Maple Grove

Maple Grove
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Maple Grove Cemetery
Richmond Hill, L.I.
List of Proprietors - 1908
Adams, Alonzo, heirs of
Adams, Frederick T.
Adams, Maud Witherbee
Aleisch, Peter, heirs of
Amerman, John N., heirs of
Amos, Edwin and Emma, heirs of
Andrews, John W. and Patience E.
Archer, Caroline C., Jas. C. and Theo. F
Armstrong, Cornelia N. and Theodore J heirs of
Astfalk, Eliza A., heirs of
Ashton, Daniel H.
Avery. Elizabeth
Babbington, Richard, heirs of
Baetz, Gustav and Maria M. C.
Bailey, Wm. Trist
Baird, Alex., heirs of
Baird, Robert M.
Baker, Chester E.
Baldwin, Thomas E. and Mary E.
Bardash, Mary L., heirs of
Barron, Herbert W. and Kate L..
Barron, Joseph H.
Barthel, Paul
Beacham, Joseph W.
Beckerle, Henry and Louisa
Beddow, Caroline
Bedell, Emily
Behr, Carl, heirs of
Bell, Wm. C., heirs of
Bell, Jared W.
Bell, William. heirs of
Belle, Leah
Bellinger, Jno. W., Wm. Jr., and Pc
Belden, Charles K. and Lillian R.
Benthin, Caroline, heirs of
Bennett, Richard J. and Amelia J.
Bentley, Emma A.
Bergen, Phebe E.
Bergstrasser, Samuel and Phebe M., of
Bernhard, Percival J. and Fannie S.
Bemhardt, H. 0.
Berthet, Felix D., heirs of
Bidgood, W. H., heirs of
Billingmeyer, Peter and Barbara, heirs
Birchenal, David
Bishop, Edward W., heirs of
Bishop, Josephine A. and Minnie K.
Bishop, Abbie A.
Bissell, George E, and Charlotte L.
Bird, Sarah F.
Bixby, Morris an4 Nellie M.
Black, Jane, heirs of
Blackman, Mamie
Blackman, Henry
Blackstone, James
Bloomer, Lydia J., heirs of
Blythe, James
Bockelman, Henry C.
Bodine, Nelson A., heirs of
Bohlen, Nicholas and Fredricka
Boles, Orlow H.
Boll, J.
Bond, Almira B.
Booth, Maria D.
Boremsky, Eugene
Bowker, Alfred
Bowman, Henry
Bragaw, Ella J.
Brehm, Henry
Brietstein, Francis and Lena, heirs of
Brittain, F. J.
Bridge, William
Brown, Miles A.
Brown, Charles W.
Brown, Benjamin W. and Anna E.
Browne, Jesse. Jr.
Bronson, Melvin A., heirs of
Broome, James, heirs of
Bruce, Eli F., heirs of
Bruce, John T., heirs of
Bullen, Forest H.
Bunker, Mary M.
Burkhard, Peter
Burkhard, Thomas
Burdick, Julian C.
Burrell, James E.
Burnett, William J. and Clara F.
Burton, Daniel
Butler, Annie A.
Butler, Elizabeth C.
Byrne, William H., heirs of
Campbell, Alex
Camden, Joseph H. W.
Camden, John H. T.
Cannon, P. H. and Elizabeth 0.
Carrington, E. 0. and S. B.
Card, Martha K.
Carman, Samuel E. and Carrie E.
Carpenter, James S. and Mary E.
Carter, William and Coralie
Chapm Home of New York City
Christian, Nellie L.
Church, William H. and Joseph E.
Churchill, M. Franklyn
Clark, William E.
Clark, John and Sarah
Clayton, Thomas H. and Margaret S.
Clayton, Lee
Clayton, Elizabeth, Benjamin R. and Annie A.
Clerke, Henry
Clifton, Maximilian
Cobleigh, Herbert A. and Emma, heiri of
Cochran, William H. and Mary E.
Coddingion, F. W. and Hannah
Coffman, William, heirs of
Cogswell, William S.
