?____.
+54 Abram (Abraham) A. - b. Bergen, "2nd child and son (unnamed) b. 28 Apr 1710," (Brg.RDCh. rec. bap.#438) bap. 29 May 1710 at Hack.RDCh.(p.98)(wit: Abram Ackerman and Aeltie, his wife); m. 1) Jannetje Zabriskie, 2) Rebecca Dykman
+55 Jan (John) A. - b. "Peremis" (mar. rec.), bap. 29 Jul 1712 (wit: Jan Hoppe and Rachel, his wife)(p.103); m. Elizabeth Kip
+56 Aeltie (Aaltje) - bap. 11 Apr 1714 (wit: Arie Ackerman and Elisabeth Ackerman)(p.105); m. Jan Jacob Zabriskie
+57 Willem A. - bap. 20 May 1716 (wit: Pieter Gerritse Van Aalem and Trintie, his wife)(p.112); m. 1) Antje Wessels , 2) Anne Kip
+58 Maritie - b. "Hochakens" (mar. rec.), bap. 28 Sep 1718 (wit: Gerrit Hendrikse Hoppe and Geertie Hendrikse Hoppe (p.118); m. 1) Albert J. Zabriskie, 2) Johannes Bogert
+59 Gerrit A. - b. "Peremis" (mar. rec.), bap. 22 May 1720 (wit: Gerrit Abramse Ackerman and Jannetie Alberse, his wife)(p.124); m. 1) Hendricktje Terhune, 2) Margrit Van Bussen, 3) Rachel Demarest (Mrs. Rachel Poulsen)
+60 Davidt (David) A. - bap. 3 Nov 1723 (wit: David Ackerman and Gritie, his wife)(p.138); m. 1) Cornelia Bogert, 2) Rachel Van Emburgh
+61 Lea (Leah) - b. "Goghakens" (mar. rec.), bap. 23 Apr 1727 (wit: Christiaan Sabrisco and Lea Hoppe)(p.152) m. 1) her first cousin Hendrick H. Zabriskie (#101), 2) Dirk A. Terhune


, son of Andries H. Hoppe(r) (#18) and Abigail Ackerman, was b. in Paramus (probably the Hohokus area); bap. 20 May 1716, at Hack.RDCh. He d. in 1777, probably in Ramapo (Mahwah). On 25 May 1760, "Wm. Hopper of Peramus, ... mason" purchase 137 acres from "Lamburtus Laroe of Ramapough, miller" for £400. This property, located in that section of Mahwah known locally as Darlington, has been located by Reginald Mc Mahon as being "the southeast corner of the lot now including the former Birch mansion now part of Ramapo State College on Ramapo Valley Rd." Though his occupation was mason in 1716, when his will was written in 1777, he described himself as a yeoman, or land owning farmer. It is not clear when Willem moved to Ramapo (Mahwah) as he was of Paramus in 1767, when he remarried. With banns on 22 Nov 1740, "Willem Hoppe j.m., son of And. (b. and liv. Per Emmes) m. Antje Weszels j.d., dau. of Ev't. (b. and liv. Acqyackanonck)," at Acq.RCh.(mar.#197). Antje Wessels, dau. of Evert Wessels and Annatje Ryerson, was b. 24 Jan 1724; bap. 1 Feb 1724, with her twin brother Joris, children of "Evert Wessels and Annatie Reyorse" at Acq.RDCh. in Passaic, Passaic Co. NJ (bap.#52). He m. second by NJ license da. 11 Dec 1767 (NJA 22:185). On the mar. bond, he was "William Hoopper, yeoman of Payramus (sic) Bergen Co." and she was "Anne Kipp, of Pompton, spinster." He signed the bond "Willem Hoppe" his brother Hendrick Hoopper also of Payramus, the fellowbondsman, signed with his mark "HH."(NJ Mar. Bond H-398). She was probably the dau. of Cornelius Kipp and Eva Berdan, bap. 23 Sep 1721, at Hack.RDCh.(p.129). No record of burials, probably bur. in the Hopper Fam Bur.Gr. on Ramapo Valley Rd. which has many old unreadable stones. He probably d. shortly after his will was written as the inventory was taken 18 Nov 1777, even though the will was not probated until 1780, and he was not listed as a taxpayer 1777-80. (See Appendix C.) The will of Willem Hoppe, of Ramepough, Franklin Twp, Brg.Co, NJ; yeoman, da. 19 Sep 1777, and pro. 1 May 1780, mentioned: wife - Antie (all she brought with her plus £25); son - Andries (£5); son John - "the plantation where he dwells upon at Warwick;" sons Andries and Garret - "my plantation or farm where I now dwell upon, each their equal part;" son Garret and daus. Marytie and Lena - to have their outset; daus. - Abigail Hoppe, Jannetje, Marytie, Leya, and Lena Hoppe, the residue. Exr: David Christie and John Vanvalen (NJA 34:254). An inventory of the estate was taken 18 Nov 1777, and totaled £366.11.9 It is in very poor condition at Trenton, (it appears to have been chewed by mice!), but includes £205=7 in cash. £112=14 in cattle, horses and hogs; 14 sheep, an old pleasure sleigh 1 bee hive with honey, and other household and farm equipment (1193B-1194B). References: Hendricks #50; Mc Mahon p. 45-46; Record 40:13; Ryerson p. 5 (wherein Antje is b. 21 Jan 1721?)

