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Descendant of Johannes FEUERSTEIN/FIRESTONE who emigrated from Alsace in 1750 on the Ship Edinburgh.
I have researched my lineage and that of Johann Nicholas Feuerstein/Firestone back to Alsace and to the Bregenz Forest of Austria. I seek more information about my Johannes Feuerstein. His children were: Jacob FIRESTONE b. 1751; Magdelena FIRESTONE b. 1753; George Peter FIRESTONE b. 1758; Anna FIRESTONE b. 1760; Daniel FIRESTONE b. 1762.
Mr. March's lineage stems from George Peter FIRESTONE.
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Descendent of John FIRESTONE, d 1852 in Ursina, Somerset Co., PA.
Descended from John as follows: John, d 1852 > Jacob, b 1805 in Virginia, d bef 1880 married Mary ? > Jacob Issac, b Feb 14, 1846, d Feb 27, 1932, married Mehalia GROWALL > Curtis Rugg, b Sept 20, 1877, d Aug 21, 1936, married Annabelle WILLIAMS > Gladys Leora, b April 5, 1903, d Mar 8, 1963, married Charles GERHAR(D)T > Esther Florence married Glenn TRESSLER. All resided in Somerset Co in the Lower and Upper Turkeyfoot Townships.
Currently trying to find out who John's parents were but also collecting information on any descending lines from John.
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Descendant of Hans Nicolass FEUERSTEIN/FIRESTONE, from Alsace, imm. 1753 with famly to Philadelphia. I descend fom Nicholas I>Nicholas II>Mathias>John>dau. Mary Delano m. Joel Marion CAMPBELL>William Homer>Clifford Grover>dau. Carol Ann married Hollis Clarence FRASER>Scott.
Currently working on the CAMPBELL family and other direct lines with our FIRESTONE family. Mr. Fraser recently contributed a photograph of Mary Delano Firestone and Joel Marion Campbell to the Barry Co., MO US GenWeb site. Click here: M/M Joel Marion Campbell.
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Descendant of Hans Nicolas FEUERSTEIN/FIRESTONE, from Alsace. Immigrated 1753 with family to Philadelphia. I descend from Nicholas as follows: Nicholas I>Nicholas II>Nicholas III> son Peter>son David>son William>son Walter>son Donald>daughter Deborah m: Thomas E HIMES. Nicholas III and remainder resided Columbiana County, Oh. Deborah contributed the 1850 Census Report of Peter Firestone.
Ms. Himes recently contributed the biographical sketch of David Silvers Firestone to our GenConnect collection. Click here: David Silvers Firestone. She
is currently working on David's family but interested in any research along the above lines.
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[1/2000 ]
Related to Henry FIRESTONE (xxxx - xxxx) b Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA m. Mary IMHOFF (xxxx-xxxx) b PA by their son Cyrus (February 19, 1861-June 7, 1940) b. Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA d: Montebello, Los Angeles Co, CA m. aft 1888 to Kathryn SKELTON (August 25, 1866-October 11, 1957) b: Freedom Twp, LaSalle Co. IL d: Montebello, Los Angeles Co. CA. Cyrus and Kathryn had two children: son Roy FIRESTONE (November 24, 1891-January 1972) b. Nebraska d: San Diego, CA. and dau. Ruth FIRESTONE b. 1894 in Nebraska.
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Descendant of Hans Nicolas FEUERSTEIN by his son Mathias (1744 - xxxx) > dau. Mary (1789 - 1869) m. Richard CARLE > dau. Rebecca m. John MILLER > dau. Sabina m. James Loren ROWLEY. Last year I located the gravesite and tombstone of the above Mary Firestone (1789 - 1869).
Mr. Arvin is interested, generally, in the early Firestone families.
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Descendant of Hans Nicolas FEUERSTEIN. Mary Lee is a descendant of Emlen Griswold MAYS, who married sisters Louisa Maria and Christina Marilla FIRESTONE, both daughters of Mathias FIRESTONE, b. 1794 (m2 Ann FULLMER); son of Mathias, b. 1744 (m. Mary BEAVER); son of Nicholas, b. 1712 (m. Christina NUNNEMACHER). Mary Lee contributed photographs of Mathias-3 FIRESTONE, Ann FULLMER, Louisa-4 Maria FIRESTONE, and Emlen G. MAYS to the Firestone After Five website.
