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Individual Narrative on Captain William H. Romaine

Individual Narrative of Capt.William H. ROMAINE (1833-1908)

Individual Narrative of Capt. William H. Romaine

Capt. William H. Romaine was born circa September 1833. He married Caroline M. Ewing on 4 February 1857 at New York, NY; joined by Rev. W.S. Mikels. He appeared on the census listed either on p. 171 (14 W[ard] Div. 1) or p. 658 (16 W[ard] District 3) in 1860 at 14 W. Nyc Div. 1 OR 16 W. Nyc District 3, New York, NY. He began military service on 20 October 1862 at New York, NY, ranked as a Captain, serving New York, E Co. 7th Inf Reg. NY and D Co. 174th Inf Reg. NY.

The New York 174th Infantry Regiment was organized 1 November 1862, and mustered 17 February 1864. The regiment's morality rate was low and it saw the following battles:

(Captain Romaine fell ill from drinking bad water at Port Hudson, received a medical discharge and a disability pension from ca. 1864.) He and Caroline M. Ewing lived circa 1864-1908 at 109 Fairview Avenue, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. He appeared on the census listed on p. 524 in 1870 at 14 W., Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. He died on 15 May 1908 at New Jersey State Hospital, Morris Plains, NJ; cause of death listed as "Exhaustion, Chr[onic] Nephritis [?] and Senile Dementia." He was buried at Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

Captain William H. Romaine appears to be unrelated to the William H. Romaine (probable son of John Romaine) buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. - Paul Romaine

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