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Abreviations and Terms


abt. - on or about
adm. - administrator/ administratix, or administrated
age/gs. - birth date calculated from age at death on gravestone
age/d. - birth date calculated from age at death on death record
b. - born
bap. - baptized
Brg.Co. - Bergen County
bur. - buried - burial ground - family graveyard
ca. - (circa) about
cem. - cemetery
Ch. - Church
Chyd. - churchyard - cemetery adjacent to or near a church
d. - died
da. - dated (as in the day the will was written)
dau. - daughter
dec'd. - deceased
d/o - daughter of
d.y. - died young
e.g. - (exempli gratia) for example
exr. - executors, executor, or executrix
gr. - grand as gr.child, gr.son, or gr.dau.
gs. - gravestone or tombstone
husb. - husband
ibid. - (ibidem) in the same place - see previous reference
i.e. - (id est) that is
j.d. - jonge dochter (young daughter) - spinster / sometimes y.d.
. - jonge man (young man) - bachelor / sometimes y.m.
J./I.or I./J. - middle initial found as both J. and I.(most often by the first letter)
£ - pound (as in money)
lic. - license (as in marriage license)
liv.- living or lived
m./ mar. - married/ marriage
mem. - member
n.d. - no date
nee - born (i.e. maiden name)
p./ pp. - page/ pages
par: - parents
pro. - proved or probated (date will was filed in court)
rec. - record, records or recorded
Rev. - Revolution or Reverend
Rev'd. - Revised
sic. - thus, so the record states (as in so spelled)
s.h.v. - syn huys vrouw (his wife or housewife)
s/o - son of
unm. - unmarried
VR - Vital Record of death, marriage or birth
wid./ widr. - widow, widower
wit: - witnesses, sponsors or Godparents
y.d./y.m. - see j.d./ j.m.
[..] - additional information inserted by the compiler


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