Ms. Burton is interested in the early FIRESTONE lines, also FULLMER, MAYS, BEAVER; she contributed the 1850 Census Report of Mathias Firestone.
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Descendant of Hans Nicolas FEUERSTEIN/FIRESTONE, from Alsace, imm. 1753 with family to Philadelphia. I descend from Nicholas as: Nicholas I > Joseph I > Michael > Joseph FIERSTINE > Joseph Griffin FIERSTINE > dau. Eva Lena m. William Adelbert PITTS (my grandparents). Eva and Del resided Ward Cty, ND and Minnehaha Cty, SD, c 1890-1958.
Ms. Landreville is currently working on Joseph > Michael connection, but interested generally in research about these Firestone lines.
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Descendent of Mary Ann Firestone and Thomas Wm. Campbell by their dau Clara Alice Campbell who married Jerry Albert Dillavou > their son Albert D. Dillavou. Mostly interested in finding out more about our Campbell and Firestone lineage.
Mr. Dillavou contributed the census report of A. E. Firestone of Georgia to the Firestone 1850 Census Project.
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Descendant of Johannes FEUERSTEIN/FIRESTONE who emigrated from Alsace in 1750 on the ship Edinburgh. Descended as follows: John Firestone (1730-1801), Lancaster Co., Pa > Daniel Firestone (1762-1823), Logan Co., OH > George Washington Firestone (179X-1839), Logan Co., OH > George Washington Firestone (1829-XXXX), Logan Co., OH > Albert Franklin Firestone (1878-1933), Logan Co., OH / Jacksonville, FL > William Marshall Firestone > Lillian Marie Firestone. Ms. Johansen has made several contributions to the Firestone Surname Home Pages including the 1850 Census Report of George Firestone. Currently working on the earlier Firestone ancestors, the Marshall family, and the Cornes/Carnes family.
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Descendant of Mary Ann Firestone m. 1811 Henry Christ/Christy. Mary Ann (Firestone) Christy dec'd 20 November 1864 at Fulton Co., OH. Mr. Ulmer has made several contributions to the Firestone Surname Home Pages including the 1850 census report of Mary Ann (Firestone) Christy. He has also contributed the work of Jason Firestone to the Firestone After Five website. Ron is primarily interested in the Firestone-Christy line/links.
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I am related to Hannah Steward, who m. 1850 Joseph Henry Christy, son of Henry Christy m. 1811 Mary Ann Firestone. I am interested in the Firestone families that relate to and are descended from Mary Ann Firestone and currently have 68 Firestones linked to my family tree. You'll find my family tree posted at the URL below, together with my notes and sources of family information. See also 1850 Census Report, Mary Ann Cristy (#041).
Ms. Middelmiss' Home Page

Note: You can also jump directly Hannah Steward (currently #25) at my Family Tree Maker User Home Page.
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Descendant of Michael Firestone (probably 25 Jun 1786-?) m. Susanna Gearhart (21 Apr 1772-?) and their daughter, Sophia Firestone (1815-1886) who married George Lewis Hartman (1811-1885). Thomas' most convincing evidence suggests Michael Firestone is son of Johann Joseph Feuerstein (1737-1792?) who emigrated in 1753 with his father, Hans Nicholas Feuerstein.
Mr. Hartman works a block from the D.A.R. library and has made more than thirty contributions to the Firestone 1850 Census Project. He writes, "so I have convenient access to its many records, which include original documents, bad transcriptions, good research, and wild guesses. I love them all, but do my best to identify which is which. I have one line someone traced to about the year 90 A.D., and am as amazed by it as I would be if it were true. We may strive for genealogy as science, but it still should be fun."
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Descendant of Hans Nicholas FIRESTONE by his son Mathias and in turn, his dau. Mary who m. Richard CARLE at Columbiana Co., OH 1807.
Ms. Miller is interested generally in the genealogy of the early FIRESTONE lines, and particularly in learning more about the family of Mathias, as above.
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