Generation 2: Children of Hannah [Alley]

1- Edward REAVIS
  b. ENG ca. 1680;
  d. Northampton Co., NC
  ca. 1751

sp 1- Hannah [ALLEY]

sp 2- Sarah [GILLIAM]
         (   -aft Nov 1787)




Generation 2

Children of
Edward Reavis & Hannah [Alley]

dward's first wife was Hannah, thought to be the sister of Thomas Alley who received a land grant with Edward on Sept 5 1723. No marriage record has been located. Her name is given in several land deeds only as Hannah Reavis.

  2 - Edward Jr. b. ca 1715 VA; d. 1750 Northampton Co NC; m. Mary ISHAM(?). Children:

Isham 1748-1835 m. Anne Jones
Lucy b. ca 1750 no data

  2 - Agnes b. ca 1717; m. William Riddlehurst Thompson (were in area of Northampton NC)

  2 - James b. 1719 VA; d. 1804 Rutherford Co NC; m. Elizabeth Street, d/o William and Jane Bayes Street (d/oPeter and Sarah Bayes), all of Henrico Co VA. Children:

Elizabeth b. ca 1745; m. James Doyle
Edward b. ca 1745-7 m. Sarah ?
David 1748-1826 m. Gemima Reid
George b. 1750; m. Sarah Pearson
Joseph 1755-1805 m. Mary/Mollie ?
James, Jr 1762-1803 m. Martha Morgan

  2 - Samuel b. 1721 VA; d. 1789 NC; m. Nancy Jones. Children:

Mary 1758-1828 m. Hyde, Hartwell
Lucy Russell 1762-1837 m. Lewis Parham
Hannah 1764 m. Dr. Benjamin King
Lewis Jones 1766-1843 m. Wyche, Sarah
Thomas 1768->1840 m. Elizabeth Marshall
Nancy Jones c1770-<1861 m. John Brame
Sarah/Sally c1774 m. Turner Moss
Elizabeth 1774 m. Rowland Harris
Rebecca 1778 m. Arthur Harris
Samuel Jones 1780-1854 m. Patsey Harris
William Whitfield 1786-1861 m. Elizabeth Wiggins

  2 - Thomas b. 1723 VA; d. 1758 Nothampton Co NC; m. Ann (??Harris or Allen). Children:

Henry 1752-1837
Harris 1754-1838 served in Rev War went to Ky and Illinois
Allen b. ca1760 m. Nancy Ragland

  2 - William b. 1725 VA; d. 1784 Northampton Co NC; m/1 Jamry Jordan. Children:

William David
Zachariah 1757-1836 m/1 Deborah ?; m/2 Rebecca Holden

William m/2 Mary (?? Pritchard). Children:

Samuel m. Nancy Goodwin
Leah b.1763 m. L. Huskey
Isaac b. ca1764; d. ca1788 m. Hannah Wallace
Betty b.1765 m. Avery Parham
William b. ca1766; d. ca1824
Frankey b.1768
Mary Pritchard b. ca1777 (named in William's Will)

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