Coleman, John J. and Terese
Colburn, Mary A., Kate S. and Jessie B.
Comerford, P. H.
Cook, Libbie A.
Cook, Mary R.
Cook, James T., heirs of
Corwin, Franklin H.
Corinthian Lodge, F. and A. M., No. 488
Cowan, Sarah
Craig, John Alder, heirs of
Crandall, Anna M.
Crawford, Robert and Mary J.
Crerand, William F. and Margaret
Cronin, Charles G.
Crooks, William, heirs of
Cullingford, Howard J. and Melvina
Curren, Sarah J.
Curtis, Marion L.
Dale, Clara S.
Dards, Charles A.
Danner, Erdmann, heirs of
Davie, James B.
Danielson, Joanna S.
Davis, Elizabeth
Daubhauer, John and Eva C.
Denton, John L., heirs of
De La Vergne, Louis E.
Dexter, Lewis P.
De Ronde, H. M. and Annie S.
De Ronde, John W. and Jennie C.
Dennler, Mary L.
De Lacy, Thomas R. and Elizabeth
DeWolfe, Stephen, heirs of
Drexel, Godfrey F. and Jane
De La Mare, James C.
DeBevoise, George C.
Diack, Susan M.
Dickinson, Martha, heirs of
Dieckman, Julius H. and Jennie C.
Dietler, Frances, heirs of
Distler, John
Dolan, Philip H.
Doolittle, Sarah M. and Louise
Dorff, Anna M.
Douglass, Mary A., heirs of
Dow, Nelson and children
Donnelly, Charles P. and Frank W.
Donaldson, John and Hepsa H. L. A.
Dull George, heirs of
Dyer, William J.
Evarts, Frederick M. and Mary H.
Everitt, Joseph B., heirs of
Everitt, John R.
Ebbetts, Charles H. and Minnie F. A.
Ebbets, John B. and Kate A.
Ely, Phebe H.
Elflein, Jacob and Barbara
Elliott, Emma P.
Eckler, Jeanette F.
Eldert, Charles W., heirs of
Emde, William
Eschenbecker, Charles G.
Eschenbecker, Konrad
Fairbanks, Avonia
Farrell, George, heirs of
Farrell, Mary
Fale, Laura V.
Falls, William J. and Margaret
Feeney, Robert E.
Ferris, Solomon K., heirs of
Fish, James H., heirs of
Fields, Mary L.
Fleet, Elbert, heirs of
Fletcher, Marie Louise
Flanders, John
Flandrau, Annie
Fleachaus, Mary, heirs of
Florence Crittenton Mission, The
Follette, Louise R.
Fox, Henry W., heirs of
Foreign Missionary Society of M. E. Church
Foster, Alonzo
Foster, Blanche
Forshay, James F. and Jessie J.. heirs of
Fort, John H.
Frampton, William C. and Frances B.
Frey, Walter G. and Susan H.
Fritz, Charles and Anna
Garretson, Garret J.
Garland, Landolia
Gauld, Charlotte
Gerber, Caroline H., heirs of
George, Albert
Geel, Lydia E., heirs of
Gilmour, Robert M. and Hazlett
Gibson, Ann E., heirs of
Gins, Elizabeth
Gibbon, Samuel G. N. and Mary G.
Giese, Otto
Goodwin, Charles S., heirs of
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, John S. and Martha J., heirs of
Graham, Libbie E.
Gregory, Adria E.
Gregory, Sarah H., heirs of
Green, Thos. L.
Gregoor, Servass and Mary M.
Grieve, John T., Elizabeth D. and James H.
Griffiths, John J. and Mary J.
Griffiths, Richard H. and Matilda
Grossman, Charles and Essie I.
Grover, Anna and Harry E.
Gunther, August
Grunninger. Emma L.
Hagner, Mary J., heirs of
Hagen, Frederick L.
Hall, William
Hamilton, Richard and Susan C.
Halstead, L. P.
Harkins, Joseph and Margaret H.
Hartig, Lydia A.
Harrison, Phoebe J.
Hays, Samuel, Jr.
Hays, Stella L.