Children of Willem A. HOPPE(R) and Antje Wessels - probably b. in or near Paramus (except for those b. after 1760, who may have been born in Mahwah) - order of birth uncertain:

+199 Annaetje - bap. 11 Mar 1744 at Hack.RDCh.(p.190)(par: Willem Hoppe, and Antje Wesselse, wit: Jan Jacob Zabrowisky and wife); probably m. Samuel Bertholf (brother of her brother John's wife Hannah Bertholf)
+200 Andries (Andrew) W. - b. 5 Dec 1745 (gs.); m. Maria La Rue
+201 Abigael (Abigail) - bap. 14 Feb 1748 at Hack.RDCh.(p.200)(par: Willem Hoppe and Elisabeth Wessels, wit: Albert Zabrisky and wife); m. Andrew W. Christie
+202 Jan (John W.) {Judge} - b. 18 Mar 1749 (gs.), bap. 20 Mar 1750 at Par.RDCh.(p.77)(par: Willem and Antje Hoppe, wit: Jan and Lisabeth Hoppe); m. 1) Hannah Bertholf, 2) Jane ___?___
+203 Jannitje - bap. 21 Jan 1753 at Par.RDCh.(p.78)(par: Willem and Antje Hoppe, wit: Hannes and Marytje Ryerse) Ryerse); m. 1) Gerrit Brouwer, 2) James Ennis
204 Maria (Marytje) - b. 29 Apr, bap. 11 May 1755 at Par.RDCh.(p.94)(par: Willem and Antje Hoppe, wit: Jacob Jan Zobriske and Marytje Hoppe); unm. in father's will da. 22 Nov 1777
+205 Leya (Leah) - m. before 9 Oct 1774, to Abraham G. Garrison (Gerritse)
+206 Gerrit [Garret] W. - b. abt. 22 Sep 1759 (age/gs.), bap. 30 Sep 1759 at Par.RDCh.(p.48)(par: Willem and Antje Hoppe, wit: Gerrit A. and Hendrikje Hoppe); m. 1) Margaret Wanamaker, 2) Rachel Van Gelder
207 Magdalena (Lena) - b. 2 Apr, bap. 27 Apr 1763 at Par.RDCh.(p.95)(par: Willem and Antje Hoppe, wit: Abram and Rebecka Hoppe); unm. in father's will da. 22 Nov 1777


