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Pedigees 421-425: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 421

  *Henry_II Curtmantle (1132-1189) [more]
William LONGESPEE (1176-1225) [previous]
   Isabella (Ida) (1152-)

Pedigree 422

          *Walter FitzEdward of_Salisbury (1087-1147) [more]
       Patrick de EVEREUX (1120-1167)
          *Sibilla de CHAWORTH (1082-1147) [more]
   William de EVEREUX (1150-1196)
                  *Roger de MONTGOMERY (1030-1094) [more]
               Robert II d' ALENCON (1054-1131)
                  *Mabel TALVAS (1015-1079) [more]
           William II of_Ponthieu (1090-1172)
                  *Guy_I of_Ponthieu (-1100) [more]
               Agnes of Ponthieu (-1103)
                   Ada of AMIENS (-1066)
       Ela d' ALENCON (1120-1174)
                  *Henri de Bourgogne (1035-1072) [more]
               Eudes I Borel de Bourgogne (1058-1102)
                  *Sybille de Barcelona (1035-1074) [more]
           Alice (Helie) of BURGUNDY (1080-1141)
                  *Guillaume I "the Great" de Bourgogne (1024-1087) [more]
               Maud de Bourgogne (1062-1103)
                  *Stephanie de LONGWY (1035-1109) [more]
Ela DEVEREUX (1187-1261) [previous]
              *Andre Gui de Nal de VITRIE  [more]
           Robert de VITRIE (-1161)
              *Agnes de Burgh  [more]
       Robert III de VITRIE (-1173)
               Gaultier GUERCHE 
           Emma de la GUERCHE (-1161)
   Eleanor de_Vitre (1145-1232)
               Geoffroy II de DINAN 
           Alan de (Olivier II) DINAN (-1155)
       Emma de DINAN (1130-1205)
               Stephen of BRITTANY 
           Alianore de BRETAGNE 
               Hawise de GUINCAMP 

Pedigree 423

   Walter RIDDISFORD (-1226)
Walter de RIDELISFORD (1180-1244) [previous]
          *Henry_I Beauclerc (1068-1135) [more]
       Henry FitzHenry (1105-1157)
          *Nest of_Wales (1073-) [more]
   Amabilis FITZHENRY (1140-)

Pedigree 424

       John de BURGH (1210-1275)
   John de BURGH (-1279)
                   William de LANVALLEI 
               William de LANVALLEI (-1205)
                  *Gunnora ST.CLARE  [more]
           William de LANVALLEI (-1217)
                   Hugh de BOCLAND (-1176)
               Hawise de BOCLAND (-1233)
                  *Maud de MANDEVILLE (1138-) [more]
       Hawise LANVALLEI (-1249)
           dau. of Alan BASSET 
Emmeline de BURGH  [previous]
      *John de BALIOL (-1269) [more]
   Cecily BALIOL (-1273)
      *Devorguilla of_Galloway (-1289) [more]

Pedigree 425

       Hereward de SEGRAVE (1114-)
   Gilbert de SEGRAVE (1144-1202)
Stephen de SEGRAVE (1176-1241) [previous]

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