Generation 2: Children of Sarah [Gilliam]

1- Edward REAVIS
  b. ENG ca. 1680;
  d. Northampton Co., NC
  ca. 1751

sp 1- Hannah [ALLEY]

sp 2- Sarah [GILLIAM]
         (   -aft Nov 1787)




Generation 2

Children of
Edward Reavis & Sarah [Gilliam]

arah, Edward's second wife, is thought to be the daughter of Jesse Gilliam and sister of John Gilliam. No marriage record has been located. Her name is given in various records only as Sarah Reavis.

  2 - Jesse b. ca 1735 VA; d. 1830 NC; m/1 Fortune Jordan (d/o Arthur Jordan d. 1752... wit/Edward's will). Children:

David b. 1758 NC; d. 1852 Bedford Co TN; m/1 Mary Daniel; m/2 Patience Holeman (d/o William Holeman and Elizabeth Johnson)
John b. ca 1760
Edward b. ca 1772 m. Mary Haddock (marr rec: "Haddocks")

Jesse m/2 Prudence Webb. They are listed on the church records of Surry Co, NC Mar 1792. Children:

Nancy b. 1802 m. John Gibbins

Jesse m/3 Mary Gibbins 1806 Surry Co, NC. Known children:

Jesse Marshall b. 1808; d. 1884; m. Polly/Mary Garman 1830 Surry Co NC (sons: James, Joel, Jesse, John P, Rufus); Davie Co 1850
Joel b. 1816; d. 1907 TX; m. Mary Steelman

  2 - Mary b. 1739 no data (mentioned in Dutchman Creek Bapist Church records and father's will)
  2 - Judith b. ca 1741; d.1787 no data (mentioned in Dutchman Creek Bapist Church records and father's will)
  2 - John b. 1745; d. ca. 1820-1840 in Davie Co NC; m. ? Ridings ??? Children:

Betsy m. ? Burgess
Prudence m. Thomas Lundy
Samuel m/1 Nancy Wilkins (sons George m. Joyner, John m. Harbin, Alexander); m/2 Sally Cranfill
John b. 1787
David b. ca 1790 m. Nancy Cain (sons Anderson m. Foot, John H. m. Hutchins, William m. Rebecca Upton, Andrew W.)
Nancy b. ca 1791 m. John Pharr
Jesse b. ca 1795 m/1 Alyse Cain; m/2 Polly Beamon
Polly m. Asa Reavis
Joseph m. Susie Masters

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