Hassard, Francis E., heirs of
Hatfield, Emma S., heirs of
Hart, Mary E., heirs of
Hastings, Sarah F.
Hawxhurst, George
Hawkins, Henry W.
Hawkins, James L.
Haxton, Hannah, heirs of
Hendrickson, James F., Ella L. and William H.
Hendrickson, Elias C., heirs of
Hendrickson, Charles A.
Henry, Sarah M.
Heath, Henry R.
Hellwig, Theodore L. A. and Magdaline S.
Hitchcock, Dewitt and Sarah L.
Higenbotham, S. B., Jr., and Annie L.
Hillman, Theodore C.
Hill. Edward
Hicks, William H. and Margaret
Higgs, John E. and Laura
Hoffman, Diedrich A., heirs of
Houston, Alex C., heirs of
Holmes, John T.
Holman, George J.
Hoff, Jane, heirs of
Hodges, P. B. Spencer
Hopper, Emma A.
Holbrook, Adelaide M.
Hoadley, Eli S.. heirs of
Houghland, William E. and Margaret E.
Horris, Elmore
Howell, Caleb T., heirs of
Howard, Parmelia N., estate of
Howard, Coe F., heirs of
Hoyt, George W., Mary B. and Joseph D.
Hooper, Beekman D. and Phebe E.
Hooper, Aimee A.
Hunter, James B., heirs of
Hunter, Malcom and Isabella R.
Hughes, William S.
Hughes, Eliza
Hughes, lames and Caleb
Hughes, Ellen
Hughes, William H.
Hughes, Alfred and Violet
Hutt, Harry D.
Hutton, Francis E.
Hull, Jer. D. and Helen
Hyatt, Caroline E., heirs of
Hyde, Laura J.
Hyslop, George L., heirs of
Iberger, Adam and Minnie
Ingram, Ellen L.
Jackson, Josephine
Jackson, Jarvis and Gertrude R.
Jarmain, Richard E., heirs of
Jarvis, William L. and Carrie C.
Jessup, Daniel
Jones, Watkin W.
Jones, Joseph J.
Jones, Ella
Jones, Chester M. and Serena D.
Johnson, William, heirs of
Johnson, Samuel M.
Johnson, Mary E., heirs of
Johnson, Mary E. T.
Johnson, Louisa
Johnston, Elizabeth P,
Johnston, Alex, heirs of
Johanknecht, A. Frederick and Louisa
Jordan, Henrietta
Jungling, George S. and Henry W.
Kay, Sarah E.
Kaucher, Josephine
Kessler, William, heirs of
Kelly, J. Constantine
Keller, Magdalene, heirs of
Kelly, Joseph C.
Kent, Mary A., heirs of
Kenney, Charles, heirs of
Kenniston, Isabella A., heirs of
Kennon, Thomas and Matilda, heirs of
Kennahan, John C.
Kennedy, M. Frances
Ketcham, Mary R.
King, Thomas, heirs of
Kimball, Eugenia
Kirchgessner, Frank T., heirs of
Kramer, John W., heirs of
Krank, Annie
Krantz, Elizabeth
Kuprian, Anna S.
Kyle, Joseph and Eliza D.
Ladies' Union Aid Society of N. Y. City
Lake, John J. and Jennie
Lamon, Harriet C.
La Mon, Aletta A.
Laws, Sarah A.
Leavy, Emma, heirs of
Lee, Emma L.
Lefurge, William B.
Leibler, Benjamin and Caroline
Lehritter, Charles, heirs of
Leichtweiss, Anna, heirs of
Letson, Harry C. and Jennie
Leumer, Hermann, heirs of
Lewis, William and Catherine J.
Leyshon, Lena
Littell, Louis E.
Limbert, Richard and Hanna, heirs of
Limberger, Aug. D. and Dtrs.
Lober, Jacob
Lott, Peter, heirs of
Lott, Dow S. and Stephen H.
Lott, Dow S. and Ruth A.
Lott, Abraham V. S. and Cornelia D.
Low, Annie C.
Lowell, Warren
Lounsberry, Catharine A.