son of Willem A. Hoppe(r) (#57) and Antje Wessels, was probably b. in Paramus, abt. 22 Sep 1759 (age/gs.) and was bap. as "Gerrit" on 30 Sep 1759, at Par.RDCh. "Garret Hopper of Ramapough" (MAZ), d. 15 Jan 1832 (Bible), aged 72y-3m-24d, bur. with both wives at Ram. RDChyd., Mahwah, NJ (p.66). When he was 18 he inherited equally with his eldest brother Andrew his father's will "the plantation and farm where I now dwell," [on Ramapo Valley Rd. (Route 202), Mahwah]. In 1779, his brother purchased the Van Allen house and property, also on the same road which on 15 Jan 1781, he exchange with his brother Garret for his half of the original homestead (Brg. Co. Deeds D-104, and U:186). It is assumed that Garret moved into the Van Allen house in the spring of 1780, as he had married a widow with two children. (See Mc Mahon pp.46-48 and Brg.Co. Deeds J-113 and D-104). He later sold this property and purchased several others so that at the time of his death he owned several hundred acres in the Ramapo area including a grist mill (ibid p.50). "Garret served in the war as a member of Captain John Wells' Company of New Jersey Militia which, according to historian Alfred Ronks, 'was employed on the communications below Suffern's Tavern, on the road to Pompton' (Ramapo Valley Rd.)" (ibid p. 46). He served as a Brg.Co. freeholder in1795 (Clayton p. 205). By NJ Mar. License, da. 17 Mar 1780, "Garret Hopper, Bergen m. Margaret Hopper," (NJA 22:205). On the marriage bond he was Garret W. Hopper of Franklin Twp., Co. of Bergen, State of NJ, yeoman, and she was a widow. He signed the bond "garret hopper." The fellowbondsman was Abraham Westervelt of Franklin Twp. (NJ Mar. Bond H-686). She was Margaret (Margrietje) Wanamaker, wid. of his second cousin, Capt. Jonathan Hopper (#262), who had been killed by the Tories in Apr of 1779. (See his record). She was b. abt. 16 Jan 1759 (age/gs.), probably in Mahwah, the dau. of Christian Wanamaker and Grietje Shuart*. She d. 24 Nov 1815, aged 56y-10m-30d. From his will he m. second, "Rachel." "Rachel Van Gelder**, wife of Garret Hopper (dec'd.)," was a member of Ramapo RDCh. in 1837 (p.2). She was b. abt. 24 Feb 1770 (age/gs.), and is bur. near Garret and Margaret, but her gs. says only "Rachel Van Gelder - d. 17 Nov 1842, aged 72y-8m-20d." Zabriskie believed "she was probably the dau. of Jonathan Van Gelder and the wid. of Peter Van Horn" (Hendricks #205). The will of Garret W. Hopper (weak of body), of Franklin Twp., Brg.Co., NJ; da. 15 Jan 1832,. and pro. 27 Jan 1832, mentioned: wife Rachel - all she brought with her and an income of $75.00 a year until death or remarriage; son William two shares of the estate and the right to purchase the homestead of 93 acres and mountain land adjoining with improvements and implements belonging to same and grist mill. He was to estimate the value @ $50 an acre and "pay what exceeds his portion to heirs;" son Andrew - one share of the estate; children of dec'd. son John two shares - the land I purchased of the heirs of Abraham Hopper @ $25.00 an acre - the boys each to have two shares and the girls one share, each as they come of age; son Christian "should he return" the yearly interest from $200 and Elsey (dau. of son Christian) $300; gr.children Garret and Lydia Ann (children of son Jonathan dec'd.) $300 each.; dau. Ann - 1 share - exr. to sell the woodlot at Andrew Hennion's and that portion to her two sons John and Andrew; dau. Margaret - 1 share the rest of the land adjoining my homestead farm consisting of 70 acres @ $20.00 an acre to Peggy. Exr: William Hopper and son-in-law Abraham Van Horn. Garret signed by his mark. [Probably due to it being a "death bed will."] (Brg.Co. Will D-218). The inventory of his estate totaled $2,396.36 1/2 and contained: stock, fodder, grain, household furniture, yarning utensils, beef and pork, sundries, book accounts, notes, cash and wearing apparel (Brg.Co. Inv. D-213). When the estate was settled in 1833 it totaled $13,095.13. References: Hendricks #205; Clayton p. 205, 333; Ramapo: Indian Trading Post to State College by Reginald Mc Mahon p.46-50, which cites "14 Jan 1781, Articles of Agreement, unrecorded original, Collection of James M. Ransom" (mentioned in the 15 Jan 1781, Deed D-104); and "undated militia list with Ronks' comment, 'Budke.' Vol. 77 Box 11;" MAZ Diary; 1830 Franklin Twp. Census p.96; Brg. Co. Surrogate's File #2811; The Hopper Gristmill p.28; See Appendix C.; *[Note: Grietje Shuart, Margaret's mother was previously unidentified. Clayton stated "Christian [Wanamaker] intermarried with the Shuart family and had children Richard, Adolphus, and one daughter," (Clayton p.333). Margaret was undoubtedly that dau. as when Christian's estate was adm. in 1783, his two sons and Margaret's husb. Garret W. Hopper were the adm. (NJA 25:428). A deed dated 17 May 1783, between Garret W. and Margaret Hopper and Derik C. Wanamaker also confirms their relationship (Brg. Co. D-200). Her mother's first name is from the bap. of her brother Dirk (Richard) at Par.RDCh.(p.34).]**[Note #2 -Two Rachel Van Gelders were bap. at Par.RDCh. first the dau. of Jonathan and Marietje b. 2 Apr, bap. 13 May 1764(p.119) and second the dau. of Cobus and Jannitje b. 18 Jan, bap. 24 Jan 1773(p.120).]

