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(Bergen County unless otherwise noted.)

Ackinsack - now Hackensack
Acquackanonk - now Passaic and southern part of Paterson, Passaic Co., NJ
Ahasymus - now part of Jersey City
Airmont - in Rockland Co., NY near present Mahwah, Bergen Co., NJ also called Masonicus
Arcola - a section of present day Paramus, east and adjacent to the Saddle River
Barbadoes Neck - see New Barbadoes Neck
Beavertown - now Lincoln Park in Morris Co., NJ
Bergen - now Jersey City - first Dutch settlement in Northern NJ - now in Hudson Co., NJ
Bloomingdale - a hamlet in and around Bloomingdale Rd. (now Broadway) in 18th and 19th century of
Manhattan in or near the streets in the 100's.
Brabant - Youngs Rd. area of south western Ramsey/south eastern Mahwah (Fardale)
Campgaw (Kampgauw) - Franklin Lakes - Mahwah
Cherry Lane - near or part of present Tallman, Rockland Co., NY
Chestnut Ridge - western section of Montvale and Woodcliff Lake, and eastern Saddle River,
Choghakes/Goghakens - probably Hohokus (area larger than present day Ho-Ho-Kus)
Crystal Lake - part of what is now Franklin Lakes (at one point a rail road station there)
Clarkstown (Clarksville) - a large area including what is now Bardonia, Clarkstown, Germonds, Nanuet , West
Nyack and New City in Rockland Co. NY or area surrounding Clarkstown RDCh. established there 1791
Crakaal Val - now Haledon
Darlington - area of central Mahwah, along the Ramapo River
Dundee Lake - just east of the Saddle River - Elmwood Park (formerly E. Paterson) and Garfield
English Neighborhood - Now Fairview, Ridgefield, Leonia and Englewood.
(The) Flatts - now New Milford and Oradell
Franklin Twp - at one time all of area west of Saddle River, out of which was formed Saddle River Twp. and Hohokus Twp.
Harnesville - a hamlet in 18th and 19th century of Manhattan in or near the streets in the 70's
Godwinville - Ridgewood and part of Glen Rock and Midland Park
Goffle (Gophel) - Hawthorne or the brook of that name
Goghakens - probably Hohokus
Great Kills (Grootykil ) - a hamlet in 18th and 19th century Manhattan from 42nd to 50th streets near the Great Kills stream, and on both sides of Bloomingdale Rd. [Broadway]
Hackensack Twp. - not the present City of Hackensack, but the land east of the Hackensack River, across from the present city, at one time extending as far north as the state line
Harrington Twp. - once all area in eastern part of Co. between Saddle River and Hudson Rivers (later the northern section, between Hackensack and Hudson Rivers, to the state line.)
Hempstead - originally New Hempstead change to Hempstead in 1797 and Ramapo in 1829.
Hohokus Twp. - north western part of county, west of Saddle River to the Passaic Co. border (once part of Franklin Twp.)
Hoppertown - center of present business district of Ho-Ho-Kus
Kakiat - West New Hempsted now New Hemstead in the town of Ramapo, Rockland Co. NY or area surrounding the church there established in 1773
Kakiat Patent - area of Rockland Co. NY encompassing all or part of present New Hempstead, Ramapo and other localities and northern Bergen Co.towns of Montvale, River Vale and Woodcliff Lake.
Kinderkamack - Emerson and northern Oradell, along present Kinderkamack Rd.
Liberty Pole - now Englewood
Lodi Twp. - southern part of Bergen County east of the Passaic River and west of New Barbadoes
Masonicus - north eastern Mahwah and part of Upper Saddle River NJ extending into Ramapo Twp. and towns of Tallman and Suffern in Rockland Co., NY (See Airmont)
Middletown - area of Rockland Co., NY and Bergen Co., NJ; now Pearl River NY and Montvale NJ, near present day Middletown Rd.
Moonachie (Moenantje) - Moonachi and part of Rutherford
New Amsterdam - now New York City
New Barbadoes - original Twp. between the Hackensack and Saddle Rivers at one time north to the New York state line, gradually reduced in size to the area of the city of Hackensack