Loycke, Annie
Loyd, Samuel and Addie J.
Luning, Frederick
Lyttle, Herbert C., heirs of
Mange, George E.
Marsh, Morris C., heirs of
Marsh, Howard C. and Henrietta P.
Mary, Caroline C.
Martin, Emily
Marclay, Lucinda, heirs of
Mason, Jennet H.
Maclennan, Kenneth F., heirs of
MacDonald, Ella A. J.
Macclinchey, Mary E.
Maure, George
McInness, Rev. Joseph
McColl, Duncan, heirs of
Mcintyre, Alex, heirs of
McCready, Catharine
McAllister, Samuel and Jane, heirs of
McFadyen, Rose
McKinney, Francis M., heirs of
McCarty, Edwin R., heirs of
McCreary, Martha J.
McSkimmin, Samuel and Josephine
McGregor, Duncan, heirs ot
McEwen, Daniel C.
McGuire, Mary
Meinikheim, Charles L.
Meinikheim, Charles A.
Meinhardt, John F. and Jane E.
Mellville, Isabella J.
Merritt, Stephen
Meredith, John T., heirs of
Menchin, Eduard
Methodist Episcopal Church Home
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Frederick, heirs of
Meyer, Henry
Miller, Thomas, heirs of
Miller, David and Alice B.
Miller, Laura
Miller, Phillip, heirs of
Miller, George H.
Miller, Ida L. H.
Miller, Julia
Millie, Lucy T. and children
Milne, Elizabeth
Mills, John S., heirs of
Milligan, John
Milligan, James, heirs of
Milliken, William T. B., heirs of
Mitchell, Stephen J. and Jane
Morris, John P.. heirs of
Moore, William T.
Monroe, Frances G., heirs of
Moshier, Alonzo and Hattie
Monroe, Alfred
Morrell, Charlotte E.
Morrison, Mary and Jeannette C.
Morrison, David G.
Morrison, John
Morand, George H. and Estelle
Mollineux, Henry and Hannah
Mollineux, George W. heirs of
Muller, Mary E.
Muller, John C. and Mary
Murray, Margaret M.
New York Society for the Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled
Nursery and Child's Hospital
New, James N. and Eliza M.
New, Alfred L. and Amanda M.
New, Levi W.
Nicholas, Charles, heirs of
Nostrand, Phebe W.
New York City Church Extension and Missionary Soc. of the M. E. Church
Neil, Henry and Mary
Newcome, Frank T.
Nutt, Celia F.
Oberglock, Herman. heirs 0f
Osborn, Charles H.
Paul, Agnes
Palmer, Noyes F.
Parry, John
Parker, James A. and Mary, heirs of
Packer, Elizabeth
Page, William Harlan
Patterson, John S., heirs of
Pearsall, Daniel
Pearn, Charles E., heirs of
Peffer, John B., heirs of
Perkins, Amelia H.
Perry, Herbert and Charlotte A.
Pennoyer, Fred
Peters, John, heirs of
Peters, Robert
Peto, Hester E.
Perine, Mary L., heirs of
Petry, Agnes A. and Emma C.
Petigny, Norma I.
Pfalzer, Anna E.
Pitcher, Benjamin W.
Pierce, George W. and Mary E.
Phelon, Lucius, heirs of
Phelps, Julia A.
Plume, John
Platts, William
Post, James H. and J. Judson
Porter, Eldorus E.
Poolman, Mary R.
Porter, Catharine A.
Porter, Jessie H.
Porter, William and Mary E.
Powell, Rufus W. and Martha A.
Powers, Henrietta E.
Pritchard, William H.
Prindle, Sarah A.
Proven, Alex.
Protheroe, Charles C. and Fannie S.
Pyramid Lodge No. 490. F. and A. M.
Putnam Lodge, F. and A. M.
Quelet, George F. and Jeanette
Quortrup, August
Rapelye, Nicholas V. A.
Rathbone, John
Raynor, William H.
Reid, Kenneth and Emma J., heirs of
Remer, John A.
Reid, James
Redfield, Frank L. and Carrie E.
Richards, Thomas S.