Children of Garret Wm. HOPPE(R) and Margaret (Grietje) Wanamaker - all probably born in Ramapo, now Mahwah) - order of birth uncertain:

+511 Christian - b. between 1780-1790; m. 1 Dec 1810, Mary Ann Bell (#639)
+512 Anna (Antje) - b. 28 Jun 1784 (gs.) in Ramapo (NJVR of death) ; m. 1) Andrew Winter, 2) William DeClark
+513 Jonathan - bap. 15 Jan 1786, at Par.RDCh.(p.67)(wit: Jan A. and Maria Hoppe); m. ___?___ ___?___or possibly Mary Skinner;
+514 William G. - b. 15 Nov; bap. 25 Dec 1787 at Par.RDCh.(p.140)(wit: Andreas W. and Maria Hoppe); m. 1) Wyntje Christopher, 2) Bridget Christie
+515 Andrew G. - b. abt. 30 Nov 1789 (age/gs.); m. Maria Harp
+516 Margaret (Peggy) - b. 1 Sep 1792 (gs.); m. Abraham Van Horn (#980)
+517 John G. - b. abt. 19 Aug 1794 (age/gs.); m. Charity Hopper (#483)


, son of Garret W. Hopper (#206) and Margaret Wanamaker, was b. abt. 19 Aug 1794 (age/gs.). "John G. Hopper from Ramapough" d. 13 Apr 1829 (MAZ Diary & gs.), aged 34y-7m-25d, bur. Ram.RDChyd., Mahwah, NJ (p.70). John and Charity liv. with his wife's parents in the Laroe-Hopper-Van Horn house on Ramapo Valley Rd. in Mahwah (then called Ramapo). (See picture at #191 - p.60.) In 1823 he and his father purchased the farm from his widowed mother-in- law. John's children were later to inherit part of this property from their grandfather Garret W. Hopper. On 19 Feb 1824, John was appointed Capt. of the 3rd Co., 2nd Battalion, 3rd Reg. of the Brg.Co. Militia. On 3 Oct 1812, "John Hopper m. Charity Hopper, both of Ramapo" (Rev. Demarest's mar. rec. p.17). Charity (Geertje) Hopper (#483), was his second cousin, the dau. of Abraham Hopper (#191) and Geertje (Charity) Zabriskie. She was b. 3 Nov 1796; bap. as "Geertje" on 25 Dec 1796, at Par.RDCh. Charity m. second, her widowed neighbor, Andrew Hennion Jr. on 26 Feb 1834. (See her record for children.) She d. 8 Jul 1860, aged 65y-8m-5d. (probably in error for 63y), bur. with first husb. and parents. Their eldest son, Garret I. Hopper, bought the property from the heirs in a deed da. 1 Feb 1841. In that deed Andrew Hennion Jr., and Charity his wife, widow of the late John G. Hopper of Franklin Twp., released her rights to the property to John's heirs: Garret I. Hopper, Abraham I. Hopper, Albert I. Hopper, Aaron Ackerman and Margaret his wife, Andrew H. Hageman and Eliza Ann his wife, and Thomas Hennion and Rachel his wife. John's estate was administered on 29 Apr 1829, in Brg.Co. and his wife Charity and Abraham Vanhorn were appointed adm. A lengthy inventory, [one of the most detailed I have ever seen] was taken by William Hopper and Henry B. Hagerman esq. on 29 Apr 1829, containing over 200 items associated with a large farm, including 2 horse, a yoke of oxen, 12 cows or calves, 23 sheep or lambs etc.,totaling $926.47. Also listed was "his military uniform, sword etc." valued at $10.00. (Brg. Co. Surrogate Case #1490 Brg. Co. Inv. D-79-83). References: Hendricks #509 (John) #478 (Charity); 1830 Franklin Twp. p.107, NJ VR of deaths for Margaret, Albert and Garret, Brg.Co. Deed C4:141/142; MAZ and CAA Diaries; Garret and Charity's Bible (GSBC Collection); Ledger - Officers of NJ Militia (NJ Archives)

Children of John G. HOPPER and Charity Hopper - all probably b. in the Laroe-Hopper-Van Horn House in Ramapo (now Mahwah) then part of Hohokus Twp.:

+1052 Garret I. - b. 20 Mar 1813 (Bible/gs.); m. 1) Mary Ann Bartholf, 2) Charity Christie (Mrs. John S. Demarest)
1053 Charity Zabriskie - b. abt. 30 Jul 1815 (age/gs.); d. 1 Apr 1838, aged 22y-9m-1d; bur. with parents Ram.RDChyd. (p.70)(MAZ Diary - "d. Charity Hopper of Ramapo")
+1054 Abraham I./J. - b. 15 May 1817 (Bible); m. Hester Demarest
+1055 Albert I. - b. 21 Jul 1818 in "Ramapo" (NJ VR of death & gs.); m. Elizabeth De Baun [She m. second Aaron Cuyper Ackerman, widr. of his sister Margaret (#1056)]
+1056 Margaret - b. 18 Nov 1819 (gs.) in "Hohokus" [Twp.] (NJ VR); m. Aaron Cuyper Ackerman (See #1055)
+1057 Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann - b. ca.1821 (29 in 1850); m. Andrew H. Hagerman Jr., son of Anna Hopper Bogert (#1005)
+1058 Rachel - b. 31 Jul 1822 (gs.); m. Thomas Hennion


