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When posting your data, please be sure that all available information, including sources, is identified.  

For biographies and obituaries, please be sure that copyrights are not violated. Brief portions of a work may be used under the "fair use" policy.  

All posted information must show a connection to a Reavis, Reaves, Reves, Rivis (or related spellings and lines) family.  

Please be sure that all surnames are identified in the surname box.  

Before submitting your data, please be sure that appropriate information is provided in the title, such as name(s) of primary indivudual(s), location, and dates.  

GenConnect Boards make it easy for everyone to:
Post Reavis-related queries.  
Share Reavis, Reaves, Reves, Rivis (or related spellings and lines) information in a searchable format on the Internet.  

Message Boards offer many options:
There are now 15 different "types" or "classifications" by which you can categorize your messages. These are: Query, Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, and Will. By selecting a specific "classification" you will assist others in their search for information.

Explanation of and Instructions for using these Boards: 
You may simply view information already posted, or you may add to the board, by using the option, "Post New Message."
You may respond to information you find in a message by clicking the option, "Post Reply."  
Please be sure when posting information that you are not quoting directly from any copyrighted material (this is especially important for Obituaries and Biographies; when in doubt, summarize or paraphrase) and that you are listing sources for the information.
Abstracts are acceptable where appropriate.

Posting Messages: 
Place only information on the Board associated with this surname or allied family. Place the principle name, location area and time period in the subject line. Place all surnames directly associated with the message in the surname section. Make sure all surnames are in all capital letters. Provide concise, detailed information in the message section.

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Commercial use of the information posted is not allowed.

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