Historical Maps of India
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Historical Maps of India
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map of the sub-continent

Regional Maps


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Constable's 1893 Area Maps

If you are looking for a particular place name, check the index first to get the Plate number and coordinates.


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Index of place names for Constable's 1893 Area Maps

Beside the place name you will see 2 letters, one in upper case the other in lower case.   These letters correspond to letters in the border of each map and indicate the area of the map in which the name can be found.   The number after the letters is the Plate number of the map.
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For more information, see Cathy Day's    "Locations in Colonial India"    page.


"Straits Settlements" from the Encyclopaedia Britannica

"British crown colony on the Strait of Malacca, comprising four trade centres, Penang, Singapore, Malacca, and Labuan, established or taken over by the British East India Company.   The British settlement at Penang was founded in 1786, at Singapore in 1819;   Malacca, occupied by the British during the Napoleonic Wars, was transferred to the East India Company in 1824.   The three territories were established as a crown colony in 1867.   Labuan, which became part of Singapore Settlement in 1907, was constituted a fourth separate settlement in 1912."



Local Maps

From: Constable's 1893 Hand Atlas to India and Murray's 1924 Handbook,    provided by Jill Grey

Bengal Presidency
Title Year file size
Agra,    1893 1893 194 K
Allahabad,    1893 1893 173 K
Calcutta,    1893    new January 30, 2002 1893 561 K
Calcutta,    1924    new January 30, 2002 1924 966 K
Calcutta and environs,    1893 1893 221 K
Calcutta and environs,    1924 1924 114 K
Cawnpore,    1893 1893 140 K
Delhi,    1893 1893 208 K
Dacca,    1924 1924 209 K
Darjeeling,    1924 1924 213 K
Delhi,    1924 1924 127 K
Lahore,    1893 1893 206 K
Lucknow,    1893 1893 216 K
Murree    added June 29, 2003 1924 331 K
Naini Tal,    1893 1893 184 K
Patna,    1924 1924 75 K
Simla and Jutogh,    1924 1924 205 K
Srinagar,    1924
1924 253 K
Bombay Presidency
Title file size
Bombay,    1893    new January 29, 2002 455 K
Bombay,    1924    new January 30, 2002 521 K
Karachi,    1893 156 K
Mahabaleshwar,    1924 63 K
Matheran,    1924 258 K
Poona and Kirkee,    1924 100 K
Madras Presidency
Title file size
Bangalore,    1924 35 K
Goa,    1924 89 K
Madras,    1893    new January 29, 2002 518 K
Ootacamund,    1924 233 K
Title file size
Mandalay,    1924 105 K
Rangoon,    1893 150 K
Rangoon,    1924 154 K
Note: Burma was included in the Madras Presidency for military purposes (see military map showing presidency boundaries), however, family historians will find that records of baptism, marriage and burial for Burma are filed with the Ecclesiastical Returns for Bengal... JG.
Title file size
Ceylon,   1924 236 K


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The Perry-Casta�eda Library - Map Collection


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Digital South Asia Library - Maps


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The following are links to maps, dated 1914, on Ronnie Johnson's web site.