, son of John G. Hopper (#517) and Charity Hopper (#483), was b. in Ramapo (now Mahwah) "NJ" prob. in the Laroe-Hopper-Van Horn house on 20 Mar 1813*(Bible and gs.). He d. 18 Nov 1893,* aged 80y-8m* or 80y-7m-28d (gs. and NJ VR); bur. with his second wife and dau. in the Paramus Plains Cem., formerly at thecorner of S. Pleasant and E. Ridgewood Avenues, Ridgewood, NJ (Budke #5737 and #5738 or plot 25 p. 27)(later removed to George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus, NJ). On the 9th of April 1842 "Garret I. Hopper was elected 1st Lieutenant of the Ramapough Volunteer Co. of the second Battalion in the second Regiment of the Bergen Brigade of the Militia of NJ. On the 3 Aug 1844, he was granted exemption from military service in consequence of a deformity from a broken arm". (Family papers LBH) In April of 1841 Garret bought the family homestead from his mother and siblings. He was to sell part of the estate 15 days later and in 1849 he sold the property including the Laroe-Hopper-Van Horn house to his Aunt Margaret (#508) and her husband and his cousin Abraham Van Horn. He and his family and several of his brothers moved to NYC, where he appeared in the 1850 census as a carman [carter], age 36, with Charity 24, and John 14, James 11, Abraham 9, William 7, Albert 5, and Ann 1. They returned to Bergen Co. about 1856 and purchase a very large farm in Ridgewood on Godwin Ave. opposite Lincoln Ave. (then Cherry Lane). In 1860 they were liv. in Franklin Twp. with 8 children and step dau. (land $10,000, personal estate $1,000). By 1870 the land was valued at $35,000 with a personal estate of $10,000, in Franklin Twp. aged 56 with wife and 8 youngest children. On 28 Apr 1834 "Garret I Hopper of Ramapo to Mary Bartholf of NY." (MAZ - 26 Apr 1834 Garret I. Hopper from Ramapough to Mary Ann Bautolf from New York) - Mary Ann Bartholf (Bertholf) was the dau. of John Bertholf and Caroline Ackerman. She was b. 29 Apr 1818** or b. 14 Feb 1818 (age/gs. and Bartholf Genealogy) in NYC and bap. there in the NW R.Ch. on 17 May 1818. They liv. in the Laroe-Hopper-Van Horn house. She d. six days after giving birth, on 15 Oct 1845**(and gs.) aged 27y-8m-1d( gs.) and is bur. with her husband's parents in Ram. RDChyd, Mahwah, NJ.(p.70) [MAZ - "died Mary Burtholf wife of Garret Hopper, Ramipo (sic)"] On 7 Oct 1848* at Ponds RDCh. Garret J. Hopper, (son of John) a farmer, aged 35, a widr. of Ramapo m. Charity Demarest, (dau. of John D. Christie) aged 23 a wid. of Ponds at the Ponds [now Oakland]. (NJ VR) Charity Christie, the wid. of John S. Demarest, was the dau. of John D. Christie and Tiney (Diana) Westervelt. She was b. 2 Oct 1825 (Bible and gs.) in "Brg. Co.", prob. in Mahwah where her family lived. She m. first, John S. Demarest, son of Samuel P. Demarest and Maria Garrison, on 20 Feb 1844 at Ponds RDCh. by Rev. Wm. J. Thompson (He was of Ponds and she of Ramapough) (NJ VR) John d. 12 Jul 1846. (See Demarest #7-897 & #8-144 for this marriage and their dau. Maria Demarest.) Charity Hopper (dau. of John D, and Tiney Christie) liv. and d. in Ridgewood, on 15 Feb 1904 of paralysis(NJ VR also Bible & gs.), aged 78y-4m-13d.* bur. with second husb. (Budke #5738). Garret died intestate, having been declared incompetent in a petition dated ------------[From court papers he appears to have suffered from what we now know as Alzheimer's Disease.] His heirs were his widow and eleven surviving children: John G, Abraham, James G., Albert G., Caroline (wife of David H. Swinn), Rachel C., Kate Gilfillan, (widow), Julia, (wife of Jacob Christopher) and Eliza, (wife of Garret Voorhis Hopper) Mary Lovinia (wife of James B. Christopher), and Anna Louisa Hopper. The widow selected as her trustees Isaac A. Hopper, John G. Hoppe, and Jacob Christopher. They were given 1/3 of the estate $4,675.00 to invest and they were to pay her the interest as her yearly income. References: Demarest #7-898 & #8-894; * Bible of Garret and Charity and papers of Leigh B. Hopper(LBH) ; ** Abraham Hopper's Bible (see his record #1052-3); Brg. Co. Orphan's Court Records Liber O-pp.296-314 and Releases Liber I p. 131 and 468; Bailey p.313; MAZ's Diary; RHM = Ruth Hopper Macfarlan (#1052-A-3) interviews; Z#1970; NY Co., NY (1850) NYC 9th Ward #869-1789; Brg.Co. Census Franklin Twp.(1860) p.354 #335-337; (1870) #270-305 p.212; Brg.Co. Deeds C4-141, F4-540, C4-328, M4-273, L5-144, X6-331, Z6-585, D7-581,V7-570, N8-457, X8-475, C9-132, X10-185, V12,B13, 353:516-526; Bertholf #1108.II; Ackerman #6.65; On Charity's death certificate cem. is called Paramus Plains Cem.