New Barbadoes Neck - a peninsula formed by the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers Rivers - now the towns of Kearny in Hudson Co. and North Arlington, Carstadt, East Rutherford, Rutherford and Lynhurst in Bergen Co.
New Bridge - area near Hackensack River Bridge - northern Hackensack -and southern River Edge to Teaneck
Newfoundland - section of Franklin Lakes, west of the lake itself
New Hempstead - named for Hempstead in Queens Co., where many of the settlers had migrated to change to Hempstead in 1797 and Ramapo in 1829.
New Prospect - now Waldwick
Old Bridge - now River Edge, area surrounding the bridge over the Hackensack River, north of the "New Bridge"
Oldham - now Haledon, Passaic Co.
Paramus (Peremis etc.) - present day Paramus but originally a much larger area or referring to the jurisdiction of the Paramus Church
Pascack - now Woodcliff Lake and neighboring towns - or the valley formed by the Pascack Brook or the Pascack Reformed Dutch Church is in Park Ridge
Philips Burgh (Philipsburg) in or near Tarrytown, NY
(The) Point or Point Neighborhood - eastern Paramus and present Washington Twp. east of Route. 17 and Ridgewood Ave.
Polifly - south western. Hackensack-Lodi- Hasbrouck Heights -Woodbridge Area, formerly in New Barbadoes and Lodi Townships.
Ponds - Oakland and parts of present day Pompton Lakes and Franklin Lakes
Ramapo - Ramapaugh - now Mahwah and extending north of Mahwah into NY state, where the area is known as the Town of Ramapo. Also the river of same name located there.
Red Mills - once Arcola (now part of Paramus east of Saddle River)
Remmerspach - Ramapo or Mahwah - especially in German Palatine Records
Saddle River - near the state line east and west of the Saddle River - now Saddle River and Upper Saddle River. At one time the eastern part was part of Harrington (later Washington Twp.) and the western part was part of Franklin Twp.(later Hohokus Twp. and later still Orvil Twp.)
Saddle River Twp. - between the Saddle River and Passaic River (now Saddle Brook, Garfield, and Elmwood Park, Fair Lawn and part of Glen Rock. At the same time there was also a Saddle River near the state line in what is now Saddle River and Upper Saddle River.
Schraalenburgh - Dumont (north) and Bergenfield (south) area east of Hackensack River
Scotland - area of southern Spring Valley and western Nanuet near the NJ border-roughly the present Scotland Hill Rd. area Rockland Co., NY
Second River - Belleville, Essex Co.
Slotterdam (Slaughter Dam etc.) - the east side of the Passaic River, across from Passaic, now part of East Paterson and Fair Lawn
Sluckup - (once Spring Valley NJ, part of present day Paramus)
Small Lots - Glen Rock and Fair Lawn
Steenrapia (Stony Road) River Edge part of main road leading north out of Hackensack
Striker's Bay - a hamlet in 18th and 19th century of Manhattan in or near the streets in the 90's
Tappan - now Tappan Rockland Co. NY and Old Tappan Bergen, Co. NJ
Upper Campgaw - north of Campgaw in present day Mahwah (Fardale Section)
Washington Twp. - north central part of county between Saddle River and Hackensack Rivers (once part of Harrington Twp.)
Wagaraw - now part of Hawthorne, east of Passaic River, near Paterson, Passaic Co., NJ
Wearimus (Werimus) - east of the Saddle River in what is now Woodcliff Lake and Saddle River
Wortendyke - now Midland Park and Wyckoff
Yawpaw (Yougnpugh)(Youghpough) - now Oakland and Franklin Lakes

[Note: This is a very brief explanation of place names used in this book, there are many others. I am grateful to Pat Wardell for her help with this gazetteer. Pat Wardell, at the present time, is working on a more detailed and complete list of Bergen Co. place names.]

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