Remer, Rudolph and Anna
Remsen, William M. and Carrie
Rhoades, Richard W. and Martha C.
Riker, Maria H., heirs of
Riker, Margaretta
Riker, Richard A., heirs of
Rich, Anna
Richardson, Waldo H.
Richardson, Margaret D.
Richards, Thomas S. and Ellen
Rice, Francis and Jane
Rice, George H.
Riis, Jacob A.
Rittenhouse, Virgil S. and Isabella H.
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Ann M.
Roberts, Charles E. and Lucretia
Roblee, C. Milton and Clara B.
Robbins, Frances E,
Robinson, Ada M.
Robertson, Alex., heirs of
Rockwell, Jacob
Roeckel, George and R. Emma
Rogers, John C.
Rogers, William and Sarah J.
Rogers, Eliza, heirs of
Rose, Joseph B., heirs of
Rolston, Margaret C.
Rossborough, Matilda
Rottger, Magdalena
Rowley, Charles B., Albena M.
Rupprecht, William, heirs of
Rust, Charles G.
Ryder, Sarah V.
Salter, John P.
Samuda, Mary E.
Sainsbury, Wm. R., May M. and Helen M.
Savoye, Annie Louise
Scheld, William
Schilling, Philip, heirs of
Schroeder, John H.
Schroeter, Alice H.
Schicht, Charles L. H., heirs of
Schmidt, Aug. F., heirs of
Schuster, Charles M., heirs of
Schroedelsecker, Catherine
Schmahl, Jacob and Amelia
Scheack, John P. and Carrie E.
Schwensen, Fred M. and Leontine J.
Schreyeck, Jessie
Sears, Benjamin, heirs of
Seward, Henrietta M.
Sedore, Conrad and Sarah N.
Sebald, Magdelana and Charles
Searl, Edward L. and Carrie J.
Seaver, Zachariah, heirs of
Shipley, George A., heirs of
Shaw, Charles V.
Sheldon, Josie A.
Shuttleworth, George, Jr.
Siney, Edward H., heirs of
Sims, Cicero J., heirs of
Sinley, Sarah F.
Smart, Martha A.
Smedley, J. Harvey
Smith, Rosa A, heirs of
Smith, Margaret J.
Smith, Michael C.
Smith, Eliza E.
Smith, Elizabeth J.
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Lizzie M.
Soria, David M., heirs of
Soria, Abraham L. and Anna F.
Solms, George and Anna, Charles and Rosa C.
Spencer, Alice D.
Spragg, Richard W., heirs of
Spillett, John E. and Minnie
Starrett, George, heirs of
Stahl, Charlotte, heirs of
Steel, Alex., heirs of
Stearns, Albert
Stearns, John N., heirs of
Stearns, Nellie G.
Stevens, Robert P., heirs of
Sterzel, Anna M.
Stehlin, Pauline
Steblin, Barbara
Stillwell, George S.
Stimpson, Edward B.
Stillman, Edgar L. and Louise R.
Stone, Thomas
Stoothoff, William
Stolt, Henry Louis
Stuart, George
Stuart, John, heirs of
Stuart, John and Jane
Stuckey, Mary
Sturgeon, Margaret, heirs of
Sturrock, William and Ann
St. Thomas's Church of City of N. Y.
St. Paul's German Evangelical Church of Jamaica, N. Y,
Sutphin, John H., heirs of
Suydam, John T. and Anna J.
Swift, Sarah J., heirs of
Tallman, Daniel S., heirs of
Taber, Charles S.
Taylor, Annabella, heirs of
Teagle, Littleton, heirs of
Teagle, Joseph, heirs of
Theuret, Harry J.
Theuret, Antoine, heirs of
The Society for the Relief of the Destitute Blind of New York
Thompson, Ferris S.
Thompson, Mary J.
Thompson, Charles A.
Thompson. Frank E.
Thomas, Georgia E.