Children of Garret I. HOPPER and Mary Ann Bartholf (b. in Mahwah and bap. in the Ram. RDCh.:

+1052-1 John G. - b. 14 Aug 1835 (bap. rec./age/gs.), bap. 21 Apr 1839(no wit.)(p.40); m. Margaret Demarest
1052-2 James Bartholf - b. 20 May 1838, (bap. rec. & MAZ "Garret Hopper's wife Mary a male child"), bap. 21 Apr 1839 (no wit.)(p.40); in Jul 1850 he was listed with his Bertholf gr.parents in Bergen Co. and in Aug with his father and stepmother in NYC; d. 28 Jul 1855,* aged 17 years* References: 1850 Census Hohokus Twp. #360-396
+1052-3 Abram (Abraham) G. {Dr.}(veterinarian) - b. 12 Nov 1839 (bap.rec.) (Bible record - 12 Nov 1840**), but bap. 3 May 1840 (no wit. p. 41); m. Elizabeth Bogert (20 and apprentice carpenter in 1860)
1052-4 William G. - b. 25 Oct 1841* or 17 Oct 1842 (bap.rec.), bap. 3 Apr 1845 (no wit.)(p.55); d. 12 Nov 1855*
+1052-5 Albert G. - b. 15 Feb 1843* or 15 Feb 1844 (bap. rec.), bap.(no date and no wit.)(p. 41); (16 a farmer in 1860/ 25 in 1870 a lumberyard owner) m. 1) Elizabeth S. Boyd, 2) her sister Catherin (Kate) S. Boyd
+1052-6 Mary Lovinia - b. 7 Oct 1845 (bap.rec.)bap. (no date and no wit.)(p. 51); m. James B. Christopher (with Bartholf gr.parents in 1850 - Hohokus Twp. #360-396)

Children of Garret I. HOPPER and Charity Christie (birth dates from Family Bible,* states of birth from 1870 census):

1052-7 Anna "Louisa" - b. 23 Sep 1849 (Louisa in Bible) "Anna Louisa" on NJ (prob. Mahwah); (Ann - 9y/1860 Anna L 19y/1870) Her bro. Dr. Abraham Hopper was appointed her guardian in 1893, when her father's estate was settled. She d. unm. in Ridgewood on 1 Sep 1919, bur. with parents.Paramus Plains Cem. (plot 25)
+1052-8 Julia -b. 23 Oct 1852* in NY (6y/1860-16y/1870); m. Jacob Christopher
1052-9 Eliza Jane - b. 2 Dec 1856* in NY(4y/1860-13y/1870); m. Garret Voorhis Hopper (See #891-3-1)
+1052-A James Garret - b. 22 Feb 1859* in Ridgewood (RHM) NJ (10 in 1870); m. Rachel Catherine Voorhees (dau. of Rachel Catherine Achenbach (#1063-6) and John Quackenbush Voorhis)
+1052-B Catherine (Kate*) - b. 13 Jun 1861* in Ridgewood NJ (RHM); m. 1)William Gilfillan, 2) William VanHorn
+1052-C Caroline - b. 30 Jan 1863* in Ridgewood (RHM) or 31 Jan 1863 in "Ville" [Godwinville -later known as Ridgewood (RHM)], Franlklin Twp.(NJ VR)(Kate -7y/1870); m. David H. Swinn (later divorced)
1052-D Rachel (Ratie) C. - b. 28 Dec 1865* in Godwinville (later known as Ridgewood (RHM)), Franklin Twp. (NJVR), (4y/1870); A dressmaker who liv. 160 Woodside Ave. Ridgewood. She d. abt. 1944 "one year before sister Julia;" bur. Valleau Cem., Ridgewood, NJ (no gs.) References: clipping from newspaper owned by RHM no date.


