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Well folks, here it is, the second incarnation of my RecordSearch program.  It is geared specifically to work with text data files such as are available for download on the Vital Statistics page.  At least for now, I am making it freely available at no cost.  Just download it, unzip it, and enjoy.

Basically, it provides various, sophisticated methods for sifting through the thousands of marriage and baptismal records that can be in multiple files.  It then takes the results of a search and loosely groups them by family.  It is actually better suited for tracing families than just individuals.

It does NOT search the Internet, just files that are on your computer.

The program and help file are combined as one 'zip' file that can be downloaded and unzipped to any directory you choose.  I have not bothered with a fancy installation program.
Sorry, but it only runs properly on PCs (NOT mac) with a screen resolution of 1024x768.
I hope to change this in the near future.

On first use, the 'Source' directory must be set from the 'File' menu.  This tells the program where to find the text data files to be searched.

Warning:  Use of this program IS addictive and can result in a lot of lost time<g>

Download RecordSearch program