Thorburn, Jane
Tilly, William
Torrens, David J. and Georgianna
Trigge, Benjamin
The Trustees of the Fourteenth Street Presbyterian Church of New York
Trustees of the Presbytery of New York
Trustees of Washington Council No. 1, 0.U.A.M. of N. Y. City
Tutt, Rachel, heirs of
Tuttle, Hiram C. and Mary E, Sarah E.
Tyler, Maria S., heirs of
Van Allen, Henry A. and Catharine
Van Allen, Stephen M. and Augusta R.
Van Cott, Elizabeth
Van Derveer, Catalina, heirs of
Van Norden, Jay H. and Mary
Van Riper, Francis C. and Esther M.
Van Riper, Isaac and Deborah
Van Riper, John and Sarah L.
Van Riper, George T.
Van Sickle, Annie DeC.
Van Sicklen, James
Van Steenburgh, John A and Elizabeth
Van Wart, Daniel T., Ida and Emma
Virgil, Charles S.
Vogan, Martha
Vom Hofe, Clara
Voorhees, Mary E.
Vossler, J. J., heirs of
Wade, John E.
Wait, Norval D. and Marion S., heirs of
Wagner, Peter and Margaret
Wagner, George M.
Wagner, Catharine
Wakefield, William R.
Ware, James E. and Edith C.
Ward, Henrietta
Warner, Grace M.
Warnock, Harriet E.
Warnke, Alvin and Eva
Wear, John B.
Webb, John H.
Webster, Martha J., heirs of
Weeks, Nelson, Jr.
Weideman, Wilhelmina
Weinmann, Edward
Weiss, John F., heirs of
Wells, James H., heirs of
Welch, Lydia
Wershing, John
West, Edward B. and Esther C.
West, Albert W., John H., and Carrie
White, James
Whitehouse, Isaac and Isabella
Whittemore, Emma M.
Whyte, William
Wight, George
Wiggins, Harriet A.
Wilson, William J.
Wilson, Franklin H. and Augusta A.
Willard, Mary S.
Wilde, Elvira D., heirs of
Williams, Daniel W. and Sarah J.
Williams, Loyd T.
Williamson, William S.
Winterbottom, Thomas W., heirs of
Winkleman, Louis and Wilhelmina S.
Wing, Ed. J. and Kate
Women's Foreign Missionary Society of M. E. Church
Wood, Frederick K., heirs of
Wood, Jane
Wood, Charles and Henrietta
Woodbury, Arthur
Woodruff, Mary
Woolverton, John A.
Worden, James C., heirs of
Wright, David
Wyckoff, Catalina L.
Wyckoff, William F.
Appendix with additional names
Acker, Phebe E.
Alsop, Elizabeth
Amis, Alfred M.
Amundsen, Bernard
Andrews, Lillian Irma
Anthony, Maria R.
Arendt, Fred'k J. and Clara M.
Armstrong, John and Mary I. 
Aubinger, Emma
Banta, Julia T.
Baiseley, Sarah Jane
Ball, Edward W.
Bangert, Valentine
Barkenthien, Dina C.
Bernstein, Anna
Blackford, Frances L.
Blind, Society for Relief of
Bird, Alma
Birch, Emma A.
Bolender, Chas.
Bond, Albert C.
Brewster, Anna M.
Briggs, Lulu W.
Bronson, SamI. E. and Helen H.
Brooks, Ceo. C. and Mercia W.
Bruce, Wm. M. and others
Bulnes, Rev. John C. and Ellen A.
Burke, Joseph H. and Clara Belle
Buys, Fred. C.
Caffrey, Richard F. and Harriet T,
Cary, Susan L.
Charpiot, Peter and Blanche A.
Champ, Elizabeth
Chipman, Chas. R. and Margaret J.
Cilley, Mary P.
Claghorn, Kate Holladay
Cleveland, Charlotte H.
Clauberg, Ferdinand and Emilie
Clarke, Jennie W.
Coakley, Katharina Briel
Conklin, Eldert L. and Mary E.
Consall, Susan
Cook, Geo. and Lucy E.
Cook, Edwd. Knox
Courtenay, Joe. H. and Lizzie R.
Collins, Sarah A.
Cowlishaw, Ernest H.
Cozine, Saml. C.