, the son of Garret I. Hopper (#1052) and Charity Christie was b. 22 Feb 1859 in Ridgewood, NJ (RHM). His wife's obituary said he was a "well known contractor." In 1900 he was a 41 year old contractor who was liv. in Ridgewood in a mortgaged home on Ridgewood Ave. with his wife and 3 children. He owned a coal delivery business, starting with draft horses then moving to trucks. He also owned a contracting business installing sidewalks; some of the sidewalks in the village of Ridgewood have brass plaques reading "James Garret Hopper" His wife's obituary said he was a "well known contractor." His dau. Ruth related that her father loved horses and spent many happy hours at the nearby tracks, particularly the one in Ho-Ho-Kus. His son John Ed or J.E.was a frequent driver of trotters in these races. She also mentioned that she had never known him to "shave at home," like many men of his generation he always went to the barber shop for a shave. He lived at 35 Lincoln Ave., in Ridgewood, NJ. [He was liv. there in 1897 and his phone number was 670.] James G. Hopper, son of Garret I.Hopper and Charity Christie) died after a years illness of carcinoma of intestines, a married coal dealer, on 6 Oct 1920 in Ridgewood. (NJ VR). He is bur. with his wife and dau. Ruth and her husb. in Valleau Cem., Ridgewood, NJ. The will of James G. Hopper was da. 30 Mar 1920, with a codicil added on the same day, and pro. 27 Oct 1920. the exr. were his wife, and three children. He divided his estate equally between his wife Rachel and their three children. In addition his wife was to receive $1,000, and dau. Ruth was to receive $500. His total estate was valued at $25,816.81, including $4,285 in accounts receivable, $2,705 in vehicles, a one year old 1919 Maxwell valued at $500., buildings at $4,500 cash in the bank of $10,000 and $25.00 worth of wearing apparel. On 11 Dec 1882 in Hohokus, he was married by Abraham Van Houten, a minister at Paramus, to Rachel Catherine Voorhees the dau. of John Quackenbush Voorhis and Rachel Ann Achenbach. (NJ VR- family records had 14 Dec 1882) She was b. in Ho-Ho-Kus on 2 May 1864. (RHM) The 1900 census revealed that she had given birth to eight children only three of whom were still living. Her dau. Ruth mentioned that her mother had lost several children one of whom was possibly named Calvin, but her mother did not like to talk about it. Her dau. remembers her mother as a woman who loved her home and taking care of it. She enjoyed sewing for her family and once made a little white coat and hat for her grandson, Walter. Rachel was also very active in her church. Rachel d. 12 Apr 1937 at 86 Godwin Ave., Ridgewood, in her 73rd year. (obit. and gs.) The will of Rachel C. Hopper of Hawthorne, Bergen Co. written in 1923 and pro. 3 May 1937 mentioned Walter B. Hopper, Margaret C. Hildeburn, Charity H. Hildeburn, Ruth A. Hopper, J. Edwin Hopper and children Ruth, Charity and Edwin. (Ackerman abstract Hopper p. 309) James and his wife Rachel were the last of this family of Hoppers to be able to communicate with each other in "Jersey Dutch." Born two hundred years after their Dutch ancestors had emigrated, they were the last generation to be able to converse in a language that had been perpetuated by the closeness of the Bergen Rockland community. Although the language had changed over the years, according to his dau. Ruth, James was still able to communicate with workers he hired who were natives of Holland. References: RHM= Ruth Hopper Macfarlan; Obituary of Mrs. James G. Hopper;1900 Census Ridgewood District 3 election district 3 sheet 5 house 249 family 260; Z#4723 which is in error re: Rachel Voorhis; 1897 Directory of Ridgewood.

Children of James G. HOPPER and Rachel Catherine Voorhis:

+1052-A-1 John "Edwin" ("J.E.") - b. 26 May 1883 ; m. Edna Brickell
+1052-A-2 Charity - b. 16 Jan 1887 in Ridgewood, NJ; m. William Linnard Hildeburn Sr.
1052-A-3 Alfred - b. abt. 1889; "died at Ridgewood 9 Feb 1894 Alfred, son of James G. and Rachel Hopper aged 5 years (Bergen Co. Newspaper Deaths p. 102)
+1052-A-3 Ruth Adelaide - b. 12 Feb 1899; m. John (Jack) Macfarlan.


