Edward-1 Reavis

1- Edward REAVIS
  b. ENG ca. 1680;
  d. Northampton Co., NC
  ca. 1751

sp 1- Hannah [ALLEY]
   Edward Jr. (1715-1750)
   Agnes (ca1717-)
   James (1719-1804)
   Samuel (1721-1789)
   Thomas (1723-1758)
   William (1725-1784)

sp 2- Sarah [GILLIAM]
         (   -aft Nov 1787)
   Jesse (1735-1830)
   Mary (1739-)
   Judith (ca 1741-)
   John (1745-1820)


Edward Reavis 

ittle is known, although there has been much speculation, regarding the origins of the man whose name appears first in 1721 in the Court Order Book of Colonial Virginia, where he is defending his rights.

Sept 5 1723 land patents granted to Rivis, Edward and Thomas Ally, 400 acs. (N.L.) Henrico Co: S. side of James River; on William Cocke's land; crossing Stony Run; 30 shill., & imp. Of 2 pers; Sarah Mullinax and James Grigg.

Signed by Lieutenant Governor Hugh Drysdale, Esq. @ Williamsburg, Va.

Deed reveals Hannah as the wife of Edward, and Frances as the wife of Thomas Alley.

Source: pg 244, Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstr of Land Patents and Grants, volume 3 p.79

Aug 1729 Henrico Co Va Deed Book pg 242-4
Edward REVIS of County and Parish of Henrico to Thomas Alley of same. Whereas said Edward and Thomas are both seized of 400 acres as by Patent 5 Sept 1723, they agree to division.
Hannah wife of Edward and Frances wife of Thomas relinquish their Dower Rights.

Witnesses: George Payne, Pierre Louis Soblet

Signed: Edward REVIS, Thomas A. Alley

Recorded 1st Monday Aug

Aug 1 1729 Edward and Hannah of Henrico sold to Thomas Jennit 50 acres for 3 pounds. (no record found where/how they obtained the land)

Aug 1 1729 Edward bought 75 acres.

1730> Vestry Book of Henrico Parrish, Henrico Co., Va name of Edward Reavis appears once as Revis, six times as Reves. These transactions were known as "Processioning the land"; in absence of land records, they went around the bounds of the land and renewed the marks by chopping the trees, and was required to be done every three years.

      Source: The Reavis Family by Marie Reavis Hall

Sep 17 1731 Edward is living on Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co Va.

Aug 4 1735 Edward helped inventory estate of John Walters.

      Source: Colonial Wills of Henrico Co Va 1737-1781

Oct 7 1735 Edward REAVIS bought 200 acres for 20 pounds on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek, called Stony Run, from Charles Christian; joining Edward's own land.

May 1738 Edward deeded land to William Ellis.

      Source: Henrico Co Deeds 1737-1750

1740 Edward deeded land to T. Smith, Edward's wife Sarah relinquished her dower.

Feb 1746 Edward REVIS witnessed deed between John Moore of Northampton Co NC and William Walker of Va., 100 acres Pea Hill Creek, Northampton Co NC (other witnesses were Wm Allen and Thomas Clanton).

      Source: Deedbook 3 pg 320 Brunswick Co Va

Apr 1747 Deed of Edward REAVIS, witnessed by James Reavis and Edward Reavis, Jr.

290 acres on Moratock/Roanoke River in Northampton Co NC The deed mentions inclusion of houses and orchards, apparently his home until his death. He bought the land from Thomas Clanton of Brunswick Co NC.

Feb 21 1750 Northampton Co NC. Original Will 21 Feb 1750 and proved in February Court 1752. Son: Jesse, Daughters: Jude and Mary Reavis. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Capt. John Personof Virginia. Wits: Arthr. Harris, John Gilliam, Arthur Jordan. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards.

      Source: Abstracts of North Carolina Wills by J. Bryan Grimes

Reavis, Edward, Northampton Co 1752 Original Only SS/AR (Secretary of State Loose wills in the NC Archives)

      Source: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665-1900 T. W. Mitchell

Excerpts from the Will (Source: The Reavis Family Book) directs that "my plantation I now live on be sold by my extrs to the best advantage." There is mention of household effects, including feather beds, furniture, pewter plates and dishes, spinning wheel, plows, harrows, cattle, sheep, horses, saddles, one negro . . . there is in the will the phrase "all of my estate that I have not before disposed of be equally divided." This would indicate he probably had made prior distribution to his other children.

First Wife: Thought to be Hannah Alley, sister of Thomas who received the land grant with Edward. Marriage record has not been located. Her name is given in a land deed only as Hannah Reavis.

Second Wife: Thought to be Sarah Gilliam, daughter of Jesse Gilliam and sister of John Gilliam. No marriage record has been located. Her name is given in various records only as Sarah Reavis.

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