Cozine, Saml. E.
Cressey, Edward K
Cripps, Daniel and Jane
Cring, Rebecca, Elizabeth
Crowley, Geo. R. and Alida W.
Crabbe, Edward and Marion McE.
Dawson, Henry and Frances A. Heyer
Davison, John P. and Ellen E.
Denton, Victoria E.
Devine, John
DeWitt, Lydia B.
Dickinson, Thos. H.
Dickson, Robert
Doxsey, Chas. W. and Annie C.
Dunn, John Kendall and Katharine
Dwyer. E. P.
Dunstatter, August and Henrietta
Eckert, John
Edson, Abbie M., heirs of
Ehlers, Louis F. and Mary T.
Eiscman, George
Ely, Abner L. and Fannie F.
Emmaus, Nicholas and Almira
Emmons, Thos. F.
Everett, C. Lester and Ida K.
Everitt, J. Rogers
Fale, Laura V.
Faber, Leander B. and Emma R.
Failor, Isaac N. and Eva E.
Fleet, Melankton, heirs of
Foster, Mary Ann
Fox, George W. and Evaline A.
Forsythe, Cunningham and Martha
Fulbrook, Joseph C. and Elsie E.
Frace, Ceo. E.
Franklin, Alice
Garretson, Garret J.
Georg, John and Minnie
Gibson, Geo. G. and Nellie E.
Golder, Ethel L.
Goodrich, Emily K.
Gordon, Joshua L.
Glenn, G. K.
Graham, William
Graham, William Ivers
Grampp, Otto, Wm. Gro.
Gray, Richard, Ceo. E. and Elsie M.
Green, Augusta C. and Mary C.
Green, Richard P. and Josephine E.
Griswold, Ceo. E.
Hall, Fanny B.
Hanna, Isaiah H. and Bessie B.
Harrington, Benjamin F.
Harding, Charlotte
Hartmann, Adolf and Mary F.
Hatch, Billy H.
Hatfield, Samuel P.
Hayward, Mary Ann
Hazard, John and Eliza
Hensel, Emil and Nancy E.
Hersog, Adolph and Elizabeth
Hess, Hermann and others
Hiergesell, Wm. and Elizabeth C.
Hill, George W. and Viola
Hinze, Augusta E.
Hoelzer, R. W., John N. and Louisa
Hoffman, Chas. F. and Elizabeth A.
Hoffman, Robert, Martha E. and others
Hooper, Wm. E.
Huestis, Julius F.
Hutchison, Alice T.
Hulse, Meeds T. and Jessie B.
Isler, Sophia C. E.
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth
Jennings, Chas. J. and Edith W.
Jensen, Maria
Jewell, Louise and Camilla
Jewkes, Richard J. and Martha E.
Johnson, Francis F.
Johnson, Chas. F. and Sophia A.
Jones, Nora
Jones, Sarah Scott
Jones, Wm. A., Jr. and Caroline L.
Jolly, Louis E. and Elizabeth A.
Kalfur, Frederich W. and Mary
Keller, Kasper and Matilda
Kellogg, Lucy A. R.
Kemp, Sidney H. C.
Kennedy, Anna M.
Kennedy, Win. H. and Clara
Koch, Henry M. and Kate
Koehler, Chas. and Addie
Kortens, Peter and Hetty J.
Koster, Ceo. H. and Catharine
Koth, Frederich and Isabelle
Kucks, Henry
La Burt, John and children
Lagai, George and Ida
Lang, Mathilde E.
Lawrence, Eliza D., heirs of
Leek, Mary L.
Lennox, Henry C. and Hettie H.
Lindhard, Pool Theodor
Lithuanian Tartar Society
Lohmeyer, Helene
Lothian, Jas. and Isabella C.
Lowry, Cora
Lucas, Henry J. and Annie
Luce, Minnie
MacFadyen, Robt. J. and Mary E.
Mangels, Christopher
Man, Alrick H. and Lucy R.
Mapp, Florence C.
Marschhausen, Charles
Martin, Elizabeth H.
Martin, Homer M.
Mason, Alfred and Elizabeth M.
