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  The following are genealogical gleanings from my Grandmothers
  diary from 1901 - Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff, age 18,
  daughter of Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise and Abraham A. Wyckoff,
  lived at 22 Canal St., Jamaica, L.I., N.Y.  'Grandma' refers to
  Catalina Lott (VanSinderen) Wyckoff, wife of Williamson Wyckoff.
  The "d" on some entries is how she kept track of when Pa was drunk.
  Sat 2/9   Rose 1/2 past 9. Worked. Snowed hard, cleared by dinner
            time. Pa, Ma, Grandma & I went to John Duryea's funeral
            in church, 3 o'clock. Rev. Wick sick abed with grippe,
            Rev. Phraner held service.            
  Tue 2/26  Dave Springsteen & Annie called. Took skirt to laundry,
            took 25 of 8 trolley, 1st to school. Went out noon for
            flowers & pads, back just in time. Eat lunch during
            Latin class. 36th drawing lesson, started Monk. 34th
            painting lesson. Miss Henry's funeral today.            
  Sat 3/9   Worked. In afternoon studied. Aunt Sarah when here
            Feb. 27, said Myrtie Hulst had a little girl, Helen.  
  Sun 4/7   Rainy. Had fever last night. I went to Church lovely flowers.
            Dr. came in P.M. Did not go to S.S. Took pills. J. Ryerson's
            father buried Mon. 8, 2 P.M.  
  Fri 4/19  Not clear. Rapid. 46th painting lesson. Got tulips noontime.
            47th drawing. Home 6. Mamie Durland & Jake Foster married
            Wed. Brought 3 books to read for Phy, Geo. Mrs. Thorney had
            arbutus Stripes.  
  Sat 5/4   Clear. Grandma & I left on 15 after 8 Rapid for Bkn. Had
            chill, fever, dreadful headache. Went to Eagle office for
            paper, Cousin Eliza VanSinderen died last Monday, April 29,
            Home 6, went right to bed.            
  Thu 5/9   Rained hard in morning, less in P.M. Put some flowers out
            in rain. Aunt Sarah came 10, left 1/2 past & was soaked.
            Had to stop several places. Did not rain much when left.
            Pa left after 11. Week ago Mrs. Statsir had little girl.
            Grace Brown's sister has little son.            
  Wed 9/11  Clear. Letter from Ben Everitt to send to Aunt Sarah,
            for Mr. Gulick's funeral.            
  Fri 10/11 Clear & quite warm. Sixth lesson, painted vase & background
            Wore shirt waist. Left 1/2 after 12, stopped to store.
            Send letter to Sarah in A.M. Had letter from Willetta,
            went to Mamie's Thurs, Mamie had little boy, 'Wilbur
            Roger Griffin', Wed. morn 6:25, weighs 8 lbs., fat,
            dark hair, lots of it.            
  Sat 11/16 "d" Clear & cold. Dusted parlor, rubbed off front windows.
            Half past 3 went to Dr. Hull's, app. Dec 3. Practiced 2
            hrs. after supper. Mrs. Louis Fosdick was buried this
            afternoon. Etta Bedell going to theatre in after. stay
            to Kitty Williamson's all night.
  At end of diary, under Memoranda:
    Ida was 18 in Feb. 1901.  Ida Shaw, 17 yrs. old, was married
    Jan. 30, 1901 in Herkimer St. Reform Church, East New York
    to Fred _____, age 28, employed by Myer.    
    April 27, 1901, Dr. Flynn has little son.    
    May 2, 1901, Mr. Statsir has little daughter "Helen".    
    Mrs. Sarah Wyckoff died Thurs. May 16, 1901. The day before she
    had been out to Bkyn. for lunch.  Half past 7, May 16, she was
    taken suddenly with apoplexy, became unconcious & died in the
    evening.  Funeral private from home, May 18, Sat.    
    (Miss Bagley) Mrs. Davis has a baby May 16, 1901 (about)    
    May 23, 1901 Miss Amanda VanVelsor from Westbury was married.    
    May 21, 1901 Mrs. Watts has little girl.    
    Sept. 1901 Jennie Carpenter has little son, John.    
    Oct. 9, 1901 Mrs. Irv Griffin had a son 6:25 A.M., 'Wilbur Roger
    Griffin', weighs 8 lbs, fat, lots of dark hair, first boy in
    Lewis's family.    
    Nov. 1901 Cora Bell has a little girl about 6 mo. old.    
    Carrie Wright's little sister was 2 yrs. in June, 1901.    
    Willetta Lewis born Nov. 22, 1883
    Sarah Griffin born Sept. 9
    Frank Griffin born Dec. 1, 1882  
  Since I, and probably others, am interested in just how people
  lived in the past, here are her Christmas entries.
    Merry X'mas. Dec. 25, 1901    
    From Grandma, $5.00, silk piano cover, olive green & gold.
    From Ma, china hair receiver, 3 sided looking glass, "Beulah"
       diary, box of w. paper, safety bag, small bottle cologne,
       colored baby in nut shell, pink paper basket & box.
    From Pa, bottle of perfumery.
    From Aunt Phebe, green burnt wood book holder.
    From Cousin Frank W., 2 silver scissors, 3 lbs. Huylers [chocolate]
       with calendar.
    From Aunt Ella, silver hair receiver from Plainfield, N.J.
    From Willetta, ribbon book mark from China, with Ps. XXIII,
       in Chinese.
    From Laura Constable, X'mas card.
    From Aunt Ida, china colored boy eating watermelon, from China.
    From Mrs. Ryerson, S.S. teacher, green bon-bon dish.    
    I gave Grandma, peppermint basket, painting of lobster, laundry
       bag, colored glass vase, my picture.
    Ma made her a pink paper basket & X'mas card.
    Pa gave a bottle of perfumery.    
    I gave Ma, candy cup & saucer, frame with red roses on, leather
       bag, pineapple eye picker, and frame from Plainfield, with
    Grandma gave her $5.00 for silk waist, & Pa a bottle of perfumery.
    Aunt Phebe, a cup & saucer, violets on.
    Cousin Frank a s. silver scissors.    
    I gave Pa a candy engine, painted boy, "Jimmie", umbrella($2),
       leather card case & picture.
    Grandma gave him a pair of brown gloves & Ma a bottle of perfumery
       with card.       
    S.S. gave Mrs. Ryerson a beautiful gilt clock, with rhinestones
       around face, $1.98, 6 girls went for it. Grace, Ritie, Edith
       Riker, Miss King, Crevey & self.       
    Sent Aunt Ella picture of white Chyms, "striking woman", &
       nail file.       
    Ma sent Aunt Ida & Uncle Jimmie a book & I painted a calendar.    
    Ma sent Mrs. Craft a calendar & I painted a blotter, to Oyster Bay.    
    Gave Sadie & Willetta pictures in frames painted with holly.    
    Anna Eldert & Ida Vanderveer have lovely new furs for X'mas.    
    Grace Downing has gold watch.