Newtown Marriages

Newtown Marriages
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Newtown, L.I. DRC Marriages 1835-1846

-FHC Film number: 0017803

1835 18 Mar; Andrew DeBevoise; Jane DeBevoise, yd dau George, both of Newtown L.I.
1835 08 Oct; Robert A. Robertson, of NYC; Harriet S. Polhemus, yd dau Abraham of Hurl Gate, L.I.
1836 25 Feb; Jacob Storms, of Hopewell, Dutchess Co. N.Y.; Maria Rapelye, yd of Newtown L.I.
1835 19 Mar; Joshua Edward; Mary Haff, yd both of New Town L.I.
1836 21 Sep; Thomas Townsend Hendrickson, of New York City; Ellen Lott Hegeman, dau Abraham of Newtown, L.I.
1836 05 Oct; George Hultz, of Bushwick L.I.; Mary Tompkins, dau Edward of Newtown, L.I.
1837 15 Feb; George Van Alst; Jane Ann Ditmis, both of Newtown L.I.
1837 10 May; Cornelius Hunt, of Brooklyn; Charlotte Creed, of Newtown
1837 07 Jun; Daniel Waters, of Jamaica; Sarah Ann Tompkins, yd of Newtown L.I.
1837 10 Aug; Jacob F. Oakly; Margaret Rapelyea, yd both of New York City
1837 13 Aug; Jacob Powell; Hetty Sacket, yd both of Newtown
1838 06 Feb; Charles Cracklin; Ellen McDougle, both of Newtown
1838 08 Mar; John J. Van Alst, of New York; Elizabeth Van Alst, of Dutch Kills
1838 08 May; William F. Purdy, of New York; Rebecca Ann DeBevoise, dau late Charles I. of Fresh Ponds, Newtown, L.I.
1838 01 Jan; Abraham Tompkins; Jane Ann Van Dyne, dau Aert, both of Newtown L.I.
1839 18 Jun; George Debevoise; Joanna Kouwenhoven, both of Newtown, L.I.
1839 14 Jul; Jacob Phraner, of Jamaica; Abby Tompkins, of Newtown
1840 ?? Apr; Henry Lanacus, of New York; Angeline Miller, of Flushing, L.I.
1840 11 Jun; Hyatt Betts; Adriana Debevoise, dau George, both of Newtown L.I.
1840 12 Aug; Thomas Lambdin; Lucy Ann Bassar, both of Jamaica
1840 12 Aug; John Skidmore, of Williamsburgh; Catherine Debevoise, of English Kill (Newtown) L.I.
1840 29 Oct; Charles G. Covert; N. Leonora Adrich, dau Henry, of Maspeth, Newtown, L.I.
1840 25 Dec; John I. Debevoise, of Dutch Kills; Jane DeBevoise, of Fresh Ponds, Newtown
1841 17 Jun; Nicholas Eldert; Catherine Stotoff, both of Jamaica
1841 11 Sep; Ephraim Robbins; Rachel Smith, both of Fresh Ponds, Newtown
1841 19 Sep; Richard Wratten, Mary Messenger
1841 15 Dec; Abel Bennet; Caroline Ives, both of Newtown, L.I.
1841 28 Dec; Alexander Johnson; Ann McKee, Wit: Daniel Lent, Michael McCraa, Sarah Martin, James R. Lent and my family. (No fee, bad concern)
1841 31 Dec; Townsend W. Leake, of Cow Neck,; Ann D. Fowler, of Greenfield, L.I.
1842 23 Feb; Martin Duryea, of Jamaica South; Elizabeth Van Alst, dau John G. of Dutch Kills
1842 07 Jul; Stephen Wood, of Jamaica L.I.; Hannah Jane Robritson, Head of the Fly, Newtown
1842 01 Nov; Benjamin Witherell, of Wellfleet Mass.; Hester Smith, Newtown
1842 14 Dec; William G. Kouwenhoven; Aletta Remsen, both of Newtown
1843 08 Mar; R. Augustus Boeram; Sarah Ann Rapalje, yd of Newtown
1843 12 Apr; Aaron Howard; Sarah Jane Rapelye, both of Newtown L.I
1843 30 Jul; Ferdinand Van Wicklen; Margaret Storm, both of Jamaica West
1843 19 Sep; Conklin Carle, of Brooklyn; Aletta Ann Duryea, yd of Newtown
1843 06 Dec; Abraham DeBevoise, of Bushwick; Ann Maria Coevert, yd of Newtown
1843 20 Dec; John N. Bogert, of New York; Mary Ann Naylor, of Newtown
1844 07 Jan; James H. Areson, of Flushing; Phebe Matilda Van Wicklen, of New Town
-06/02/1844; married a couple, at the house of Mr. Hathaway at Harlaem from New York, names forgotten, gave them a certificate of marriage.
1844 19 Jun; John D. Rapalje; Ryme Kouwenhoven, both of Newtown
1844 ?? Nov; Henry Smith; Mary Ann Middleton, both of Flushing L.I.
1845 12 Jan; Peter Kolyer; Eliza Vanderpoel, yd both of Greenpoint Bushwick, L.I.
1845 04 Jun; George Van Alst; Aletta Van Alst, both of Dutch Kills L.I.
1845 14 Aug; Elias Sand; Cynthia Amelia Hageman, both of Flushing L.I. These are people of color.
1845 08 Oct; Hendrick Lott, of Jamaica; Caroline Way, dau Walter, of Fresh Ponds, Newtown, L.I.
1845 09 Oct; Ralph Chaffer; Sarah Jane Hulst, dau Peter, all of Newtown L.I.
1845 15 Oct; Isaac A. Rapelye; Ellen Day Swan, both of Newtown
1845 06 Nov; George G. Bouse, of Flushing; Elsey Bragaw, of Newtown
1845 26 Nov; Charles Ditmis; Caroline R. Beilby, dau Thomas of Fresh Ponds
1845 09 Dec; Abraham A. Harper, Hannah Blake, wid, both of Newtown
1846 07 Jan; Jackson M. Boerum, of Flushing; Hannah Maria Furman, of Newtown