Matson, Laura F.
Mehling, Louise
Metz, John H. and Adaline A.
Meyer, Henry and Elizabeth
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth, heirs of
Mochrie, John
Mohr, Peter
Moore, Lewis P.
Morrison, Maggie
Moss, Eva B.
Muller, Jacob
Munger, Emma
Murray, Emma L.
Murray, Agnes F.
McGahie, W. J.
McInery, Wm. J. and Ada
McAlester, Henry M. and Ada
Newton, Henry and Josephine A.
Newton, Elizabeth A.
North, Anna B.
Opper, Peter, heirs of
Pantzer, Ceo. P. F. and Emma A.
Pendelton, Allan, heirs of
Peterson, Valborg, heirs of
Pfaff, Jacob and Anna B.
Portong, Mary H.
Priefer, Eliza
Price, W. B. and Minnie D.
Preis, William and Katharine
Pritchett, Wm. C. and Grace E.
Proctor, Oliver and Mary
Purdy, Edward F. and Carrie A.
Purser, Louisa F.
Raclot, Gilberte M.
Raisch, Eva Katharine
Renken, Hermann
Reiss, Louis C. and Margaretha E.
Reifschneider, Felix, Jr. and Bertha C.
Reehill, Mary T.
Redmayne, Chas.
Reuter, Lessetta
Riis, Andrew J.
Robinson, Wilhelmina
Rohe, Oswald F, and Lilly E.
Ruptured and Crippled, Society for Relief of
Russell, Esielle S.
Russell, Calier Lee and Isabelle A.
Sanders, Daniel 0.
Sangster, John M.
Sawyer, Augusta
Schleicher, Francis J. and Marian F.
Schraeder, Rudolph and Wilhelmine
Schnebbe, Ceo. Henry
Schutt, William and Marion
Scott, William M., heirs of
Scott, Louis F. and Emily P.
Scrimgeur, Archibald
Sieger, Margaret E.
Seith, John and Hermina
Shaw, Ellen Maria
Shephard, Emma A.. heirs of
Shipman, Emma E. W.
Slade, Frances E.
Sifferlin, Panteleon
Sigloch, Sophie and Barbara
Sim, Wm. H. C. and Emma
Simonson, Wm. H. and Malvina
Smith, Amelia
Smith, John A. and Amelia A.
Sonner, Wm.
Stage, Daniel
Starin, Joseph N.
Stevenson, Jas. A.
Stikeman, Henry W.
Stewart, Chas. A.
Stuart, Susan Ann
Stubley, Harry and Jane
Tenney, Virginia
Thielmann, Gustave and Augusta
Thompson, David W. and Blanche \V.
Thoden, Henry and Mete
Trowbridge, Annie E.
Townsend, Jeanie C.
Turton, Charles F. and Bertha D.
Ulrich, George C., heirs of
Vacheron, Louis E. and Juliette S.
Vanderveer, John H. and' Cornelia
Van Dine, Cornelia
Van Dine, Abigail, heirs of
Van Rein, Abigail K.
Van Ronk, Eugene and Eva
Vogt, Mary and children
Voges, Matilda
Wade, Wm. H., Jr.
Wakeman, Edgar L.
Walley, Catharine Hall
Waters, Elizabeth and Mary A.
Watson, John
Washington, Julia
Warburton, William
Warner, Don M.
Weiden, Rosa
Westaway, Robert
Westphal, Paul W.
Weston, Ceo., Jr.
Wheeler, Mary M.
Whyte, John
Willumsen, Louis C. and Hansine
Williams, Mary Fulton
Williams, G. W.
Wick, Frank and Barbara
Wilson, H. 0. and Levia C.
Winans, Susan S. and Isabel T. and Margaret A.
Wood, Dr. Philip M. and Minnie B.
Wood, Achilles D. and Isabella
Wright, Wm. H. and Lavinia May
Wright, Arabella T. F.
Wyckoff, Wm. F and others
Wyckoff, Rev. Charles S.
Youngs, Frederick T.
Youngling, Geo. S. and Annie Elizabeth