1052-A-1 JOHN "EDWIN" ("J. E.") HOPPER,
son. of James G. Hopper (#1052-A) and Rachel Catherine Voorhis, was b. 26 May 1883 in Ridgewood(family records) or Saddle River (obituary), NJ. He d. 25 Jul 1943 in Hackensack Hospital, Hackensack, NJ. He is bur. as "J. Edwin Hopper 1883-1943, in Westwood Cem. Westwood, NJ. In the 1900 census "J. Edwin" was a 17 year old messenger liv. with his parents, in Ridgewood. He had a great love of horses, and most of his life he worked with them. He used to drive trotting horses at the Ho-Ho-Kus Race Track and other nearby tracks. According to his son Walter, the prize for winning in those days was usually a new bridle or a new blanket for the horse. For many years he and Garret Cronk were partners in a livery stable in Westwood. He also worked for a man who made wagons, painting the wagons. For a time he worked for the borough of Westwood in the road department. Ultimately he became a rural mail carrier for the U.S. Post Office, first driving a horse drawn delivery wagon and later a motor vehicle. His route was R.F.D. (Rural Free Delivery) #2 out of Westwood, this encompassed most of what is now Saddle River, Allendale and part of Ho-Ho-Kus. At one point he and his son, Walter (R.F.D. #1) had the only two rural deliver routes out of the Westwood Post Office. He was active in the Westwood fire department, for 27 years serving as fire chief in 1937. In the early days of the department he drove the horse drawn fire apparatus. His will was pro. 6 Aug 1943 his heirs were Edna Hopper wid. and son Walter B. Hopper. (BC #3367). On 25 Oct 1905, in Hackensack, "J. Edwin, aged 22, a clerk, was married by Rev. C.R. Kuebler to Edna Brickell, aged 17 of Westwood. She was the dau. of Thomas Edgar ("T.E.") Brickell and Christina Cooper. (NJ VR) Her father served several terms as mayor of Westwood. She was b. 17 Jan 1888 in Westwood, NJ. and d. 22 Mar 1957 in Ridgewood (obit) or Hackensack (family records). Bur. with her husb. and parents in Westwood, Cem., Westwood, NJ (NY NJ Cem. p. 42, plus personal observation.). References: (NY NJ Cem. p. 42, obituary of John Edwin Hopper; Resided 14 St. Nicholas Ave., in a house which they purchased in 1928. His son Walter purchased house next door at 10 St. Nicholas in 1929. Both were purchased from Philip G.West. (Bergen Co. Deeds 1618-231, 1616-657)

Only child of John "Edwin" (J.E.) HOPPER and Edna Brickell:

+1052-A-1-1 Walter Brickell - b. 7 Feb 1907 Westwood; m. Theresa Titus


1052-A-1-1 WALTER BRICKELL HOPPER, son of John "Edwin" Hopper and Edna Brickell was b. 7 Feb 1907 in Westwood, NJ. He d. 26 Jul 1983 of prostate cancer, at Pascack Valley Hosp., Westwood, NJ. He lived his entire life in Westwood, and from 1929 until was new when he purchased it from Philip G.West (Bergen Co. Deeds 1618-231). He was a US mail carrier, at one time he was the Rural Rt. #1 mailman delivering the mail to everyone then living in River Vale, Rockleigh, Old Tappan, and the eastern part of Westwood. He retired from the Post Office in 1962. Subsequently he worked for several years at Medical Economics in Oradell. He was also the drummer in the Jersey Ramblers a popular local band. He was active in the Masons, having served as Master, and the Eastern Stars, where he served as Patron. He and his wife were member of the Reformed Church of Westwood (now Parkside Community Church). He was also active in the Westwood Fire Department serving as chief in 1951. He was a local historian and at his death had accumulated a large collection of local pictures which he would present as a slide show to local organizations. On 22 Feb 1928 he married Theresa Titus at the parsonage of the Hillsdale Methodist Church. (They were married on Washington's birthday as they both had the day off from work.) They had met when they were both commuting to NYC on the train. At their marriage, he was 21 a milkman, and she was 20. Theresa Titus was the dau. of James"Grant" Titus and Theresa Stephens b. 20 Mar 1908 in Hillsdale, NJ. Before having her children she worked for seven years in NYC as a secretary. She was later a dietitian and cafeteria manager first for the River Vale School System and later for the Woodcliff Lake School System. She too was active in the Eastern Stars, serving as Matron and as a grand Representative to Georgia. She d. 22 Apr 1976 at Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood of heart failure. Reference: Marriage license #584, obituaries and family records of Leigh B. Hopper and Cheryl Hopper Todd

Children of Walter Brickell HOPPER and Theresa Titus born at Hackensack Hospital, Hackensack, NJ:

+1052-A-1-1-1 Leigh Brickell - b. (living); m. Maria (Ree) Jean Pratt - three children - Steven, Dawn, and Bruce
+1052-A-1-1-2 Cheryl Jane - (living); m. Robert Sunderland Todd - two children Keith and Kevin

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