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Pedigees 461-465: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 461

      *Adam de AUDLEY (1149-1203) [more]
   Henry de AUDLEY (1175-1246)
      *Emma FITZORM (1153-) [more]
James de AUDLEY (1220-1276) [previous]
           Roger de MAINWARING (1130-)
       Rafe (Ralph) de MAINWARING (1155-)
           Ellen (1133-)
   Bertrea MAINWARING (1197-1249)
          *Hugh of_Kevelioc (1147-1181) [more]
       Amicia de MESCHINES (1167-)
          *Bertrade de MONTFORT (1155-1227) [more]

Pedigree 462

      *William LONGESPEE (1176-1225) [more]
   William de LONGESPEE (1200-1250)
      *Ela DEVEREUX (1187-1261) [more]
Ela LONGESPEE  [previous]
       Richard de CAMVILLE 
   Idoine de CAMVILLE 

Pedigree 463

                   Hugh de MORTIMER (-1148)
               Hugh de MORTIMER (-1180)
           Roger de MORTIMER (1158-1214)
              *Maud la MESCHIN  [more]
       Ralph MORTIMER (1190-1246)
                  *Robert FERRERS (1118-1162) [more]
               Walcheline de FERRIERS 
                  *Margaret PEVERELL (1114-) [more]
           Isabel de FERRERS (1166-1252)
               Alice LECHE 
   Roger MORTIMER (1231-1282)
          *Llywelyn Fawr "the Great" (1173-1240) [more]
       Gladys Dhu (1194-1251)
               Llywarch Goch ap Llywarch of Rhos 
           Tangwystl of Rhos (1168-)
               Tangwysl of Cwmmwd 
Edmund MORTIMER (1251-1304) [previous]
              *William de BRAOSE (1144-1211) [more]
           Reginald de BRAOSE (1171-1228)
              *Matilda (Maud) de ST. VALERIE (1148-1210) [more]
       William de BRAIOSE (1204-1230)
              *William de BRIWERE (1145-1226) [more]
           Grace de BRIWERE (1186-1251)
              *Beatrice de VAUX  [more]
   Maud de BRAIOSE (1226-1300)
          *William MARSHALL (1146-1219) [more]
       Eve MARSHALL (1206-1246)
          *Isabel de CLARE (1173-1220) [more]

Pedigree 464

      *Richard de CLARE (1153-1217) [more]
   Gilbert de CLARE (1180-1230)
      *Amicia of Gloucester (1160-1225) [more]
Richard de CLARE (1222-1262) [previous]
      *William MARSHALL (1146-1219) [more]
   Isabel MARSHAL (1200-1239)
      *Isabel de CLARE (1173-1220) [more]

Pedigree 465

              *Richard FitzEustace (1128-1163) [more]
           John de LACY (1150-1183)
                  *Robert de LISOURS  [more]
               Aubrey de LISOURS 
                  *Aubrey de LACY (-1193) [more]
       Roger de LACY (1171-1212)
              *Roger FitzRichard (1139-1177) [more]
           Alice de VERE (1150-)
              *Alice de VERE (1124-1185) [more]
   John de LACY (1192-1240)
      *Maud (Matilda) de CLARE (1175-1213) [more]
Maud de LACY (1222-1288) [previous]
          *Saire de QUINCEY (1155-1219) [more]
       Robert de QUINCY (1172-1217)
          *Margaret de BEAUMONT (1155-1234) [more]
   Margaret de QUINCY (1208-1266)
          *Hugh of_Kevelioc (1147-1181) [more]
       Hawise of Chester (1180-1241)
          *Bertrade de MONTFORT (1155-1227) [more]

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