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Pedigees 386-390: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 386

   Walter de CHESNEI 
Maud (Amabil) CHENEY  [previous]
   Eve de BROC 

Pedigree 387

  *Gilbert BASSET (-1167) [more]
Thomas BASSET (-1181) [previous]
  *Edith d' OILLY  [more]

Pedigree 388

           Hugo de DUNSTANVILLE 
       Reginald de DUNSTANVILLE (-1124)
           Humphrey de LISLE 
       Adeliza de LISLE (-1130)
Adeliza (Aline) de DUNSTANVILLE (-1186) [previous]
   Emma de LANGETOT 
       Emma LANGETOT 

Pedigree 389

              *Henry_II of_Brabant (1021-1078) [more]
           Godfrey_I of_Brabant "The Bearded" (1060-1139)
              *Adelaide of Orlamunda (1045-1086) [more]
       Godfrey_II (1095-1142)
                  *Arnold_II (-1106) [more]
               Otto_II (-1125)
                  *Adela de ROMERU (-1068) [more]
           Ida de_Chiny and de_Namur (1083-1117)
                  *Albert III (1030-1102) [more]
               Adelaide of_Namur (1068-1124)
                  *Ida von Sachsen (1035-1117) [more]
   Godfrey_III of_Louvain (1139-1186)
                  *Gebhard I (-1080) [more]
               Gebhard II (1058-1085)
                  *(Miss) von NORDGAU  [more]
           Berenger_I (1080-1125)
                  *Kuno von ROT (-1086) [more]
               Irmgard von Rot (-1101)
                  *Uta von DIESSEN (-1086) [more]
       Luitgarde of_Sulzbach (1118-1162)
                  *Berthold II (-1060) [more]
               Otto II (-1120)
                   (Miss) von HOHENWART 
           Adelaide von WOLFRATSHAUSEN (1084-1126)
                   Henry von Regensburg 
               Adelaide von REGENSBURG 
Godfrey de LOVAINE (-1225) [previous]
                  *Giselbert I (-1050) [more]
               Emmo III (-1078)
                   Erlende of JODOIGNE 
           Arnold I (-1135)
               Irmengard von HORNES (-1078)
       Louis of_Loos (1100-1171)
               Gerhard (-1127)
           Agnes von MAINZ 
                  *Gottfried I (-1127) [more]
               Hedwig von BLIESKASTEL 
   Imagina von LOON (-1214)
                  *Folmar III (-1087) [more]
               Folmar IV (-1111)
           Folmar V (-1142)
               Swanhilde (-1075)
       Agnes de METZ (-1175)
                  *Henry I von EGISHEIM (-1065) [more]
               Adalbert II (-1098)
                  *(Miss) von MOHA  [more]
           Mathilda von EGISHEIM (1095-1157)
                  *Konrad_I of_Luxembourg (-1086) [more]
               Ermensinde of Luxembourg (1080-1143)
                  *Clementia of_Aquitaine (1048-1129) [more]

Pedigree 390

   Robert de HASTINGS 
Alice de HASTINGS  [previous]
                  *Otho Geraldino  [more]
               Walter FitzOther (-1100)
           Gerald of Windsor (-1136)
       William de WINDSOR (-1173)
                  *Tewdwr_Mawr (the Great) ap Cadell  [more]
               Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr (-1093)
                  *Gwenlian of Anglesea  [more]
           Nest of_Wales (1073-)
                  *Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn of Powys (-1070) [more]
               Gwladus fil RHIWALLON 
   Isabel de WINDSOR 

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